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unofficial SF-O smash league


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I have a lot of problems to connect to other people online because of my country time . So i have this (maybe bad) idea

a smash tourney (alredy with 40 guys)


rules: limit of plays per day-10

4 stocks



mii figthers:yes


special smash:no

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Comin' in!

EDIT: It's full. I-I can't come in. :(

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YYeeeeeeaaahhh. /-\
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I'm not clear exactly what you want to do. Are you  trying to do a 1-2 day tournament style, or a full-on league?

Tournaments are on a much smaller scale in terms of logistics. If you've never done event planning or business management before, I would highly recommend starting with a tournament. If you observe online leagues such as ESEA and United Gaming Clans, you'll notice there is a lot of work that goes into them. As a one-man organizer, it's much easier to start with a tournament.

If you need help, feel free to ask me. I've helped run online tournaments (For TF2, mind you), and organized local TF2 LAN tournaments.

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It might seem like a "league system" to you, but it's best to stick with terminology more than a couple of us can get. In this case, we're looking at the difference between league and tournament.

A league is an organization that hosts many teams to compete in a game or sport over a long period of time, making a season. A season will likely include regular season, play offs, and finals. For example, the two leagues I play TF2 in are UGC League and ESEA. I play with a team every season and pretty much see what happens.

A league may host a tournament, but a tournament refers to a short-term competition. There will be a prelimary round for seeding, then some form of elimination, (Single or double), then a grand final. The tournament can be one day, or a couple days (One day is best).

For Smash tournaments, usually people just set up games on their desired console, and report the scores manually. At least, that's how it's done in small competitions in my school. You can keep track of scores on platforms such as Challonge or Battlefy.

Start by gauging interest, then work out logistics. Decide what a good date is for you and everyone else, set things up, and you're good to go!

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I really want to join, I have been playing smash since melee and have won multiple tournaments in the mid-west and east(I've only played in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. Also they were local gamestop ones too). Curse terrible internet speed(40 KB/second). I can play 1v1 at like 2 am on saturday morning. That's it.

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