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Planet explorers is a singleplayer and multiplayer survival sandbox adventure RPG where you and a group of other humans find a new planet know as "Maria" in the Epsilon Indi star system. "Maria" turns out to be a planet that just like Earth and prepare for human colonization on the planet, but, while preparing to start colonization a freak accident occurred causing you to crash land onto the planet's surface. This game was originally in ALPHA of all things but now it is in BETA but the trailer for the game when it was in Alpha blew my mind away. I'll provide both ALPHA and BETA Trailers


Planet Explorer's steam trailer when it was in ALPHA



Planet Explorer's BETA trailer (Current)

If you're familiar with Starbound or Xenoblade Chronicles X This game is pretty much like this. Now the in BETA They state that the game uses "Voxels" not Cubes. This is because this like Minecraft if Minecraft had realistic terrain. Not only that this game is basically a literal uber combination of various other games such Minecraft, Starbound, Spore, etc. you're able to create almost *ANYTHING* in the games ranging from words, shields, guns... To Cars, Hover crafts, Motorcycles, boats, even buildings!

I haven't been able to to play the game (Thanks Scraptop and Macbook) but I've seen gameplay of it. The game has various modes, Both single and multiplayer have "Adventure" or "story" modes and sandbox mode as well. Hopefully if anyone of you guys are interested the game, it's available on steam for about $25 bucks. Hopefully if anyone gets this game we can start a server there as well (Just like with Blockland's) >_>


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