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The Long Awaited and Highly Anticipated Character Thread for Shimbli7.


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I'm not going to bore anyone with introduction and get straight to the characters.


Kimber Sinclair

Planetary Citizenship: Venomian by birth; currently resides on Corneria.

Species: Raccoon

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Background: As the son of a Venomian general, Kimber grew up being groomed as a sociest. After the second Lylat war, Kimber's father was shot and killed by a dissident who opposed the sociest's push to declare war a third time. In response to this, Kimber left his studies and joined the Venomian People's Liberation Army,  serving as the youngest member of Pounce Company, a  detatchment of soldiers under the command of General Wolf O'Donnell. He and the squad he served in, fought a brutal civil war against the Venomian Democratic-Republican resistance forces which had come to power. Kimber, as was customary with all male members of Pounce Company, became a eunuch. While the Venomian military claims that this deed was done to prevent seduction by the enemy, many speculate that this was done for the express intention of dampening emotions. Kimber committed atrocious actions while a part of Pounce Company Including raids on villages, biological warfare on civilians, killing political rivals to Andrew Oikenny, and bombing an orphanage. 

It wasn't until he and his squad were stationed on Fortuna that he questioned his loyalty to the state. When on a mission, Kimber witnessed his commander shoot a baby as it slept in it's crib. 

Upon witnessing this sight, Kimber began to realize the horrors of what he had done. He knew that he could not continue ending lives for the cause of social reform and, little by little, strayed from soceism. 

He persuaded three of his squadmates, Kosovo Zendovsi, Lerman Cetef  and Halle Tuscanini to defect with him and the four of them surrendered themselves to Cornerian forces.

After their capture, Kimber and his squadmates were vigorously questioned by the Cornerian military but eventually were granted immunity. Halle and Lerman left to the far corners of Corneria, hopeful to start new lives on the planet they now called home but Kimber and Kosovo never strayed from each other. Kimber now resides in Corneria City, sharing a house with his friend, Kosovo and a Saurian by the name of Solomon Muralł.


Kosovo Zendovsi. 

Planetary Citizenship: Venomian by birth; Currently resides on Corneria.

Species: Gray Wolf

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Background: Kosovo Zendovsi is the son of Wolf O'Donnell's sister, Maria Zendovsi. After her death at the beginning of the second Lylat war, a then eight year old Zendovsi was sent to live with his uncle. Growing up around mercenaries, Kosovo became proficient in hand-to-hand combat and short range blaster combat. 

While he and his uncle never loved each other, they shared a mutual respect for the other and time and time again even enjoyed the company of one another.

When Kosovo turned twenty, his uncle was given command of Pounce Company and was requested to be part of it. He accepted and was placed under the command of Walt Delmasôv.

While under Delmasôv, Kosovo took liking to the young Kimber Sinclair and the two formed a brotherly bond, Kosovo seeing Kimber as his responsibility.

Kosovo was persuaded by Kimber to defect from Venom during the last days of their occupation of Fortuna. Without contacting his uncle, Kosovo complied with Cornerian authorities and was granted citizenship. He now lives with Kimber and works as an engineer.


Lerman Cetef

Planetary Citizenship: Venomian by birth; Currently resides on Corneria.

Species: Leopard Gecko. 

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Background: Lerman was born into a wealthy family of Venomian politicians and grew in the blissful ignorance of sociisim.  He volunteered for pounce company at 18 and served until he was coaxed into defecting. He now lives in rural Corneria, hoping to start over.


Halle Tuscanini

Planetary Citizenship: Venomian by birth; Currently resides on Corneria.

Species: Coyote


Sex: Female

Background: Halle was urchin who grew up in a rough district of Venom. In order to escape an abusive mother, Halle volunteered for Pounce Company where she found pleasure in killing those who opposed her. Eventually, though,  the weight of the lives she took weighed heavily upon her and pushed her over the edge. When her squadmates, Kimber proposed that they defect, she overwhelmingly agreed and now serves a life sentence in prison for crimes against humanity.


Solomon Muralł

Planetary Citizenship: Saurian by birth, currently resides on Corneria.

Species: Ceratasaurus

Age: 43

Sex: Male

Background: Growing up as part of the sharpclaw tribe, Solomon started seeing the practices of his people as barbaric. He swore he would never take a life as long as he lived and devoted his life to studying medicine. This angered the sharpclaw leadership and forced him to immigrate to Corneria, where he met Kimber Sinclair after he had been brutally beaten by a group of mobsters. The two became fast friends and Solomon now lives with Kimber and Kosovo.



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Name: Rakon Nerano

Planetary Citizenship: Fortunan by birth, lived on Venom breifly, currently resides on Corneria.

Species: Fat-tailed gecko

Age: 28

Sex: Male

Background: Growing up in Venomian controlled territory on Fortuna Rakon was raised around the forces that occupied his planet. He took liking to a soldier named Dae and the two became friends. On the night of Dae's defection, he came to Rakon's house for protection. However, Venomian forces found him, killing Dae and Rakon's parents. They took Rakon to a compound and indoctrinated him into compliance with Venomian culture and trained him in clandestine combat from a young age. At 19, he was selected personally by Andross to assassinate a pilot by the name of Fox McCloud. The two engaged in a gun battle yet resorted to hand to hand combat and McCloud emerged victorious, beating and questioning Nerano. Rakon was apprehended by the CSS and questioned vigorously. Eventually, the secret service struck a deal with Nerano and hired him as an assassin. To this day, Nerano has been a faithful agent of Corneria's government as a part of the "The Undesirables", the CSS' s off the books assassination squad. It was there he met fellow assassin Jessica Sharp and the two currently are in a romantic relationship.


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Name: Jessica Sharp

Planetary Citizenship: Fichinan by birth; currently resides on Corneria.

Species: Arctic wolf

Age: 30

Background: Raised by revolutionaries on Fichina,  Jessica was born into a world of conflict. When her father saw her as unfit to live, he abandoned her in the tundra, where she was found by a Cornerian soldier. This soldier took the young Jessica under his wing and brought her back to Corneria after his tour was over. However, he died when Jessica entered her final year of college. In response, she devoted her life to her adoptive father's work, becoming a soldier in the interplanetary war regiment and eventually rising to the rank of commander. However, after letting her anger cloud her judgement she ordered the bombing of a small village on Fortuna, for which she was dishonorably discharged from service. The Cornerian Secret Service,  however, found her skill invaluable and recruited her into "The Undersirables", Corneria's premier assassins. It was there she met fellow assassin Rakon Nerano and fell in love with him. She eagerly awaits when he will propose to her.

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Name: Delsin Llewellyn

Planetary Citizenship: Cornerian by birth and current residence

Species: Red panda

Age: 22

Background: Delsin was raised in a strict family prominent in the Cornerian Socialist Worker's Party. During the events of the second Lylat War,  Delsin's parents were known for stirring up trouble domestically while the war raged across the galaxy. Riots, marches, and rallies were all organized by the Llewellyns in an attempt to passively oust the current form of government ruling Corneria. Delsin became dissatisfied with his parent's political beliefs after he read the manifesto of the Worker's Party, finding that condemned individualism.

In response to this, Delsin became a member of a radical right-wing political party who opposed his parent's organization.  After a few years, Delsin's party overwhelmingly triumphed over his parent's and stability returned to Corneria.

During this breif period of peace, Delsin enlisted in the CDF and was present during the Aparoid invasion. It was during this that his battalion was ripped to shreds by the Aparoid force. Delsin was the only survivor, fighting off an onslaught for nearly an entire day based off of his sheer will to survive.

Delsin suffered from severe PTSD after the invasion and, though his superiors respected his resolve during said conflict, Corneria decided to move him into "The Undesirables" where he currently is the acolyte of Rakon Nerano.

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Name: Ted Masterson. 

Planetary Citizenship: Cornerian by birth and current residence.

Species: River otter

Age: 25

Background: Ted Masterson was raised in a one-room house on the bank of a Cornerian river with his mother and three brothers. Growing up in the marsh, Masterson was brought up around some of Corneria's worst. At thirteen, he joined a gang that ran the bayou known as Tarot, so named for their dabbling in the occult. While working for Tarot, Masterson became acquainted with the gang's leader, an aging alligator by the name of Bill Sadley. Sadley saw Masterson as his surrogate son, as his progency was wiped out during the first Lylat War, and treated him well, caring for him and giving him enough money to support his mother and siblings.

However, Masterson's loyalty to Sadley was ended when two members of Tarot forced their way into Masterson's home, attempting to beat his mother and brothers to death. In a rush of fear and anger, Masterson drew a knife and killed the two gangsters in front of his family. 

Afterwards, Masterson made his way to Sadley's estate and killed him, escaping before Sadley's men could apprehend him. 

When Masterson returned to his home, his mother was horrified to see him covered in Sadley's blood. She loved her son too much to let him travel down the path of blood and took him into the city, where he was taken into the captivity of the Cornerian Institute for Mental Rehabilitation,  where he stayed for ten years until he was cleared and declared sane. Now out in the world and unable to find a job, Masterson took to career killing as a means of making a living. The CSS found interest in him and adopted him as an assassin. He currently works under Rakon Nerano.

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Name: Donovan Ohashi

Planetary Citizenship: Cornerian by birth and current residence.

Species: Arctic fox

Age: 53

Background: Born into a wealthy family, Ohashi was heir to an empire of oil and natural gas companies run by his parents. Put into a prestigious private academy, Donovan proved to do well in his studies and graduated top of his class. As a child, Ohashi's parents sheltered him from outside influences. As a result, Donovan was stunted in his social and physical development. In college, Ohashi was a recluse, looked upon as strange and weak. One night, a drunken student beat Ohashi to within an inch of his life and put him in the hospital for six weeks. In response to this, Ohashi swore never to let himself be unprepared to fight again and, as soon as he was healed, began training in martial arts and building his body. Throughout all of this, he still maintained his high academic status and graduated Suma Cum Laude from Corneria City University.

Upon returning home from his time away, Donovan was appalled to find that his parents' business had been taken over by an employee who had schmoozed his way to the top.

Determined to make the Ohashi name great again, Donovan started Ohashi Manufacturing, an ore refining and manufacturing company. In the years that followed, his business profited.

Many Corneria City mobs became interested in Ohashi Manufacturing as a possible front for their operations and many tried to take the company over by deal or by force but each time, Ohashi won out, rejecting deals and hiring an extensive private security force.

Eventually, however, the idea of a mob partnership looked pleasing to Ohashi and he made a pact with a mobster known as Leonard Til. The two became partners and Ohashi Manufacturing became a front for a crime family known as the Red Dragon Triad. All was well and Til believed he had a friend in Ohashi until Ohashi sold his company, liquefying his holdings to a lump sum of three billion credits. He then extended his security forces and set up his own mob known as Shadow. The Red Dragons, infuriated, declared war on Shadow. Brutal gang campaigns erupted but Shadow eventually became victorious, killing the don of the other mob and cornering the sell of heroin in Corneria City.

Ohashi now serves as don of Shadow. He is a very dangerous, yet very sympathetic man. He does not believe in killing for petty reasons and goes to great lengths to make sure the hitmen he hires do not needlessly torture their targets. He has a soft spot for orphans and the destitute and often contributes large sums to organizations who care for them. He has two sons and six grandchildren and is present in their lives as a devoted family man. He himself has only killed five people and the visions of their lifeless bodies haunt him to this day.

This being said, he is responsible for the drugs flowing through Corneria City, has orchestrated plots to destroy his competition, and is no stranger to prison, serving three different sentences.

When he must fight, he is good with a blaster but is most comfortable in hand to hand combat, as he has mastered seven forms of martial arts.

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Name: Ro Kunrace

Planetary Citizenship: Saurian by birth; currently resides on Corneria.

Species: Carcaharodontasaurus

Age: 41

Background: Ro came to Corneria as a trafficked lifeform during the first Lylat War.  Captured by wealthy gangsters, Ro was put on display at a black market slavery auction where he caught the attention of a then 30 year old Donovan O'Hashi. He vigorously bid for, and won, Kunrace. Instead of putting Kunrace to work, O'Hashi took the teenage Saurian under his wing. He enrolled him in high school, gave him a place at his table, and served as his father figure, Ro becoming part of his family. When Ro became of age, O'Hashi told him of his criminal lifestyle and requested that Kunrace become his underboss. Ro accepted and began his career as primary overseer of all of Shadow's activities. O'Hashi utilized Ro as his personal bodyguard and Kunrace excelled in that area. Ro is quite involved with the O'Hashi family and considers them his real family. He is considered an uncle by Donovan's grandchildren and a brother by Donovan's progeny. This being said, he is extremely suspicious of Cornerians as he sees most of them as greed driven exploiters.

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Name: Alexi Talis

Planetary Citizenship: Macbethian by birth and current residence.

Sex: Male

Species: Dhole.

Age: 21

Personality: Alexi is a haughty, loquacious individual who prefers to charge danger head on. He is boyishly charming and is fully aware of it, often using that trait to his advantage in order to flatter, pressure, or seduce what he wants out of a person. However, despite these unprofessional behaviors, Talis knows how to operate a mercenary team in the cutthroat world of Lylat's hired guns, doing most of the work it takes to keep his team fed, clothed, and armed himself. He is fiercely protective of his compatriots and demonstrates selfless brotherly love for them all, a trait which is not shared with those he does not know. Alexi is not a compassionate individual and has a passionate hate for Venom to a near prejudiced extent, wanting nothing to do with anyone of Venomian heritage.

Special Skills: Alexi is an expert strategist and tactician, despite his young age. He is able to formulate plans of attack in mere minutes and has the ability to adjust those plans on the turn of a dime if need be.

Weapons Proficiency: Alexi is skilled with the use of medium ranged automatic weapons and is an expert pistol marksman.

Vehicle Proficiency: Talis is an average pilot and heavy armor operator but prefers to do his work on foot.


Name: Tyler Udesku

Planetary Citizenship: Macbeth by birth and current residence

Sex: Male

Species: Fisher

Age: 19

Personality: Udesku is often Rolling Thunder's voice of reason. More timid than his comrades in arms, Tyler often seems to counter Alexi's cavalier's spirit with his cautious outlook on life. He will not take unneeded risks and is not an adventurous individual. This being said, Udesku is an impeccable hired gun. His understanding of strategy and mastery of the semi-automatic carbine is second to none.

Special Skills: Udesku, as mentioned earlier, is highly skilled in the use of medium ranged projectile weapons.

Weapons Proficiency: Udesku is a virtuoso with semi-automatic rifles, as well as a decent shot with a blaster pistol.

Vehicle Proficiency: Tyler does not enjoy flying but is good enough to pilot a craft if need be. He does not use heavy armor as he finds it too slow for his liking.


Name: Martin Rush

Planetary Citizenship: Macbeth by birth and current residence.

Sex: Male

Species: Cheetah

Age: 17

Personality: Martin Rush, being the youngest member of Rolling Thunder, is the most childish of the group. He does not see the danger of his profession whatsoever and fancies himself untouchable. Normally cheery, Rush is the most sociable out of the bunch and will carry on conversations with complete strangers. He is fiercely loyal to Talis and looks up to him, as well as the other members of Rolling Thunder, as his older brothers. He is fully aware of his skill as a marksman and utilizes it to the best of his ability. He has his sights set high, hoping that Rolling Thunder will one day surpass StarFox as the premier private military company of the free galaxy.

Special Skills: Expert marksman.

Weapons Proficiency: Martin Rush is adept in the use of long-range rifles and knows his way around a pistol, using it if the need arises.

Vehicle Proficiency: Martin is an average pilot but has a liking for heavy armor, finding it to be invaluable in long-range work.


Name: Richard Udolov

Planetary Citizenship: Macbeth by birth and current residence

Sex: Male

Species: Gray Fox

Age: 19

Personality: Out of all of the members of Rolling Thunder, Udolov is definitely the most enigmatic. He prefers to keep silent and to himself unless he is spoken to. Calm and collected, Udolov does not let emotional impulses guide his decision making, instead relying on logic, reason, and common sense. These traits often clash with the rather impulsive nature of his team. He does not believe in talking about one's past, finding it pointless to dwell in times gone by. He does realize that he has skill as a mercenary but does not let it inflate his ego. Instead, he focuses on how he can become better in his profession.

Weapons Proficiency: Like Udesku, Richard is skilled with a semi-automatic carbine. He also is a crack shot with a pistol.

Vehicle Proficiency: Udolov is the flying ace of Rolling Thunder, surpassing all of his team in this arena. However, he hates heavy armor as he finds it slow and impractical.


Rolling Thunder is a Macbeth based mercenary unit formed shortly after the Second Lylat War by an Alexi Talis. Talis, who had witnessed the occupation of his planet by Venomian forces early in the war, joined a resistance movement known as the Blue Serpent. The Blue Serpent committed acts of sabotage on the Venomian military and eventually led a full-scale revolt against the invading force.

It was during his time in the Blue Serpent that Talis met fellow militiaman Richard Udolov, the two being assigned to the same company. Throughout their time in the resistance movement, Talis and Udolov formed a friendship built on their mutual hate for the Venomian people and the societist manifesto.

Shortly after the war, Macbeth was all but destroyed and Talis and Udolov, along with most of the planet, struggled to find a source of income. The two eventually turned to the mercenary profession, finding it to be a good way to utilize the skills they had learned during their time in the militia for personal gain, going into business as Talis and Udolov: Professional Soldiers.

The duo, at first, had little success in their chosen profession. However, that was soon to change after they were contacted by the Cornerian military  who offered them an annual salary in exchange for their services as soldiers-for-hire. The two accepted the offer and were instated as agents of the Cornerian state.

During their tenure as mercenaries for Corneria's cause, Talis and Udolov worked in conjunction with many other mercenary groups and assassination squads, the most notable being the Undesirables and the Dithis Brothers.

After completing their service to the Cornerian government, the mercenary duo voided their contract and returned home to Macbeth to go into business by themselves. The now rebuilt state of Macbeth was kind monetarily to the mercenaires and business boomed, jobs coming in from all corners of the planet.

It was during that time of plenty that Talis realized that the group needed to expand beyond himself and Udolov if they were to perform to the best of their abilities and set out in search of new blood, eventually recruiting a former grav-bike gang initiate by the name of Tyler Udesku and a young street urchin called Martin Rush.

Upon hiring Udesku and Rush, Talis renamed the band of mercenaries Rolling Thunder and branded them as intergalactic hired guns. To this day, the four mercenaries travel the Lylat system, working for whatever powers see fit to hire them.













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