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Chanbara StarFox excerpt test.


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This is only an excerpt. If anyone is interested in doing a Chanbara (samurai genre) based StarFox fanfic:

The dingy atmosphere of the bar mingled with the stench of villainy present within. Places like these were rampant across the backwater planet designated as Kew. It is here crime and all sorts of sin were committed by countless individuals who's hearts were blackened with hate and anger.

In the corner of the room sat a lone vulpine quietly eating his grub. he wore a slightly worn flight suit with a Wakizashi and Tanto strapped on the side of his hips. On the table next to his meal lay a basket weaved conical hat with holes cut in front to provide the wearer some vision. on the bench he sat on, a Katana lay just within his reach.

This man here is non other than former mercenary pilot, Fox McCloud. It had been roughly 2 years since the Anglar war had ended. For him it was no happy ending. He had lost everything, his team, the woman he loved and worst of all, his family honor. all of which was taken from him by Star Wolf. It seemed as though the McCloud bloodline would end in this shameful manner, however after a full month of wallowing in depression, he was later on plagued with visions of an astral hand forging a celestial blade that he saw in his sleep. as 5 months worth of visions progressed, the blade in these visions glowed faintly but grew brighter as time passed. 

By the end of the fifth month a miracle occurred. That fateful night, His friend falco, came to check on him but as he entered the room he was unprepared for the great spectacle that unfolded before him.

Fox was levitating a few feet off his bed, his eyes replaced with a starry void in their place. In a great flash of light, an astral arm erupted from his chest holding a divine blade, a sacred katana firmly in it's grip. Falco saw that Fox suddenly regained consciousness and gladly held the sword, of which the astral hand disappeared. He then receded the sword back into a sheath that Falco claims was not there when he came in. As soon as the sword was fully withdrawn back into it's sheath, Fox's eyes returned to their usual green color and he calmly looked back at Falco who was in total shock as to what had happened.

On that night, Fox found a new purpose in life upon acquiring this sacred blade. For about a year and a half, he wandered lylat and the galaxy protecting the innocent and smiting evil with this weapon, forged from his own soul and imbued with purity and strength. In time stories of this lone swordsman pilot spread and in time he became a legend and ascended to a mythical status as he who is called the "Samurai pilot". However he had created many enemies from crime lords, gangsters, and corrupted military officials, who only wished to destroy him and take the divine weapons that he had possessed.

By this time, his wandering had brought him to Kew. at that present moment, his bounty on his head was greater than Star Wolf's during the Anglar war.

As Fox quietly chewed his meal, he calmly noticed that a particular blue furred vixen was eyeing him  on the far side of the table. Her fur was grimy and she wore a rather revealing outfit. Her hair was purple and she wore a green diamond over her forehead. she glared silently at the vulpine with an unusual air of familiarity, almost as though she knew him long ago. Fox quietly continued eating despite of this. As soon as he swallowed his grub, he set down the plate and quietly reached with his left arm, for the Katana near him. 

For a few seconds of silence his hand slowly inched it's way toward the sword. suddenly as he was almost about to grab the Katana, the sound of a blaster charging entered his ears, he looked back to see the vixen and several other bounty hunters all pointing their weapons in his direction. 

Using his right hand he quietly ate another spoonful, calmly ignoring the bounty hunters's guns. As soon as he swallowed. He quietly and silently prepared himself to grab the katana and dash under the table. . . .


I hope there is anyone interested in writing a Chanbara StarFox fanfic. I can't write a full on fanfic. only drawings and small excerpts.

If anyone is interested in doing a chanbara work set in the game's timeline. It must evoke the action and grittiness from Samurai jack and Afro Samurai.

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