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April 6th in Palmshine Beach.

The sun was shining brightly, at a perfect April Temperature. The palm trees standing tall all over the area, and all over the beach. The life in the city was amazing, and filled with a lot to do. However things are going to be different for a bit. The calm beach city was about to get wild for the next two weeks. Teenagers in high school, and young adults in college for the most important time of the Spring. Spring Break. Coming in with their cars, and their friends this called for an amazing two week party.

"Let's do this," Sadie said as she got out the car with Steph Nicole and Ally. They all got out the car, walking onto the beach with sunglasses, towels, and being ready for a great time.

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Locking it up till approved. Just saw the request thread. 

Don't worry mate. :)

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