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Name: Dakota Masterson 

Age: 24

Race: Snow Leopard 

Origin: 4378 Heaven Path, Granby, Colorado, USA, Earth. Just west of Granby Park.

Home: 122 Hillcrest View, Chicago, Illinois, USA, Earth.

Sex: Male

Height: 6 Feet, 2 inches (188 cm) 

Weight: 164 Lbs (74 Kg) 

Build: Athletic, not bulky. Slender.

Eyes: Ice Blue

Hair: Silver hair. Standard Snow leopard fur pattern; White belly, inner thighs, throat, chin, cheeks. Dark Grey back with black splotchy rings.

Family: Allison Masterson(Mother), Adrian Masterson(Father)

Personality: Extroverted, happy, cheerful, bright, warm, kind, occasionally flirty, intelligent. 

Background: Dakota grew up in the mountains of Colorado and lived a pretty standard life. Went to school, came home, had friends, played games, got in trouble, was loved and cared and nurtured by his parents. Many of his peers admired him and he had several friends back in school. Eventually, it became evident that he was a very convincing actor, taking on roles he had thought up himself, and played them with a surprising degree of skill, considering his age. As time went on, he grew up and joined the middle school drama class, excelling in it at a superior level compared to his peers. He performed in several roles throughout the schools several plays every year. He moved on to High school, and this is where he performed for the school before a talent scout and was offered a scholarship immediately after his performance. He accepted and went to CPAA at the age of 19, majoring in acting and minoring in film production, maintaining the highest marks of his fellow classmates for three final years before being recruited to a B-class movie as his first production as a supporting character. The movie got a 83 on Rotten Tomatoes, and he got a direct mention as "the best supporting character ever". He has around 20 productions under his belt, five of which he produced himself, performing in three of them, two as supporting characters, and one as the main. He's a very successful actor, but really doesn't wear it as a badge like others, preferring to be treated like a regular person.

Abilities: Accomplished actor, great film producer, Brown Belt of Heihuquan and Bao Quan Kung Fu, Green belt in Bok Fu Do. Respectable show swordsman. 2-time 20k marathon runner. Can hold his breath for 9 minutes. Certified to own and handle rifle-level firearms, as well as small calibur sidearms. Isn't ticklish. Is a pacifist. Has VERY sensitive ears. 




Name: Mirage 1, Mirage Lead, Lead, One 

Age: 37 

Species: Snow Leopard 

Occupation: Squad leader of Mirage squad of Poltergeist Platoon, of the Special Operations division of the UGSF 

Sex: Male 

Eye color:  [UNKNOWN]

Fur color:  Grey and white tail with black splotches 

Hair color: [UNKNOWN]

Height: (In-suit) 6 Feet, 3 inches (190.5 cm) 

Weight: (In-suit) 426 Lbs (193 kg) 

Place of Residence:  [DATA EXPUNGED]

Temperament: Cool, confident, commanding 

Relationship: Single

Parents:  [UNKNOWN]

Personality: Take-charge, confident in himself and his team, chill in stressful situations. 

Biography: In his 20 year service to the UGSF, Mirage 1 has been on 137 successful operations in opposition to the IN. He has extensive experience in all areas of clandestine operation and direct contact. He commands Mirage Squad and is the CGO of Poltergeist Platoon. He has been confirmed dead three different times by IN forces.

Special notes: Mirage 1 wears specialized JAVLN-III combat armor, possessing advanced shielding at the expense of thicker armor. It also has advanced sensor scrambling plates built into the fibers of the armor, causing him to be nearly completely invisible to any frequency sensors, save for the most advanced sensors. He also possesses active camouflage, standard visor modes including short-range X-ray, all-range heat signature, audio-visualization and IFF colored outlines, controlled with a standard control gauntlet.

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