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Size of the Great Fox and lack of mechanical artwork


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what is the true dimensions of the Great Fox?

given that this series isn't some long running sci fi anime or manga that gives out technical information on it's mecha as time passes, I dont trust the given measurements of the great fox's dimensions as well as certain capital/large ships in the franchise.



also another thing i dont like is the fact that most of the ship designs don't make sense (there are no entry or exit points in the vehicle) and even to this day, there has not been a single size chart released showing the relative sizes of the ships and fighters in the franchise.


What the series needed as part of it's marketing are mechanical diagrams and artwork for the vehicles. most sci fi anime and manga does this in their publicity or merchandising to better explain the functions of certain mechanicals in the franchise to the fans or viewers and to add a sense of functionality in the franchise. It can range from stunning to mediocre depending on how it is executed.


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Hi Numbers.

Personally I go by comparison to the launching of the Arwings to get an idea of the size (which isn't that big) and any entry or exits are either well blended or just the opening on the rear where the launch pad is. I mean if it was the only opening it would be cost efficient.

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