Star Fox Zero - Modelz Ripping

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Thanks for @Akuago220 giving to me the SFZ Iso .dat files... and i found some cool modelz

General Pepper - Ported to C4D + Pose
Star Fox Team - Menu Render = Ported to C4D + Pose

Now our mission is try to get a way to Rip the SFZ Textures...

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Quoting RTB from the Facepunch forums:

" I've got a QuickBMS script for that.!6sYCCaga!VufxEo0Tl...Lt1ph8pv4d_x5k

You'll need to unpack those .DAT files first, but you'd use that script on either the WTA or WTP files to get the textures in GTX format (basically the Wii U's swizzled DDS-based texture format), which you'd then use with a program called TexConv2 to convert them to DDS. Long process, but it works.

It's not exactly something that will work directly with Noesis, but it's the best we've got right now. "

Though when I tried converting the .gtx files, they ended up like the attached photo. He had this to say:

" Try using Noesis to convert them to .TGA. They're treated as being "DX10" DDS files for some reason which some programs have trouble reading. "

So that's where I am. Maybe someone else might know what he means and how to circumvent this conundrum.

Screenshot (45).png

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