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Culture Shock Takes on the Design Origins of Star Fox Characters

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Hope(N Forever)

In the midst of all the hype surrounding Star Fox Zero, Culture Shock, Gaijin Goombah's show on The Game Theorists channel, just released a new episode talking about what could be influences on the designs for various Star Fox characters. Stuff that even Shigeru Miyamoto probably did not share with the public, or is probably not even aware of consciously. Keep in mind, this video is conjecture, but it brings up very valid points regarding the Japanese influences on the series in one form or another. Check out the episode below and learn how Star Fox characters could actually be based on the earliest forms of Japanese manga:

If you like, throw in your own two cents after watching this video.

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Robert Monroe

I'm so glad Gaijin Goomba ditched the annoying goomba persona. While a simplistic video, I'm happy to see someone explore the cultural implications behind the animal choices in Star Fox, its a thing not many people realize is there.


I discussed with a friend once that Star Wolf are probably inspired by Journey to the West, for example.

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That Ain't Falco

...well, Gaijin Goombah is also a guy who got blocked by Hideki Kamiya for rudely addressing him in Japanese, and continuing to do so after being corrected. Oh, and he also insisted that he knew more about one of Kamiya's games than Kamiya himself, which also contributed to the block.

I'm really not inclined to believe anything he throws out.

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Iwata And the other main characters—a bird, hare and toad. Now I understand about the fox, but why a bird and hare?

Takano I heard directly from Imamura-san that he drew upon Japanese folk tales. That's how he decided on Peppy the hare and Falco the pheasant.

Iwata Oh, I see. (laughs)

Takano And from the Japanese expression about fighting like dogs and monkeys, he had a force of dogs fighting a force of monkeys.

Dylan So  General Pepper is a dog and Andross is a monkey.

Iwata But why a toad?

Miyamoto That is a bit unusual. (laughs) I remember when Imamura-san was drawing that picture, I said, "A toad might be all right, too."

Dylan Remember that one person on the staff?

Takano Right, right! (laughs)

Miyamoto Hm? Oh, right! There was a staff member who used a toad like a personal mascot, always writing "ribbit, ribbit" and such on memos. (laughs)

Dylan That's right. (laughs)

Iwata EAD's games often have characters originate in the staff. (laughs)

Miyamoto Yeah. Yoshi was like that—sort of homegrown. (laughs)


Straight from the devs

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4 hours ago, Robert Monroe said:

I'm so glad Gaijin Goomba ditched the annoying goomba persona.

That is one big step forward, now I can actually listen to him talk. Also dropping the whole baggage of the goomba ninjas and girlfriend goomba helps.

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