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Warning: All music links lead to Newgrounds.com, which has a lot of NSFW content scattered through, but none of it should be directly on the page linked.

Himawari Theme

A Tragic Decision (Tales of Vesperia Remix)

Whimsical Storms (Ocarina of Time Song of Storms remix, WIP)

A Tale of Twilight (Made for a friend's game he's working on.  In retrospect, the timing is a bit off.)

Theme of Lilith (This is one of the older ones I've done.)



WIP Geralt from the Witcher:

Things I know I need to work on:
The hair.
Lowering the hair line.
Making him look...well, more him.
Make the pupils slits instead of circles

WIP Link and Ganon:

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.  These are without using reference images.  I'm doing so for practice.

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WOW! You have a fantastic way to colour! I do love lineless colourations a lot (as they are also a lot of fun to work with)

I especially like your Zelda drawing..guess it is a tribute to one of the older games?! Looking forward to see the finished picture!

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Thank you! The Ganon is based off of A Link to the Past, and the Link is kinda a mishmash of different Links, inspired mainly by A Link Between Worlds and Ocarina of Time.

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Ah, you have a very great sense of coloring. Something I can not do. I usually start an image of as a sketch and do all my shading and detailing in greyscale. Mainly because I'm trying to get a basic understanding of light and shadows. Color is just so difficult for me. 

Pretty darn amazing that you can do that! Keep it up!

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Thank you! I've always done black and white, but I've been spending the summer learning color and it's definitely paying off!

Whenever I try to do black and white then transfer to color it doesn't work or for me.




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