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The Venomian People's Liberation Army.


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Occurring in an alternate reality in which Andross wins the first Lylat War, this rp would take place on Venom twenty years later. The planet is by no means stable or safe, but most of Andross's military and sympathizers moved there after his victory.

However, when Andross dies after twenty years of rule, disputes arise between those who want a more democratic form of government and those who want his nephew, Andrew to become the second dictator of Venom, sparking a war between the two factions.

Andrew then becomes the general of those who want his rule, a group known as The Venomian People's Liberation Army.

The player would be part of Pounce Company, the newest group of soldiers in Andrew's army.

Style: ForumĀ 

Objective: To make sure Andrew takes his uncle's place the Venomian dictator.

Amount of players: Since this is an army and you'll be in a company of resistance fighters, twenty max. Five minimum.

Theme: Military Action

Setting: Various places on Venom.

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