Dark Souls: The Anthology Series

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   Long ago, there were two worlds, the Above and the Below...but you know already this fragmented story. Of how the Gods came to be, the fate of the ancient dragons, the birth of the Dark Soul and progenitor of man...

   But what of the story of the one who truly matters, the wayward Hollow. Whether the Chosen Undead, Bearer of the Curse, the Champion of Ash or a random pawn of fate...who has told their story?


   Dark Souls: The Anthology Series


(This anthology series will feature a new short story with new characters with each installment)

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Episode 1: The Crestfallen




Slowly dragging his feet from physical and mental exhaustion, Mayfur pushed himself to what he believed was the next bonfire. The knight has signs of hollowing in him and begins to feel the weight of his armor and weapon. Behind him in the dirt the tip of his longsword carved a small trench due to his unenthusiastic stance as he too dragged it with him. At an interval he would stop to gaze about and question his sanity before again rationalizing it all in his head. Just a little further, he thought, back to where he was prior. Once at the fire, he can rest his wary, tired bones. But there was one problem and a dire one indeed: between him and his brief respite was a graveyard he has not been able to cross. What made matters worse was the addition of fiendish Hollows peppered throughout.


It could have been three or four. Mayfur did not count them, he was too busy attempting to fight them off. Didn't matter much anyway, there might as well have been a hundred of them to line up to his slaughter for maybe the 1,000th time. What could he do different that would work in his favor? He lost his souls in the last attempt, so there was zero chance of getting stronger. That old firekeeper who mocked his existence would had laughed at him and labeled him a Crestfallen. Crestfallen...such a dirty word among Undead that implied failure. Would he be counted as one like that Holy Knight? He would be in company, though his conversations are far from pleasant , depressing even.




... No ... No, not today or any day.


Mayfur straightened and readied his sword. The time would come when his will would break, but it was in this moment. This was the day he crossed the Grave of the Forgotten. He inhaled sharply and plunged deep into the necropolis of tombstones.

As he ran passed the larger markers, the fleshless skeletons appears with swords and axes in hand filled with a bloodlust for the still sane Hollow making his way to further freedom. The knight pressed on this time not even bothering with a fight while avoiding pitfalls and deadends along the stacked grave markers that collected over the passage of time. Quickly he zigged and zagged remembering the way before but soon found himself in unfamiliar territory. This is as far as he's ever gone before, doubt and even looking back to view his pursuers will prove deadly; he was operating solely on instinct now and chose a right turn at a mysterious fork in his path.


His choice was lethal. Before him was a steep ledge and skidded to an abrupt stop. This was bad and his pursuers where close behind. Ahead was a downed rope bridge and double back to get a running jump to find a hundred or so shrieking skeletons with weapons raised. Mayfur turned about and booked to the ledge for a leap of faith...









... The knight lifted his head, the bonfire right in front of him...

Mayfur let out a heavy sigh and rose to his feet, only to discover he didn't recognize this place. He turned and looked to see the massive graveyard behind him. He let out a surprised shout of joy followed by a laugh. To what else added to his respite were a couple soapstones signs by the coiled sword and the Flame. Other undead just like him and willing to help. Suddenly his fears subsided and was that much closer to linking the fire in his era.

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Dr. Orange

Mmmmmm Dark Souls.

Dark Souls mmmmmm good.

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Episode 2: The Invader




Waiting. That was the hard part. The rest was determination and dedication. In one of the mazing hallways of the ruined cathedral the Dark spirit plotted knowing his prey was nearby and climbed the stairs to the second level to better observe how best to dispatch the master of this world. In his high lofty place of ambush, he passively peered down.


In strolled the master, armed with a rapier and parrying shield. The invader thought nothing of it until he saw the three phantoms in close formation. This wasn't just another run of the mill invasion. No, finally he found a challenge. The female world master cautiously and was one of the few who gave damn about her phantoms. She stopped and activated her chime to heal them before pressing on. The invader scoffed at her kindness, there was no way he intentions were pure. If they were she would have gone alone and not have wasted their time. To the invader they were nothing by fodder in the way of the real prize.


Leaping from his place of seclusion he plummeted with Great Cleaver in hand onto the first phantom, sending him back to his world instantly. Quickly he engage others, only two between him and the master now. But they not without a plan, atleast the master had one. In a flash she darted away from fight catching the last white phantom off guard. He clearly looked disheartened, did he also feel betrayed? Whatever the case he felt the bite of the invaders weapon and fell into smoky mist. Damn, no challenge at all... Now it was between him and sun whore, his golden outline only served to irritate him. Hunting undead and their blood was the only salvation, he reasoned, while readying his sword as the cleric of the sunlight did the same with his mace.




In haste she climbed the stairs to the higher levels, the bonfire must be nearby. In her travels she had failed to find any. But this was a chance to continue her journey to the Kiln. It was all she thought about, restoring the Flame and ridding mankind the Curse...atleast for now. But there was the next bonfire plan as day! Zealously she ran towards it and extended her hand.




As the Apostle of Sunlight fought the invader, he couldn't help but notice something was off...very off. The invader was didn't even seem like he was trying at this point. Perhaps his strength was half spent or something else. His answer came in blood curdling scream of the World Master being devoured by what would later be revealed as this areas Bonfire Mimic. The Apostle of Sunlight lowered his weapon feeling his connection to this world fading as the Invader taunted him with a 'praise the sun' gesture as they both disappeared leaving this world for theirs.


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Episode  3: the Sellsword




Aside from the fighting, there's not much to tell. Politics was never his forte and the battlefield was all the chaos he desired. With his band of fellow unsavory characters, he leapt into the fray. This wondrous feeling as if flying with wings of eagles, staring down upon those below with miserable prejudice who dared mock the king before being bloodied in the most dishonorable of cruelty. This is war not a sparing match or friendly contest, but the true article where decorum had no place. This is where the common man settled his differences without duelbows and gestures of good will. This is war.

No time for prisoners, no time for refugees, no time for rest or the sword. You both have work to do, there's more blood to be spilled and more skulls to be split. No pay until it is done. Another comes, his defenses wide open. Deep you thrust the sword with tight grip upon the hilt. He falls but you run, onto the next you clash as you bellow a warcry. The smell of blood, sweat, mud and fire in the air. Chaos all around. You feel it, you need it. It is everywhere and you cannot escape or deny it. This is where you belong. Killer of your own kinds at the decree and Kings, Queens, Bishops and Gods. This is where you belong, filthy human. This is war.

There's no going back, there's too much hate. You can't remember why, but why stop now? Here comes another and another and another. Their story is the same, they come you kill they die. Faceless, masked enemy, down you fall and die like the rest. No time for remorse, no time for last rights, no time for pity. The Gods frown upon them, they are scum of the earth that is not fit to be walked upon. Down they go, ashes they burn, forgotten forever. Just like the villages and the villagers harboring traitors. They're all traitors, burned them all to ash, the wind carries the rest. The houses, the farms, the pastures, the farmer...they all burn...

This is war. This is where I belong. Burning the fire so the fire still burns.


Another comes, he is different. You wake up inside, for his skill is far from ordinary. A veteran, warrior, a sellsword is he. 'Finally', says you, 'something worth this ashen field.'

Your swords clash, his curved to your straight. A man of the East, a foreigner with a discipline rarely seen. Your blood quickens, your excitement rallied. You both have never met and yet this meeting be it as if planned. You memorize his swordplay, he matches yours. The fight is no longer a battle, but a dance. A dance you both become entranced in, lost in as the surrounding fade away. His stepwork and singing steel is all you hear, there is nothing else. You found beauty in the strangest of place and left in awe. In this moment nothing else matters. This is where you belong. This is war. Burning the fire so the fire still burns. Nothing else matters.


Suddenly a stab in the chest, through the heart but from the back. Your opponent stops in a disappointed stagger with sword still raised. But you knew it was coming somehow, someday. You fall to the earth as you feel life leaving you. A smile paints your face for you are not bothered.

This is war

This is where you belong.

Burn the fire so the fire still burns.

Nothing else matters.


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Episode 4: Dishonorable




The messages on cobblestoned street littered the path of a wayward knight. They stretched on through the passage that snaked in among an abandoned village. Ahead was the market square that had once been bustling with traffic. But no more, the Curse...the Purge and the deafening silence but the wind that carried the foul stench still present after the ages.

The knight knelt down to read what other undead had left.

'Treasure ahead, in short weapon'

It seemed helpful enough, but there was another that said otherwise.

'Liar! Darkspirit, pull back!'

Not good, invaders this far in and away from any safezone. He read another.

'Use tongue, horse butt'

... Clearly a sign of severe Hollowing. The knight pressed on through the ruined avenue.


The messages had ceased. The wind had died down a bit and the knight could now hear the growling of snarling Hollows. These had been here since the ruins were fairly new and grew laughingly harmless. The knight did not not laugh however, for they may be an echo of what is to come should this Knight fail. Still it would be folly to allow them quarter and the knight drew the mace girded upon the hip to hold it ready. Again those messages rang in the mind.

...darkspirit...treasure... ... butt...?


The knight let out a sigh and stopped for some rest. A quick check of items in inventory. Poison Moss, monastery charms with a count of seven, half a flask of estus, five throwing knives, white soapstone... The temptation to go back was too great. If there was a fight ahead, this Knight was ill equipped to combat it. Quickly the knight took a homeward bone...

...nothing happens. Gods... An invasion?

The pull of a invader shakes the knight. The fear had been realized. Quickly, the knight used a silver talisman as blend in.




The glow of a red darkspirit filled the narrow road. Armed with a parma and lance, testing the surrounding and all conceivable hiding places. There was only one that was visible. A mocking spirit indeed taking the sweetest time moving through the street and stops abruptly.

"Come out, come out," the red spirit toyed in a musical tone. Twirled the lance in a display of boredom and spun away unknowingly from the knight hiding in plain sight, nestled as a barrel among rubbish gather in a corner.

"You're not making this fun at all," the darkspirit said, "all I want is some fun and humanity...your humanity. Is that all too much to ask?"


"Fine, I'll just sit right here." Pulls up a bucket and turns it upside down.

This was bad, very bad. If the knight made a noise, shifted in some way... Just wait, time will elapse and the invasion will end. The knight knew that much, there were other invasions. But this Knight wasn't much of s fighter and often chose to run over a fight. Usually would hide in a good place and wait. But this wasn't one of them and now in a state of vulnerability where the predator and prey now so close was unnerving.

"I'm waiting," the invader said. "Just give it up. I promise it won't hurt too much. We're undead, so this is nothing. Please?"


"COME ON ALREADY!!!" Violently the red spirit erupted from the seated position. Did this one expect it to be easy? The struggle of undead is not without its challenges and to resort to this implies desperation.



"No, you are the prey..."

A voice came from behind. The sound of feet with pairs of boots and clanking armor. The red invader turned to find three barrels morph back into their original forms as phantoms armed to the hilt. They all swung their weapons and gave chase to the fleeing invader who wondered who laid this trap before succumbing to defeat. The knight emerged as not a barrel but as the world master. "Good show chaps, let's set up the trap again for more darkspirits."

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Vergiff, go check the bus and make sure its offline this time."            Corneria, Durin province, interstate highway...      "I'm confused, run that by me again."      A few members of President Andsa's cabinet were seated in a limousine discussing current topics presently on the minds of voters, while on-route to the President's address to the senate.      "Okay, are you paying attention this time? 300 hundred years ago, the government at that time disbanded much of the organized military in favor of a simple set up where General staff controlled the fleet and army simultaneously. Got that?      "Yeah, but how is that simple? Wouldn't it be better to have the Admiralty continue to be in control of the star navy?"      Another member butted in. "Because to them it seemed like lasting peace was around the corner, which when you study history a little further..."      "Yeah, yeah, little regional conflicts here and there, I know. That still doesn't answer my question: Why are we now reverting back to the old standard? General Pepper showed that the system worked."      "Thats different, General Pepper was a noble and wise leader in a time of chaos. Now that governmental ruling parties have reformed there is just no need for this type of system and restoring full control to the Admiralty seems like the next necessary step. That would be too much power for one person."      "Hey wheres Norin?"      "Hes got the flu, he can't make it to see the President's speech."      Norin Rabbik the Secretary of Agriculture, born in Delphine a seaside town off the Aquantica coast. Had a dream of making it big in politics one day but never thought he'd land a spot in the Pearl Manor in the President's cabinet. Even though Corneria is a green world, no seems keenly interested in agriculture which doesn't help Norin and his obscurity. 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      By Zaphyr Stone
      So this is a fic about my character, Jack. While it is an OC fic, there are cameos from canon characters, so there's that. I just really wanted to tell this story. Thanks for reading, and don't forget to comment and give your opinion of the story thus far! I value any and all constructive criticism.
      Story Description: On the eve of his championship fight, Jack Darcy reflects on the wild journey that led him to the boxing ring. Tracing his steps from soldier to war hero to discharged veteran and remembering friends made and lost along the way, he is now faced with a simple question he cannot answer: What's next?
      This is an M rated fic due to swearing and violence.
      Those moments right before a match are always the most nerve wracking. The silence of the locker room is filled with a flurry of thoughts lingering in the air around me. I feel my self-doubt rise to slow my stride, so I fill the void by focusing on preparation.  
      I stretch everything. I move around. I throw punches, anything and everything to warm up and stay warmed up. Gerard helps to rub me down. I still try to crack a joke now and then about how he should take me out to dinner first. Sure, it’s immature and a painfully old joke, but we still laugh. It makes a grown man rubbing Vaseline into my chest and shoulders less awkward for me as well. We keep things loose and casual. Dramatic pep talks are for movies, and they just psyche me out.
      My manager, Johnny, walks in to check up on me and wish me luck. The stocky blue nose pit bull looks like he should be the one getting into the ring, and I should be in the pressed suit wishing him a good fight. He reminds me this fight is being recorded live and to just focus on my job. It’s not my first time in front of a camera, but I’ve never been recorded while doing my job. I try not to think about it as Gerard re-centers my focus. The gray-spotted rat weaves with me in a bout of shadowboxing, helping me to stay in the zone. Before I know it, the referee is coming in and giving us the standard “rules of the game” spiel, and Gerard is taping and gloving my hands. It’s time to go.
      I pull off my sweats, relieved that the uncomfortable heat is alleviated, don the silken violet and gold robe that bears my family name, Darcy, pull the hood so it drapes over my blunt white snout and walk out with Gerard. The din of the crowd erupts into wild cheering as the announcer cries out for Jack Darcy. I hear only the beat of my own heart reverberating in my ears as I make the walk out to the ring. My fans cheer my name over the musical fanfare that precedes me. As I make my way through with Gerard, it still amazes me how far I’ve come. I feel like I’m marching out to the warzone again, off to fight off the Venomians or the Aparoids. I feel the casing of my prosthetic press against my knee as I walk up the steps and duck through the ropes. It’s almost time.
      The arena darkens, and a video montage displays on the monitors, glorifying my opponent. I only vaguely hear the excited speech. My mind, despite the focus I fought to maintain, wanders back to the interview Cornerian Sports Network conducted with me to show with this fight. I still remember how strange it was to be behind a camera and questioned about topics that weren’t military-related. The reporter was patient and kind and asked mainly about my readiness for a fight of this magnitude, but there’s one question that sticks out in my mind, one I was unable to truly answer.
      “What’s next for Jack Darcy?” she had asked, feline whiskers twitching as she looked up from her notes.
      I had been frozen to my seat, mildly caught off guard. What was next for me? What did I want? My life felt like it had been one crazy event after another, and I was just along for the ride. I remember answering something along the lines of doing whatever would make me happiest. It was purposefully vague but still the truth, even if I had no idea after all these years what would make me happy.
      I close my eyes, silencing the world around me for just one brief heartbeat in time, and, in that moment, I can almost hear the roar of the jet thrusters and feel the rushing wind of the landing aircraft that brought me to the first step of my journey to this stage.
      It was the first time I had ever seen anything so beautifully intricate and simplistic at the same time. My father, forever the mechanic, would go on for what seemed like hours about the elegant sturdiness of the Arwing, and he would explain the intricacies of its inner workings with such passion and excitement that I just didn’t have the heart to stop him despite my ten year-old brain’s inability to comprehend his technical ravings. When Katina’s annual air show rolled around, his normal excitement was only exaggerated.
      “Darcy men have always had a hand in the technological advancement of Lylat, Jack. We have a proud heritage in mechanical achievement.” He had told me as we took the public transport out to Katina Outpost.
      I had to have heard that line at least once a day from him, that goofy grin on his blunt red muzzle. I learned from my mother that this claim was fairly exaggerated but harmlessly so. My father genuinely loved his work and was proud to be a part of whatever project he was assigned to, so there was no reason to bring him back down to ground level and remind him that our family’s role in Lylat’s “technological advancement” was more of a fingerprint than a hand. I never gave mechanics much thought. It felt like a foreign language to me.
      It wasn’t until I saw the shining silhouette against the skyline that I caught a glimpse of my father’s excitement. It shot through the sky with such intense speed and managed to do it so effortlessly.
      “That's like the one James McCloud flew, right?” I asked as we climbed out at our stop, my mother keeping a firm hold on my shirt collar so as not to lose me in the crowd.
      “Yeah, it’s very similar.” He nodded with a serene smile, “It’s a newer version, a little more advanced. It’s one of Corneria’s top tier models.”
      “Cool,” my eyes lit up as I remembered once seeing the legendary pilot fly his Arwing on TV.
      “Let’s see if we can catch the last of its practice run.” My mom goaded me along with a smile. She didn’t need to tell me twice.
      My dad led the way through the crowd with me following at his heels. It was always easy to find him, thanks to the red of his fur and the stocky build of his bull terrier body. I took after my mother’s white and black coat, and between the three of us, it was hard to lose each other in a crowd. We came to the main runway of the airshow, and it was glorious.
      Aircraft in all shapes and sizes, from single-pilot fighters to massive air carriers, lined either side of the runway, and groups moved from one to another down the line. Booths were stationed at each craft, some informational, some from organizations associated with the outpost, and others recruitment for the Cornerian Defense Force.
      I watched the Arwing from before zip over the airfield and towards the outpost, bystanders cheering excitedly.
      “He’s going back to the hangar, and they’ll wheel the Arwing out to the show on the ground.” My dad explained.
      “We have some time, why don’t we have a look around?” My mom suggested, and she sauntered out with my dad, the hem of her pink sundress fluttering in the breeze.
      I followed behind, scittering around each craft we came across. Some of the booths had games, and others giveaway prizes. The CDF recruiters were holding various physical contests; several older teens tried their hand at the pull-up bar. One daring adult husky was strapped into a gyroscopic training wheel while watching a simulation through a VR headset. I saw a pair of my friends ooing and awing over the large carrier. All huddled together at the open docking ramp, they tried to sneak peeks inside the cargo bay. As soon as I came over to see them, we immediately fell into excited chatter.
      “The guy is giving tours of the inside.” My friend Max bounced excitedly on his feet, which made his floppy yellow ears bounce as well, “We’re waiting our turn to go in.”
      “Yeah, and we got the new kid to think there’s killer robots inside.” Hank, a blue heeler, snickered, “We told him the carrier was shipping defective robots and that it was running late and had to stop for the airshow with the robots still in the cargo bay.”
      “And…why are we telling him this?” I raised a brow in confusion.
      “Because he just went in for a tour, and when he comes out, we’re gonna record him screaming like a girl.” Max grinned.
      “It’s gonna be awesome.” Hank laughed, pulling out a miniature tablet from the pocket in his hoodie and unlocking it.
      “There’s no way he actually believes that. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard you guys come up with.” I rolled my eyes. They were normally good guys, but every now and then they would get a hold of a stupid idea.
      “Oh wait wait! Here he comes!” Max shushed me and ushered me aside while Hank set the camera on his tablet to record as a small group of people walked out with a Cornerian aircraft technician.
      The new kid they were talking about was trailing timidly at the back of the group. Grady Newell was a scrawny strange little cat gecko with deep reddish-brown scales, a thick curly tail and glittering silver eyes. He was in the same grade as us, but his size always made everyone think he was younger. He was afraid of everything and didn’t really talk to anyone, so no one knew much about him. This made him a pretty decent target for some of the bigger kids in the class. Max and Hank were just falling into the new fad as always.
      I watched as Max kept out of sight and sneaked around behind Grady on the ramp.
      “Hey Grady! How was it?” Hank called out, waving to the gecko.
      Grady waved with a shy smile, walking over to Hank, “It was really cool! But I didn’t see any of the—”
      Max jabbed his fingers into Grady’s sides with a loud “BZZZZT!”
      Sure enough, the color drained from Grady’s scales, and out came a shrill screech that nearly split my eardrums. Hank and Max howled in laughter as some of the nearby adults looked over at us in confusion. I felt my face and ears heat up in embarrassment. Grady had the good sense to run away from the attention he had caused.
      “Oh my god, I can’t breathe!” Max doubled over in laughter.
      “You guys, I think he peed himself.” Hank could barely get the words out.
      “Well I hope it was as awesome as you guys hoped.” I frowned uncertainly, “Can we go now? People are looking at us.”
      The rest of the afternoon, I was able to forget about my friends’ shenanigans with Grady. We roamed the airshow like we owned the place, checking out the fighters and touring the carriers. We even got to check out a flight simulation. As things began to die down, there was one last event, the one I had been waiting for. I said goodbye to Max and Hank and reunited with my parents to find a good spot for the Arwing flight demonstration. As everyone began to gather together, I noticed a familiar silhouette huddled under the wing of a small fighter, thick tail curled around him.
      Guilt churned in my stomach. Grady was always by himself, and the times he wasn’t weren’t much better. I knew I should have stopped Max and Hank from pranking him. Whether it was because I felt bad for him or for not stepping in, I wasn’t sure, but before I knew it, I was just a few steps away from him. He really did look pitiful.
      “Hey Grady?” I tried.
      The little gecko jumped slightly and looked over at me warily. I wasn’t sure how you could tell if a lizard had been crying, but I could tell somehow.
      “Listen,” I rubbed the back of my neck awkwardly, “I’m sorry about earlier. Max and Hank are idiots, but they’re not bad guys.”
      “Oh,” Grady sniffed, “It’s okay, I guess. It’s my fault for being so scared all the time.”
      “You have to admit it was a pretty lame lie. Killer robots? Really?” I couldn’t help but laugh.
      Grady cracked a smile too. “Yeah, I didn’t believe them at first. They seemed so sure, though, so I thought maybe it was true.”
      “Rule number one with Max and Hank: if they have to convince you of something, they’re probably trying to fool you.” I laughed, “So…are you by yourself out here?”
      Grady nodded, a somewhat proud gleam in his eyes, “Yep! My mom works evening shifts, but I have a tram pass so I can get home from school.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a card with his picture and name stamped on it, “So I used it to come to the airshow. I wanted to see the new Arwing.”
      “Woah, that’s really cool!” My eyes widened impressed. I didn’t have a tram pass, “Well the Arwing is getting ready to take off. If we hurry, we can find a good spot to watch.”
      “Really?” Grady’s silver eyes sparkled hopefully.
      We took off back towards the crowd, squeezing our way through to find any kind of gap where we could see. Being a couple of the shortest kids in our class, we understood the struggle. Finally, we were able to find a small spot at the front, just big enough for us to share. We watched the pilot board the Arwing from a hovering monitor, the actual fighter being some distance away for safety. The slate gray peregrine falcon just oozed coolness.
      With a loud boom, the Arwing took off, and we watched it take sharp turn after turn, somersault in graceful loops. I heard Grady gasp in awe next to me at the swirling flash of light it created from its barrel roll. The two of us had never been happier.
      My parents offered to give Grady a ride home, and the entire way there, we chatted up a storm. Grady was actually a pretty cool guy. He was just as much a fan of James McCloud as I was, maybe even more, and he wanted to be a pilot when he grew up. We both collected and built model Arwings, liked a lot of the same TV shows, it couldn’t have been more perfect. We had no idea just how different our lives were going to be now that we had a friend in each other.
      Author's Note: And that concludes chapter 1! Keep an eye out for chapter 2, and thanks for reading. Shout-out to Tiger, Doc, Armin and Kurt for helping me name a couple of these characters!
    • Storminator
      By Storminator
      (Unsure whether to post this in Fanfiction or General discussion, please move if needs be)
      So with Star Fox Zero branding itself as a "Re-imagining" of the Star Fox story, I thought to myself how I would reinterpret the furry filled Lylat system! This thread will be showcasing my personal take on Star Fox, so without further ado, lets dive in!

      First off, a little pet peeve of mine- Where are all the moons? It always struck me as odd that the planets had a distinct lack of moons (Bolse notwithstanding) So in this universe Papetoon is Corneria's moon and was the first celestial body in the system to be terraformed. We'll get to the other two, but first- Solar.
      Solar has always been an odd one- Is it a Planet or Star? Well in my mind, it's a Planet (Despite what 6 year old me thought) but I've decided on making it a Gas Giant, because that's another thing Lylat seemed to be devoid of in my mind. Now onto its moons- Aquas and Fichina. Making them planet sized moons of a Gas Giant kills two birds with one stone- It satisfies my want for moons, and it deals with the issue of the system having too many planets that its unfeasible. The much loved Sectors X,Y and Z are still here, just not shown on this map since they're not technically in the system, just visible from certain planets.
      This timeline mainly covers the events before Lylat Wars/Star Fox 64 and is less of a re-imagining and more my interpretation of events. When creating this timeline I decided on a year in which the game's conflict would occur- 4096 (cookie for those that know how I got that number) I worked from there, doing Wiki searches to find character's ages and such.
      The Lylat Wars (4072 – 4102)
      This 30 year period saw 3 major conflicts throughout the Lylat System, the largest being the Vemonian War.
      Macbeth Civil War (4072-4074)
      The frontier industrial world of Macbeth had become divided politically between established corporations and immigrant population that was employed there. It eventually boiled over into full scale civil war, with the Cornerian Army being deployed to aid the rebel Immigrants.
      The Syndicate War (4084-4085)
      With many large scale Crime Syndicates growing in power in the outer system, the Cornerian central government declared open war in an attempt to crack down on illegal activity before it had a major impact on the central planets.
      The Vemonian War (4096-4102)
      The Vemonian War began after the exiled Dr. Andross formed the Vemonian Empire over the course of 7 years in order to become the dominant power in Lylat. The war spanned almost the entire system, even reaching Zoness.
      C.L.T = Cornerian Local Time
      C.F.A = Cornerian Flight Academy
      4066 C.L.T
      –Arspace Dynamics invents G-Diffusion Technology
      4068 C.L.T
      -James McCloud enters the Cornerian Flight Academy
      4069 C.L.T
      -Wolf O’Donnell born
      4070 C.L.T
      -James McCloud meets Peppy Hare
      -Arspace Dynamics develop the prototype AR-93/Arwing
      -James McCloud agrees to test the prototype
      4071 C.L.T
      -James McCloud graduates from C.F.A
      4072 C.L.T
      -Macbeth Civil War begins
      -James participates in numerous battles throughout the War
      4073 C.L.T
      -Peppy Hare graduates from C.F.A
      -James & Peppy serve under Commander Cornelius Pepper
      4074 C.L.T
      -Macbeth Civil War ends
      4075 C.L.T
      -Arspace Dynamics put AR-93’s into limited production for Cornerian Army
      4076 C.L.T
      -James leaves Cornerian Air Force, forms Team Star Fox with Peppy Hare
      - James meets Vixy
      -Star Fox hires Pigma Dengar
      4077 C.L.T
      -James buys four AR-93’s from Arspace Dynamics, upgrading from their old standard Cornerian Fighters
      4078 C.L.T
      -James and Vixy marry
      -Fox McCloud & Slippy Toad born
      4079 C.L.T
      -Star Fox has its first run-in with the Star Wolves, a group of Space Pirates lead by the O'Donnell clan
      4080 C.L.T
      -Peppy meets Vivian
      4081 C.L.T
      -Vixy is bedridden with a fatal disease
      4082 C.L.T
      -Vixy passes away
      4083 C.L.T
      -Arspace Dynamics Arwing blueprints are stolen by an unknown crime syndicate
      -Peppy and Vivian marry, having a Honeymoon on Zoness
      4084 C.L.T
      -Crime gangs gain territory in the outer system (Macbeth, Solar, and Sargasso Region)
      -Cornerian Army declares war on all crime syndicates in the system
      -Star Wolves employ the use of Wolfen Starfighters, reverse engineered from Arspace Dynamics Blueprints
      -Star Fox hired to combat the fighters
      4085 C.L.T
      -Syndicate War ends with criminals either surrendering or going into hiding
      4086 C.L.T
      -Cornelius Pepper gets promoted to General of the Cornerian Army
      4087 C.L.T
      -Andross deploys Biological and Chemical weapons across Lylat, practically destroying the ecosystems
      4088 C.L.T
      -Andross is exiled
      4089 C.L.T
      -James McCloud commissions the construction of The Great Fox, takes out an 80 year loan to cover expenses
      NOTE: James would be 109 years old by the time the loan expired!
      -Andross forms the Vemonian Empire in secret
      -Wolf O’Donnell comes out of hiding and takes over leadership of the Star Wolves, turning it into a 4 man squadron of mercenaries known as Star Wolf
      4090 C.L.T
      -Construction begins on the Great Fox
      4091 C.L.T
      -Andrew Oikonny approaches Wolf O’Donnell about joining Star Wolf and striking a deal with Andross
      4092 C.L.T
      -Wolf O’Donnel meets Leon Powalski at a bar on Venom
      4093 C.L.T
      -Strange activity reported from Venom. General Pepper employs Star Fox for a scouting mission
      -Pigma’s Betrayal
      -Pigma joins Star Wolf
      -Falco forms and leads the Free-Feathers
      -Fox McCloud enters Cornerian Flight Academy
      4094 C.L.T
      -The Great Fox is complete
      -Macbeth falls to the Vemonian Empire
      4095 C.L.T
      -Fox leaves C.F.A
      -Fox re-forms Team Star Fox with the aid of Peppy
      -Falco joins Team Star Fox
      4096 C.L.T
      -The Vemonian War begins
      -Bill Grey graduates from C.F.A
      -Star Fox hired by General Pepper to help combat an assault on Corneria
      4097 C.L.T
      -Fichina Outpost overrun, Star Fox sent to investigate
      -Team Star Wolf presumed K.I.A after engaging Team Star Fox
      -Bioweapons discovered on Aquas and Solar, Star Fox sent in to deal with them
      -Bill Grey promoted to squad leader of Husky Unit
      4098 C.L.T
      -Battle at Sector Y
      -Vemonian forces establish a foothold at Zoness, using it for Waste disposal
      4099 C.L.T
      -Battle for Katina
      -Fox and Bill reunite
      -Katina frontline base destroyed
      4100 C.L.T
      -Cornerian forces retake Zoness
      -Star Fox take out a major supply base at Macbeth, giving Cornerian Army a staging ground for a full scale assault on Venom
      4101 C.L.T
      -Cornerian forces begin the Assault on Area 6
      -Ground assault on Venom
      -Star Wolf return with upgraded Wolfen Fighters to protect Andross
      -Star Wolf K.I.A on Venom
      -Andross defeated by Fox McCloud
      -The Vemonian army dwindles without strong leadership
      -Star Fox hailed as heroes, offered official position in the Cornerian Army
      4102 C.L.T
      -Vemonian remnants stage a last-ditch assault on Fortuna, led by Andrew Oikonny
      -With the aid of Star Fox the Vemonian forces are defeated and officially surrender
      -The Vemonian War Ends
      Next up is character ages, their birth years and year of death (if available);
      James McCloud- 4053-4093 C.L.T (40yrs old)
      Vixy McCloud- 4055-4082 C.L.T (27yrs old)
      Fox McCloud & Slippy Toad- 4078 C.L.T (18yrs old as of 4096)
      Falco Lombardi- 4077 C.L.T (19yrs old as of 4096)
      Peppy Hare- 4055 C.L.T (41yrs old as of 4096)
      Gen. Pepper- 4047 C.L.T (49yrs old as of 4096)
      Beltino Toad- 4049 C.L.T (47yrs old as of 4096)
      Dr. Andross- 4040-4101 C.L.T (61yrs old)
      Wolf O’Donnell- 4069-4101 C.L.T (32yrs old)
      Pigma Dengar- 4057-4101 C.L.T (44yrs old)
      Andrew Oikonny- 4074-4102 C.L.T (28yrs old)
      Leon Powalski- 4064-4101 C.L.T (37yrs old)
      That's all there is for now! Thoughts, critiques and suggestions are very welcome! I'd also like to hear about your ideas for a completely re-imagined Star Fox Universe
    • 14432
      By 14432
      Here is the main concept:
      Set in a (dark) timeline for ending 3.

      After Star Wolf had taken everything from him including the woman he once loved, Fox realized that because of Krystal he had brought nothing but shame and dishonor to the McCloud name. Unwilling to continue such a tortured existence, he turned toward his Samurai roots and decided that as penance he must commit ritual seppuku in order to die with honor. He however did not leave the world of the living alone, His remaining teammate, Falco, General Peppy, Bill Grey, and a few other old friends attended this ritual suicide and bowed their heads in respect once he had finished taking his own life.

      After His Burial, Fox's soul continued to roam lylat as a Yurei until the day he was taken in by an Inugami, a dog-like sorceror once believed to be nonexistent by modern Cornerians. With the help of the Inugami's black magic, Fox's soul evoles into a Onryo, a ghost (yūrei) believed capable of causing harm in the world of the living, harming or killing enemies, or even causing natural disasters to exact vengeance to redress the wrongs it received while alive then takes their spirits from their dying bodies. He is always accompanied by two hitodama (souls), one is James McCloud (blue colored) and the other is Fox's ancestor from 2,500 BLW (more aggressive ball of fire, colored red).

      As an Onryo, Fox relentlessly followed Star Wolf, appearing and manifesting before them in the form of terrifying visages and visions (once took the form of a Gashadokuro or a giant Fox skeleton that terrorized Star Wolf in one of their motherships) and intending to slay them one by one with his ghostly Katana and his bloodied Tanto while his eyes are set on Panther and Krystal. Thank's to the inugami's black magic, he has lost all sympathy toward "she who has broken his heart". and it seemed that not matter how many times they change motherships, he always follows them relentlessly.

      Partially inspired by the Japanese ghost story, Yotsuya Kaidan.

      anyone interested in writing a fanfic based on this concept ought to imagine this as a kabuki play rather than a normal fanfic. I'm telling anyone to write this as a kabuki play, just imagine it.