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Survival on an unknown planet.


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Survival on an Unknown Planet.

Background: The Empire of the Federations has been dissolved fell into civil war. Weaken by total damage left unwanted fleets and
armadas invading into The Empire's borders and began to capture various planets and territories, causing chaos and panic leaving the citizens to flee or fight off the invasion. YOU and a few other people who came along with you have escaped from the pursuing fleet from both rebels, invading enemies, and even civilians who turned to ANARCHY. However when all was thought to be over your ship had ran out of fuel and came into contact by a meteorite that was set on a collision course toward an uncharted and unknown planet. Before you have passed out the ship gives a briefing of the planet and the Star System. You and the other crew wake up, barely alive, but you get out of your ship to see you're on the
surface this planet with your ship having to be destroyed when it crash landed on the planet, You're left on your own.

The Planet itself

  •  The planet is the size of your Empire's capital, being around 4000 km has only 3 moons.
  •  It has a set of rings, only two shepherd moons maintain this set of rings.
  •  The planet is considered to be in the Habitable Zone and is considered to harbor life.
  •  The planet has 5 Continents and is covered in oceans of water.
  •  Land consists of forests, plains, deserts, jungles, tundras, and mountain ranges.
  • There are plentiful resources such as coal, oil, iron, and other materials.
  • There is a high chance there might be intelligent life that inhabit the planet.
  • Intelligent life may be around Stone Age or Early Bronze Age (Late Neolithic revolution).

The Star System that the Planet harbors

  • The Star is a yellow dwarf, around to be 4.54 billion years old.
  • Has 6 planets; 4 Terrestrial and 2 Gas giants
  • Two planets are within habitable range and can harbor life.
  • Has an asteroid field that's between it's 4th planet and 5th planet
  • The Planet the ship crashed landed is the 3rd
  • This Star System has not been colonized and needs a name.

The Main Goal

  • To survive and explore on the planet while building a new home.
  • Everyone is allowed to have their own choices (I.E form group, or explore to start a new colony on their own.)
  • Colonize the planet.
  • Build a new ship to start exploring the star system
  • Have fun

The choices that people make will affect the thread and everyone include and the amount of players I need should be around 4-6 people or so.

[EDIT 2/3/16]
I should mention everyone is allowed to have their own RP characters. However, you can only have 1 or 2 characters.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Fine, i will indulge myself with this RP.

I am in.


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Kimber will thoroughly enjoy this misadventure. I like.

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