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    • DZComposer
      By DZComposer
      If you've got the SSB Fox Amiibo, scan it in to Star Fox Zero to play as the SNES Arwing, complete with Walker mode from SF2! Other SNES bits return as well, including the Cannon Betrayer battleships and the Monarch Dodora as the boss on Fortuna.
    • The VGM Lover
      By The VGM Lover
      It can do this!
      "Nothing like a challenge! Let's take them down!" - Fox McCloud, Star Fox Zero, 2016
    • SF Redd
      By SF Redd
      As you may or may not already know, a new, Mario-themed line of Amiibo will be launching soon, including Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, and Toad.

      That said, do you think Star Fox for Wii U will have Amiibo specifically designed after the character models for that game? I ask this as it was recently said that Star Fox will have Amibo support. If you do think we'll see Star Fox-themed Amiibo, who do you want to see?