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Dendropsyche's Commission thread

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Hey guys! I accept commissions on the regular (actually quite regularly now, though things may change in the future as my main career is in massage therapy, just waiting on getting my Texas license!), if you'd like to hire me for art purposes, send me a PM or email me at

Here are some links to get you started:
My Prices/Examples: 
My Terms of Service:
My Commission Queue: 
My DeviantART:
(there are some nsfw images in my gallery but nothing too mature, everything mature is age restricted)
My FurAffinity:
(beware, here be monsters of the mature kind! also age restricted)

If you are under 18, do not solicit me for NSFW pieces, I could get into some massive legal trouble and I do not want that!

Some more recent examples!

comm-TwistyOtter fursona-1 sm.png

comm-Mistydracat-1 sm.png

comm-Greyfreshbourne Grey and Mizzy-3 sm.png

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Thanks for catching that! I forgot I changed my UN lately, I'll fix it!

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This art is really good!  Do be sure to check out The Portal by the way if you want a more permanent place to link your commission pricing and DA page and all that. 

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    • Dendropsyche
      By Dendropsyche
      Heya guys! Here are several links to my many galleries I post to across different websites, as well as links to my commission information.
      Currently I'm trying to get myself to Texas Furry Fiesta 2018, so I am planning WAY ahead early! The stars were not in position this year, but I can sure work my ass off to do it next year! Not only am I planning to attend, but I'd love to do it in my first fursuit, a character I've had for 3 years. Her name is Dulce Luna, and she's a very cute little bovine! She dresses in lolita clothes, so what with TFF 2018's theme being Lone Star Wonderland, I figured it would be great if she could make it! She would be perfect for it!
      (I also have a client to pay back, after coming across hard times and asking for a refund--I normally like to keep my funds in my PayPal account untouched until I deliver the finished art, but we desperately needed that money to pay bills.)
      Commission Info
      Prices and Examples:
      Terms of Service:

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      Well, if there can be misrepresentation on one front I think its time to set the fact straight once and for all: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
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    • Redeemer
      By Redeemer
      Hello everyone. I'm trying out a little something, and making a commission list for our artists. The list is in alphabetical order. Of course, there are rules that need to be followed. PLEASE GIVE THESE A READ BEFORE GETTING INVOLVED WITH SFO'S COMMISSION TRADE.
      1. If you wish to be added to this list, PM me with a link to your deviantART account and commissions you have successfully delivered.
      2. To be added, you must show evidence that you are trustworthy to deliver a product you have been paid for. A positive history of commissions is ideal evidence.
      3. Artists that do not deliver a commission after payment will be removed from the list.
      4. Members that purchase commissions from our artists must meet the artist's payment requirements.
      5. Members that purchase commissions, that do not meet the artist's payment requirements, should not still expect their commission. It's out of grace if the artist is understanding enough to make a special requirement for you.
      6. If a member who purchases commissions, without meeting the payment requirements of more than one artist, or more than once with any artist, will be made known to other artists on the list.
      7. Theft of any kind should be reported.
      8. Thieves, be they artists or commissioners, will be disciplined in accordance to forum rules.
      SFO Artists: