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Name: Nadir Lammergeier, Pirate of the Lylat System

Age: 26

Race: Anthro Bearded Vulture 

Origin: Corneria 

Home: Corneria

Sex: Male

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 215 lbs. 

Build: Thin, Very athletic 

Eyes: Red and Aqua, Scar over left eye (obtained from a knife fight in the slums of Corneria).

Appearance: Almost a coral pinkish hue, face is closer to white. "beard" is black from eyes to bottom beak. Arms "wings" and back are Black feathers. Wears a blue flight suit and metallic jacket. Also wears his fathers scarf.

Family: Mother unknown, father Huma Lammergeier (died in action) A mercenary but was a lead pilot for the Cornerian Army.  

Alignment: Lawful evil 

Personality: Nadir practically does everything to gain for himself, incredibly loyal to a friend, quiet but will gloat given the chance, very cocky, aggressive and violent when provoked, hates failure, holds grudges, somewhat of a flirt (though terrible at it), intelligent and sharp wit.  (Hope this is okay?)

Background: Born and raised in Corneria by only his father. He grew up loving space and everything with it, being that his father was mercenary a pilot in the Cornerian Army. His father taught him most everything he knows about piloting and Arwings. At the age of 12 his father was sent on a secret mission gathering intel about Andross' Army, it was a suicide mission. Nadir had a terrible feeling his father wouldn't return. He begged and pleaded him to stay but his father laughed it off and told him, "Don't fret, I'll be back before you know it". Now alone Nadir tried to calm himself and listen to his father. The next morning there was a knock at the door and Nadir knew. He immediately began to cry. Running to the door he was greeted by two Cornerien officers. Nadir began throwing punches at the officers blaming them for his fathers death. One handed him the scarf worn by his father, he stopped throwing punches and clutched it to his chest. From then on he hated the Cornerian Army and all they stood for. 

Nadir now on his own became a bit of a thug. Piloting his own aircraft similar to the Wolfen's he got into the pirating business. He tagged along in a few teams before splitting off to be on his own. Where he now dawns his insignia of a red vulture skull. Being a notorious pirate he quickly became well known. Now wanted across the Lylat system for many thefts and smuggling of rare and illegal goods.  

Abilities: Skilled in close quarters combat, ace pilot, master smuggler, master thief, novice engineer, gambler, silver tongue, and plays the sax as a hobby (quite difficult with a beak).

(Gosh I hope this is good enough tons of edits to come, this is my first character ever and first time attempting to write a terribly generic back story. Critiques are welcome!) 

(OH! and artwork is by me)

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I must say, I am impressed with the art. Had I any money, I'd ask you to do one of my newest character, Markus Tokarev. He's in the topic marked "Marauder Alpha" in the RP characters section.

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