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New Auxillary Staff Position: Site Editor

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Dr. Orange

The Site Editor's job is to help approve content for the Articles page and to maintain a standard of writing on the site. Ideally the position will be helping the site in providing new news content while also being able to help look over Wiki forum submissions.

Application deadline is March 30nd. I have the thread set to autolock at 7:30 PM.



* Evaluate Wiki Article submissions for grammar, spelling, detail, and canon accuracy.

* Writing articles.

* Add new information to existing articles.

* Providing updates on the SFO Twitter handle (https://twitter.com/StarFox_Online)

* Maintain an active presence with the community.



* Ability to write in US English with proper spelling (protip: use spellcheck) and decent grammar.

* Knowledge of using BBCode. HTML a plus. It's not required however.

* Knowledge of Star Fox canon, and the ability to properly research what you don't know.

* Active community member for at least two months.

* good reputation with the community.


This position does not come with forum moderator powers. It is for the site only.

I'm not looking for "New York Times Style Manual" levels of writing, but please make sure you have a decent grasp of writing before applying.

Multiple candidates could be accepted.


SFO Staff Selection Procedures:

1.The Forum Admins will determine that there is a need for additional staff.

2.The Forum Admins will announce to the community which positions are available, and will post the appropriate set of qualifications.

3.Members will submit applications via PM to the Forum Admins.

4.Applications from members who do not qualify or who continuously beg for staff positions will be discarded.

5.The remaining applications will be posted to the staff board.

6.The staff members will voice recommendations as to which applicants are suited and which are not.

7.The Forum Admins will joint select an appointee from the applicants.

Items 8-10 omitted for site staff.

11.The new staff member will be given a copy of the staff guidelines.

12.Upon acceptance of the guidelines, the new staff member will be given access to all needed features and boards.


This is the first step of many on bringing back activity to this site. Best hopes to those that apply and lets make this site rock!



I, _______________________________, hereby apply for the position of Site Editor at the Starfox-Online Forums. I understand that my application does not guarantee my acceptance, and that acceptance is based upon my qualifications and the choice of the Administrators (MKGirlism, Lonewolf, Dr. Orange). I agree to follow all forum rules and abide by all staff guidelines, which will be provided upon my confirmation. I agree that I will continue to be an active member (at least one posts per week) of the forums during my time as a staff member.

I Joined the SFO Forums on this date: __________________________

I tend to make _________ posts per week.

I want this position because:

I am qualified for this position because :

I should be chosen because:

Signed: _______________________________________ Date: _______________________________


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I don't really think I'm qualified, so I'm not going to apply. However, I wish the best of luck to those who do decide to apply! :)

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Dr. Orange

Congrats to Infinity^2. Do us proud m8.

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Congratulations for being our only candidate! \(^o^)/

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