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Gangs of Corneria City


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Name: Gangs of Cornria City

Style: Forum

Theme: Action, Intrigue, Slight humor

Description: The mobs of Corneria City, crooked organizations who make their living through appalling means. Three major ones rule the streets twenty years after the events of StarFox Zero. "The Red Dragon Triad." led by a former Titanan military general known as Timothy Walker controls most of the city's financial trade through money counterfeiting and bribery. "Shadow." run by a disgruntled Falco Lombardi, are infamous for their brutal hitmen. Finally, "The Seekers" traffic contraband throughout the city.

Naturally, all of the gangs know that there will only be one by the time it's all said and done. That's why they have to make sure they're the last one standing.

As a mobster in the gang of your choice, you are a driving force in your gang's progress.

Violence and drama is key. Any violence,except the killing of other rp'rs without their consent is allowed.

Setting: Corneria City

Goal: To have your gang take control of Corneria City

Player count: Two minimum, no maximum.

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Ah, whatever.

l'll jump in.

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I'm totally willing to join this one... Though, Do i want to use the classic Ren?  As easy as that would be, i kinda also want to throw together a character for this one particularly

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I'm getting a vibe similar to The Warriors (1979) from this.  If you haven't seen that film and the subject matter of this RP is intriguing to you, you won't regret checking it out.

Parallels aside, please adhere to the RP board's posting rules while partaking in this one, and don't forget to start a discussion thread in the appropriate section.


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