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What do you feel is the Key to make a new star fox character and make it memorable?


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What makes a star fox character that was introduced in the next installment memorable to you?  I feel that it isn't necessarily the amount of screen time they have but rather the interactions they have with the main cast as well as showing some of their own personality.  Bill and Katt I feel are good examples of this since thought they don't play a large role in 64 are still memorable to many star fox fans.  Krystal I feel on the other hand isn't a good example of this since she hasn't really shown to have anything memorable with her quotes or how she acts.  Krystal is mainly popular I feel cause of her design and how she serves as a love interest to Fox.  What do you guys think?

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To me, a good character for any game has good character design (it should "blend in" with the series and the characters it will be interacting with), a detailed personality that can make it possible that we can put ourselves in that character's shoes, and a bit on that character's past, doesn't need to be a lot, but the more, the merrier.

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8 hours ago, ArwingFan said:

I have to agree. This is why I believe Panther is one of the better new characters, seeing his hamball personality kinda fits with the rest of the cast.

I agree.  Panther works because his design is distinct in the series but not out of place as well as his personality allowing the rest of star wolf to work off each other as wolf does get annoyed with pather's flirty side.  In fact, I see panther adding better chemistry to the star fox team than andrew and pigma as he doesn't have some ulterior motive for fighting on star wolf and seems to genuinely respect wolf like Leon does.

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On 30/10/2016 at 1:09 PM, ArwingFan said:

I have to agree. This is why I believe Panther is one of the better new characters, seeing his hamball personality kinda fits with the rest of the cast.


Y'all know I didn't mean that.


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A good first impression. An archetype to build upon. Starfox is a drama, a space opera in the literal sense. Every character fulfills a very specific and pre-determined narrative function and this helps them accomodate into our psyche even when we know very little of them personally.


Fox is the heroic but unproven leader.

Falco is the bold and brash lancer.

Slippy is the comic relief.

Peppy is the wizened mentor and veteran.

Pepper is the peaceful war hero/leader in a time of strife.

Andross is the villain scorned.

James is the departed father of the hero.

Katt is the femme fatale.

Bill is the captain of the guard.

Wolf is the counterpart rival.

Leon is the ruthless killer.

Pigma is the selfish betrayer.

Andrew is villainous comic relief.

Krystal is the mystic maiden.

Panther is the casanova rogue.


Yes, there is more to almost all of these characters than just these simple archetypes, however it is through these archetypes that the characters stand out as well as they do. These core character concepts are deeply rooted in fiction itself, and almost every work of fiction will use at least ONE of them (or the countless others I didn't mention because they have no Starfox counterpart). Their roles and motivations are simple and easily reconizeable while also being MORE than that. Compare these characters to the more forgettable characters: what was any of Dinosaur Planet's characters archetype? Scales comes in close as a lead villain, but even Scales lacked what Andross had: a motivation to his villainy. Even side characters I enjoy such as Amanda and Lucy suffer from this: what are their ROLES as characters? They have none, and better serve as just evidence of people's lives outside of the space adventure business (which is a good thing for world building, but bad for character writing if that's all the character has going for them). For a new character to thrive, they too need a foundation to be built upon.

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