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On the forums possibly going away (also: SWAT Kats stuff)


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...I will be leaving soon. I think if I quit ahead of time it will be less painful.

If the forums do end up being saved then I'll be pleasantly surprised and will return, but I have my doubts on that happening.

At any rate, I know some of you are interested in SWAT Kats, so here's a few things.

Firstly: the new forums at megakatcity.com have taken the place of the now defunct swatkats.us forums.


And about SWAT Kats Revolution (which is the campaign being worked on by the Tremblay brothers who created the series along with a few other cast and crew) hasn't seen much news yet. There is a petition in the hopes of Netflix picking up a new series on Change.org. At this moment the Change.org servers are being stupid, but here's the link anyway: https://www.change.org/p/netflix-pick-up-swat-kats-revolution

With any luck I'm going to do more work to get the word out on it.

Stay gold, and see you all somewhere else if these forums are finished.

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:/ sorry to hear that, best wishes to you. Me, I'm staying til the end. If the ol' girl goes I'll see her off personally.

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