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Archive of 13 years of Nintendo Power comics, issue 1 to 145.


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THANK YOU. I haven't read Nintendo power since 2000-2001 :D

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At least there's some kind of archive for the now defunct magazine.  This looks to be from the better years of the magazine when it was still giving you tips and tricks, before the Future! run for the mag.  I miss those days, it didn't help with every game, but it sure did give help with a lot of Nintendo games.  I always found it much easier to leaf through a magazine or Player's Guide for where I needed help, even in the age of sites like GameFAQs, it was much faster to grab the relevant mag or book than to turn on the computer and surf to the info site you wanted.  They still could have done that in the age of smart phones, especially since digital copies and digital subscriptions are a thing.  Oh well, I'm not the one who was in charge.  It lost much of it's appeal after it dropped the guides and went full on previews, interviews, and reviews only.  Of course, it was going downhill long before the walkthroughs, cheat code and tips and tricks sections were removed.  The got rid of the comics and the contests along with the posters before that.  Matter of fact, wasn't it when they went to Future! that they lost much of the content that gave the mag it's catch phrase "Now you've got the power, Nintendo Power?"  But anyways, it'll be a nice trip through nostalgia lane for those of us who had a subscription in it's golden years.

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