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The Great Lylatian Civil War (WIP for a long time)


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This is under construction, and will be for quite some time as I figure out how exactly I want to execute this. I am going to provide a WIP Backstory here as well, to build up excitement for what is to come. I hope to give you an accurate gauge for what I plan on finishing up in the future, however long it will take me. I want to post it now so I can have proof I came up with this idea first, in case of any theft of ideas (not that I expect to happen).

Flag of Macbeth (210 ALW): http://riccofox96.deviantart.com/art/Macbeth-Flag-536961932

Flag of the Lylat Coalition (210 ALW): http://riccofox96.deviantart.com/art/Lylat-Coalition-Flag-210-ALW-579205977



            225 ALW, the Lylat System is in turmoil. In the fifteen years prior, the Cornerian government had their first major economic crisis. Macbeth was the main source of resources for Corneria, as Cornerian citizens didn’t want to ruin their own planet. Macbeth had a geological event shrink its core – which made it very easy to get into the ground and establish mining operations. Many companies were founded due to the economic potential, and as a result, Macbeth became the home of miners, engineers, and many top-notch business executives.


            A war with the Csivo people, a reptilian race from a separate planetary system, occurred 60 ALW, and had unified the people from all over the Lylat System to achieve a common goal of preventing the Csivian Empire from taking the Lylat System. After twelve years of bloody conflict, the Csivians backed off realizing they couldn’t take the Lylat System without also bankrupting the Csivian Empire of its resources. This marked the beginning of an ongoing hostility to any reptilian people in the Lylat system.


            Somewhere around 100 ALW was when many of the reptilian people from all over Lylat flocked to Macbeth for the only jobs that many Cornerians trusted them with: blue-collar jobs. For years, the population of Macbeth grew with mainly reptilians doing the mining work. This had an added effect of accelerating the depletion of its resources. By 205 ALW, Macbeth was almost entirely populated by reptilians, and only contained an estimated five percent of useful resources left before the planet became useless to the Cornerian government.


With the ongoing social tension between reptilians and non-reptilians, on top of an economic crisis, a scary and dangerous situation was underway. Macbeth was beginning to be a powder-keg, with the racial issues being a spark that would unlock the door to an extremely bloody and bitter war between Macbeth and Corneria.


In 210 ALW, Macbeth was declared to be economically unviable. This was the trigger that sent a firestorm of political uprising with the reptilians demanding Macbeth secede from the Lylat Coalition. Corneria, not wanting to provoke a possible conflict with the 97% reptilian Macbeth, and knowing that the planet had no leg to stand on, agreed that Macbeth may secede. A young and influential voice in the crowd was known as Elizio At’kashik, and he sought to unify Macbeth against what he saw as an “organization hell-bent on keeping the good people of Macbeth down.” During the months before the secession conference, a political free-for-all was erupting to see who would speak on behalf of Macbeth. Unsurprisingly, Elizio won over the people of Macbeth, who spoke most accurately of what the average Macbethian was thinking.


With most of the Lylatian populace voting in favor of secession, Macbeth was declared its own sovereign entity. With the people of Macbeth rejoicing, they wanted to give Elizio the highest honor and name their new soon-to-be empire after him. The majority won with “Elizian Empire.” Elizio, now in charge, knew that Macbeth hadn’t many resources. He had to look elsewhere to get them. A planet he knew would have a lot of resources and few Cornerians in the way to stop them was Sauria.


Corneria has a written military law stating that no invaluable research locations may be colonized or militarized in order to preserve the sanctity and quality of research. Nothing could have worked out better for Elizio. Even better for Elizio, the businesses formed to profit off of Macbeth’s resources had to shut down, and lots of people lost their jobs. This depression forced Corneria to halt its research abroad and focus on maintaining itself and its main colony, Katina. This gave Elizio a chance to send many different engineers and construction workers to Sauria and set up production facilities for not only goods for Macbeth, but for military hardware.


By 217 ALW, Elizio’s empire was beginning to organize itself to be a proper empire and show up the Lylat Coalition. Elizio knew what his people wanted – retribution. All the prejudice and injustice brought to the reptilians of the Lylat System over the decades were not to be forgotten. He believed the time for Corneria was over, and a new and much more powerful empire should take its place. All the military hardware produced was on par with that of the Cornerian Military, and many Elizian engineers helped create even better technology in secret.


The Elizian Empire was being created in a militaristic image, just as Elizio planned from the start. Knowing his people would die for Macbeth, he knew a war was imminent. He knew the war would be fought with passion, and extra aggression in order to pay retribution to the Cornerians. The feeling of fighting for a cause and your comrades was like no other, and every Elizian would fight to the death just to prove themselves loyal to the cause.


           In 224 ALW, the Elizians had a powerful enough and big enough military to attack the Lylat Coalition directly. The Lylat Coalition was still going through a depression, although their situation has gotten better over the years. They still could not foresee the imminent danger they are in. Elizio was utilizing his time wisely, preparing for war like the strategist he is, along with his many advisers discussing which planets they’d use for what when they took them. The first planet they wanted to take was Fichina, seeing its potential for geoengineering experiments and weapons testing. They had to figure out a way to overwhelm the Cornerian garrison.


             The Fichina Campaign of Macbeth's expansion was a success. They flooded the skies with elite fighters, whilst simultaneously sending in many squadrons of tanks and walkers to attack garrisons from multiple sides. The fighting was quick, and the result was total occupation of Fichina, along with the imprisonment of several thousand military units from Corneria. These POW's would suffer a permanent life of slavery in the mines of Sauria and later Venom until the war was over. The Surprise attack on Fichina was not foreseen by Cornerian officials, who still thought of Macbeth as a "slum" of sorts. Similar tactics were used on Aquas, Zoness, and Venom, only with naval fleets.


             Once they took Venom, Elizian officials wanted to attack Titania, effectively creating a two-sided war on Corneria in hopes to strangle Corneria's defenses until it begged for mercy. Only then, would Elizio be able to walk up to the ex-Cornerian officials and personally and publicly execute them in front of the Cornerian populace. Titania's defenses were increased in light of invasions of the other Coalition planets, but innovations in 3-D war and many battleships attacking the surface from orbit en masse picked off its only defenses, and only a few weeks of fighting gave Macbeth total control of Titania.


             The only defenses left of Corneria were Fortuna's many bases, and Katina's military stronghold. Elizio's priority was to soften up Katina's defenses while taking Fortuna. The end of 224 ALW saw Macbeth executing the plan, only to have it soften up his military around Katina, while the forces at Fortuna were held off long enough to force Elizio to order a retreat to Katina to finish it off. Katina was finally taken by the beginning of 225 ALW, and the hundreds of thousands troops stationed there were sent to labor camps dispersed all over the Lylat System to fuel the war effort. The plan succeeded in taking Katina, but failed to take Fortuna. As a result, Corneria finally declared war after finally figuring out Macbeth was occupying former Coalition planets.


             The resulting civil war between Corneria and Macbeth would be a long and drawn-out war that would be very aggressive, demoralizing, destructive, and costly for both sides.



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I have been thinking about how I want to do this, and I think I have it. I have another supporting piece of "art" or whatever you want to call it. I have been considering adding humans in this story, but I don't want to portray them as anything special. I have uploaded the flag of the United Nations Extraterrestrial Expeditions Force here:



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