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Someone Stole Sandor's Shoes! (Request)

Arminius H O Fiddywinks

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Title: Someone Stole Sandor's Shoes!

Style: Forum RP

Theme: Action/comedy

Setting: Across the Lylat System


Sandor Kalocsai (one of my characters) wakes up one fine Summer morning in his modest Corneria City home to find a truly atrocious sight: his prized (raggedy), one of a kind (poorly sold), exotic (child labor-made on some backwater world for 40 mini-creds) pair of grey and white sneakers has vanished! Stolen from his very home! He has decided to recruit his neighbors up and down the block to help find them, and he will reward them handsomely for their assistance. The perpetrator had better start running, since the Lylat System is a very small place when you anger Sandor Kalocsai...!

Goal: Find Sandor's shoes!

Player Count: 10 max (not including me)

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Do you have a character to roleplay with?

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You should have asked in the discussion page. But that's beside the point: of course you can join.

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