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    • Esphirian
      By Esphirian
      Hello Starfox's fans 
      I'm Esphirian a great StarFox fan since N64 and NGC. I have grow up with lot of games and Starfox, especialy Adventures and Assault were part of them. Now i'm Game Designer Junior and i've started to work one year ago on a personal project for making a tribute to Starfox Adventures with a total new approach.

      So I'm glad to share you today the trailer of my big fangame project.
      It's still in development and more video will come this summer like gameplay sequences and reworked lore explanation. I think it can interest some of you so I hope you will like it and give me feedbacks. Let's Rock'n'Roll:D
    • Storminator
      By Storminator
      (Unsure whether to post this in Fanfiction or General discussion, please move if needs be)
      So with Star Fox Zero branding itself as a "Re-imagining" of the Star Fox story, I thought to myself how I would reinterpret the furry filled Lylat system! This thread will be showcasing my personal take on Star Fox, so without further ado, lets dive in!

      First off, a little pet peeve of mine- Where are all the moons? It always struck me as odd that the planets had a distinct lack of moons (Bolse notwithstanding) So in this universe Papetoon is Corneria's moon and was the first celestial body in the system to be terraformed. We'll get to the other two, but first- Solar.
      Solar has always been an odd one- Is it a Planet or Star? Well in my mind, it's a Planet (Despite what 6 year old me thought) but I've decided on making it a Gas Giant, because that's another thing Lylat seemed to be devoid of in my mind. Now onto its moons- Aquas and Fichina. Making them planet sized moons of a Gas Giant kills two birds with one stone- It satisfies my want for moons, and it deals with the issue of the system having too many planets that its unfeasible. The much loved Sectors X,Y and Z are still here, just not shown on this map since they're not technically in the system, just visible from certain planets.
      This timeline mainly covers the events before Lylat Wars/Star Fox 64 and is less of a re-imagining and more my interpretation of events. When creating this timeline I decided on a year in which the game's conflict would occur- 4096 (cookie for those that know how I got that number) I worked from there, doing Wiki searches to find character's ages and such.
      The Lylat Wars (4072 – 4102)
      This 30 year period saw 3 major conflicts throughout the Lylat System, the largest being the Vemonian War.
      Macbeth Civil War (4072-4074)
      The frontier industrial world of Macbeth had become divided politically between established corporations and immigrant population that was employed there. It eventually boiled over into full scale civil war, with the Cornerian Army being deployed to aid the rebel Immigrants.
      The Syndicate War (4084-4085)
      With many large scale Crime Syndicates growing in power in the outer system, the Cornerian central government declared open war in an attempt to crack down on illegal activity before it had a major impact on the central planets.
      The Vemonian War (4096-4102)
      The Vemonian War began after the exiled Dr. Andross formed the Vemonian Empire over the course of 7 years in order to become the dominant power in Lylat. The war spanned almost the entire system, even reaching Zoness.
      C.L.T = Cornerian Local Time
      C.F.A = Cornerian Flight Academy
      4066 C.L.T
      –Arspace Dynamics invents G-Diffusion Technology
      4068 C.L.T
      -James McCloud enters the Cornerian Flight Academy
      4069 C.L.T
      -Wolf O’Donnell born
      4070 C.L.T
      -James McCloud meets Peppy Hare
      -Arspace Dynamics develop the prototype AR-93/Arwing
      -James McCloud agrees to test the prototype
      4071 C.L.T
      -James McCloud graduates from C.F.A
      4072 C.L.T
      -Macbeth Civil War begins
      -James participates in numerous battles throughout the War
      4073 C.L.T
      -Peppy Hare graduates from C.F.A
      -James & Peppy serve under Commander Cornelius Pepper
      4074 C.L.T
      -Macbeth Civil War ends
      4075 C.L.T
      -Arspace Dynamics put AR-93’s into limited production for Cornerian Army
      4076 C.L.T
      -James leaves Cornerian Air Force, forms Team Star Fox with Peppy Hare
      - James meets Vixy
      -Star Fox hires Pigma Dengar
      4077 C.L.T
      -James buys four AR-93’s from Arspace Dynamics, upgrading from their old standard Cornerian Fighters
      4078 C.L.T
      -James and Vixy marry
      -Fox McCloud & Slippy Toad born
      4079 C.L.T
      -Star Fox has its first run-in with the Star Wolves, a group of Space Pirates lead by the O'Donnell clan
      4080 C.L.T
      -Peppy meets Vivian
      4081 C.L.T
      -Vixy is bedridden with a fatal disease
      4082 C.L.T
      -Vixy passes away
      4083 C.L.T
      -Arspace Dynamics Arwing blueprints are stolen by an unknown crime syndicate
      -Peppy and Vivian marry, having a Honeymoon on Zoness
      4084 C.L.T
      -Crime gangs gain territory in the outer system (Macbeth, Solar, and Sargasso Region)
      -Cornerian Army declares war on all crime syndicates in the system
      -Star Wolves employ the use of Wolfen Starfighters, reverse engineered from Arspace Dynamics Blueprints
      -Star Fox hired to combat the fighters
      4085 C.L.T
      -Syndicate War ends with criminals either surrendering or going into hiding
      4086 C.L.T
      -Cornelius Pepper gets promoted to General of the Cornerian Army
      4087 C.L.T
      -Andross deploys Biological and Chemical weapons across Lylat, practically destroying the ecosystems
      4088 C.L.T
      -Andross is exiled
      4089 C.L.T
      -James McCloud commissions the construction of The Great Fox, takes out an 80 year loan to cover expenses
      NOTE: James would be 109 years old by the time the loan expired!
      -Andross forms the Vemonian Empire in secret
      -Wolf O’Donnell comes out of hiding and takes over leadership of the Star Wolves, turning it into a 4 man squadron of mercenaries known as Star Wolf
      4090 C.L.T
      -Construction begins on the Great Fox
      4091 C.L.T
      -Andrew Oikonny approaches Wolf O’Donnell about joining Star Wolf and striking a deal with Andross
      4092 C.L.T
      -Wolf O’Donnel meets Leon Powalski at a bar on Venom
      4093 C.L.T
      -Strange activity reported from Venom. General Pepper employs Star Fox for a scouting mission
      -Pigma’s Betrayal
      -Pigma joins Star Wolf
      -Falco forms and leads the Free-Feathers
      -Fox McCloud enters Cornerian Flight Academy
      4094 C.L.T
      -The Great Fox is complete
      -Macbeth falls to the Vemonian Empire
      4095 C.L.T
      -Fox leaves C.F.A
      -Fox re-forms Team Star Fox with the aid of Peppy
      -Falco joins Team Star Fox
      4096 C.L.T
      -The Vemonian War begins
      -Bill Grey graduates from C.F.A
      -Star Fox hired by General Pepper to help combat an assault on Corneria
      4097 C.L.T
      -Fichina Outpost overrun, Star Fox sent to investigate
      -Team Star Wolf presumed K.I.A after engaging Team Star Fox
      -Bioweapons discovered on Aquas and Solar, Star Fox sent in to deal with them
      -Bill Grey promoted to squad leader of Husky Unit
      4098 C.L.T
      -Battle at Sector Y
      -Vemonian forces establish a foothold at Zoness, using it for Waste disposal
      4099 C.L.T
      -Battle for Katina
      -Fox and Bill reunite
      -Katina frontline base destroyed
      4100 C.L.T
      -Cornerian forces retake Zoness
      -Star Fox take out a major supply base at Macbeth, giving Cornerian Army a staging ground for a full scale assault on Venom
      4101 C.L.T
      -Cornerian forces begin the Assault on Area 6
      -Ground assault on Venom
      -Star Wolf return with upgraded Wolfen Fighters to protect Andross
      -Star Wolf K.I.A on Venom
      -Andross defeated by Fox McCloud
      -The Vemonian army dwindles without strong leadership
      -Star Fox hailed as heroes, offered official position in the Cornerian Army
      4102 C.L.T
      -Vemonian remnants stage a last-ditch assault on Fortuna, led by Andrew Oikonny
      -With the aid of Star Fox the Vemonian forces are defeated and officially surrender
      -The Vemonian War Ends
      Next up is character ages, their birth years and year of death (if available);
      James McCloud- 4053-4093 C.L.T (40yrs old)
      Vixy McCloud- 4055-4082 C.L.T (27yrs old)
      Fox McCloud & Slippy Toad- 4078 C.L.T (18yrs old as of 4096)
      Falco Lombardi- 4077 C.L.T (19yrs old as of 4096)
      Peppy Hare- 4055 C.L.T (41yrs old as of 4096)
      Gen. Pepper- 4047 C.L.T (49yrs old as of 4096)
      Beltino Toad- 4049 C.L.T (47yrs old as of 4096)
      Dr. Andross- 4040-4101 C.L.T (61yrs old)
      Wolf O’Donnell- 4069-4101 C.L.T (32yrs old)
      Pigma Dengar- 4057-4101 C.L.T (44yrs old)
      Andrew Oikonny- 4074-4102 C.L.T (28yrs old)
      Leon Powalski- 4064-4101 C.L.T (37yrs old)
      That's all there is for now! Thoughts, critiques and suggestions are very welcome! I'd also like to hear about your ideas for a completely re-imagined Star Fox Universe
    • That Ain't Falco
      By That Ain't Falco
      Very open to criticism on this one. I really could have done better. What I won't take criticism about is my particular use of one theory.Just like everyone has their own idea as to what kind of bird Falco is, everyone has a stance on the amputation theory, and I'm not blasting yours.
      I had been waiting in the reception area for hours. Nobody had gone into the general's office. Nobody had come out. His receptionist had assured me he was in, and I could hear him pacing through the wall. They wanted me gone, and were making it obvious. Three hours hadn't deterred me yet. I would wait another three, if need be. At last, an event that seemed to be too long overdue occurred. The carved, oaken, doors swung open, and the general stepped forward.
      "Fox, I'm not entirely sure what you're doing here, but I believe I have a good idea as to why. Good to see you're back to walking, though. That amputation was rough on you."
      I sighed.
      "It's rough on everyone, sir. Frankly, it's just barbaric. We should be upgrading the technology, not mutilating our own bodies."
      "I couldn't agree more. I have scientists working on the issue as we speak."
      He paused, accepting that the topic couldn't be delayed forever.
      "Come inside. This is a private matter."
      He gestured for me to enter his office. As he followed behind me, he held up a few fingers to the receptionist, who nodded, and flicked a switch on a set of controls I had noticed earlier. Something shifted within the walls. The general shut the door behind himself. His voice was deep, and knowledgable.
      "Soundproofing. We are about to discuss information of public importance. Nothing we say leaves this room."
      "Understood, sir."
      He looked at me for a moment, expectantly.
      "Well? Sit down. I ask for brilliant pilots out of the academy, and all they can manage are regulation obsessed... Never mind. They're good pilots, none the less."
      I ignored what he said, and sat down.
      "I'm here to talk about Andross."
      The old war dog sighed.
      "I was afraid you'd say that. No matter what you tell me, his sentence can not, and will not, be made more severe."
      There was a minute of empty silence as I considered my options.
      "Sir, Venom isn't harsh enough. He'll survive. He'll find a way. He'll do this again!"
      "Fox, calm down. Genius or not, he is still a man. Venom's atmosphere is so toxic that it corrodes the hull of any craft foolish enough to enter it, shielded or no. Imagine what it would do to the lungs and throat of a living creature. If anything, this is less humane than a laser round to the head."
      "He's a scientist, Pepper."
      "You aren't the first one who's been to me about this."
      "I'd assume not, sir."
      "Funny thing, the surname of the previous bearer of complaints was also McCloud."
      "I would expect so."
      "You're just like your father. Almost dangerously so. Always wanting to push harder, question deeper, see what you aren't supposed to. Thankfully, the pair of you do this all for Cornerian good. Who knows what would have happened if either of you had wound up like O'Donnell, or worse, Andross. I think we'd be out of a planet, if that came to pass."
      He laughed, seeming to forget that we were discussing the death of another man.
      "Sir, you know that the subject of Andross is a personal one to me."
      "To you, maybe. We don't see it as such. He was never convicted, and is considered innocent of that crime."
      I felt rage well up inside of me. He couldn't even say her name. I stood up and slammed my fist down onto the desk.
      He remained calm.
      "And yet you can't bring yourself to mention it, either."
      "There's no way around it. Dr. Andross murdered my mother in cold blood. You know it. I know it. The whole of Corneria knows it!"
      "I strongly advise that you drop this subject, as well as your temper."
      "Or what? Andross is a lunatic and a murderer, and he should be treated as such!"
      "Or I will see to it that you are expelled from the flight academy."
      His words hit me hard. Everything I had worked for could be gone with a snap of his fingers.
      "Sir... I-"
      "Enough. This conversation is over. If anyone hears a word out of you about Andross that isn't praising his capture and exile, it's done. You're never getting airborne again. I'm advising that you go home, now. Your father has returned from his most recent mission."
      "Yes, sir."
      Defeated and dejected, I walked out of the room, the general's cold gaze following my every step. Someday, he'd realize just how wrong he was. Someday.
    • That Ain't Falco
      By That Ain't Falco
      Terminal Velocity
      The following is my retelling of the opening exposition of Star Fox 64, a game I enjoy greatly. For those familiar with the game, this is not a happy tale. I have begun my story with James crashing on Venom. This writing is based off of canon, as well as some largely unprovable theories I have regarding the fate of James. In this story, there are few or no canonical inconsistencies. In following stories, there are one or two. I already have several parts of this written, and will keep this post updated with them as I see fit. This writing was first posted on an app called Virtual Space. Not because I'm shorting you guys, but because I write better on mobile devices, I have a decent fanbase there, and copying my writing from there to here is a pain due to a broken email account, Werdsmith being a money hog, and Dropbox not taking straight up text. As a result, I copy these by posting them on Pastebin as unlisted, setting the links to expire in ten minutes, and manually inputting the link to the paste. Sorry about that. For now, enjoy what I have here. The next part, "Toxic Skies, Tunnels Below," will be up soon, as well as a side story called "Blindness of the Powerful." BoP will be posted in a separate thread, along with its continuations, as it is a side story to this and its direct successors. 
      My writing contains death, violence, and strong character emotions. It does not contain romance of any kind. I am not trying to perfectly emulate the experience of the games. What I write is MY original work and is not to be copied, although I do not own the characters or settings.
      I could feel my heart rate spike as I plummeted towards the ground, acidic clouds parting as the Arwing fell, one wing present, the other having been reduced to a smoking stub of metal. I tried, desperately to pull out of the dive, but my controls no longer responded. I took a deep breath, precious seconds wasted. With that, I issued one final order.
      "Star Fox team, this is James. Peppy, full retreat. Those reinforcements aren't coming. No arguments."
      I paused for a moment before continuing, not allowing the hare to butt in.
      "Pigma is beyond help. He's also extremely dangerous. We don't need to lose three good men this battle. I'm sorry I couldn't have done better."
      "James, you can't expect me to-"
      "I'm not expecting, I'm ordering."
      I saw a ravine below, and realized that its bottom would be my impact site.
      I could hear the rabbit on the verge of tears, something I had never heard before. My one remaining wing scraped against the side of the ravine.
      "No, Ja-"
      There was the deafening roar of distorting metal, and then I lost consciousness.
      Panic struck almost instantly when I finally opened my eyes again. At first, there was an instant of confusion. It soon gave way to horrible pain and fear. I looked up through the thick glass of the cockpit, vision slightly blurred. I managed to concentrate for long enough to toggle the emergency release on the hatch, and swing it back. I took an unpleasant breath of the acidic air, something that Venom was known for. It burned, only serving to hinder my struggle. I pulled myself out of the wreckage, stifling a scream as I freed my legs. Strength exhausted, I helplessly lay down on the rocky turf, knowing I wouldn't be leaving this planet alive. I took a moment to breathe, hoping to gain some degree of mental clarity. The instant I did, however, I was hit with a second wave of horror. My left hand was bent at an unnatural angle, the bones in my arm apparently broken, and pressing against my skin, creating a series of lumps midway down my forearm. My right femur had broken, and punctured my skin, rendering the leg useless. Thinking that was the worst of it, I attempted to calm myself, only to notice a red splotch all too quickly expanding across my jumpsuit and coat. Sitting up a bit, I observed a deep wound in my abdomen, with a chunk of metal lodged in it. At this moment, I accepted my end. I came to rest on the stone again, thinking of one thing, my thoughts soon progressing to a faint whisper.
      "Fox, I hope that maybe you can understand, someday."
      I closed my eyes, clenching my teeth against the pain. Soon, my world faded to nothingness.
      Terminal Velocity is the beginning of what already is a larger project. It will continue soon. I'm open to questions, comments, criticism, whatever. Anything new in this story will be posted in this thread. The reason for the length of this piece is that it was intended to be a quick read, and was written on a mobile device. I'm not at all intending to violate any guidelines, so please, PLEASE, let me know if I am.
    • Arwing_Pilot114
      By Arwing_Pilot114
      Hello all, Arwing_Pilot114 here. I just wanted to ask the collective of SF-O a question pertaining to a VHS tape I found at a retro game shop today. It's a tape of what appears to have the US Box Art of Starfox64 on it.

      I'm going to test it out once I get my hands on a VHS player, but my main question is this: What is this? A commercial recording? Recorded game footage? Is this a promo from Nintendo when the game first came out?

      I can't post the picture I took of it since I'm posting this on my phone, but I'm just currious if anyone knew something about this? I also got a VHS with the cover of Donkey Kong Country on it too.

      I guess I'll find out what these two VHS tapes are soon!