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So There's Gonna Be 50 years of Star Trek (YAAAY!)


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    So if you haven't heard (or have and you don't care) all things "Trek" will be celebrating half a century of boldly going where no man has gone before. Two these is mainly the new and third film in the alternate reality series STAR TREK BEYOND and an up coming official CBS series in January 2017.

    So please tell me I'm not alone in this. I'm I the only one who's excited, even slightly...?

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I don't care for the alternate reality.  Had viacom been honest from the start that we were going into an alternate reality, instead of it being a prequel like was stated, I would like it more.  That said, I'm interested in the new TV series, and it's nice that Trek has managed 50 years.  Not many franchises can last that long.  So, I'm a bit excited for the 50th anniversary. (Especially since they FINALLY released the director's cut of the best Trek film ever, TWOK.)

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On 7/15/2016 at 9:42 AM, Tiger Carson said:

I don't care for the alternate reality.

Well...you are entitled to an opinion. But yes, I am curious with this new series coming out in January. I hope its good.


Update: Saw the movie. Its alright, lots of star trek action and stuff, but as much nods to the 50th anniversary as I was hoping.

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