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    • Quadroline
      By Quadroline
      What kind of player are you? As in, what kind of genre are you into? Historical? RPGs? Strategy? Do you like to fight other players in the game, if so, are you into Fighting? FPS? Ever dreamed of flying or exploring worlds if you believe so, are you... are you Explorational? (damn that sounded kinky) Open minded world? Do you like to tweak things and test their results? If so, are you; Simulation? Would you like to create things like having the power of god? If so, are you Building? (no pun intended), Sandbox? does this repetition of the same format the question bug you? If so. Then I'll stop doing so.
      Joke aside, what kind of genre are you guys normally into? It's something that's part of my own curiosity and boredom or so.