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Ada Kulun Village Hall (Discussion Thread for Terteroba Rising)

Arminius H O Fiddywinks

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Welcome to the Ada Kulun Village Hall. If you have any issues, questions, comments, or seek permission to enter the RP, you come here. I am always on-site from morning to night, Eastern Standard Time, so don't worry your pretty faces about waiting around.

But if you stain the carpets, I kill you. These are expensive carpets.

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Hey, if there's still room for one more, can I squeeze in? I'll make sure to read up so I know what's going on.

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You have my blessing to come to my village. Just don't burn down the tavern, or I kill you.

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Okay, here's my character profile:

Name: Coro 'Cory' Akigote
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Species: Anthropomorphic Lear's Macaw (A kind of macaw that closely ressembles the Hyacinth Macaw, and is constantly mistaken for the latter)
Homeplanet: Earth
Height: 1m 69cm
Appearance: Mainly dark blue body and feathers, with a small tuft of yellow tucked just next to where Coro's beak starts to protude. Short head feathers, with two or three strands at the back sticking up.
Clothing: Is accostumed to wearing a white-biege rain jacket, which has velcro straps to prevent it falling off of him. Also carries a headset and visor, which gives out a virtual HUD and other vital information about his body and health, via neural connections.

Bio: Brazilian in blood, Japanese in nature, Coro and his family moved from the Amazon all the way to Japan when he was but a chick. Alas, as Coro came of age, the NeoTokyo Civil War broke out, and Coro was forced to fight in it - not because of conscription, but because if he opted out, then he would be the only one not making an effort. The war has left him with a physical scar rather than a mental one: After taking a bullet to his left wing, he was left with an untreatable nerve injury, which would make his whole wing involuntarily tremble. Coro can temporarily keep this at bay by constantly taking pentazimin every few hours, but otherwise, there was nothing else he could do. After the NeoTokyo Civil War, Coro moved back to his native soil with his parents and settled into Rio De Janeiro, where he added English to his list of speakable languages, along with his native Portugese and Japanese. Now 24, Coro's old war buddies came back to him and offered to reform as a scouting group, seeing the world and its places. Coro accepted on the condition that if they could, they would avoid conflicts.

Personality: A cheery bright soul when with friends, but a constantly unsure bird when by himself, always doubting his capabilites. The reason behind this is because during the Civil War, he always relied on his comrades - maybe a little too much. Because of the amount of time he spent in Japan and of how much he was used to it, Coro sometimes catches himself speaking Japanese to a stranger or a friend without meaning to.

(The NeoTokyo Civil War mentioned is a direct reference to NeoTokyo, one of my favorite Source multiplayer mods.)



I'll read up on what's going on, then make my first post.

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Yes, yes, this is good. Good...

If you have any trouble, call me over the radio or come see me in the village hall.

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I already jumped in, but I'll post my character info here because I made a crappy intro-DON'T BEAT ME, ARM so that way you can see!


Name: Faline "Ghost" Mae

Age: 33

Race: Snow Leopard

Origin: Paxil

Home: N/A (traveler)

Sex: Female

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 160 lbs.

Build: Lithe, muscular, highly flexible frame

Eyes: Gray

Hair: Smoky gray fur with dark gray patches; dark gray hair is kept short and pulled into a small ponytail 

Family: None

Personality: Curt, dry, concise in thought, spiritual, disciplined,


Her homeworld is shaken by a civil war that has left most of the population in shambles. Faline was one of many in her homeland born to impoverished parents who had no intention of starting a family due to crippling debt and lack of resources. To settle their debts, her parents surrendered her to a specialized organization that took in children and put out soldiers to fuel the war. From the very beginnings of her memory, Faline only knew this institution.

When she was still an infant, it was discovered Faline was deaf. The organization had no intention of continuing her education. Rather than see her eliminated under the pretense of natural selection, one man took interest in her and vowed to oversee her training himself. He believed even without a sense of hearing, she could be made into a great warrior for their cause.

As she grew, Faline and her peers were put through rigorous training that only intensified with each year they grew older. Under extreme conditions, they were taught combat, marksmanship, stealth, extensive memory retention, mental discipline, all to be molded into the ideal soldiers. Faline's mentor taught her to use her other senses to compensate for her lack of hearing. She trained her eyes to see clearer in the dark and underwater. She used the vibrations made by sounds to distinguish footsteps, gunfire and more. It became harder for others to sneak up on her, and her high aptitude for stealth earned her the nickname "Ghost".

By adulthood, she and those who had survived the harsh training were accepted as soldiers, and in her first battle, Faline saw that the enemy was no different from them. They were young graduates just like her, brothers killing brothers. Horrified that this was their great and worthy cause and wracked with the bitter shock and grief her whole life had amounted to this, Faline confronted her old mentor, the man she had shared her life with. Unable to give her solace beyond the fact that it was a necessary evil that would one day end the war between brothers, her mentor urged Faline to leave this place. If she could experience the world beyond this war, perhaps the wisdom she obtained while still young could be the influence their people needed to end the war peacefully and strive to rebuild.

Discarding her birth name, "Ghost" reluctantly escaped her homeworld to experience life among the stars and one day return with their teachings. Since that time she has become a mercenary, the only job her skills and desire to travel could be applied to.

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I've read up on what's going on. I've decided to wait until you lads get back to the bar before I make my entry. Please don't take too long, I'm very eager to join.

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  • 7 months later...

have room for one more character? :o


Name: Oviata Kova
Street/Merc Name: Tripwire
Age: 32
Race:Ussuri boar
Origin: Venom
Home: Swamps 200 miles from Kilri Spaceport
Sex: Female
Height: 7' even
Weight: 200 pounds muscle weight
Build: amazonian build
Eyes: green cyberware eyes. (pretty much think jensen eyes from dues ex human revolution)
Hair: Dark brown fur color with short yellow hair
Family: -information not available-
Alignment: Neutral
Personality: Adaptable, Aggressive, Decisive, Cautious, Insulting, Morbid, Tactless
Background: Tripwire an ex-member of a boar gang known as The Metal Maulers. A group of scrappers (gang members) that lived in the slums and swamps of Venom doing whatever they want from robbery to war with other gangs. Driving heavily modified SUVs and cars in the streets. This was before the arrival of Andross to reform the planet into the Empire. Every day the streets were in constant gang wars fighting for territory in the slums.

When Andross arrived his loyal followers and mercs were sent in to 'clean up' Upon crushing the gangs some scattered and became mercenaries, were influenced to join the Empire and those that were crazy enough to not be bribed or become a merc were ' reeducated' into the Empire Ranks. The Maulers separated into various factions. Some just being part of the empire while the rest just became mercs paid for the highest bidder.

Tripwire didn't mind being a merc since she can still do what she does back in the maulers ,but now be paid to do it. On one of the runs however she lost her eyesight when she was with a few other mercs to raid a Cornerian Research center for The empire. Both her eyes were replaced by cyberware. Even after that ordeal she keeps going with the phrase in quote I'll do it till I'm fragged or I just get bored with it.

Abilities: Proficient in shotguns, Driving,  Explosives, and street brawling

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We always have room in Ada Kulun for more able-bodied... boars!

Just gear up and get ready for my words.

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Any room for another team of characters?  This could well be up Star Wyvern's alley.

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Alright, you're in.

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