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Starfox Timeline Theories


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Because of Zero coming out next month, I was thinking of how the series will be in a linear sense. I know Nintendo so far is saying that "There really is no timeline" But this is america and I do what I want. I think it works as multiple time lines kinda like the Zelda timeline.
The timeline I created or what I think can be considered correct is this:

Timeline 1: Starfox 1993- Starfox 1995
Timeline 2: Starfox 64 1997-Starfox Adventures 2002- Starfox Assault 2005- Starfox Commands 2006
Timeline 3 : Starfox Zero


download (31).jpg I like Shaquille O'neal

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Personally, I like to think of Command as part of the SNES timeline. Partly because there is minor evidence to suggest it is such, partly because it's a nasty stain on Assault's beautiful plot.

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To me, this is the Star Fox timeline:

Notice that since Zero is merely a re-write of 64's story, 64 is all it replaces.

Also note that this is only including canon endings, so no OoTD or Bolse or anything like that, and no comics/manga, so no Farewell beloved Falco or SNES comics.

Star Fox timeline.png

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Honestly mine is nothing to really write home about as I'm only in the know of half the series as I'm a late-ish arrival. Not accounting Command as an untied branch as seems like there doesn't seem to be much of interest to work at there.x


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It doesn't really work to include the SNES game in the SF64 canon track. The SNES lore differed too much in many areas, from different character names, to different backstories, such as Fox Sr's disappearance and that Fox Sr. did not found Star Fox.

Thus, the SNES game cannot really be canon to the SF64 track. SF64 was a complete reboot.

Zero is a bit of an oddball at this point because we're not quite sure what the full story even is. Nintendo says its not a reboot, but everything about it suggests that it really is one. Also, I'm pretty damn sure if we get another game, it would follow Star Fox Zero. So, I consider SFZ to be the start of a new canon track, but this track shares a lot of the story elements of the SF64 track, at least at this point.

I generally don't count comics as canon, though Farewell Beloved Falco could possibly be, but since nothing since references its events, its canon status is irrelevant.

SNES Track:

Star Fox -> Star Fox 2

SF64 Track:

Star Fox 64 -> Star Fox Adventures -> Star Fox Assault -> Events leading up to the first mission of Star Fox Command

Zero Track:

Star Fox Zero -> Any future sequels will likely take SFZ's version of events

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