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    • Robert Monroe
      By Robert Monroe
      So with Zero here and out and an all new timeline established both familiar and different to what we already know, I figure it'd be fun if we collaborated on organizing the unique differences between each (as well as the similarities). I'm only listing what I know, so comment on what I forget or miss and I'll add it!
      The SNES Canon:
      Material Included: Starfox, Starfox 2, Nintendo Power Comic, Starfox Manual
      Storyline Highlights:
      -James is known as "Fox Sr.", Fox is known as "Fox Jr.". 
      -Star Wolf exists in Starfox 2; unsure if this applies any of their backstory from 64 though (Pigma's betrayal, etc)
      -Andross was raised by CYBORG PIGS, has a robot pig adjutant named Herbert (the comic was weird)
      -Andross also was in love with Fox's mother, Vixy, and accidentally killed her with a car bomb meant for James/Fox Sr
      -James/Fox Sr. died when transporting an experimental weapon that exploded, most likely booby trapped by Andross.
      -Andross was banished to Venom after an experiment of his caused a natural disaster on Corneria
      -Andross discovered ancient technology on Venom and used it to create his army alongside recruiting/enslaving/mind controlling the native reptile inhabitants
      -Fara, Fay and Miyu are exclusive to this canon. Honorable mention goes to Algy (Was he meant to be Andrew or his own character?)
      -Andross dies a LOT in this canon. (Once at the end of Starfox, then THREE times in the post-game comic, then a fifth time in Starfox 2!)
      -Venom is terraformed in Starfox 2; may have been green before Andross's arrival (the comic suggests it was barren, the manual says Andross polluted it)
      -Sector Y is a "space ocean" full of aquatic themed animals; Sector X and Z are just debris fields orbit Corneria
      -Macbeth is a volcanic planet with a hollow interior. Titania is a frozen planet (that or Doctor Hangar's weather controller made it frozen?)
      -Locations unique to the SNES canon are Meteor, the Black Hole, Out of this Dimension, Eladard, and Astropolis.
      -Star Fox start out as bandits who raid Andross' armies, illustrating them as a Robin Hood against a corrupt empire; the greater implication is that Venom and Corneria are opposing super powers fighting across the Lylat system.
      -The Arwing is experimental technology that Starfox was asked to use; it did not exist previously.
      -There is no "Original Starfox" before Fox/Falco/Slippy/Peppy; James/Fox Sr. was a Cornerian pilot
      -Starfox's ages are different than other canons: Fox and Falco are in their mid20s and Peppy only in his 30s. Slippy is still 18, however.
      -The Arwing has a mecha form in Starfox 2
      The 64 Canon:
      Material Included: Starfox 64, Starfox 64 Player's Guide, Farewell Beloved Falco Comic, Starfox Adventures, Starfox Assault, Starfox Command
      Storyline Highlights:
      -Introduces Beltino, James as "James", and the "G1" Starfox team along with Pigma's betrayal
      -Andross before the war seems much more sinister, having once reduced Lylat to a "wasteland of near extinction"
      -Andross is again banished to Venom but the ruins this time seem to be ancient instead of advanced.
      -Andross' army consists mostly of apes instead of reptiles
      -Unique major characters are Krystal, Panther, Dash, Amanda, and Lucy. 
      -Introduces other species beyond Lylatians: Anglars and Aparoids
      -Introduced the Landmaster tank and Blue Marine
      -Andross has a more tangible, physical form in this canon compared to others
      -Unique locations are Katina, Aquas, and Solar.
      -Sector Y and Z are different from the SNES canon: rather than a space ocean and a construction yard, they are merely massive radioactive nebulae and space graveyards.
      -Fichina is erroneously called Fortuna in SF64. This is remedied in Assault.
      -Solar appears to be a red dwarf in SF64, but is changed to a yellow or orange dwarf in Command. This is retroactively applied to SF643D as well.  The truth is though Solar is not a star at all, but merely a molten planet like Macbeth is in the SNES canon.
    • Arn-Hahhhad
      By Arn-Hahhhad
      I just noticed something while looking at the bios in Smash 64...

      Also take note that metal (Helmet, belt buckle, blaster. ect.) does NOT show up,
    • Komenja
      By Komenja
      Not sure how many people here played or even care about the original Shadow Warrior or the awesome 2013 reboot, but I felt the need to share the wang news. A sequel has been announced for PC, PS4, and XBONE next year, and will be shown at the upcoming E3.
      Not much information so far; Five years after the events of Shadow Warrior 2013, humans and demons are co-existing. Despite this progress, Lo Wang and some new buddies of his still have a lengthy list of asses to kick. New gameplay features include four player co-op, procedurally-generated maps, and new guns and swords includng the best damn shotgun reload animation you've ever seen.
      Gameplay is now much more vertical; Double jumping and parkour elements allow for more ways to manuever the map. Also, a single player campaign will be included.
      Engadget article: http://www.engadget.com/2015/06/12/shadow-warrior-2-new-wang/
    • jeth
      By jeth
      Pretty much just what the title says. And I have to admit, this is pretty freaking awesome.