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    • TheRadFox987
      By TheRadFox987
      With E3 having gone by and no mention of Star Fox: Grand Prix what does everyone think the next game will be like? Will there even be a next game?
      We all know about the Arwing in Starlink, but aside from that, was Grand Prix just a rumor? And what will become of the franchise as a whole?
    • Hope(N Forever)
      By Hope(N Forever)
      Not particularly exciting news for an English-language forum, and not to mention we already had it for months, but I just wanted to inform you that starting from September 29, 2016, Japan finally got the Nintendo DS title Star Fox Command available on the Nintendo eShop as a Wii U Virtual Console title. I guess I just needed an excuse to post this following new Japanese trailer. Check it out: 
    • Hope(N Forever)
      By Hope(N Forever)
      Star Fox 64 is now available on the Nintendo eShop as a Wii U Virtual Console title! Nintendo of Europe released the game on March 24, 2016 for a promotional price of only €4.99 / £4.49 until April 21, 2016, one day before the expected release of Star Fox Zero; the price will afterwards revert to the standard Nintendo 64 Virtual Console game price of €9.99 / £8.99, so you better hurry and take advantage of this offer!
      Nintendo of America have made no announcements at the time this thread was posted.

      NOTICE: For the first time ever, Europeans can play the U.S. version of Star Fox 64 at its glorious full 60 Hz! Additionally, if you previously purchased Lylat Wars from the Wii Shop Channel on or transferred to the same Wii U console, you can get the Nintendo eShop re-release at only a fraction of the price as any other Nintendo 64 title, despite it being the U.S. version with the proper "Star Fox 64" moniker.
    • Joseph.
      By Joseph.
      Zero is coming out next month & its wired that we barely have any new information on it yet. Usually Nintendo console games are marketed pretty well & by the time the game is out we know what to expect however this is not the case with SFZ.
      We don't really know what to expect and what they've shown us is underwhelming and somewhat comparable to Command. Both Zero & Command lack sufficient trailers before release, both games implemented innovated ways to play, and both games resemble Star Fox 2.
      Some of us thought at the time that touch screen controls would be good but turns out they weren't. Some of us also thought it would be nice to see SF2 elements return but after playing through timed and constant all-range mode missions we probably changed our minds.
      It seems Zero is taking the same route as Command however I would like to stress that unlike Command, the dev's working on Zero kept the interesting elements from SF2 so far. This is great and to top it all off the motion controls are optional (which weren't in command) yet, one thing still bugs me and its that Star Fox Zero (the game that will restart the series for the 3rd time) lacks publicity. I mean think about it, there's less then 40 days & we barley know anything. If this is the game that will relaunch the franchise then would't they want to release more information? So what are your thoughts concerning Zero's future & do you think it's comparable to Command? 
    • The VGM Lover
      By The VGM Lover
      Check this out! 
      This is surprising, considering that (based on my continued observation) at the beginning of the year, the Wii U only stood at 9 million, and gently climbed to 10 million by the summer, but jumped by early December to 11.4 million, and then another 1 million by December 26, for a comparatively amazing 3.5 million units sold this year. 
      What do you guys think of this amazing jump in sales? Will it last through this year? Will the Wii U finally change from a failed console to a competitive one?
      P.S. Also, side note, that's 12.4 million, only around 500,000 units below the almost-abandoned PS Vita. Do you think by this year, the Wii U might finally overtake it?