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The VGM Lover

I first came up with this guy back from the One-Up Contest, but for a long time, I had no idea what to do with him after: 

Perhaps he'll find a place once I've gotten his description down:

Character Name: Lieutenant Mack LeMere

Character Species: Samson Fox

Details (According to official Cornerian Military records)

Age: 37

Height: 5'5

Weight: 155 Pounds, last recorded test (9 years ago)

Birthplace: Official details unknown. First discovered on Fortuna at the age of 15.

Current Home: Fichina

Current Position: Lieutenant, Commander of Cornerian Army Ship (C.A.S.), the "Cracker". Commanding his own fleet of ragtag followers, monitored closely by Cornerian Scout forces.

Character Bio

Lieutenant Mack LeMere was born in his parent's spaceship while it was being attacked by pirates, who wanted nothing more than to see both parents dead, for unexplained reasons.
The pirates eventually laid waste to Mack's defenseless vessel, and caused it to crash land onto the nearby planet, Fortuna. Mack's parents then faced their inevitable slaughter as their pilot managed to escape with their new born son. 
The pilot then took Mack as his own, raising him as a skillful hunter in the bountiful forests of Fortuna. It wasn't until Mack was 15 years old that eventually, him and the pilot found a Cornerian Rescue Outpost, Fortuna's first and only outpost at the time. They were taken in immediately, given a thorough medical examination/treatment, and escorted to the pilot's retirement home on Corneria, where Mack and the pilot remained content in their lives of solitude and happy hunting. Mack's guess is that he was a veteran soldier back in his early days.
Three years later, the Lylat Wars began, causing Mack to be conscripted due to being the pilot's adopted son, and having an excellent hunting record.
After succeeding well in his first assignment, Mack continued to fight the war as an underdog pilot until Star Fox dealt the finishing blow to Andross, ending the war. When given the choice to return home, Mack sent his regards to his "Father-in-Law" pilot, and decided to continue his services in the Cornerian Military.


  • - Served in the Army for 19 years en counting
  • - Accomplished various missions involving Planetary Defense, Air Superiority, and Strategic Assaults
  • - Participated in the Lylat Wars, the Plight Of Sauria, the Aparoid Invasion, and the Anglar Blitz
  • - Currently commanding the Cornerian Cruiser "Cracker" as Lieutenant.
  • - Granted permission to command his followers at his own discretion.

Personal Life: Mack is very proud of his role in the Cornerian Army. He claims to have made significant contributions to all of Lylat's most well-known wars, but while this has never officially been confirmed, given his arguably unrecognized skills and what is known about his history, it's not hard to believe. Trained to be brave and fast by his retired "father-in-law", who he refers to as "Pilot", he fears no act of tyranny or suppression by anyone, and always jumps at the next opportunity for an assignment. An honest wise crack who loves his job more than General Pepper loves his, if not Bill Grey or Star Fox, he is the soldier that's often called to help turn the tide of any bad situation.


I have absolutely no experience in online role playing, however, so please, if I mess up, absolutely call me out on it so I can learn from my mistakes. Thank you.

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You flatter me with the cameo.

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The VGM Lover

Hey. You started that thread. Suppose it's the least I could do. Thanks, again, by the way.

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