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STARFOX: The Rise of New Venom: Pre-work/discussion


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Now before I actually start putting down plans for this fanfic story on-paper, I want to discuss EVERY outstanding area of plot within the StarFox Universe, from the comics, and SNES, to 64 and every game that followed that timeline, and even Dinosaur Planet; the REAL Dinosaur Planet from the n64,

I think there are a lot of bits and pieces all over that could be fleshed out a hell of a lot more and make the story POP, I mean better than the actual games did. Is there a way?

PLOT: it hasn't been much more than a matter of months since the events of Command had ended, essentially, it is about how Dash Bowman had been made the new leader of Venom, and had been rebuilding his homeworld just like it said in the ending.

Dash has a sterling reputation in the new Lylat Peace Council, as the planetary powers have rebuilt a unified system of peace, Dash has requested and received support from the other worlds, however he also acts under the table, in the Lylat System's criminal Underworld.

He's been working with team StarWolf, and some of the other planetary powers who were once close allies with Andross during the first Lylat War, and supported Andrew Oikonny's rebellion. He intends on continuing the search of Andross's old studies and research on the Awesome Black Hole, the mysterious ancient structures in the sands of Titania, and other mysteries of the Lylat System relating to lost civilizations, and sightings of strange celestial beings like the Warp Bird (SNES) and the space whale (Comics), most of these largely believed to simply be old myths and ramblings of pilots and space workers claimings things for attention, he also studies the mysterious Krazoa Spirits whom are believed to have a connection to the other legends.


as Dash rebuilds an empire for some cause that hasn't yet been unveiled, Falco, somehow has heard some rumors about Dash's actions in the undeworld, being that Falco himself is a gangster.

Slippy once again has been working as a weapons developer for General Peppy in the Cornerian Military after Peppy took Pepper's place,

Fox works as at the Cornerian Academy, or something...

Krystal has been flying around the outer reaches in the ruins of Cirenia; a planet that's atmosphere has long-since ravaged the planet's surface after it's atmosphere had apparently been ignited around the beginning of the first Lylat War, she intends to discover why and how, only to discover it was done by Venom's forces, giving her conflicting opinions about Andross, being that she had apparently learned that Andross was working to make Titania an other worlds habitable worlds through terraformation.

I'm still working on other ideas to take place after all that and how the conflict actually get's started

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