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1. Claim your waifu
2. Give your reason why it's a better waifu than previous comment
3. No stealing Waifus! One per person!

Slippy Toad:
Better than any waifu, because
a. He's slippy

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Because Obligatory.

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Hyuga Hinata:

She is all-around adorable and those boobies are NSFW to show on here.

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I would not call her my waifu because she's not solely on the grounds that she could probably fold me in half and there's also a guy rule about doing a certain something with crazy (and she's got them crazy eyes)



But still, she is mine. 295 hours on Siege and I spent 69 of it on her (huehuehue), and she wasn't around for the first couple months of the game, plus she's a defense operator so you can't use her on attacking rounds.


She is best because she is a NAVY SEAL and has a SPAS-12 and C4, and if these words don't strike fear into your heart you don't play R6 Siege. Plus one of the skins for the SPAS-12 is a steampunk one and I am very picky about cosmetics to SPAS-12s in game and that's one of the only I've ever truly loved.


I also probably should have mentioned her codename is Valkyrie and real name is Meghan Castellano.

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I've never had a single waifu in my life, until I saw that smile on her face. It was at that moment that I realized, I need that smile in my life. But it's not just that smile I crave. Callie is someone who's always full of energy, full of life, someone who has sportsmanship, and knows how to live a healthy life.

Also, spoiler tag:


DYK that she also works for Captain Cuttlefish as one of the 3 secret agents?

To take this deeper, Callie is pretty much reflective of what I consider to be the perfect woman. Someone who would complete me if I ever were to find this woman. And one day, I will.

But at least, for now, I have that smile.

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Husbandos are allowed too, right?


Fox McCloud



Fox isn't the first fictional crush I've ever had in my life, but I think it just might be my biggest! 

I first found out about the Star Fox franchise by looking up Google Easter Eggs out of complete boredom, and then I found out about the "Do a barrel roll" Easter Egg! Because I found it to be so hilarious, I decided to do some more research into the meme, and that's when I discovered Star Fox! 

I soon became obsessed with Star Fox! I lurked around on the Star Fox Wiki to see if I could find stuff I didn't know about Star Fox before! I just couldn't get enough of it!! Eventually, I started having romantic feelings for Fox McCloud. Why, you may ask? Well, I've always seemed to have a thing for space pilots. Before I found out about the Star Fox series, I had a crush on Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars. (See what I mean)?

My crush started off pretty small, but soon it got a LOT bigger. But before you call me a 'furfag', I have never actually had any sexual feelings for Fox. And I have always been grossed out by the thought of sex in general, so I consider myself to be pretty asexual. (Well, I am still only 14, so that may or may not change as I get older). 

Plus, Fox is the only anthropomorphic animal I've ever had a crush on in my life, and I don't have a thing for furries. I just have a thing for space pilots, and one thing that my past crush (Anakin Skywalker) and Fox have in common is that they are both space pilots. It has nothing to do with Fox McCloud being an anthropomorphic Fox. 

But honestly, although I have a huge obsession with Fox... If I had the opportunity to have a real boyfriend, I'd take that over fangirling on a fictional anthropomorphic fox anytime. (Even if he isn't a space pilot). 





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  • 6 months later...

I stand by it and will never leave


Hyuuga Hinata now Uzumaki Hinata :)

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