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Sly Cooper Characters in the Star Fox Universe.


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DISCLAIMER: This is largely speculative and mostly something to use as reference when doing fanfics.

Both the StarFox and Sly franchise involve a world (or even an entire planetary system) populated by anthropomorphic animals. However Here is how i would incorporate the characters of sly cooper into the star fox universe.

Sly and his gang would be gang of space pirates not unlike Star Wolf but unlike StarWolf, he only steals from other criminals and enemy factions while secretly remaining sympathitic to Corneria and General Pepper. However he does at some occasions rob a few cargo and civillian ships, but only for the sake of food and supplies. Like Fox, Sly lost his parents to one of Andross's (who would replace Clockwerk in this AU) experiments that tragically destroyed a chunk of Corneria City, but was taken in by James McCloud, Fox's father, which is why he was able to attend the cornerian flight academy, but left when the news of James death reached him. His personal ship is a cornerian fighter he used to pilot during his days at the academy, which he stole when he deserted the cornerian army. Despite being born as a Cornerian citizen, his family line is also half-cerinian (Krystal's species and as an explanation to stealth aura) and his Cane is believed to be special type of cerinian staff. Sly's fighter is a modified cornerian fighter, which he stole when he left the academy and pursued his family tradition of theiving.


The Thevius Racoonus no longer exists in bound format and is now just a database on a drive, owing to cornerias advanced technology.


Bentley is a homegrown hacker and self taught technician who is close friends with sly ever since childhood and his time with the McClouds. Also a Classmate of Slippy Toad.


Murray is another friend of Sly and was a former space-trucker. He flies the gang's mothership, a modified long distance freighter as well as his own smallcraft, a small converted space excavator.


The cooper Gang or "Star Cooper" is also considered a notorious criminal gang in lylat but they aren't as dangerous as Star Wolf as they only deprive the real Criminals not innocent people. They however are not friends with Star Wolf and are minor allies with Star Fox. Sometimes helping the mercenary team in certain missions.


Carmelita is a policewoman serving under the Interstellar Criminal Police Organization. Despite Star Cooper not being as dangerous as Star Wolf she still comes after them as though they are public enemy number one. Also a minor ally with Star Fox but holds a certain amount of disdain towards them since they are allies with Sly and his gang of pirates and that she initially views mercenaries as criminals but rules out star fox as an exception given the amount of good they have done to lylat.


Penelope is a rougue technician from "Space Dynamics ltd." the same company that manufactured The arwings. She joins Sly's gang though her past affiliations with the Venomian army make the team feel uneasy about her presence.


other sly characters such as dimitiri would have the same backstories but modified to fit with StarFox's universe.


As for the villians, Clockwerk is out of the picture, but the members of the fiendish five still exist as criminals in lylat. The Claww gang would be an insurrectionist group, consisting of former cornerians and venomians, tied to the Venomian remnants who are trying to do what andross failed to accomplish: Conquer lylat.


Dr. M is an "Andross Wannabee" as he too is a mad scientist, and hopes to take over lylat,


Captain lefwee is a delusional space pirate who thinks he is a traditional seafaring pirate, thanks to him, he as attacked several cornerian warships under the impression that they were merchant ships and rules over the illegal space colony of blood bath bay with an iron fist. His first mate, Black spot, pete, abandoned him after executing his friend cantankerous tim, a friend of pete and a well known smuggler. He is the reason why the Cornerian army wants to blow up blood bath bay, it's delusional space pirates are a danger to everyone.


General tsao is an equally delusional rougue commander from the cornerian navy charged with the ruthless mistreatment of hsi own crewmen and the sexual abuse and assault of several female personnel in the cornerian army due to his "Traditional" misogynistic personality. His stronghold is on Sauria, where he torments a nearby saurian village.


Octavio is a vengeful opera singer, who is the leader of a mafia on Zoness,and holds a certain grudge against Falco Lombardi. It had been reported that he was seen with venomian personnel dumping sludge into zonessian waters.


Cyrille Le Paradox is a rival of Sly as well as a former classmate of him during their time at the academy. Unlike sly he stayed longer at the academy and became a pilot, but was persecuted after rumours surfaced that he was a double agent of the venomian army. As of now he has declared a self imposed war against lylat, though he doesnt seem to be making any real progress at it. He despises starfox and struggles to find ways to defeat the team as well as resurrect their former enemy,: Andross.


As for Cornerians visiting the sly Cooper version of earth, surprisingly they actually would have n problem in physically blending in with the populace aside from their language.

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sorry to say this but nobody want to write you fanfics, since you got the ideas right in you head, How about you write the storys instead?

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