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UAZ-469's pirate crew


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Yeah I know, I already have the tiny desk engineer horde to bring love to the world, but since I plan to play a more serious RP, I thought about adding a "true" character - who has nothing to do with Star Fox, but I hope that nobody will make me DED for that. :sweatdrop:

Rise the curtains for:

4u28xtb4.png *

Name: Andrej Wolanin

Age: 61

Race: Human

Origin: Licheń Stary, Poland, Earth

Home: Top secret.

Sex: Male

Height: 1.90 meters

Weight: Approximately 110 kg with his gear.

Build: Average (I couldn't find a better word).

Eyes: Brown.

Hair: Grey, half-bald

Family: A wife.

Alignment: Lawful neutral (Pirates)



-A very kind, fatherly man at heart, Andrej avoids violence by use of diplomacy and never intends to hurt or even kill someone, as long as he isn't forced by his superiors to do it. If he can, he will just knock the target out, pretend it's dead and let it escape. Unfortunately, being constantly exposed to the pirate's brutal nature had took its toll on him, which manifests in inuring and making him prone to commit acts of violence.

-Religion was always important to this family and is still today, what his wooden cross shows. Andrej takes confidence that even in the dark times he finds himself in, god will help him – even if he's convinced that god will punish him severely for all those atrocities Andrej was forced to commit.

-His work at a kindergarten only increased his affection for children, that he vowed to protect at all costs. Which means that if he ever sees someone causing harm to kids, he will beat them to a bloody pulp in rage.

-The job at the kindergarten and Andrej's status as an officer also shows that he can take the lead if necessary, but he prefers to leave it to the more competent people.

-While Andrej is protective of his subordinates, he is quickly struck with fear in dangerous combat situations. Facing opponents with the intention to injure or even kill him and can't be deterred by words will cause Andrej to flee in panic – especially from terrifying monstrosities. Just don't corner him.



Born as the only son of a religious fishermen's family, he lived a calm and peaceful life accompanied by fishing and church-goings. While the family itself was poor and could only keep afloat with selling fresh fish, they always had enough to survive, so Andrej could go to school in the hopes to leave the nest someday to live his own life in the vast world outside. Influenced by his parents and the bible, he developed into a friendly, caring man who soon decides that the best way to support society was taking a job at the local kindergarten to educate the children, before the following school would teach them the rest.

After leaving school, he immediately appointed for a job at the nursery school and while a man as a teacher was an awkward sight, they decided to test him. His superiors were truly baffled, how well Andrej went with the children and enjoyed it, so they finally employed him. Of course it wasn't the best paid job in the world, but as long as he could follow his dreams, he didn't care. Andrej even managed to find a woman, another kindergarten teacher, to share the rest of his life together. And since it was their duty to gift the earth with new life, they did the most natural thing...
Only to find out in shock that they were infertile. Even worse, because the people around gossiped secretly about them afterwards, as it was expected in a small, isolated town to found families.

While they finally reconciled with that simple, but cruel fact, both tried to ignore the sayings and continued their dedicated work, especially Andrej, who gleefully maintained his hobby of fishing. The years passed and the gossips calmed down. All fine and dandy both thought and proceeded to live happily until their sixties.
Until suddenly the police stood at their doors one day and arrested Andrej – for child rape.
What could best be described as an unfair trial, where the judge, the lawyers, the witnesses and evidences were obviously biased, probably even faked for reasons he didn't understand, he got “life” and was soon put into jail, without a chance to see his wife ever again.

The next day, he was put together with other convicted people into a prisoner transport and on his way to the next prison in the bigger cities, still confused and just thought about one question:
But destiny, and probably god himself, had other plans for him...

On a lone rural road, the transport was ambushed by a surprisingly well armed group and the only things he remembered about this were a lot of gunshots, screams and a strange smoke, until he passed out.

The next moment he woke up, Andrej was inside a poorly lit, dusty room, tied to a chair, still wearing his clothes from the transport, together with a few other people. Not knowing where they were and what exactly happened, the group was soon greeted by a soldier – or machine? – in a black uniform including a helmet with red “eyes”, which head didn't even look remotely human. The... thing then untied Andrej and led him out of the room into a corridor, not looking different, patrolled by other soldiers. His head almost exploding from all the questions torturing him, the... whatever it was, guided him to a huge and wide gate, knocked and announced to someone that the “recruit” arrived and he left.

Alone in front of the opening gate and watched closely by other men, women or machines, he nearly suffered a nervous breakdown after seeing a glowing red eye on the left staring at him inside the darkness, hearing only two sentences with a deep raspy tone:

The pirate army welcomes you... Andrej Wolanin. Please, take a seat...”

And the rest is history.



-Despite having received professional military training, he is generally a bad fighter and his peaceful nature only supports this. His skills as a swordsman are so bad, that he received a bayonet for his gun to at least have a chance in close combat. That doesn't mean that he can't handle his guns, but the heavy gear makes him a rather slow opponent.

-Due to his life in a fishing family, Andrej is a very skilled fisher- and boatman. As long as there are fishing grounds and materials to build a makeshift fishing rod nearby, he can easily keep himself alive.

-Regular training and being ordered to wear the heavy gear for multiple hours each day has increased his muscle mass and endurance, so he can take hits easier, dish out harder and run faster from enemies. He still isn't a body builder.

-The military training also taught him to drive cars, tanks and trucks and the knowledge to service and repair them if needed.

Standard-issue Equipment:

-AKM: A technically enhanced AKM-model chambered 8mm, which uses a muzzle brake and a movable barrel to decrease recoil. The additional firepower comes at the cost of having only 20 rounds in the magazine and a slower rate of fire of 500 per minute, as well as a higher weight.

-Makarow: A technically improved Makarow chambered 10mm with a slightly longer barrel. Problems are the increased recoil and weight, leaving its purpose as an emergency weapon.

-Cutlass: A motorized cutlass for close combat, that uses the generated heat through vibrations to improve its sharpness.

-Combat Armour & Kevlar coat: Air-conditioned and made-to-measure, it protects from small arms fire, maybe even larger calibre with a lot of luck and provides him all the time with fresh oxygen to enable operations in hazardous areas. His helmet also provides night-vision and a built-in RT unit for communications with nearby troops, as well as a voice-changer – that can't be deactivated – to let the wearer appear like a fear-inducing machine instead of a living being. But like the other gear, it's heavy, cumbersome and difficult to put on and off.


*Made by neonspider on DeviantArt, commissioned by me.

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Now for a rather... unconventional character, that will appear in another RP.

Shall we? :)


Name: DT72U280603 “Bosman”

Age: 1

Origin: Top secret.

Home: Top secret.

Owner: Andrej Wolanin

Alignment: Lawful neutral (Pirates)



-Having a personality similar to Andrej, Bosman is friendly, polite, helpful and his patience will never run out. But contrary to him, he won't hesitate to use his firepower to put his opponent out of action if threatened.

-Because Andrej is using him often to entertain and teach the children in the pirate's kindergarten, Bosman has grown fond of them, but not to the extent that he will shoot anyone who dares to harm them.

-Bosman will follow his superior's orders without questions asked and at all costs. Even if it takes years and will likely kill him - or cause the deaths of potentially innocent people, who are unfortunately enough to be in his way.



Originally one of many tanks in the pirate army with just a basic personality, he got assigned to Andrej like every other soldier and aided him in all combat situations, that required heavy firepower. Given that Andrej had no friends and thus no interlocutors at first, the AI was the only one the man trusted since Bosman was instructed to keep their conversations for himself, effectively acting as the soldier's personal diary and “agony column”. After some time, the AI, now friendly called “Bosman” by him, began to incorporate some of his owner's quirks and mannerisms into its system to develop a somewhat “own” personality, only further strengthening their bonds and being a welcomed guest at the kindergarten, where the AI allows itself to be used as a “playground” by the kids.

Being an essential member to Andrej's squad, he follows him wherever he goes, protecting him from all dangers and punching holes into the every monstrosity that dares to take a bite out of the soldiers.

And the rest is history.



-As an AI, he can calculate and react much faster than living beings, which enables him to take on trained crews in modern tanks and emerge victorious through clever use of tactics.

-Being taught by Andrej after a lot of failed attempts, Bosman can finally fish as well. But only with a fishing rod and even then he is very bad at it.

-While he has yet to be sent against enemy vehicles, his databases are full of entries about all kinds of monsters and plants from his previous adventures, that he can put to good use, especially since he can't forget.

-Speaks fluent German, English, Polish and Russian.

-Multiple cameras on the armour provide him sight to all directions, while his infrared illuminator is his true “eye”.



Model: DT-72U "Ustanak"

Sex-programming: Male

Height: 2.23 meters

Weight: 45 tonnes

Crew: Designed for only one (driver), but like the original model, the crew can consist of three people to maintain working order in case of malfunctions.

Armour: Steel and composite armour. Additional shielding that can repel one shell, two if lucky.

Engine: A small nuclear fusion reactor.



-125 mm 2A46M smoothbore gun

-7.92 mm MG 42 coax machine gun

-Harpoon launcher

-Soap bubble wand next to the AA-machine gun for the children's entertainment



-A T-72U painted black with a rectangular infrared illuminator.

-Two curved plates on top of his cannon to imitate a peaked cap, the upper one has crude crayon drawings that resemble the hat of a navy captain. They can be put down to increase the machine gun's firing arc.

-An anchor on the front connected to a long chain. Due to the tank's weight, it has no practical use.

-A “jacket” put on the body with insignias of a navy captain.

-Two lifebelts on the back.



-Can't supply/repair himself, rendering him use- and defenceless without fuel and ammunition and making him extremely vulnerable to malfunctioning/destroyed components.

-EMP's will kill him, no matter what.

-Damages to the engine will leak high doses of radiation.

-While the shield offers a pleasant protection, his armour is still the same from the original T-72U. Once the shields are broken, it's very easy to pierce him.

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