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Five Hundred Thousand


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This was his last chance. If this job went bust, his contract with the CSS would be null and void. The Cornerians had become dissatisfied with his preferred method of completing the assignments his outfit had been given. 

Sloppy, childish, inappropriate. All of these words had been used to describe himself and his mercanary unit. He was a nightmare to his targets and his handler alike... And his handler had made it quite clear to him that neither he nor his team could afford to make the slightest of mistakes on this mission.

So, as Alexi Talis made his way down the corridor of prolific Corneria City mafioso Donald Sing's palatial estate, a low-level enforcer on either side of him, he felt as if the weight of the world had been thrown upon his shoulders.

Needless to say, this assignment was of the utmost importance to him. 

What might this mission be? To retrieve, in its entirety, the lump sum of five hundred thousand credits which the aforementioned mafioso had stolen from the Cornerian government by embezzling it through a politician with ties to his mob. 

He, in conjunction with three other mercenary outfits, was to fool Sing into thinking that he was a middleman coming on behalf of his friend in office to retrieve the money so that it could be transferred to an off-world account.

As he pressed on down the long passageway in a suit that felt two sizes to large on him, he wondered what the importance of the other private military contractors was...

Probably backup. He thought as he approached the door to Sing's private office. Everybody in this house has a gun on them.

Upon finally reaching the entryway, one of the enforcers motioned for the mercenary to stop.

But, then again, the dossier said that they'd be with me at the safehouse...

The inclusion of the other mercenaries sat worse with him than the prospect of stealing a gangster's money given the fact that he only knew one of the units working in conjunction with his team... The other two he hadn't the slightest idea about.

He sighed deeply as the enforcer opened the door to Sing's office.

Showtime, Alexi.


Two Hours Later.

Tyler Udesku reclined in the driver's seat of AMC Hornet that would serve as their getaway vehicle once Alexi retrieved the money. The Delfonics played softly in the cab as he closed his eyes and waited for his friend to return, cash in hand. Behind him sat his compatriots, one Richard Udolov and a young Cheetah by the name of Martin Rush.

"We got an ETA on Alexi?" Rush asked as Udesku started to doze off.

"No, Rush." Udesku replied. "He'll be in there as long as it takes."

"What are the other guys here for?" Rush continued.

"What?" Udesku shot back.

"You know... The other mercs... What're they here for?"

"Why don't you ask them yourself?" Udesku said, gesturing to the communicator that sat on the dash.

"Don't mind if I do..." Said Rush, climbing over the seat to reach the microphone that connected to the coms device.

"Hello, boys and girls..." Rush began. "This is Martin Rush... I'll be your entertainment for the afternoon. Do a brother a solid and give me an idea of why you're here."


(Rp start. Where you are and your reason for being hired are up to you.)

(I have no idea why this posted twice.)

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Spector was brought out of a light slumber by the feeling of someone tapping on his shoulder.
"Mmm... wha..." He groaned, slowly opening his heavy eyelids. He was just about to let them shut again when a sudden shock coursed through the shoulder that someone had just tapped on gave a good slam. Spector jumped upright and snapped his eyes open.

"Ow! Maldito!"

"C'mon, Spector. This is your wake up call."

Spector groaned again and looked around. It took him a couple of seconds to remember that he was in the back of a van, amongst a few other people, and his good friend, Salto.

"You awake yet?" Sal asked him in Brazilian Portugese, shaking his head. "You need to try getting eight hours, amigo."

"Says the nomad." Spector retorted, grinning slightly. "Have you tried it yourself?"

"Meh. Occasionally."

Their brief conversation was interrupted by a new voice, greeting them and asking them to introduce themselves.

"You wanna go first, or...?" Spector asked, straightning out his shawl and wiping off any dust on it. He wasn't exactly the best speaker. Sal rolled his eyes.

"You should also try being less shy. No wonder you haven't found a special someone in your life yet."

Spector was about to open his mouth to protest, but was unable to as Sal pulled down the mic boom on his headset and begun talking into it in English:

"This is Salto Gelado," Sal begun. "And with me is my old friend, Spector. I myself am a nomad, he served in the 42nd Brave Birds. We both also served aboard the Retribution's Thunder together for a little while under Sub-Admiral's Trask and Tovan. Reason why we're here? 'Cause you looked us up after what went down on Katina a few months ago."

"What, with that cargo drop?" Spector asked.

"Yeah, that one. We never did figure out what was in it." Sal shrugged. "Probably for the best."

Sal and Spector looked around and examined the other figured that were also in the van.

"And how about you, mi amigos? What's your name, and where do you hail from?"

(Note: I wrote that last sentence under the assumption that other players are also in the van with me and Shmib)

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(Um, Clear, everyone isn't in the same vehicle. I apologize if I wasn't clear.)


Upon hearing Salto's description of himself and his friend, Rush chuckled.

"Looks like we've got ourselves a couple of glory boys." He said to Udolov and Udesku, foegetting that his finger was still pressed against the "talk" button on the communicator.



"So, it's that simple?" Sing asked from behind his rather large office desk.

"Yes." Began Alexi as he shifted his weight in the proportionately tiny chair that sat across from said desk. "It is. You give me the money, I then transfer it to the First Bank of Corneria City under a false name, and then our mutual friend will send one of his men, using the alias the money was put into the account under, and wire it into a Katinan holdings bank."

It seemed like the second Talis completed his schpeil, a wave of tension washed over both himself and the gangster sitting in front of him. An awkward silence ensued as Sing, incapable of understanding what Talis meant, stared blankly at him.

"In short, you give me the money andI'll make sure it gets off-planet."


"So, yeah..." Rush began, attemptng to apologize for hat he had said over the communicator earlier. "...I... Um.... I didn't mean that you two were "glory boys" per se..."

"Oh, for the love of..." Udesku began, snatching the comms from his young friend. 

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