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Do you remember this show?  

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  1. 1. Do you remember this show?

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    • Nay!
    • Never heard of it
    • This looks similar to "Jungle Games" -- everyone from the UK
  2. 2. What method did you use to watch this show?

    • Cable - The original Nickelodeon Channel (The 1990s)
    • Cable - Nick GAS (Game and Sports) (1999 - 2007)
    • Cable - The Splat (2016)
    • Le Internet - Youtube (Many channels, inb4 Viacom baleetes them)
  3. 3. Which team would you support for and/or be part of?

    • Red Jaguars!
    • Blue Barracudas!
    • Green Monkeys!
    • Orange Iguanas!
    • Purple Parrots!
    • Silver Snakes!

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well who knew my nostalgia rush would eventually make a thread of this show?

I'm pretty sure some of you guys remember this show. But anyway, let's begin.


Throughout the 90s as the USSR came to end in 1991 with the Super Nintendo kicking off the gaming market. In 1993 Nickelodeon started doing game shows such as Nickelodeon Arcade, Double Dare, and Global Guts. However there was another game show titan that quickly became popular and was one of the few staples of the 1990s Nickelodeon. I'm talking about that big stone head dude's

Legends of the Hidden Temple!

This show was basically like a mini version of Indiana Jones and Jeopardy mixed with some wipeout here and there. In the show six teams compete to retrieve a treasure, Artifact, or an item from various civilizations and famous people from history and wound up in a Mayan Temple known as "Olmec's Temple" and being guarded by mysterious "Temple Guards" 

The Show was hosted by Kirk Fogg and the Stone Dude of the temple named "Olmec"

These six teams were a team of two children each, they are.


  • The Red Jaguars
  • The Blue Barracudas
  • The Green Monkeys
  • The Orange Iguanas
  • The Purple Parrots
  • The Silver Snakes


The way show works is that there are four segments in the show, five if there's a tie. As the show progresses, the number of teams decreases with the final segment leaving one team.

First Round: The Moat.


The first round involve the six teams to get to the other side but in different ways than rather have the two kids of each swim. Their goal is the first team member goes first, then they get the second member over and hit the gongs and advance to the next Stage


(Purple Parrots hitting their gongs)

Once all four teams have hit their gongs, the two other teams are eliminated from the show. This leads us to the second stage of the show.

Second Round: The Steps of Knowledge


In this round, Olmec tells the legend of each treasure in the temple to the four teams. Kirk Foggs then ask the location of the treasure to which Olmec shows the everyone the room the treasure is located in. After that Kirk Foggs explains how the game works, Olmec will begin to asks questions about legend and the team must step on the olmec faces if they know the answer to the question. If they're right they step down to advance however, if they're wrong or run out of time Kirk Fogg will give the other teams a chance if they can give an answer within three seconds. Once the Two teams made it the final step then they move onto the next segment of the show.

Third Round: Temple Games


(One of the many Temple games, changes throughout the show's lifespan)

With Two teams left Kirk Fogg explain that the teams are competing for the "Pendants of life" which are used to protect the players from the Temple Guards. Depending on the artifact and legend of the episode, Olmec explain meaning behind each game and the teams must win half a pendant within the first two rounds in 60 seconds with the final round worth a full pendant depending number of temple games they win the team with the most pendants win the right to enter Olmec temple

Tie Breaker Round:


If both team however have a tie within the last temple game they're place in a tie breaker, here Kirk Fogg explains that the team must listen to one last question from Olmec then quickly answer before three seconds are up, if they win they get to go to the temple. If they're wrong, then the other team has the chance to answer. With one team remaining we get to the most memorable and tensed segment of all.

Final Round: Olmec's Temple


(The Temple's layout changes throughout the show's lifespan)

In the final segment of the show, the Team with the most wins get into enter Olmec's Temple. Olmec will explain how to get to the artifact's room and tells what each room does. Kirk then mention that the Temple Guards are assigned to three rooms and will capture to the player. The player can exchange their pendant for an extra life, but if their caught again then their partner will have to go in and try to get the artifact themselves. If the player has a full pendant they can continue but if they have half a pendant or none they're caught and taken of the temple itself. Most teams in the show will have 1 and 1/2 pendant, Kirk Fogg explains that they can find another half a pendant in a random room and combine it into a full pendant. Each room has a puzzle that the player must solve and unlock the door to head to the next room and they're placed under THREE MINUTES to get the artifact and out. When the Artifact is retrieved all of the remaining temple guards are gone and the rooms will be unlocked automatically so it becomes a race against time.

There are 12 rooms in the temple, throughout the show they change the rooms with their objectives they are.



The Crypt: Pull the correct book from one of three skeletons to open the door. 
The Ledges: Simply climb around to the door you want to open. 
The Pit: In the first season, the object alternated between simply wading across a ball pit to reach the desired door and throwing rocks into a barrel to reveal the bottom door (with a bridge connecting the top rooms). In the secon season, you had to swing from a rope and knock down a column to open the door. 
King's Storeroom: Smash one of three clay pots to find a key, then insert that key into the right base to open the door. 
The Observatory: Align a picture on a stone column. 
Chamber of the Sacred Markers: Find the two markers hidden along the walls, and place them alongside their mates in the back of the room. 
Medusa's Lair: Find several snakes in the room and insert them into Medusa's head. 
Laser Light Room: Remove the right cover from the back wall to unleash a strobe light to open the door. 
Pretender's Throne: Sit on the throne, which would spin around to face the other side. 
Tomb of the Headless Kings: Pull one of the right ropes to drop a skull into the room, and then place onto one of the kings' heads. 
Room of the Ancient Warriors: Climb into one of three suits of armor and throw the switches inside. 
Jester's Court: Align yourself with one of three drawings on the wall, hitting a group of buttons simultaneously to open the door. 
The Swamp: Simply make your way to the other side. 
The Python Room: A series of boards were placed on the floor, with holes to crawl through. The holes were aligned so that you had to enter from one side and exit the other. 
Shrine of the Silver Monkey: Find and assemble three pieces of a monkey statue.
Dark Forest: Reach into one of three trees to find the key to the next room. 
Room of the Secret Password: Behind three cabinets were different passwords; say the correct one to open the door. 
Lightning Room: Plug four cords into a plasma dome at the front of the room. 
Quicksand Bog: Wade through the quicksand, then climb up a slide to the next room: 
Mine Shaft: An elevator took you up.


Temple Runs

Red Jaguars' Temple Run

(Skip to 1:37 for Temple Run) (Example of a Team Member being captured with no Pendant.)

Blue Barracudas' Temple Run

Green Monkeys' Temple Run

(Example of a "Solo run" in the show)

Orange Iguanas' Temple Run

Purple Parrots' Temple Run

(Example of a team beating the temple with 0:01 second left)

(Note: this was uploaded by a different user ignore the thumbnail and skip to 0:50 for Temple Run)

Silver Snakes' Temple Run

The show had about three seasons per year with 120 episodes about 32 kids actually won in the temple. The losing team normally get minor prizes with the Temple run prizes having major ones. And *that* my friends is the Legends of the Hidden Temple. It appeared on Nick GAS later after the show was long over, normally airing reruns before Nick GAS was shut down by 2007 (which was how I was able to watch it) and now airs on a new channel block called "The Splat" with other shows from the 90s. It somehow gotten a movie with the host being a character in the show. I'll let you guys have a look.

Hopefully this article would make you remember this show or so aaaand if Nickelodeon modern humor didn't bother you, good for you and enjoy the movie. That's all!

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I unfortunately wasn't around during that time, so I haven't even heard of it. It looks really cool though! :o

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Ohhhh boy, does this bring back memories.  It was paradoxically one of my favorite and yet hated shows.  I never liked when the final team would fail the Temple Run, but I do remember it from way back in the day, the early 90s infact due to one of the prizes being awarded on one of the episodes.  That prize being the then complete Trendmasters 10" Godzilla toy collection.  The ones that roared and lit up(It's well known that those toys were available in 1993-1995).  And I watched it on the original Nickelodeon channel when I was a kid, and a good number of you weren't born yet.  Which, by the way Quad, thanks a ton for making me feel ancient...  Again...

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7 hours ago, Fookes said:

I unfortunately wasn't around during that time, so I haven't even heard of it. It looks really cool though! :o

I mean hey, you can still watch some clips via youtube (I just update the OP to include a video from the show itself). So there's that.

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I watched this along with other Nick game shows on Nick GAS When I was a child. Too bad that Nickelodeon didn't do Game show anymore(And also Shut down Nick GAS.)

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Honestly take a his what team. 

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I'm impressed at how in-depth your write up summary of the show is - definitely brings back memories.  I caught many a re-run thanks to Nick-Gas, and have a vague recollection of their original airing.  I liked the Silver Snakes, probably because of how nicely the name rolls off the tongue.    

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On 3/12/2017 at 2:22 PM, OneUnder said:

I'm impressed at how in-depth your write up summary of the show is - definitely brings back memories.  I caught many a re-run thanks to Nick-Gas, and have a vague recollection of their original airing.  I liked the Silver Snakes, probably because of how nicely the name rolls off the tongue.    

Interestingly enough when both Kirk Fogg (the host) and Dee Baker (Voice of Olmec, some characters in Avatar, voice actor in spore... etc.) were asked what was their favorite team, Kirk said the Silver Snakes was his favorite and Dee Baker's was the Purple Parrots.


....god am I sounding like a nerd.

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Green monkeys for da win. :likeasir:

The show is extremely well made, and I'm really amazed what the makers thought out for the kids. We here have more oversized board games (Super Toy Club - I absolute loved it as a child), that, while not boring, are nothing compared to the huge amount of work done in your show. But then again, I didn't know other gameshows. Just one, that seemed like a bad copy of STC.

At least both had very sympathetic hosters. :D

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  • 3 months later...

Rather late post here, but I adored this show as a kid.  Always wanted Red Jaguars to win since red was my favorite color, and imagine one day I'd be able to run in that big crazy temple at the end of each episode.  Kind of a shame these types of shows seem to have gone by the way-side, there were abundant back in the late 90s for sure.

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