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Big Decisions in our Little World


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I read the rules, and this does not violate any rule on this forum. Happy Reading!

Fox was very sleepy after a long day of flying his Arwing. Slippy and Peppy were off in their bedrooms sleeping while Rob roamed around the main room of the Great Fox, the same room where they keep their computers and devices. Falco was laying in his warm bed, but was wide awake. He is having trouble sleeping due to his PTSD from fighting in the trenches of Korea. Falco is tearing up as he pulls up a photo that he framed long ago. "Not another war..." He muttered, his voice began to strain as he wept "I lost everything, even the twins!" Falco said as he held up a photo of NBA star Shaquille O'Neal. "Only one thing can help me, the joy..." "The Joy-" Falco held up his tv remote and turned on his television. "The Joy of Painting..." Falco held his head up as the theme song started to play. Falco heard that mystical, soothing voice of the charming afro man himself, Bob Ross. "Hi, glad you can join us today. Today I thought we could do a fantastic little painting that'll make you happy and do good things for you. We'll have them graphically run all the names of the colors on the screen and we'll have them go in order of the colors on my palette." Falco smiled with his big beak and felt warm inside as he saw his idol on television. Falco put his hands together and said "Bobby-san, please notice me Senpai" , then Falco looked at his screen and started to have an expression of shock on his face as Bob Ross said "I see you, Falco". Falco stared deeply into his tv screen as Bob Ross winked at him. Falco was bewildered, feeling emotions of fear, shock, and excitement after seeing his idol wink at him. Falco felt closer to Bob Ross than he had ever before, but then he felt a warmth emitting from the television screen. Bob Ross grabbed the sides of the television and put his leg out through the television screen. Bob Ross had stepped out of the television and Falco looked at him in awe after bearing witness to all his glory. Falco then felt a pain go through him and hammered his fist into the floor tiles of the Great Fox. "I am not worthy Senpai, I am a mistake..." Bob Ross looked down upon his distraught follower, he then looked Falco straight in the eyes and whispered "No mistakes, only happy accidents." 

"It hurts Bob" Said Falco, holding his canvas up.
Falco's eyes are watering as Bob uses his big painter hands and draws happy little trees. 
Falco feels his canvas tearing, he wants to turn away, but he also wants to please Bob.
Bob paintings a beautiful mountain and then signs his name into the bottom left of the canvas. 
"I call this finished" Said Bob.
Bob then looked straight into Falco's eyes and then the two frenched. 
Falco felt his tongue being wrestled and tried to wrestle back. 
Bobby-san ran his big hand up Falco's chest and then rubbed it.
Falco moaned and tried to turn away, but then the two stopped and looked at the doorway.

Fox opened the door, with an expression of horror.
Bobby-San snapped his fingers and said "There's more to come.".
Then, out of Bobby's shirt pocket, a figurine of Woody from Toy Story jumped out and started growing in size.
Woody approached Fox and said "Hey there partner, THERE'S A SNAKE IN MY BOOT!".
Woody made hand gestures of holding a cowboy revolver, and said " You're my favorite deputy!" .
Fox instantly ran for Woody in open arms and jumped into his big, strong, sheriff hands.
Woody fixed his cowboy hat and said "Sergeant, establish a recon post downstairs, Code Red, you know what to do."
Fox knew what to do and opened his mouth the widest it can possibly open. Woody shrank back down and jumped down his throat.

Fox started feeling funny inside and felt so good. He yelled "Woody, you're churning my insides!".  
Fox shoved his hand down his throat and grabbed hold of Woody's string. 
Fox pulled the string and the phrase "There's a snake in my boot" played.
Falco and Bob were on Falco's bed, painting.
Falco then couldn't help himself and stood up and vomited all over the floor.

Fox looked at Falco, interested at his creation. Fox then got on his hands and knees and started licking it up. Fox then vomited out Falco's vomit and then Bob Ross in turn, ate it. The three made a cycle of vomiting and eating it. Fox loved the feeling of warmth enter his body, with that acidic taste of stomach acid. Woody was in Fox's stomach and got a taste of the vomit. 

Phrases were muttered that night such as "We're preparing to dock", "Fox look out! He's right behind you!", and "Sorry to jet, but I'm in a hurry."

The cycle continued for 3 hours, Woody by that time completely dissolved, his last words were "Wait a minute....I just lit a rocket. ROCKETS EXPLODE!" and then Fox felt this pain in his stomach. Fox started emitting a red glare from the inside of his mouth, and then he exploded. Everything in the Great Fox, including the ship itself, was vaporized by the intense heat of Woody's Rocket.

Some say to this day, that if you look out into the sky at night while watching The Joy of Painting, you can see a constellation of Fox and Falco enjoying their night with their two guests. 

Never Forgetti, Mom's Spaghetti. 

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