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RubyQuest and NanQuest


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If there's one thing about my two threads I've made; Apollo and Serenity, its that they were going for a choose your own adventure while having it be story driven at times. Even though no one has the time to care or play the current thread[Serenity] and I can't blame them.

However, Serenity and Apollo were inspired by another web comic that yes did had inspiration for Andrew Hussie's "Problem Sleuth" is from one guy by the name Weaver. Those two webcomics were RubyQuest and NanQuest.


(A picture of the two main characters. Left; Nan. Right; Ruby)

Both were a "choose-your-adventures" while being story driven. Both seem to have a horror genre but different had different plots and settings. Both were stylized to be in made in Mspaint though later on in both webcomics were photoshopped and even animated*. They're both available on another site known as "Mozai.com" which I'll give both a link of their own. Before we get into the story I'm going to state the obvious for those who play Animal Crossing:

Yes both main characters happen to be Animal Crossing villagers you can find in your village or in others. RubyQuest seems to have more Animal Crossing characters than NanQuest in which there are only two characters that are from animal crossing. (Main character included)

Now with that out of the way. Here are the two webcomic made by Weaver himself.

RubyQuest Began on December of 2008 and ended on March of 2009 on the /tg board of 4Chan RubyQuest had only about nine chapters in total. Here, anonymous users were able to suggest how should the story run and weaver be able to draw and image as a result (though he has cherry picked a few comments) The main characters was established to be Ruby (Hence the name "RubyQuest") as she wakes up in a capsule who soon escape to be in a laboratory. Later the horror genre I mentioned begins to settle as she finds out more of what happened to building and the people in it. She is also accompanied by an anthropomorphic cat named Tom who wants to escape the building before they well, die.

RubyQuest would probably be similar to the first Bioshock since the building happens to be underwater.

(Spoilers! I suggest to read the webcomic first than the spoiler.)


Turns out that Laboratory was hospital that kept various patients inside the building which was normal as first but then begins to go downhill later on with Ruby causing violence among other patients that she had murdered. However at the start of the game she has no recollection of what just happened, this was because she too was murdered herself but no one else but Filbert and Redd seem to remember her death as she is up and functioning. She and Tom meet various other characters who try to either help or kill them as they move on with them rescuing an anthropomorphic bird named "Ace" and escaping to the surface.

NanQuest began on October 2009 and ended on June 2015. Now before you guys say this was a very long story, it really isn't. NanQuest, like RubyQuest had only nine chapters. Weaver was only a Hiatus for a while before coming back to work on Chapter 7 and the rest.

NanQuest was on another message board forum known as "TGchan" just like RubyQuest, People can post messages on how the story should run and Weaver would make them.

NanQuest starts out with the main protagonist being an Anthropomorphic Goat, She better known as a "Electrician woman" as she fixes most electrical things in other building. She's also very Lazy at times. However things changed when she was called on to a Hotel to repair something in one of the hotel's room. Things began to go twisted as the Hotel itself beings to trap her and is met with various hostile creatures and other trapped characters in the hotel.

NanQuest can be a bit Religious at times since the story is centered around Christianity in some parts. (since it's part of the setting that it takes place in) but it does has it's own horror elements like RubyQuest, but I'm not sure what NanQuest can be compared with. Leave comments in the thread if you can think of one.

(Warning; the Spoiler is VERY long I would suggest you read the webcomic than reading the spoiler.)


As it turns out, the Hotel was once a Californian Mission that was burned down by the priest of the building along with the civilians in the nearby colony. However, as it turns out the man who was suppose to kill him, known as "Lorenzo" had resisted to kill the priest but when he came to himself to kill the priest, he did not die, it became what is known as the "Padre". The Padre blames Nan for all of her sins for messing up everything that has happened, both Hotel and Church. Nan was blamed for killing a man who dressed himself known as the "Pilgrim" who was chasing the Nan and the other people.

The Crew that Nan Encountered had entered the hotel at various parts of time with Nan entering the hotel in 2009. For the others ranged form the 1800s to 2016. Nan soon meets up with Lorenzo at the bottom of the hotel, where she and another character named "Santiago" confront the Padre and killing the Padre in the process.

Leaving to Lorenzo, a man named "Pablo", a anthropomorphic bunny named "Kim", and then Nan and Santiago themselves, Lorenzo said in order for them to escape one must take over the hotel but to do so is by killing him.

With out any thought Pablo shoots him not before giving Nan a smooch on the lips. The nightmare is over as the three characters[Nan, Kim, and Santiago] leave the destroyed hotel not before the hotel closing the dimension on the three characters leaving Nan back in 2009 who is then accompanied by a kid version of Santiago and Kimberly with her mother. The Hotel was now a ruins of a mission and the three went off to their separate lives as usual.

And that's RubyQuest and NanQuest I hope you have a good time reading the two webcomics, I certainly did. Though I'm going to warn you; don't go in TGweaver's tumblr blog, just gonna warn ya right now... A lot of NSFW stuff goes on there >_>'

But with that. Enjoy reading!

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