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So There's Going to Be a Mass Effect: Andromeda

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So. It's happening. Three years after the contested* trilogy finale of Mass Effect 3, BioWare decides to revisit the ME universe and announces Andromeda.

Probably old news for everyone out there but just leaving this here for those of you who didn't catch up. BioWare announced another installment in the Mass Effect series. As far as info was given, the plot seems to be focused now on another galaxy (Andromeda), assumed separate from the original trilogy events. It does sound like this game will have planetary exploration as a recurrent element again, such as featured in the original Mass Effect. I am for one hoping this time they can deliver more variety to the exploration sections, adds to the general content value and playthrough time. N7 is still a recurring theme, the trailer protagonist being seen wearing the trademark armor, so it's not a far fetch to say that the Alliance still exists in some manner.

Leaving the thread here for discussion out in the open. Thoughts, speculation, hype, frustrations if need be, you know the drill.

(*: Keep in mind I'm still in my first ME3 playthrough so I still don't have a solid opinion yet.)

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Pharaoh Shadon



Although I am a bit nervous though. For one, no Garrus. It's hard to imagine mass effect without your dude-bro garrus D:


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+1 for the title of this topic.

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      Please keep snakewomyn discussion to a minimum.
      For any of you who enjoyed the sadistic self-inflicted pain challenging tactical warfare against aliens in XCOM: Enemy Unknown and the extra content introduced by Enemy Within, XCOM 2 has been announced a few days ago by Firaxis.
      In this alternate future/retcon, the aliens manage to surpass the XCOM Project. Humanity lives now under alien governmentship in a somewhat Combine-esque way. XCOM itself has been driven underground by the aliens, and it's up to you to figure out how to overthrow the alien overlords.
      I'll be actually looking forward to this release, since improvements are foreseeable from Enemy Unknown/Within.
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      A few days late, but for any of you guys who don't know, Bethesda has confirmed Fallout 4 to be in the works.
      SO I just found DZ's post from a few days back, sorry about the repost. Feel free to delete this if need be.
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      I never asked for this, but damn sure I'll enjoy it.
      Having played HR and this being one of the most immersive RPGs I've seen to date, and knowing how the original Deus Ex has become such a classic, Mankind Divided is something I'm highly anticipating.
      On a personal note, I'm kinda hoping they take make the previous game's player choices have some gameplay impact on this one. For now, just speculation and discussion.
      Not a lot info out about it right now, so no release date. Apparently there's no WiiU version announced at the time, but it's coming to the PC, PS4 and XBox One.
    • Jeroscope
      By Jeroscope
      Hello everyone! So I usually have a lot of ideas milling around in my head about different ideas and such, and whenever I have them they simply pass without being used. So I want to toss my scrap ideas here where someone else might get some use out of them or I can pick them back up later. JUST ASK PERMISSION BEFORE USING THEM.
      My first is inspired by a piece of music that I've been listening to, in particular Shepard of the Galaxy by Big Giant Circles 
       A great piece about the Mass Effect trilogy as a whole, tying in the different themes of the series.  
      This got me thinking of a potential crossover between Star Fox and Mass Effect. It would be taking places roughly ten years after Mass Effect 3 ended, destroy ending of course. The Galaxy is in a state of civil war as the different nations argue over where power resides. On one side, we see the Turian Hierarchy, the Asari Republics, and the Vol Protectorate. On the other side, we see the Systems Alliance, the Turian Federation (a rebellion group), the Salarian Union, the Krogan Empire, and the Quarian/Geth Assembly. Poised between Alliance and Hierarchy space is the Lylat System.
      I decided to use my version of the Lylat System, where Star Fox 1's story has a little more depth to it, and Fara Phoenix was an original team member alongside Fox, Peppy, Falco, and Slippy. Krystal is an orphaned child picked up on Sauria when Star Fox investigated the disappearance of a research team observing the planet. Fay and Miyu are both members that were included at some point in the series. The Aparoid War brought the Lylat System to a state of unity, allowing them to band together and expand beyond the Lylat System through Corneria's Frontier Lines program, allowing mercenary teams to pave the way for the allied powers to construct bases and expand.
      This is where we see conflict. Star Fox unknowingly starts to investigate a territory that is currently a warzone. It's peaceful at first, but then the Great Fox is caught in the crossfire, leaving the team stuck on the planet until the Alliance secures the area. Star Fox is tossed in the brig and interrogated by an Alliance Commander by the name of Daniel Riley. Riley is also an aviator like Fox, but he's also an N7 Special Operative and Spectre candidate, meaning the Alliance is pushing for him to have experience in dealing with alien threats. After discovering Fox's intentions weren't malicious in any fashion, the Alliance capitalizes on this by setting aside land for the Lylatians to expand into, creating an ally. The Hierarchy, dead set on evicting the Lylatians out of their space for war efforts, starts attacking.
      The particular scene I had in my head is just before the final push, where the Joint Alliance Fleet is ready to push back against Palaven and seize the Turian capital for the Federation to assume leadership, bringing an end to the war. Using the Zypher Ring Gate technology from Corneria, the Alliance is ready to execute a surprise attack, coming in right in the middle of the Turian Fleet. Riley and Fox, having served alongside each other throughout their campaign, share a moment to pay respects to one another just before their suicide mission.
      Riley relaxed in his cockpit as his squadron formed up on him. He performed a standard roll call procedure, opening comms to his squadron. "All wings, report in," he said with a commanding tone in his voice. One by one, his squad responded with conviction. Striker Two, standing by. Striker Three, standing by. Striker Four, standing by. Striker Five, standing by. His team was ready, giving him the clearance to check ready to the fleet. "McCloud, is your squadron prepped?" he asked over open comms. "We're with you Riley." Daniel took a deep breath, taking in the scope of this mission. They would be outnumbered five to one. There was a slim chance for survival, but these were all acceptable loses in the broader scope of the war. He flipped on secure comms, now only talking to his team and Star Fox as they were the vanguard for the fighter groups. "Command has asked me to keep shut about this, but chances are you've all heard the scuttlebutt. There's a damn good chance none of us are going to come out of this alive." He paused for a minute to let this sink in. While Fox and his team were used to these words and often defied expectations, this was a very real risk to the Alliance pilots. Every time they've heard this, at least one squadron member has gone down. In their careers was the Reaper War and now the Civil War, where many pilots have lost their comrades and were forced to condense squadrons. They didn't want to die, but they were used to the idea that their next mission might be their last.
      "The reason I say this to you all is because I want you all to know is that in case one of us goes, they'll dying knowing that I believe it's been an honor serving with them. And it has been. I can't think of any other group of pilots that deserve this praise, especially with what we've gone through." Fox chimed up on comms. "Riley, my team and I have been working together for the last six years. We've gone against what were once impossible odds and have ended three major conflicts in our space, and I haven't lost a single man under my command," he said. "As long as every pilot commits themselves to their mission and their squadmates, we'll come out of this in one piece." Riley thought this over as he looked at the forming gateway in front of him. "You may have lost people before, but I feel like this time you're not going to lose a single man." Riley looked over as Fox pulled his Arwing along his wing. Maybe he was right. Maybe this time, they'd all come out of this alive against incredible odds. "Mr. McCloud, I admire your optimism... Maybe you're right. Maybe, just this once, we'll all come out of this together." Fox grinned. "Of course if I'm wrong, I'll need a new tour guide to show me around Earth, so you better not go down. Promise me that, Commander!" Riley grinned at Fox's humor. "You have my word, McCloud. Let's do this thing."
      That was a rough draft of what I would have done, and I'll probably overhaul it at some point, but I hope someone can at least appreciate what I was trying to accomplish with this.
    • StarFoxfan-FUR_ever
      By StarFoxfan-FUR_ever
      Now I'm aware that the majority of you already dislike, curse at, and try your hardest to protect other consumers from purchasing any video game EA is involved in the production of. Likewise you probably also are aware of all the scummy business practices they employ to take people's money. This recent occurrence that I am about to tell you about probably puts EA over the edge when it comes to their standing in the public eye. I warn you that it will be a long read, but if you intend to ever work in management or PR for a major corporation, this is a good lesson to learn about what not to do.
      The story begins about 3 months ago. EA releases a teaser trailer for its upcoming sports title "NHL 15". As most would normally expect, this first look absolutely blows people away, but most are smart enough to realize the game will not look as graphically advanced as the trailer would suggest. No problem.
      Players are very excited for the game, as EA specifically stated that the NHL development team wanted to take a year off from next gen consoles in order to learn more about and have experience with the new consoles so that they can make a better game, rather than rush the product with a limited budget and staff. On top of this, they claimed that they wanted to make sure the other development teams for games like FIFA and Madden could figure out the network infrastructure basics for the new consoles, and they could save time on development by borrowing code for online connectivity from those two titles. That's alright too, because EA has been known to do this anyways. They work on a yearly release cycle normally so the majority excuse that as well.
      Players recall that the first titles to come out for FIFA and Madden (branded as FIFA 14 and Madden 25 respectively) were underwhelming, and were incredibly buggy to say the least. The NHL fanbase sees this as a good sign that they made have made the right decision to hold off in order to put out an acceptable product with less bugs.
      In order to promote the "new features" of the NHL 15 game, EA puts up a webpage detailing all the things they had been working on for the past year and a half. Most of the changes are called out immediately by the fans, as they all laughed at how much work had been wasted on increasing the detail of the fans, in fact the number of in-game fan models, inside the stadium "watching the game", as well as the false promise of new advanced AI. I don't think I need to say anything about AI. The one thing people were excited about was the introduction of a new commentary team for the first time in almost a decade. That should have been the first bad sign....
      EA also puts up a webpage detailing the changes that would be made to the game on the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. Upon a quick glance it is apparent that these versions of the game would not be improved even in the slightest, quite literally people referring to it as "Last year's game with new commentary team"
      However, a closer look shows that one of the key online game modes is not noted on the Xbox One and PS4 descriptions. In short, this game mode allows people to play 6 against 6, thereby eliminating the problematic AI teammates from the game, which no doubt improves the game dramatically. Some even say this game mode is the only reason they even purchase EA NHL in the first place.
      A few players suggested that the game mode was not available on the next gen consoles.
      At first the community shrugged this off with the reasoning that this game mode has been in the game for eight consecutive years, and that it wouldn't be considered a marketable part of the franchise, as it has become assumed to be part of the game. That, and the fact that EA revamped the game mode in the previous installment, suggests that this game mode is here to stay.
      About a month passes, and some players begin to grow impatient. They say they want to see actual gameplay footage showcasing what the new features actually do to change the experience. It is important to note that as of that point EA had only been showing "in game footage" from camera angles you would never expect to play the game using. Basically a bunch of promotional nonsense reiterating what they already announced on the webpage that was released with the initial teaser trailer
      These questions are answered with "We will explain all the details about game modes soon." Eventually this answer changes to " six weeks". Now mind you, this is game that had literally only 4 months of time until the game was released to be marketed. (Specifically May 5th until September 9th)
      Waiting six weeks seems a bit too long for a game that would be released in about 3 months, no?
      Anyways, E3 passes by and all they show was the "Official Gameplay Trailer". The community jumps on this and breaks it down piece by piece, proving that many of the promises about change and a brand new game "built from the ground up" still has many of the same animations and gameplay flaws that plagued the series in the past 8 years. People are generally annoyed, but some try to defend EA, suggesting that the few new additions to gameplay may change the game enough to give them a fresh experience....yeah...about that....
      Between E3 until about one week ago, in fact, the first day of GAMESCOM to be exact, The only videos released would be more promotional fluff about stuff that was already introduced during the teaser trailer. (What was that again about telling the consumer about new game modes in 6 weeks?)
      During that span of time, information was leaked about the back cover of the NHL 15 game from retailer websites, most notably Best Buy. This includes Best Buy retailer divisions that go by different names in Europe. The information suggested that Xbox 360 and PS3 users could play the game online with up to 12 players, while Xbox One and PS4 users were limited to only 2 players while online. Speculation in the community about the exclusion of that team play game mode increased as well, when it was announced that there would be no pre-order bonuses for that particular game mode specifically when it came to Xbox One and PS4 users.
      This prompted players to ask the same questions again, where is this particular game mode? They would not receive a valid response, and if they suggested that the game mode was removed, they would be completely ignored. Making matters worse, retailers were not given any direction about how to answer questions about the product. Most retailers went on record (and you can also find these recordings on Youtube) saying that they simply did not know the answer to peoples questions about available game modes and did not want to mislead them. At this point, there had been one game mode confirmed removed from the next-gen consoles. It was extremely unpopular, and as such there was no backlash.
      All of this bad publicity comes to light, and consumers are completely outraged. The EA forums explode with threads asking about why the game mode was removed Even though there was no official statement proving or disproving the theories. EA's silence on the matter has gone so far that it's player base managed to start a negative trend that has actually picked up some steam on Twitter and Facebook. So naturally, the response should be to come out and say what is really going on with the game right? EA sits there and does NOTHING allowing the negative publicity to spread. It gets to the point were people went as far as to find the executive producer's phone number and email......I don't want to go into detail about what people have been saying, it's not pretty.
      Long story short, the gameplay videos shown leading up to Gamescom further annoy the masses, whereby they point out even more flaws and animations that have been in the game for multiple years. Of course, they continue to ask the same questions, but are blatantly ignored in every which way.
      All of this lead to the creation of a thread a week ago on the EA forums that is over 200 pages long, and continues to grow as I type this. Here is the link if you want to read it for yourselves:
      Two weeks ago, it was officially announced that there would be news about game modes being released this week (Between August 18th and August 22nd) This would be good news finally except for one minor detail. The game is planned for release on September 9th
      So with less than three weeks to go until release, there is currently no official release explaining which game modes will be included in either of the two versions of the game. Many people are angered claiming EA is trying to force people to play a game mode that encourages them to make in-game micro-transactions. This is a game mode that many players have admitted to spending thousands of dollars per year on since its inception in 2011.
      So you might say that Moderators on the EA forums could have answered the question very easily on the forums and none of this would have come to fruition. But here's the problem, the mods have stated that they would be breaking NDA by saying anything, and instead of leaving it at that continued to add to the fire by providing contradicting information, and often mocking users with "wink" emoticons. One moderator even would go on the record as simply stating "It (the game mode) is in the game."
      This would have solved everything if it were completely true. One last leak was found that made everyone completely lose their minds. A twitch video displaying the list of achievements for the Xbox One version of the game reveals that there is no mention of the game mode that everyone was questioning the existence of. Here's the kicker, the account that had access to the list of achievements that the initial user and everyone else can see them from is actually the Xbox Live account of the EA NHL executive producer. (Yeah I forgot to mention that the community also found out the name of his account didn't I?) Apparently, someone forgot to put the list of achievements on lock down, and the general belief is that because the achievement points add up to 1000, there are no secret achievements in the game, unless new ones are patched in.
      Oh, we aren't done yet.....there was supposed to be a live stream of top players trying the game alongside some real life NHL professionals as a way to hype the game on twitch. Needless to say, Twitch livestream chatboxes can get pretty ugly, but I have personally never seen anything like what I saw in that chatbox. #WeWantEASHL and #FireTheDevTeam these are both acceptable forms of speech imo....however there were also personal threats against their was beyond scary...words wouldnt do it justice.
      When it came time for the stream to start, TSN (the partner who helped make this livestream event happen) announced that they were having technical difficulties, and to wait a few minutes. Almost an hour later, an official announcement was made stating that they would reschedule the livestream for September 9th. Of course, this date is when the game will be released, so most players are assuming that EA is banking on players buying the game and forgetting to watch the stream on release day. Within minutes the community was in uproar, stating that EA was trying to hide more information from them than previously anticipated. As a means to try to calm everyone down, they provided links to vine videos showcasing that the event did in fact happen, but the videos were focused on the players playing the game, in other words, the cameras were pointed at the players faces and not the TV screen
      So at the end of all this, people were convinced that the behavior of the twitch chatroom was what caused the cancellation. Nonetheless, they were quick to scold TSN and whoever was given the power to moderate the chat for not disabling the chatroom altogether since it would be such a problem.
      What do all these events leave the players with? Well, for Xbox 360 and PS3 users specifically, they do not have a demo to see what the game will be like...meanwhile, most players are saying they will not purchase the game at all for either PS4/Xbox One or PS3/Xbox 360. Some are going as far as to say they will not purchase any more games which EA is involved with ever again.
      They say the reason is not because a game mode was left out that they loved so much, but instead it is because EA had failed to communicate with its customers, constantly pushing back dates for when information about the game would be explained, 
      and last but not least:
      Lying to the consumer saying that they have "Literally changed everything" about the game, and that "they took a year off to perfect the game on the new consoles" only to provide the same exact experience that was available on the previous gen consoles.
      The punch line that has come out of all of this? These players said they would have been more than happy to purchase the game without the game mode if EA had opened up about the situation long ago when it was brought up. Hiding information from the consumer has caused them to lose all trust they may have had in EA prior to this fiasco. They are claiming they will all vote EA for worst company of 2014. Congratulations EA....