Ottawa Citizen compares temperature to Solar

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Forecast: Today is like a level from Star Fox

JULY 29, 2015 7:13 AM

Remember Star Fox 64? If you grew up in the 90s, of course you do. That game has a squadron comprised of a fox, a toad, a rabbit and a bird of prey fighting the forces of a giant monkey head. Classic.

If you recall Star Fox, you’ll probably also recall the absolute worst level. Solar. It’s basically a sun.

Incidentally, we may as well be living in that level. The heat warning is still in effect. We’ll see a mix of sun and cloud, a 30-per-cent chance of showers, maybe with thunderstorms, and a high of 34 C.

Tonight will bring a few clouds, 40-per-cent of showers overnight, maybe thunderstorms. Low 21 C.

It’s basically going to be like Solar today.

It will certainly feel as if, as you go about your day, there are geysers of lava shooting up against you.

And just when you think it’s all over, some sort of lava-dwelling arachnid will leap out of the ocean, spitting fireballs.

And, as your health bar ebbs away automatically because of the heat, it’ll take all your skill to keep cool.



In fact, your comrades may abandon you — just like Slippy — if you’re planning on doing anything outside.

When it comes to cosmic planetary battles, Hoth from Star Wars is what you can fantasize about to keep cool.

Aaahhh, it feels good just looking at that. By the way, the heat may be record-breaking. Here are some tips to handle it.


High 30 C. Cloudy, 40-per-cent chance of showers, with the risk of thunderstorms. Clear and a low of 17 C at night.


A mix of sun and cloud, high of 26 C. At night, clear, low of 15 C.

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Arminius H O Fiddywinks

This pleases me.

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That Ain't Falco

Canada is my favorite. There is no competition. Things like this explain why perfectly.

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