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    • The VGM Lover
      By The VGM Lover
      I imagine I might get some flak for talking about this, but I'm curious as to what you guys think. WHAT IF Star Fox Assault was given a delay and released on the Wii, instead of the Gamecube? 
    • StarFoxfan-FUR_ever
      By StarFoxfan-FUR_ever
      As the title of the topic says, my Wii is having problems reading disks. Whenever I put a disk in, whether it is a Wii or Gamecube game, I will hear exactly 3 consecutive "click" sounds but no more, and then I will get the message that says "Could not read disk, for help troubleshooting, refer to the Wii Operations Manual". Unlike other errors that I have read up on, my Wii will not go to a black screen with another error message. I can easily remove the disk by simply pressing eject, as well as navigate all the different menus.
      This problem started when I was playing SSBB just yesterday, I noticed something strange was going on when the system stopped making that clicking sound which normally would signify that the disk was being read and content loaded. The game continued to work for a few more seconds, before the message came up that there was a disk read error, please turn off the system and restart...etc. The game worked again after trying to load it up about 10 times, before another disk read error occurred once the intro began. Since then, it has not been able to read any of my disks, regardless of whether or not it is a single or a dual-layer disk.
      I've looked up all the types of problems the system may have and I've narrowed it down to 3 different issues. 
      A: I need to clean the optical laser lens.
      B: I need to replace the optical drive laser altogether.
      C: There may be an issue with my Disk Drive.
      How can I determine which of those solutions would be the correct solution to fixing the issue?
      Interestingly enough it would appear that the issue is slowly resolving itself over time, as it is taking longer for the error message to come up. In fact, it almost looks on the screen like the system is about to read the disk properly as it in fact lags a bit and then jumps to the error message. So now I don't even know what to do. Thank you in advance.
    • Pgpaw3
      By Pgpaw3
      Hello SFO community, how are we this fine day? I'm interested as to what game you last received, and what game you think you will get next. It can be for any console, from Wii to PS3 or even NES. If you like, you can also say how you got the game (bought it yourself, present from someone, etc).

      My most recent game was Star Fox 64 3D and my next game will probably be Skyward Sword. Both of them were/will be bought by my parents as I'm nearly 17 and don't have a job.