Bloodied Desert Rose: A Naruto Fan fiction

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Chapter 1: Fetch and carry


   A cool foggy night rested upon the valley fortress, an old wooden temple converted to suit the needs of a feudal lord, his interests and his men. It's presence was daunting and nolonging was a place of prayer or site for pilgrimage. Henchmen and paid thugs peppered the interior and exterior of the complex, not allowing passage through the main gate without shameful security check and forced searched. The feudal Lord's fortress was a fortress indeed.


   Inside among all his treasures, trophies and prizes was a princess if not the valued heiress to a worthy esteemed clan sat waiting. Perhaps for relief in the form of an envoy of her father's to free her from this maddening situation. She wore the trappings of a princess and a brooding attitude to matched her obvious pampered lifestyle and constantly annoyed the guards blocking entrance to her room who knew not if the ransom money was even coming.



   Suddenly there was noise. It sounded like a yelp or a cry for help cut short. The princess inhaled sharply in the direction she heard it. She also heard the floor boards creak where the guards stood, they heard too. There were three in total, two standing at the bedroom door and one seated at a table by a window overlooking the busy courtyard. The bigger of the two men order the man at the table to investigate. He complied and cautiously approached the lit hallway, but as the candle lit flames were extinguishednhe lost heart and tore off in the opposite direction. The gaze of the guards followed his path as they didn't move from their assigned place. When they looked back, they met their doom.



   Two more deathwails sounded and the princess pulled herself away from the door in indescribable fear. The silence was deafening and was abruptly broken when the lock on the door gave way and open violently. There stood death given form, covered in a black cloak and carrying a curved sword drenched in onslaught. The only visible part of this assailant was the top portion of the head revealing oong crimson blood red hair and green emotionless eyebrowless eyes with a thick dark outline. Curiously enough was a tattoo near left temple. Was it the word


   Whatever the case, there was no love in this person as the princess was cruelly grabbed to her feet and tugged along to the hallway, passed the mutilated bodies and passed even more evidence of malice. They stopped eruptly to hide in the shadows and the not as sheer footed bumped into her rescuer. And through the black cloak with her shoulder she could feel that this he was in fact a she. "Who are you," she asked to which there was reply. She just stared back at her cold green emerald eyes before once more venturing out into harms way.


   They surprised two henchmen who were sipping sake like barbarians who in no time were made short work of. Five more came shooting from down the hallway and yelled to sound the alarm. The hornet's nest was kicked for sure.


   Hurling the princess into a hiding place, her rescuer engaged the horde with skill and brutality unparalleled. There was not a shred of mercy in her swordplay, it was kill or be killed plain and simple. But the manner in which she preformed was not for the fainthearted. Not to mention her eyes were motionless, unmoving, not blinking, just wide and hateful yet devoid of compassion. The princess peered around the corner. She saw the blood and carnage that wasn't there not five second prior. Then through the window the foggy mist parted allowing the moonlight to shine unhindered. Something shined from her rescuers belt. It was a head band of Suna...the Sand Village. From that she put the rest together, the answer to her unanswered question. But someone beat her to it.


   "Sabaku," a frightened henchmen piped, "Sabaku no Gaara! Run for your lives!!!"


   Standing among the corpses Gaara smirked a devilish grin whilst extending her hand outward as if to grab the scaed man from his escape. But she did that is with her sand, which pooled at the man feet traveling upwards passed his knees and torso and finally his screaming mouth that was abruptly silenced. Gaara then twisted her wrist and tightened her fingers. "Sand coffin!!!" she roared, as the far end of the hallway became coated with exploding blood stained red sand.


   A few minutes more and it was all over. The henchmen dead, the feudal lord slain, the object of interest secured...


   Still the proclaimed Demon of the Sands felt unfulfilled as Gaara returned on the path wince she came with princess in tow. Now it was time to go home and wait for new mission that wasn't as boring as this one.




(Thank you so much for reading, there is more to come. Please give me a shout via personal messager for ideas and thoughts. I'm SNES and I'll see ya in the next posting)

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   Chapter 2: Hidden in the Leaves



   Konoha, seat of the Hokage and resting place of the great Hashirama. At this very moment a new village leader was to be selected and announced before the crowd that gathered in front of the kage village tower. Then there was silence, the previous and esteemed fifth Hokage stood at the edge of the rooftop balcony facing the crowd. He removed his kage head covering and spoke directly.

   "Citizens of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, fellow ninja brethren and friends. It is my honor and privilege to announce to you all the appointment we have made. Just, wise and merciful, I present to you the sixth Hokage of the hidden leaf..."

   The crowd roars in applause as the Sixth became visible.

  "Uzumaki Naruko!" Suddenly Iruko's hand came straight upon Naruko's head, "Do you really have been a troublemaker right now?! Act like a lady!"

  Tsundare contained his embarrassment, choked and continued, "Hyuuga Hinato."


  The crowd goes wild, fangirls included who shouted embarrassing phrases. "Hinato-sempai, we love you!" He did his best to ingnore them. Just for how long would he have to put up with this? He was used to being overlooked and dismissed by his peers, but now he was Hokage. Everything it seems has changed. However, Hinato set his mind on lofter goals and turned to face his cousin. The two made eye contact, though Neja was at a loss as to why. The fifth hokage again faced the crowd once more and waved to the crowd below.







   Later after all the fanfare, photo taking, questions from the press, Hinato could finally let down his defenses. Him being in this room behind this desk as seemed so unreal. He wasn't here out of ambition, but duty. Hinato wanted so much to give back to this village he called home. Now there one thing he had to do. He waited for the knock on the door.

   "Yes?" he replied.

   "Hokage-sama Neja Hyuuga is in the lobby," said a leaf jonin on the other side of the door.

   "Send her in please."




   A short while later, Neja entered with no lapse in decorum. She bowed recognizing Hinato status as village leader but that was all. Neja had always resented the main branch of the family and Hinato was always at the brunt of her hatred. Hinato was a weakling. Hinato was unworthy of being the clan leader. Hinato lost to her in chunin exams. Hinato was a sorry excuse for a ninja...and yet there he sat, as her superior. The insult to injury.


   "Cousin, please sit," he said gesturing to a seat nearby.

   "I would prefer to stand...hokage-sama." Her tone was condescending.

   Hinato reeled slightly sensing her aggression. It had always made him uneasy in the past, frankly it still did. The forced training they did together were one of many unsettling memories he had. Still he was determined to lighten the mood.

   "Do you know why I asked for you?"

   "It had crossed my mind, yes."

   Hinato stood up and walked the length of the desk til he came within arms length of Neja. He drew in a heavy sigh. "I called for you because...there has been a history between us, within our family. Something I have avoided because it is a matter of great pain for you. Personally, I wish I could turn back time..."

   "Was I also summoned to be lectured?"

   "No..." He returned to the desk. "But I do have a favor to ask of you. Simply take this scroll to the Hyuuga clan council leaders. A similar copy has already been sent to mother."

   "That's it?"

   "Yes and after today, you won't have to see me anymore...I will not burden you with my may go."

   "So easy for you to say, isn't it?" Hinato shot a look of surprise at his cousins words. Why, when he was all but pleasent? It pained him. Neja continued, "You're the failure, you can go as you please but I don't have a future, all because my mother and aunt were born twins she after by three seconds. The lower branch is told that their service to the main branch is an honor..."

   "C- Cousin, please..."

   "It's slavery!!!

   There was an odd silence between them. Hinato hung his head over the desk, he full well the treatment the lower branch received. It was a cruel, outdated concept and Hinato like it or not was part of it. Like a thorn in his side, it reminded him unceasingly. One might wonder if he really was a purposeful failure, to escape that had sickened him.

   " That..." he said lifting his head, "will be all..."

   As soon as Neja left and the door closed, Hinato gave in to his emotions. And when he couldn't a moment of peace...

   "Hokage-sama," it was Kakasha Hatake.

   Hinato quickly dryed his eyes. "Yes, Kakasha. Come in please."

   Kakasha came in with a worried gaze. "You okay?"

   "I'm fine. Anyway what is it?"

   "Remember the communation we recieved from the Sand Village? Well they're sending us as a token of good will...a body guard."

   The Sixth Hokage lifted his eyebrow, "who did they send?"







   The wind rushed over the Dunes, taking with them the grains of sand in its wake. A lonely cloaked figure walked among. Red hair blowing in the wind, eyes wide open to the objective...whatever that may be.


   "And she's on her way..."


(Thank you for reading, this took me all day to write. More is coming, please give feedback vis personal messaging. Thank you and I'll see you next time.)

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Chapter 3: Changing of the Guard



   A sand storm was cropping, the kind that would rip the flesh from your bones if you didn't run for proper shelter. But Gaara wasn't worried, she was the sand and she was the storm. Here she felt like a god surrounded by miles of her most subjected element. It can be molded into what she would need at the time, anything from a sand shield to a sword, even the titanic sand storm that passed over her. Gaara didn't feel it, it didn't even touch her. Like a whirlwind it circled til the entire storm followed her direction with Sabaku no Gaara of the Suna Village like a stray dog following it's new master. For a brief moment, Gaara felt free.


   How different it truly was, especially at the Sand Village. She had been the topic of must discussion by the villager elders. How Gaara hated them, those fools all lined in a row. They looked like targets in a shooting gallery and Gaara was eager to waste them...if it wasn't for that damn sealing jutsu...


   When Gaara approached the gate she was already annoyed. The scent of trees and then the scent of food as she proceeded further inside. The sounds of playing children in the streets, laughing and carrying on in childish activity, as adults busied in the market buying and selling. Gaara wrinkled her nose, her long straight red blocking half of her face revealing her tattoo and left shadowed eye. Her green iris half obscured by her dark eyelids were steady beacons. This place was sickeningly filled with people living as she wish she had. On top of that it was a security nightmare, anyone with determination and sharp knife could just as easily assassinate the Hokage.

   Gaara suddenly stopped, something was blocking her path. Some snotnosed child that lots it's way? It just stood there looking inquisitively, picking it's nose as if it was mining for gold. She sidestepped the runt and continued her way. She knew her orders, don't fraternize with the natives and do your job. Simple enough but this small native was being too curious. Gaara knew it was following her. She only wished that it didn't speak.

   "Whatcha doin'?" it asked.

   "Something that need not concern you," she answered cruelly, "now disappear."

   "What's disappear mean?"

   "It means, go away."

   "Then why didn't you say that?"

   Gaara turned sharply, gritting her teeth with fire in her eyes, "Go away!!!"


   "A curious mind is an intelligent mind, shame you don't agree," a voice came from above. Gaara turned her gaze upward. The ninja jumped down and Gaara forgot about little runt immediately.

   "Run along home son and you must be Gaara. Hi, I'm Kakasha Hatake," she said standing her hand. Gaara did not take it.

   "You are a Jonin, are you not?" Gaara asked.

   "Yes and my orders were to escort you to the Hokage's office. I'd be here sooner if it wasn't for me..."

   "...getting lost on the road to life. Really, sensei? Using that same excuse."

   Another ninja appeared wearing an Anbu's armor. It was Satsuki Uchiha. Gaara eknowledged the Uchiha's presence, long had she wanted to face an Uchiha in the heat of battle. Her blood boiled with excitement. Still this was not part of her mission and her gaze returned to the copy ninja, Kakasha.

   "The Hokage..." she interjected. She was impatiently awaiting her new task, no matter how insulting it was. It was her job.

   "Uh, right. You'll have plenty of time to meet Satsuki and the others. This way."

   Satsuki eyed Gaara as she passed. Gaara grinned, yes she looked forward to their next meeting






   Soon they arrived at the Kage tower, passed several chunin and jonin returning and leaving on missions and other official matters. They came to a pair of marked double doors, the Hokage's office and where would spend most of his time. Ever with decorum, Kakasha knocked. "Hokage-sama," he rang.

   "Enter," a soft-spoken male voice uttered from the other side. The doors opened with Hyuuga Hinato at the far end behind the desk with opened windows behind him. He was young for being Hokage about 17 or 18 years old. His boyish appearance did not floor Gaara as many of his fangirls had on some many occasions, showering him with praise and gifts of endearment. But Gaara was altogether different, emotionless, impassive, hateful even. Qualities Hinato himself didn't find entirely tasteful, but who was he to judge and greeted her with smile. "Welcome to Konoha, I am Hyuuga Hinato. It is an honor to have you represent your village. I hope this is a start to a long prosperous friendship."

    Gaara did not bow. Instead she pondered the scenario in her mind. She thought about the size and dimensions of this room, the distance of the windows from her standing position and the Copy Ninja to her right two steps away. But most and foremost was that of the boy Hinato. He was right there in front of her. She thought about how easy it could be, like taking candy from a baby after killing the baby. It would

   "I would like to get to know," Hinato added, "please, tell me a little about yourself."

   "Why?" Gaara asked. She was just a bodyguard, what possible interest could he possibly have in her?

   "Because we are going to see a lot more of each other." Hinato wondered if he should have rephrased that last one, sounded like they were dating or something more. Hinato contained his embarrassment. "I would like to be friends with you."

   Gaara didn't have friends. Did her brother and sister count? Friend was meaningless to Gaara, it only got in the way of her missions. It was an obstruction, nothing more.

   "A room has been prepared for you. If you would like to rest, you're free to go. The chunin outside will take you there." Again Gaara said nothing and promptly left the office. Kakasha raised an eyebrow and Hinato let out a heavy sigh once the door was closed.

   "Well, what do you think," Kakasha asked.

   Letting down his defenses, "s-she is not very chatty and she is VERY intimating."

   Kakasha nodded, "an example of her upbringing no doubt. But aside from that we have little to nothing on file. We couldn't form background check and refusing a request from the Sands would be an insult. So we're stuck with her."

   "I feel bad for her, she came all this way alone only to take residence in a land not hers," Hinato stared at the floor for a moment before taking one final look at Kakasha. "Give me everything you have on Gaara, I want to learn everything I can about her."

   "Of course, err...Hinato?"


   "Do you, if don't mind me you find her attractive?"

   "I find her interesting, but I uh, attractive? I don't know, I suppose I need to know more about her then."

   "Hn," Kakasha nodded, "I'll find the file you're looking for. See ya."







   It was nighttime and Gaara lay on her back on the rooftop staring at the sky. The stars...How small they seems up there and how close together they looked. It was a reminder of her own existence. To love yourself and only yourself...because no one would ever do it for you and no matter how many you sent to Hell, all the blood in the world wouldn't be color the portrait of your pain. And it was only a matter of time before the beast inside, this Demon of the Sand would be freed and rampage across this world with nothing to stop her.

   Then she saw something, a light in a window. The Hokage's bed chamber? He seemed so poised and pompous at their first meeting. She wanted to see what this weakling was really like. Quickly she dartednout the rooftops and into the night.





(Thanks for reading! If you liked it and want more, click the follow button and give me feedback and or something you'd wish to see. I'm Snes1993 and I'll see you later :) )

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   Chapter 4: midnight moonlight




   Hinato's brow was heavy with the cares of the day. Being Hokage was no easy task, but had its share of moments. Still it didn't change that he felt tired and was about to bed down for the night when there was a knock at the door. He stopped short of lifting the covers with one leg in. Shrugging before heading toward the door he tiringly ventured over.

   "Who is it," he said with an exhausted voice.

   "May I come in?"

   Neja, at this hour? The young Hokage was perplexed as to why his cousin wanted to see him. Biting the bullet he opened the door. "Nii-chan, w-what is it? Is something wrong?" She said nothing but proceeded inside. Her head was level lowered as we're her shoulders. This was an enigma for Hinato, just what was wrong with her.

   "If you are not feeling well I will call the medics."

   "I'm fine Hinato-sama."

   How strange, hearing her use that title. It was unlike her especially in connection with him. Yet nothing was wrong? Hinato felt deeply concerned. His cousin's back was turned as she stood in the middle of the room. Slowly she turned to him, tears in her eyes. Something had to be wrong. Hinato's thoughts went wild with possible and impossible scenarios. Then Neja put all his fears to rest.

   "What you did...why did you do it?" she asked.

   "The scrolls," said Hinato coming to threalization. "I did it because I had, I wanted to do it. I couldn't live with myself knowing the lower branch was still...enslaved."

   "I came here to than-."

   Hinato waved his hand and shook his head. "There's no need, I don't deserve praise. Thank yourself for having the courage to stay strong and confident in the service of the main branch of the Hyuuga. But now your destiny is now your own. All I ask is that you-."

   A sudden embrace silenced him from speaking further. In a simple gesture, Neja Hyuuga thanked her cousin in a way that spoke volumes be one words.

   "Forgive me, brother Hinato..."

   He smiled and returned her hug. There was no need for Hinato forgave her a long time ago. The two shared the moment for a minute longer before it was time to go. Hinato bid Neja a goodnight and that he would she her in the morning. The door closed, perhaps it did a little too hard. Thats right the window was open. As Hinato went to close the shutter, he froze. Was he seeing things or was there a face in the window? Hinato felt his blood chill.




   From the window sil, Gaara crouched staring. She wasn't trying to be stealthy at the time but she did want to gauge the young Hokage's reaction. It was somewhat amusing. Gaara then let herself down, not jumping as to cause undue attention. Like a cat, no like a shadow her feet touched the floor without making a sound, her eyes unmoving, unblinking. They were trained on Hinato like a predator stalking prey. Those hypnotic green eyes, Hinato felt entranced but without fear. How different they seemed in the light like this, how beautiful and bright they looked with her blood red hair. It was in that moment he didn't feel intimidated by her for her could see that she was a woman with appeal. Gaara stopped her advance when the Hokage's blank dumb expression was replaced with a smile.

   "Gaara, do you need something? You do not have use the window, the door is more convenient I assure you."

   "Who was that," Gaara whispered in a harsh, unforgiving tone.

   "That was my cousin, Hyuuga Neja. I trust her so do not worry please."

   Gaara said nothing and turned to the window.

   "Please,  I would like it if you used the door. It's much easier, I assure you."

   The Sand kunochi turned gave him a sharp look. Hinato gulped, that was not exactly a kind face. It was her way of say, 'keep your opinions to yourself', but was even more surprised when she walked passed him and used the door. Hinato watched her leave. If this what she was like on her first day, he shuttered to think what a bad day might feel like. He closed the shutters and went to bed.







   The next morning bright and sunny. A perfect morning and a perfect start of a brand new day. Hinato dressed himself and proceeded to the dining room area passing Kakasha and Captain Yamato.

   "Good morning and how is everyone?"

   "As well as can be expected Hinato-sama," Kakasha said, "though if you are heading to the dining area, may I recommend you wait until the mess is cleaned up."

   Hinato had a worried look. "What happened?"

   "There was an intruder in the house last night," said Yamato, "but we could even capture him for questioning..."

   "Long story short, Gaara got to him first." Kakasha winced.

   The next thing Hinato was try to locate Gaara who was standing off center in a hallway. He approached her. "Gaara," he asked. She passively turned to meet his gaze.

   "I am told you slayed an intruder last night," he said almost choking at the gruesome thought, "if you would be so kind as to explain to him what happened?"

   "Grass ninja," she answered, "the sworn enemies of my village."

   "And you killed the shinobi on the spot?"

   "Should I have?"

   "No, but did he attack you or anyone?" he inquired.

   "I saw an enemy who wasn't supposed to be in a certain spot at a certain time. I acted and he is neutralized. An enemy of the Sand is the enemy of the Leaf." Her demeanor was cold and emotionless.

   "Yes...but I must ask you if possible to capture them in the future. But I am no dismissing your actions, that shinobi could have harmed, I commend you."

   "As you...command."

   "Also, I have a favor to ask," Hinato had a smile on is face, "will you accompany me as I make my rounds about the village today?"

   Odd for the kage to request something of this from Gaara, at least from from her prospective. She agreed with a simple nod.

   "Great, thank you." Hinato showed his toothy grin.







(Thank you so much for reading. Please send me feedback via personal messaging. I'm Snes and I'll see you in the next one!)

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Chapter 5: Memory Lane





   The sun was beginning to climb the sky when the Homage and his new bodyguard exited the Kage tower. Not far behind, Captain Yamato stealthily dove from shadow to shadow to avoid detection. Kakasha too followed but in a less dramatic fashion while reading a Makeout Series novel.

   "Yamato," asked Kakasha with her eyes not leaving the pages, "I'd ask but you sorta cured me of that awhile back."

   "Shush, you'll give me away!" Yamato said in a hushed tone as Kakasha offered shrug.

   Hinato and Gaara strolled down the avenue dense with activity. Again Gaara's nose was filled with unpleasant aromas and seeming every five seconds some peasant would step away from their concerns and bow respectfully to the Hokage. The Hokage however eknowledged them with a friendly hello and good morning as if he was some kind of equal. Gaara stared at this display, it was far different from that within the Sand Village. The citizens there quivered in fear and graveled in the presence of the Kage as if some god had decended in human form.

   The Hokage's bodyguard stared about at the passers-by, any of them could be anassassin; it was a security nightmare. Still Gaara stood poised as Hinato would frequently stop to chat and buy from the local markets. This was her job and like it or not she had to bear it if not grin. She tried to tone them out and focused on her objective.

   "Gaara?" Her head shot in the direction of Hinato. Why did he eknowledge her? Did he feel threatened?

   "Gaara, do you want something," he asked.


   Needless to say this she did not answer. She wanted this outing to be over ASAP. Hinato could clearly see he wasn't helping. "One more stop for the day, please?" Gaara nodded as they removed themselves from market and soon the market entirely.






   It was quieter now and for good reason too.

   "This used to be my favorite spot to train. It's so quiet here a side from the wind and the birds." Hinato had a measure of sadness in his voice, because it was a cemetery now. At the center was a modest monument surrounded by grave markers. These were erected during the Pain crisis and this was the cost of victory. Of course Gaara was no stranger to war or death for that matter. Death was all embracing  and she felt nothing as she saw the graves lining vast rows.


   An eerie silence fell between them. Awkward even.

   "I am sorry Gaara-san, that you had to come all this way to a strange land," he said, "I will understand if you-"

   "I'm not a child that should be held close and protected," her voice was one with signs of irritation. It thundered slightly in low tone that would otherwise have been drown out if it weren't for the silence. "I am a warrior sent to do a task by the Kazekage, nothing more."

   "But-isnt your mother..."

   Gaara turned and shot a dirty look and belted out a cry of anger, "That fool disowned me as well as my mother!!!"

   Her eye were full of something, Hinato knew that much. Those were eyes of hate, distrust and something more, something Hinato could nothing describe. Then it came to him...madness. Gaara had been driven insane. He felt cold, feeling the urge of fight and flight. It was then Gaara gave a sadistic grin.

   "You're afraid of me."

   "No, I'm not," Hinato lyingly replied.

   "You should be...I am Sabaku no Gaara, Demon of the Sands...I've killed many for just looking at me the wrong way, whispering behind my back, things much less than you filthy Leaf Ninja do on a regular basis...and if I killed now, who or what could hope to even slow me down?"

   Hinato felt weak and almost turned white, but retained his cool for the most part. He called her bluff.

   "...then do it. If nothing can stop you, why hesitate?"

   Bold of him to say so, this intrigued her. Was he truly not afraid or was he... No. She decided to test his weakness and then made an remark, "Your security is lax to say the least. For a Grass ninja is sneak in with such ease, imagine if someone far more skilled came in his stead."

   "What if you reorganized our security procedures? What would you have done differently?"

   "Security is not my forte. Consult your Copy Ninja."

   "I will," the silence returned. The wind blowing through the trees signaled the end of the conversation.







   Later, they arrived back to the Kage tower as Kakasha and Yamato concluded their sneaking. "I'm glad it didn't go any further than that," Yamato commented, "whybdid the Sands send her in particular?"

   "Maybe it's a prelude to invasion." Kakasha added.

   "Y-You think so?!" Yamato spun to Kakasha and suddenly realized she wasn't serious, giving her a disapproving frown. "Can you stop being a clown for three seconds," she said furiously.

   "Huh, sorry I was getting to the good part. This one is extra juicy."

   "Maybe you haven't noticed," Yamato said losing the composure to hide her irritation. "But our Hokage might but in serious danger! Meanwhile you're reading pervy books and not helping with surveillance when you should!!!"

   Kakasha stared passively like a cow at a passing train. "But I have been observing them. Just not with you."

   "Then why-?"

   "I used your movement as a distraction from my true location."

   "Which means-"

   "This is a shadow clone, yes. See you later, I have paper work." The shadow clone folds leaving a puff of smoke, leaving Yamato with a dumbfounded expression. How could Kakasha have been so cruel? And here she had working her butt to protect her Kage and Kakasha steals the show once again. Yamato fell to her hands and knees, feeling weak and totally foolish.







   "Has it been decided?"

   "Yes. The decision...was unanimous. The kazekage is..."

   There was tension the air among the village council of the Hidden Sand. The next Kage had been selected and was ready to be announced. Normally this was cause for celebration. This was not the time for that.

   "Temarei of the Sands has been chosen..."




(Thank you so much for reading. If you liked it, please send me a personal message to my profile. Don't worry I don't bite lol. Thank you and I'll see you in the next one :) )

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Needless to say since there is zero demand for this fic, I am postponing any further development in favor of other projects.

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      As I writer (amateur writer...very very amateur lol), I tend to get bored easily. As a result I've ha e written or atleast started several series' without finishing them. So I ask this of you: which of this fics should I continue? I will post them in a poll on this thread and if you'd like I can give a brief, informative synopsis for each one.
      Please, this would REALLY help me out guys. Thank you for your time.
      Starfox: Fall of Lylat :
      Set before, during and after events of the Lylat War, the story mainly follows CDF officer Chis Agathol in his experiences as part of the military and as an individual. As his journey unfolds, many questions are asked as to the nature of war, sacrifice and commitment to just doing the right thing. Follow him on this journey from a young child full of promise and imagination to an aspiring cadet in training and the seasoned officer he becomes. Only thing is...what else lies beyond?
      Naruto: Bloodied Desert Rose :
      A genderbend retelling of the popular manga/anime series, Sabaku no Gaara goes from skilled assassin to simple bodyguard for the newly elected Hokage, Hinato Hyuuga.
      Doom: Lengthening of Shadows :
      B. J. Blazkowicz III comes from a rich military family history. But once he goes on the wrong side of the law, the UAC doesn't hesitate to lock him and throw away the key on of all places...the second moon of Mars, Phobos. He doesn't wish for escape but the heat of battle in raw combat with no holds barred to fight his inner demons. And with all of Hell unleashed...he gets his wish.
      Dark Souls: the anthology series :
      What is life? What are souls? What is this thing you call 'self'? There are two paths, one of fire to keep Burning a dying Flame, the other Dark and... Who are you...? Are you on this journey? Join us and see for yourself. For who knows where the road may lead...and let souls feed your Hollowing mind.
      ZabuHaku: A Naruto Pairing :
      One a slave, the other a slave to his desires. Both seek rest and only one sought the comfort of the other. Zabuza and Haku paid their sins in blood...but their story is just beginning.
      Starwars: Parallels :
      His master slain by his own hand and his mentor lay dying, much goes through the mind of the new Emperor. What path has the galaxy been set on and how will Emperor Skywalker blaze a new future without the Jedi?
      Snes1993's Starfox :
      My take and spin of the beloved series' notable characters and their path to salvation from a tyrannical ruler and his near infinite space armanda.
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      By Snys93
      "This is Hunter class Intruder, call letters 3114-Allen-Ocean-Iowa outbound from obital station Alpha 3. Carrying equipment, personnel and level 3 prisoner containment. Requesting docking clearance."
      "This is Phobos traffic control, send us your clearance"
      "3114-Allen-Ocean-Iowa, you are cleared to enter airspace. Proceed to docking bay 4."
      The heavy military transport came into view of the traffic control tower as it approached the specified docking bay with an unhurried speed. The massive doors of bay 4 which bore the letters UAC slid open, silent in the vacuum of cold dead space. As soon as the ship had landed, the stern face Sergeant wasted no time offloading their prisoners.
      "Alright ladies, hurry up! Don't make me pull ya!" he barked gruffly through his cigar and mustache. "LeBean! Give me a head count!"
      A short man of Irish decent rolled out with a weathered clipboard and shouted the names of those whom the Sarge spoke of.
      "...uh huh..."
      "Can't you see me, shithead."
      "LeBean, get it done!!"
      He checks the clipboard. "Brown and Blazkowicz. That's all of them!"
      Brown laughs, "Blazkowicz? The Hell kinda name is that?"
      "Shut your pie hole, Brown," Sarge piped, as the main door opens after a successful softseal. "You're in the pit with him and 5 consecutive life sentences. Ain't no way you all getting parole! Hope you like the view."
      Outside gracing the sky through a glass portal, red dirt of red planet glowed in the Martian sunlight. The planet named for the God of War. Mars.
      And this place...
      This place will be...their...

      (Thank you so much for reading this short preview. If you liked it, give it a like or send me a PM if you want more. I'm working on multiple stories at the moment, so if you want me to give another particular one more attention just let me know   I'm Snes1993, your SFO robot of destruction and doom...and I will see you in the next post.)
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      The is a little fic I wrote while on DA. Please tell me what you think. please enjoy.         ~~~~ Naruhina PT 1              A orange and black clad shinobi was walking through the streets of the Hidden Leaf Village, when a thought occurred to him.      Naruto's Brain: "Was there something I had in mind today, something I was suppose to do? Tsunade-sama said there weren't any missions available and mostly everyone is away doing something. So, nothing to do and no one to do it with. Hmmm... !!! I know, I'll stop by Teuchi's!"      Naruto rushed over to the ramen bar, leaping from rooftop to rooftop til he finally arrived...      "Haha, now for some Ramen..." ...and saw that Teuchi's was closed for the day.      "...and convers-ation?" Needless to say he was bummed.      "Where the hell is everyone today?" Naruto said, standing in the middle of one the most busiest streets in the Hidden Leaf scratching his head. His thoughts were interrupted by the groaning of his empty stomach. "Crap, I need some food."      Soon he found himself wandering the village desperate for someone to talk to.    "Kiba? Sakura? Shino? Hell, anybody?! Dammit!"      Just then when he was about to lose hope, a restful scent filled his nostrils.      *sniff sniff sniff SNNNNNNIIIIIIIIFFFFFFF* "Food? RAMEN!!! SHADOW CLONE NO JUTSU!!!"                A ways away, Hinata Hyuuga was in the kitchen. She was wearing an adorable apron over her ninja attire, happily stirring something in a pot (possibly ramen :3). Suddenly there came a thud at the window. Hinata paused and slowly glanced over at the sound's location. She jumped at the horrific sight of a shinobi with his face plastered to the glass, fogging the area around his tongue.      "Ah! Na-Naruto-kun?"      "RAAAAAWWWRRRRRMENNN!!!" he said muffled as the entire house was pelted by shadow clones that honed in on the scent and disappeared into thin air a couple seconds after impact. Hinata quickly ran outside and pulled the Uzumaki in.      "What are you doing here, Naruto-kun?"      "I just thought I dropped by." he said, finally coming to.      Hinata's Brain: "I'm alone with Naruto-kun and he just thought he'd drop by? Does this mean he...he is...answering my...?"      Naruto lifted his nose to the air and located the pot on the stove. "Ahha! There you are!!!" But before he could snatch the ramen, Hinata leaped in his path with her arms spread far apart blocking his passage.      "Naruto, what are you doing?"      "Ah so it was YOU who made it. Let me have some."      "Wait," she thought a moment to herself and blushed, "W-what will you give me for the ramen?"      Naruto too thought for a moment. "I'll be your training partner for the whole month."      Hinata shook her head in dismay. "I already have one."      Naruto thought even harder this time. "I'll do any missions you don't want to do."      "I do them anyway, Naruto-kun, regardless if they seem boring."      "Damn, aaahh! Ah, I'll take you out on a date!"      "Huh?!!"      "Nah, you probably don't want that either."      "Yes!"      "?"      "I-Its a deal, h-heres your pot of ramen! Wait here I'll be back!"      Naruto sat dumbfounded, he almost forgot completely what he said. He stood there staring into empty space recalling his words.      " Hinata-chan?"                A short while later Hinata was freshening up, her face beaming with excitement.      Hinata's Brain: "Me on a date with Naruto-kun! I can hardly wait!"      Naruto however sat slumped over eating his pot of ramen, worried.      Naruto's Brain: "Dating Hinata? Shes my best friend next to Sauske. I don't know, can you date a best friend? Well I was interested in Sakura, but her punching me all the time didn't help. Hinata...Hinata doesn't hurt me at all. Come to think of it shes does the exact opposite, shes been nothing but helpful..."      ...and thats why, I'm not afraid to die...      ...because, I love you. I always will...      Naruto dropped his eating utensils directly into the pot.      Naruto's Brain: "It all makes sense now, the blushing, the fainting, her acts of kindness...they were special, weren't they? They were me?"      Hinata walked into the kitchen. It almost startled Naruto half to death as he looked at her as she passed by. "How was the ramen, Naruto-kun?" she asked.      Naruto's Brain: "Hinata-chan loves me?"      "Would you like something to drink?"      Naruto's Brain: "How I ached for that how she felt and for even longer?"      He walked behind her slowly inching closer to her. He suddenly realized how beautiful she was and that Hinata was no plain flower among roses. Her radiance was unique, utter captivating. He never felt this way about Hinata before, wondering how he would have managed without this Hyuuga flower.      "Naruto-k-kun?" Hinata turned around to find Naruto just inches from her face. He looked calm as he smiled and stared with kind eyes. There was something in his eye, it shimmered and sparkled in the light. It was a tear.      "Naruto-kun, whats wrong?" she said touching his face. He touched her back.      "No, why would anything be wrong. Hinata, the day...when you faced Pein..."      Hinata's eyes widen.      "What you said that you still mean it?"      "Y-yes."      "Then say it again for me...please..."      "I-I love you.      "Again."      Hinata's eyes are tearing up. "I l-love y-you."      "Again...please."      "I...I love you Naruto-kun." Her face angled down with tear streaming. Naruto placed the crest of his nose against her forehead and whispered, "Hinata, I love you too."      - The End ~
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      By 14432
      Here is the main concept:
      Set in a (dark) timeline for ending 3.

      After Star Wolf had taken everything from him including the woman he once loved, Fox realized that because of Krystal he had brought nothing but shame and dishonor to the McCloud name. Unwilling to continue such a tortured existence, he turned toward his Samurai roots and decided that as penance he must commit ritual seppuku in order to die with honor. He however did not leave the world of the living alone, His remaining teammate, Falco, General Peppy, Bill Grey, and a few other old friends attended this ritual suicide and bowed their heads in respect once he had finished taking his own life.

      After His Burial, Fox's soul continued to roam lylat as a Yurei until the day he was taken in by an Inugami, a dog-like sorceror once believed to be nonexistent by modern Cornerians. With the help of the Inugami's black magic, Fox's soul evoles into a Onryo, a ghost (yūrei) believed capable of causing harm in the world of the living, harming or killing enemies, or even causing natural disasters to exact vengeance to redress the wrongs it received while alive then takes their spirits from their dying bodies. He is always accompanied by two hitodama (souls), one is James McCloud (blue colored) and the other is Fox's ancestor from 2,500 BLW (more aggressive ball of fire, colored red).

      As an Onryo, Fox relentlessly followed Star Wolf, appearing and manifesting before them in the form of terrifying visages and visions (once took the form of a Gashadokuro or a giant Fox skeleton that terrorized Star Wolf in one of their motherships) and intending to slay them one by one with his ghostly Katana and his bloodied Tanto while his eyes are set on Panther and Krystal. Thank's to the inugami's black magic, he has lost all sympathy toward "she who has broken his heart". and it seemed that not matter how many times they change motherships, he always follows them relentlessly.

      Partially inspired by the Japanese ghost story, Yotsuya Kaidan.

      anyone interested in writing a fanfic based on this concept ought to imagine this as a kabuki play rather than a normal fanfic. I'm telling anyone to write this as a kabuki play, just imagine it.

    • Jeroscope
      By Jeroscope
      Hello everyone! So I usually have a lot of ideas milling around in my head about different ideas and such, and whenever I have them they simply pass without being used. So I want to toss my scrap ideas here where someone else might get some use out of them or I can pick them back up later. JUST ASK PERMISSION BEFORE USING THEM.
      My first is inspired by a piece of music that I've been listening to, in particular Shepard of the Galaxy by Big Giant Circles 
       A great piece about the Mass Effect trilogy as a whole, tying in the different themes of the series.  
      This got me thinking of a potential crossover between Star Fox and Mass Effect. It would be taking places roughly ten years after Mass Effect 3 ended, destroy ending of course. The Galaxy is in a state of civil war as the different nations argue over where power resides. On one side, we see the Turian Hierarchy, the Asari Republics, and the Vol Protectorate. On the other side, we see the Systems Alliance, the Turian Federation (a rebellion group), the Salarian Union, the Krogan Empire, and the Quarian/Geth Assembly. Poised between Alliance and Hierarchy space is the Lylat System.
      I decided to use my version of the Lylat System, where Star Fox 1's story has a little more depth to it, and Fara Phoenix was an original team member alongside Fox, Peppy, Falco, and Slippy. Krystal is an orphaned child picked up on Sauria when Star Fox investigated the disappearance of a research team observing the planet. Fay and Miyu are both members that were included at some point in the series. The Aparoid War brought the Lylat System to a state of unity, allowing them to band together and expand beyond the Lylat System through Corneria's Frontier Lines program, allowing mercenary teams to pave the way for the allied powers to construct bases and expand.
      This is where we see conflict. Star Fox unknowingly starts to investigate a territory that is currently a warzone. It's peaceful at first, but then the Great Fox is caught in the crossfire, leaving the team stuck on the planet until the Alliance secures the area. Star Fox is tossed in the brig and interrogated by an Alliance Commander by the name of Daniel Riley. Riley is also an aviator like Fox, but he's also an N7 Special Operative and Spectre candidate, meaning the Alliance is pushing for him to have experience in dealing with alien threats. After discovering Fox's intentions weren't malicious in any fashion, the Alliance capitalizes on this by setting aside land for the Lylatians to expand into, creating an ally. The Hierarchy, dead set on evicting the Lylatians out of their space for war efforts, starts attacking.
      The particular scene I had in my head is just before the final push, where the Joint Alliance Fleet is ready to push back against Palaven and seize the Turian capital for the Federation to assume leadership, bringing an end to the war. Using the Zypher Ring Gate technology from Corneria, the Alliance is ready to execute a surprise attack, coming in right in the middle of the Turian Fleet. Riley and Fox, having served alongside each other throughout their campaign, share a moment to pay respects to one another just before their suicide mission.
      Riley relaxed in his cockpit as his squadron formed up on him. He performed a standard roll call procedure, opening comms to his squadron. "All wings, report in," he said with a commanding tone in his voice. One by one, his squad responded with conviction. Striker Two, standing by. Striker Three, standing by. Striker Four, standing by. Striker Five, standing by. His team was ready, giving him the clearance to check ready to the fleet. "McCloud, is your squadron prepped?" he asked over open comms. "We're with you Riley." Daniel took a deep breath, taking in the scope of this mission. They would be outnumbered five to one. There was a slim chance for survival, but these were all acceptable loses in the broader scope of the war. He flipped on secure comms, now only talking to his team and Star Fox as they were the vanguard for the fighter groups. "Command has asked me to keep shut about this, but chances are you've all heard the scuttlebutt. There's a damn good chance none of us are going to come out of this alive." He paused for a minute to let this sink in. While Fox and his team were used to these words and often defied expectations, this was a very real risk to the Alliance pilots. Every time they've heard this, at least one squadron member has gone down. In their careers was the Reaper War and now the Civil War, where many pilots have lost their comrades and were forced to condense squadrons. They didn't want to die, but they were used to the idea that their next mission might be their last.
      "The reason I say this to you all is because I want you all to know is that in case one of us goes, they'll dying knowing that I believe it's been an honor serving with them. And it has been. I can't think of any other group of pilots that deserve this praise, especially with what we've gone through." Fox chimed up on comms. "Riley, my team and I have been working together for the last six years. We've gone against what were once impossible odds and have ended three major conflicts in our space, and I haven't lost a single man under my command," he said. "As long as every pilot commits themselves to their mission and their squadmates, we'll come out of this in one piece." Riley thought this over as he looked at the forming gateway in front of him. "You may have lost people before, but I feel like this time you're not going to lose a single man." Riley looked over as Fox pulled his Arwing along his wing. Maybe he was right. Maybe this time, they'd all come out of this alive against incredible odds. "Mr. McCloud, I admire your optimism... Maybe you're right. Maybe, just this once, we'll all come out of this together." Fox grinned. "Of course if I'm wrong, I'll need a new tour guide to show me around Earth, so you better not go down. Promise me that, Commander!" Riley grinned at Fox's humor. "You have my word, McCloud. Let's do this thing."
      That was a rough draft of what I would have done, and I'll probably overhaul it at some point, but I hope someone can at least appreciate what I was trying to accomplish with this.