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What would a star fox 64 2 for N64 have been like?


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Nintendo has made Majora's mask in under 2 years by recycling a lot of content to make OoT and yet it is very different and and so one of the most beloved entries in that series.  If Star fox 64 2 has a similar sort of development history ad Majora's mask and still be on the N64 console, what would have been like?

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Probably a select few new planets, maybe some from SNES SF2 or SF64, and a few more planets involving the non-Arwing vehicles.  Would have been nice to have had a Blue Marine level that had more urgency to it.

I'd imagine the multiplayer modes would have been expanded on since the original's was servicable at best.  If the RAM expander was used, maybe the level design could afford to be less barren even with 4 player play.

They'd probably need a hook that would motivate people to buy it, but theres always a chance it could have just been a case of "More similar content and more refinement".

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"More similar content and more refinement".

That probably would've been the case. It's that, or the devs let their minds go free, and put Star Fox in the infamous black hole, which instead of transporting them between specific locations, takes them somewhere completely different, and... out of this dimension.

... But I can speculate! ;) 

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