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Evil Duck

Star Fox Zero: The Little Things.

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Evil Duck

Hey folks!

Old member talking about the new game.

Thought it might be fun to collate all the little changes that have been made in this game (if we are to consider this a 'remake/reboot') and speculate as to why they have been made perhaps?

Needless to say; SPOILERS.

The Invoice.


Photo on 24-04-2016 at 11.53.jpg

The ending invoice certificate has a couple of minor changes that I thought were interesting. Firstly, "Venomian units destroyed" has been replaced with "Andross army units" - makes sense. 'Venom' (as far as I can tell from my first play-through) no longer plays a big part. In fact it seems to no longer even be a planet - but just some kind of means for teleportation.

Another change I immediately noticed was the term "Mercenary Unit" to "Ace Flying Squadron". Understandable. 'Mercenary unit' is a little broad and 'flying squadron' certainly narrows down team Star Fox's function. Worth pointing out though; it makes the prospect of ground-based 'on-foot' missions a little redundant. Sort of making 'Star Fox Adventures' a little implausible - perhaps this was intentional on Nintendo's part.


Might be just me reading it like the Shakespeare character. I'm pretty sure "Titania" has been pronounced "Tit-ah-nya" in previous games. In Zero however Rob distinctly pronounces it "Tie-tayn-ia". Really, your guess is as good as mine.

Feel free to post more little changes you've noticed!

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The VGM Lover

First of all, the Cornerian Army: the Cornerian Cruiser.


Oddly, though, it seems the Cornerian Battleship hasn't gotten much of a facelift, comparing the two.WiiU_screenshot_TV_01B04.jpg

They've both, however, been outfitted with some actual firepower, like a high-powered, anti-ship laser, along with anti-fighter laser turrets for the Cruiser.

I'll edit this post as I get more screenshots. Hopefully this console can handle it...

SO FAR, SO GOOD: The Cornerian Fighters have received a massive design overhaul!


This is perhaps to make them tougher, and more capable, as with my team, they can really handle themselves and look totally badass while doing it.

WHEW. IT'S STILL WITH ME: Not only did most of the Conerian Army undergo massive design changes, they've also got just a bit more variety, too:


What this Cornerian Ship is though, I have no idea. If the pilot thinks  the ship is capable of taking the coastline, I'm gonna guess its either a corvette, or even simply a large transport/support ship.


Going back to Sector ß, if you look closely at the background, there is just one more other Cornerian Ship type:


A Destroyer-class vessel, perhaps? Check the Spoiler Alert below for other details regarding the Ship after you've played through the level, which, chances are, you already did. ;)


The ship largely resembles the big boss-like enemy ship too, which you encounter after defeating four of Andross's warships. Theoretically, perhaps the Andross Army decided to steal one of these ships, and then experiment with it using their own technology. Almost worked, too.


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