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Um.....yeah...even though I have mentioned one time that these would be a lot of work, I did think of some answers to a certain someone's question.

First off, I did think of how Lisa met the Powerpuff Girls. Remember the Powerpuff Girls movie that was...not great? Well, I took the first part of that movie and incorporate it into the story. I'll talk more about that later.

Second, how Lisa got her puppy, Sally, I have mentioned that she got it from the Road Rovers. I was able to think of how it happened all of those years ago.

I will get on explaining more of that whenever I can. As for the actual stories? Well...I need some time to think of that.

Also, I can't reveal anything about the former just yet. It becomes part of a plot in US2 that I came up with and revealed in that story. Just wait until then. I will tell more about that soon.

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So, during the Ultimate Story, you may have noticed that Professor Oak and Professor Utonium know each other. Well, in my story, it is revealed that Professor Utonium, although a punk kid who didn't care much about science and was always messing around, had revealed that it was Professor Oak that helped him to develop his interest in science. However, I have not worked out all the details and some of the ideas are kind of hard to understand.

It is later revealed in US2 that Professor Oak's family had put together a secret research team eons ago to help the Great Wizard restore his memories and fill the books in his library that were blank pages. Professor Utonium is one of the members of that team and one of Professor Oak's most trusted subordinates. This was kept a secret and their explanation of their shared past was kind of sketchy and hard to decipher.

It was from this that he knew Ly and became very acquainted with her, so much so that he would entrust her to do whatever she told him to do. When his 3 creations, the Powerpuff Girls, wrecked the city while playing tag during their first day of school, Ly came to Professor Utonium and warns him that a terrible evil will use this catastrophe to their advantage as well as the townsfolk's animosity towards the girls. She then orders the him and the girls to flee town until she and her subordinates were able to clear everything out. She even made certain that the townsfolk are kept unaware of their retreating long enough for them to leave without them knowing.

The Professor and the girls did just that, retreating to a beach house in Miami where the he and the girls can stay in seclusion. From there, the girls were able to pratice using their powers until they were able to control them. 

That will be all that I'll say for now. I will mention more real soon.

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So, there is something else that has been going on that I need to talk about.

I'm sure many of your have seen my other fanfic that I have been working on known as the Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles, which is a story that is separate from the Ultimate Story. Um....that's not completely true. You see, I have a really, really tough time keeping these stories separate from each other regardless of how much I've wanted to. But my mind has a tendency to have these different ideas of mine bleed on to other stories to a point where they are all just one massive story. This story is no exception.

Originally, I've wanted it to be a cameo of sorts in my story, with Bubbles being a huge fan of both series. Also, having her love both of them so much that she would "dream up" these stories and start bringing them out with the help of the Starfox team's writing prodigy, D.W. Together, they would work on the story and enter it in a fanfiction contest of sorts. The winner of that contest would have their story be made into a DVD. Bubbles, of course, won the contest and had this story made into a DVD. After she received the DVD, she along with the rest of the Starfox team, would be able to watch the movie. After the movie was finished, they would go somewhere else. At that time, a magical spark would emerge from the screen that they were watching the movie, implying that there is something more to the movie, almost as though the movie they were watching was very much real. What could this mean? Could this crossover also be part of the Ultimate Story? There is still more to come as a few more of these movies come out, even into some mysterious books. Hm.....

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll talk more about this soon. 

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This is a special announcement to anyone who doesn't know about this. I have been putting my story on a wiki. There has been so much in my story that I have wanted to put into a wiki but I never got to it because I have been worried about not being allow to put fanfics on a wiki, but thanks to a huge admirer of mine, something I never thought I would receive from my stories, I finally got my chances.

Turns out other people have been putting their fanfics on there as well, so that makes me feel a lot better, but sometimes seeing stuff like that makes me feel...average. It's not a bad thing, it just makes me feel as though I'm much harder to recognize. It's confusing. I don't know what I should dwell on more, I really want to believe that I stick out just enough to be noticed, but I don't want to overshadow everyone. But in this kind of world, it feels as though you have to in order to be noticed. I don't want to do that, I'd rather go unrecognized than become part of that cut-throat competition of becoming famous if it means getting myself out there means that I have to do that. 

I'm not in this for fame, even though it's difficult to see otherwise, I just want to express myself. If I have to become that kind of person to walk all over others to get there, then it's not worth it. I'm not doing this for fame, I'm doing this to bring myself out there and find people who would appreciate how I express myself.

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OK, so, I have some things to reveal about one of my US stories.

First off: I have decided to make Ultimate Story 7 the final story of the series. It will be the Ultimate Endgame and it will the end of all conflicts in the story.

Second off: there will be new universes that join the story. 
The following will be, without a doubt: 

Tales of Vesperia
Xenoblade Chronicles
Fire Emblem-at least 3 games from the series

I also have a special little surprise in US7 that does play a vital role in this story. I will reveal that....when the time comes.

I shall mention some more about my story. Just wail until then.

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OK, so, it's time for me to talk about a very, very essential character in my story: the Great Wizard.

So, I have mentioned him so far, it sounds like the Great Wizard is like a God in my story. Well...he is....and in some ways, he's not. I refer to the Great Wizard as the one who created the "Foundation of all of Existence", so in a way, it would make sense to call him a God, or even God, for that matter. I'm pretty sure I'm not the first person to have done something like this. Anyway, he was the one who created the start of everything in all of existence, but he was not the only one who created all of existence. In fact, existence was created by many Gods. The Great Wizard was the one who overlooked everything, so in my story, he is also the Master of Deities. But...if the Great Wizard is a God, then why do I address him as the Great Wizard?

The answer to that is quite simple (and hopefully one that you can understand). The Great Wizard is the kind of person who never looked down at his subordinate, but rather, he thought of them as his equal as well as his friends and his family. Being a God makes one all-powerful, so he would still be one who is superior in power, so he downgraded himself to a mystic being that is powerful but not all-powerful: a wizard.

However, his desire to stand along side his subordinates as their equal cause a lot of problems. Many malevolent characters, unlike the Great Wizard, himself, wanted to stand above others; that included Gods, as rulers of all of existence. They intended to take advantage of him one way or another. There was even one way in which someone did, but I won't reveal that. They also saw the Great Wizard as weak and looked down upon him, as well, for his desire. Regardless, they attempted to use him and all that he knew to carry out their goals of taking over all of existence. From this, he was forced to end his own life to protect all those that he cared about. 

However, he didn't die. The Great Wizard is immortal, so when he were to end his own life, he would be reincarnated as a completely different person. He would maintain some of his powers but his memories would be suppressed. This was for the protection of all of existence. He would overtime regain some of his memories, not all of them; just enough to remember who he is. But many of the malevolent to sought to take advantage of him would find him and when that time came, he would take his own life and be reincarnated again.

I will talk more about this soon enough.

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Alright, now on to what I wanted to talk about regarding the Great Wizard.

As I have mentioned before, he has a tendency to end his own life and reincarnate himself at will. He had taken on many forms throughout the many eons. However, there has been 1 form that he's remained in for most of the Ultimate Story. Can you guess what the 1 form is?

Allow me to give you some hints as to what this form is:

  • He takes on the form of a powerful, mystic being
  • He is capable of powers similar to his true form
  • He is someone that our main characters have met before
  • He is obviously NOT an OC, otherwise you wouldn't know who he is
  • He's been around since the very beginning

So, who is it? Who is the Great Wizard's current incarnation? Let me know if you were able to figure it out. I'll be waiting.

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So, I didn't plan on mentioning anything about Ultimate Story 5, but I might as well get out some of the details out. So, US5 will mainly take place within the Star Wars universe. The events of Episode IV supposedly happened, but  I won't reveal anything else until someone has found out about the mystery that I have everyone try and find out in Page 124. 

The story will also involve the characters that were introduced in the Ultimate Story special, The Celestial Winx. It will involve the Original Celestial Winx, but I won't get until that until someone has figured out the mystery in Page 86.

There are a lot of mysteries involved Ultimate Story 5. I will get more into it once the answers of those questions have been announced.

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Alright, I can't reveal much about Ultimate Story 5, but I think I can reveal some things about Ultimate Story 6 without spoiling anything about the story before. 

So, the title of the story is Ultimate Story 6: The Great Collapse. It all started with the Universe inexplicably collapsing for some reason. However, all of the magical beings took action and managed to encase everything before the collapse began. The different characters found themselves regaining consciousness on large chunks of floating rocks, wondering what had just happened.

Overtime, they were able to reunite with each other and met Rosalina for the first time. She offered them to stay at her Comet Observatory where they decided to set up their base to figure out what had happened.

The events of this story have pulled out a lot of ideas from Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. I don't care what anyone says about Super Mario Odyssey, I do NOT find that game any more impressive than the Super Mario Galaxy games.

Anyway, that will be all that I'll say about this for now. I will reveal more some other time.

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So, then, in Ultimate Story 6, Rosalina was the character to make her first appearance, but with there being just 1, the story felt kind of empty even though I've had so many characters make an appearance in the story left and right. But then, I watched Emile's LP of Kid Icarus Uprising after deciding to give the series a chance. I liked it and then formed the idea to have him and Palutena make their first appearance in Ultimate Story 6. There are some secrets involving Palutena that will be part of the plot to Ultimate Story 7.

I will be revealing more of that in due time.

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Before I get back to Ultimate Story 6, I would like to go back to Peach, Daisy and Rayman.

Now then, I have already shown you their Pokemon from the first 3 Generations. Now, I would like to introduce the next 3:



Prinplup Water   Dewott Water   Braixen Fire
Starly Normal/Flying   Musharna Psychic   Fletchling Normal/Flying
Wormadam Bug/Steel   Panpour Water   Florges Fairy
Gastrodon Water/Ground   Simipour Water   Furfrou Normal
Cherubi Grass   Sewaddle Bug/Grass   Aromatisse Fairy
Happiny Normal   Petilil Grass   Carbink Rock/Fairy
Togekiss Flying/Fairy   Lilligant Grass   Noibat Flying/Normal
Snover Grass/Ice   Cinccino Normal   Dedenne Electric/Fairy
Mantyke Water/Flying   Deerling Normal/Grass      
      Foongus Grass/Poison      
      Solosis Psychic      
      Pidove Normal/Flying      
      Tranquil Normal/Flying      
      Swanna Water/Flying      
      Escavalier Bug/Steel      
      Volcarona Bug/Fire      




Monferno Fire/Fighting   Pignite Fire/Fighting   Qualladin Grass
Roserade Grass/Poison   Purloin Dark   Fletchinder Fire/Flying
Wormadam Bug/Grass   Pansear Fire   Skiddo Grass
Gastrodon Water/Ground   Simisear Fire   Pancham Fighting
Stunky Poison/Dark   Leavanny Bug/Grass   Inkay Dark/Psychic
Cherrim Grass   Excadrill Ground/Steel   Helioptile Electric/Normal
Yanmega Bug/Flying   Gurdurr Fighting   Gourgeist Ghost/Grass
Tangrowth Grass   Lilligant Grass   Klefki Steel/Fairy
Carnivine Grass   Maractus Grass      
      Amoonguss Grass/Poison      
      Duosion Psychic      
      Tranquil Normal/Flying      
      Unfezant Normal/Flying      
      Boufallant Normal      
      Fraxure Dragon      
      Durant Bug/Steel      




Grotle Grass   Serperior Grass   Frogidier Water
Shieldon Rock/Steel   Blitzle Electric   Bunnelby Normal
Wormadam Bug/Ground   Pansage Grass   Pyroar Fire/Normal
Amibipom Normal   Simisage Grass   Binacle Rock/Water
Mothim Bug/Flying   Swadloon Bug/Grass   Swirlix Fairy
Bronzor Steel/Psychic   Boldore Rock   Hawlucha Fighting/Flying
Rotom Electric/Ghost   Krokorok Ground/Dark   Phantump Ghost/Grass
Skuntank Poison/Dark   Yamask Ghost   Avalugg Ice
Drifloon Ghost/Flying   Swoobat Psychic/Flying      
      Sawsbuck Normal/Grass      
      Reuniclus Psychic      
      Pidove Normal/Flying      
      Unfezant Normal/Flying      
      Ferrothorn Grass/Steel      
      Cryogonal Ice      
      Heatmor Fire      


That will be all for now. I will continue on with another few comparison charts.

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Before I get back to Ultimate Story 6, I would like to go back to Peach, Daisy and Rayman.
Now for the next set of Pokemon comparisons for Peach, Daisy and Rayman:


And now for all 3 of them together:


There, I put them out, just like I promised. I'll put out something else soon enough.

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Hm.....I've been thinking, if the Powerpuff Girls could have the Starter Pokemon, what would they be. Here's what I have in mind: 


That will be all for now.

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    • fanfictiondreamer
      By fanfictiondreamer
      The Stay on Dinosaur Planet
      Chapter 1-Shabunga’s Surprise
      After successfully defeating the evil Andross for the last time, Fox and Pikachu landed back in Thorntail Hollow. Tricky: “Fox, Fox!” Fox: “Tricky?”
      Fox and Pikachu watched as Tricky ran towards them in an energetic way. Tricky: “Fox, you won’t believe this: Bubbles and Misty flew in this blue fox that looked almost like you.” Fox: “They did? Where are they, Tricky?” Tricky: “Follow me.”
                 Fox followed Tricky into the chamber where the Queen Earthwalker was held. There they found a crowd of dinosaurs blocking their way towards Bubbles, Misty, the King and Queen Earthwalker, and Krystal. Krystal was lying on the floor. When one of the dinosaurs spotted Fox and the prince, it told the others to move out of the way for the two of them so they could move up towards the girls and the king and queen. Bubbles: “Fox, we’re so glad to see you. Poor Krystal almost didn’t make it. Luckily, we were able to receive help from the King and Queen Earthwalker.” Fox: “Great, how did it go?” Misty: “Not so good, I’m afraid the king and queen’s help just wasn’t enough. She’s still in bad shape. Those Krazoa Spirits did her in good.” Fox: “Will she be OK?” Misty: “Of course. With some rest and plenty of food, she’ll be recovered in no time.” Fox: “OK, then.” Misty: “However, until she recovers to her normal health, we’ll have to remain on Dinosaur Planet.” Fox: “For how long?” Misty: “I’d say…for a couple of days should help her.” Bubbles: “That’s longer than I thought we would stay here for.” Misty: “We should make the best of it and watch over her until she recovers.” King Earthwalker: “Nonsense, after the way you guys saved our planet, you deserve a lot more than this.” Fox: “Yeah, I know, but Misty’s right, I mean, if we’re not going to watch over her then who will?” Voice: “I will.” Fox: “Huh?”
      Fox and the others watched as a Cloudrunner came out of the crowd. Cloudrunner: “I’ll stay and watch over Krystal. I’ve known her since the day she first landed on this planet.” Misty: “OK, then. While the Cloudrunner watches over Krystal, we’ll head to Cape Claw and meet the others there. We’ve received a message that they’re there, right now.” Fox: “Then let’s get going.” Misty: “All right, thanks for volunteering to watch over Krystal, noble Cloudrunner. If anything happens to her, just let us know.”
      So, Fox, Misty, Bubbles and Tricky headed straight for Cape Claw.
      When they arrived, they saw Princess Peach, Rayman, and Banjo. However, Kazooie was nowhere in sight. This was excellent news to Fox. After that, Fox and Misty set up their lounge chairs, took out their sunglasses and lounged on the chairs. (Adeleine painted the chairs out. Yes, Adeleine’s back and boy, was she happy to be painting for her friends again.) Later, General Pepper’s hologram popped up and congratulated Fox and his friends for saving the Lylat System again. Then Fox and Misty did something that reminded Peach of a little deal she made with the Thorntail storekeeper, Shabunga, after Fox bought the Snowhorn artifact. Therefore, she left the beach and headed straight for Thorntail Hollow.
                After Peach returned, the storekeeper, Shabunga, appeared out of nowhere behind Fox and Misty’s lounge chairs. Fox: “What the…? The Thorntail storekeeper? What are you doing here?” Shabunga: “I’ve got a little surprise for you and your red-headed friend, but first, I’m going to need to take some pictures.”
      Then, he grabbed the scarab he had always worn around his neck, which he used to roll out into a 3-digit #, and somehow rolled it out into a camera. Shabunga: “You, with the ears.” Fox: “Who? Me?” Shabunga: “Yes, you, I need you to stand over there.” Fox: “Um, OK.”
      He got up from his lounge chair, took off his sunglasses and walked not too far from where he was. Fox: “Here?” Shabunga: “Yes, there.”
      Fox folded his arms. Fox: “So now, what?” Shabunga: “Stay right there, just like that. That’s perfect.”
      He then held his camera up. Shabunga: “Now, smile and say “scarab”.”
      Then he snapped shot and looked at a projector on the back of the camera to see if she got what he wanted. Shabunga: “Hm, good, you may sit down, now.”
      Fox returned to his lounge chair. Shabunga: “You, with the headband.” Misty:” Who? Me?” Shabunga:” Yes, you, now I need you to stand over there.” Misty: “Um, alright.”
      She got up from her lounge chair, took off her sunglasses and walked to the same spot that Fox was asked to stand. As she stopped, she put one arm behind her back and grabbed on to her other arm. Misty: “Here?” Shabunga:” Yes, there, perfect, just the way I wanted it to be.”
      He held up his camera again. Shabunga: “Now, smile and say “scarabs”.”
      Then he snapped shot and looked at the projector on the back of the camera. Shabunga: “Yessssss, perfect, you may sit down.”
      Misty returned to her lounge chair. Shabunga: “Now, then, I’ll be right back. Don’t you go anywhere, you 2.”
      Then he was gone.
      Fox and Misty looked at each other and then back at where Shabunga once stood, er, floated. (I forgot that Shabunga has no legs, just a tail.) Then he reappeared with two lovely lockets: one with a picture of Fox in it, the other with a picture of Misty. He brought the lockets closer to the both of them. Shabunga: “Here you go, I hope you like them.” Fox: “Wow! What a great surprise. Self-portraits! Thank you.”
      Fox was about to grab the locket with his picture in it but Shabunga quickly pulled it away from him. Shabunga: “Don’t touch this; it isn’t for you.”
       He held the picture of Fox in front of Misty. Shabunga: “This is for her.”
      She grabbed the picture, he then held the other picture in front of Fox. Shabunga: “THIS is for you.”
      Fox took the locket that Shabunga wanted him to take. Fox: “Gee, thanks but, um…” Shabunga: “What’s wrong, don’t you like it?” Fox: “Yeah, I like it but you just gave me a picture of Misty.” Misty: “Yeah, you gave me a picture of Fox. Don’t you think you have us totally mixed-up?” Shabunga: “Of course, not. I gave you 2 a picture of each other for a good reason; these portraits contain a picture of your loved ones.”
      Misty became speechless but Fox was not satisfied. Fox: “Wait a minute, now you’re saying that we’re in love with each other?” Shabunga: “What? Don’t you get all nasty on me! I only gave you the lockets. I could always take yours back if you changed your mind about it.” Fox: “Who told you to give us these lockets? Princess Peach?” Shabunga: “Was that the name of that Blondie who asked me to make you these lockets?”
      Fox was angry. Peach’s mind: “Darn it, I thought by giving him those lockets would help Fox realize his true feelings about Misty. I guess I underestimated him.”
      Fox got up from his lounge chair and stood in front of Peach. Fox: “So, this is your next attempt; asking the storekeeper to create gifts that does all of your bragging for you, huh?” Peach: “Well, it was worth a try.” Fox: “Well, congratulations, you’ve failed.” Peach: “I …had a feeling you were going to say something like that.” Fox: “Yeah, I know. Come on, Peach, this isn’t funny.” Peach: “It’s wasn’t suppose to be funny, I’m just trying to tell you the truth. Please! You have to listen!” Fox: “I had it, Peach. You’ve changed too much since the day we couldn’t see each other anymore. First you’ve gone from caring to over protected and then from over protected to just plain ridiculous!!! Enough is enough!”
      Fox turned his back on Peach and walked away. He then dropped his locket on the floor as he continued walking to the far side of the beach. Peach: “But, Fox, you must understand…” Fox: “Save it!”
      Peach bowed her head in great sorrow. Shabunga: “That’s just great; I wasted my time and energy over making gifts for 2 couples who aren’t in love with each other.” Peach: “They ARE in love with each other; Fox is just too stubborn to see that.” Shabunga: “Oh, I see, well, maybe I should take back his locket since…” Peach: “No, leave it; I want him to pick it up after he gets back.”
      Shabunga nodded and disappeared. Tricky: “So, what is Fox doing over there, Bubbles?” Bubbles: “Oh, Fox just wants to be alone whenever he gets angry. But, don’t worry, he’ll pull through.” Tricky: “How long is he going to stand over there?” Bubbles:” Don’t know. It depends on how angry he is. If we’re lucky, he’ll be standing there for a few hours.”
                Later that night, Fox is still standing on the other side of the beach. Just after he looked back at his friends, who are sleeping, he turned around and walked back. He stopped in front of his locket that he tossed on the ground earlier to pick it up and returned to his lounge chair. He looked towards Misty and at the picture of Misty in his locket. Fox’s mind: “Can it be true?”
      Then he closed his eyes for the night.
    • fanfictiondreamer
      By fanfictiondreamer
      Many, many eons, ago, during the very early dawn of time, there lived a magical realm where many magical creatures lived. These magical creatures were born to protect and look after the many worlds as they formed. They were known as fairies and shaman. Out of all of them were a pair of magical beings that were well known out of many of them: a fairy named Ly and a shaman named Nikko. These 2 fell in love with each other; many say they invented love. They were to propose to each other and live together for all of eternity, however, there was another trait that Nikko was known for besides his love for Ly.
      Nikko once dedicated some of his existence to studying Darkness, a mysterious and untold magic that not many knew about. However, when he came close to figuring out Darkness, something went terribly wrong. The Darkness began to take control of him, taking possession of his body, his mind and his very well-being. He soon became evil and this evil renamed itself the Shaman Emperor.
      This terrible evil wanted to dominate over all of the dimensions that the magical creatures have planned to watched over. When they refused to let him take them over, he threatened to destroy them all with the use his dark magic. But before he came to that point, Ly stopped him. When he attempted to dispose of her, she held back his Dark magic as much as she could. She was then forced to send him to the Shadow Realm to prevent him from destroying everything.
      Worried that this might happen to many other mystic beings from being corrupted like Nikko, a powerful sorcerer sent out the Teenzies to guard over all the dimensions. He then sealed away the mystic beings into each of the dimensions that they have been assigned to protect and then  sealed off each of the dimensions from one another. As the dimensions begin to form, all seemed to have gone the way they were suppose to, or so they thought.
      Little did they suspect, the Shaman Emperor created portals from his imprisonment in the Shadow Realm to many of the dimensions. At that time, many of the worlds were corrupted and with that, he was able to gather enough Dark energy from the corruption to free himself. Ly managed to find out about this nefarious plan before any destruction took place, so she had made attempts to warn the people from these dimensions of his terrible destruction in order to prevent it. Unfortunately, the Teenzie guardians wouldn’t allow her to. Then, she tried to contact people of these upcoming dangers and succeeded in all of her attempts, except one.
      Ly foresaw a terrible war in one of the dimensions; a war in which she felt if not prevented, the Shaman Emperor will have more than enough dark energy to free himself. Ly attempted to contact 4 heroes from that dimension and bestowed upon each of them mystic items known as the Vaults of Light. When utilized, these mystic items can contain the souls of those with black hearts, thereby preventing the war. But the heroes did not use the mystic items and instead fought the war head on. At first, this was a terrible mistake that Ly thought could have been prevented even when she saw that terrible creatures made of pure Darkness infested that entire dimension. Realizing that it was too late to prevent the war, she gathered up as much light energy as she could muster.
      As the war ended, a black vortex formed. This vortex seen many times during the war but was obscured from many except mystic beings until it was large enough for the Shaman Emperor to emerge from it. He then released a vast amount of his Dark magic. It was powerful enough to break the barriers created by the Teenzie guardians and began to devour 1 dimension after another. Ly, who gathered more Light magic than she can contain, held back the dark magic before all the dimensions could be destroyed.
      As all this was occurring, a young girl watched in terror as many of the dimensions were being threatened. She then decided to take matter into her own hands and consulted the Teenzie guardians to fuse as many of the surviving dimensions as they could. By doing this, Ly would have less to protect and can force the Shaman Emperor back into the Shadow Realm. However, doing this could risk all life in all of the surviving dimensions, but they were convinced that they had no other choice. So, they fused as many dimensions as they could, allowing Ly to have less to protect and she was then able to push the Shaman Emperor back into the Shadow Realm. She then created 6 mystic gems known as the Lock Crystals to seal the portal to the Shadow Realm. She then separated the spirits of the 4 heroes from their physical bodies and sealed them away in the Realm of Nothingness as punishment for their part in releasing the Shaman Emperor. And finally, she meditated to restore her powers.
      She remains resting as of today. All life began to form in the newly fused dimensions. But how do I know all of this, you ask? Because I was the girl. I assisted Ly in preventing what we now call the Rifter: the end of all existence. I am Tikal and this is my story.
    • fanfictiondreamer
      By fanfictiondreamer
      The Heartless threat continued to escalate. Under the command of a mysterious man who calls himself Ansem, the Heartless penetrated many worlds, draining them of their essence. The threat soon spread to worlds that not even the Great Wizard, himself knew still existed. 1 such world was at war with a particularly different enemy. The Heartless soon open a rift and reign terror on many of the inhabitants. The heroes of that world were powerless to stop them and the deterioration process would soon commence. In the time of great need, Naminé called out to send the Benders in order to end the threat.
      “You must send the Benders; they are the only ones who can save that world.”
      However, they were busy on another mission. At that time, Fox and his friends were sent out to fight the Heartless for as long as they could. Upon the benders' arrival, they teamed up with the heroes of that world. Together, they aim to end the Heartless threat by permanently sealing all the Keyholes to ensure that the threat could no longer penetrate  that world and endanger its very existence, anymore.
      Naminé: “You must send the Benders; they are the only ones who can save that world! There’s not much time! You have to trust me; send the Benders!”
    • fanfictiondreamer
      By fanfictiondreamer
      OK, um, since I have been taking too long to write out my Journey Through Kanto Story, I think I'm going to write about it. I have so much on this that I want to share. There are so many important events for my story that are mentioned in this. This has been something that I have left sitting for too long, since like my childhood, back when I was really into the anime. I will be writing summaries of the different episodes that I have in mind in this story. A lot of them will be important events that happen in the story. I can't wait to share them.
      I intend to tell you everything that I can about this journey and perhaps even beyond. Looking forward to it.
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      By fanfictiondreamer
      Alright, so here's what's going on. I have decided to post on of my greatest stories of my beloved Ultimate Story series: Ultimate Story 2. This story is my rewrite of my most favorite video game of all times: Starfox Adventures. Back when this game came out, I got it for Christmas and I almost instantly fell in love with it. It was amazing!!!
      I wrote this back when I was in middle school and what a year it was. The year that this game came out, I was having the worst school year of my life. I was heckled by my 8th grade homeroom teacher. He was horrible and the stress that I've been going through because of it fed on my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Getting into this game was a way of coping with the stress.
      This was the first story that I've ever finished writing. I completed it on May 22 2003. It was so amazing. It was also back when I put the first Ultimate Story on hold for several years just to stay with the times. Also, because this is a second installment to my Ultimate Story, it will contain some spoilers as to what happened during the first story. If you want to read into the events leading up to this story, be sure to check out my Ultimate Story scrapbook. It should tell you a lot of the important events that take place.
      Now then, I will begin posting one of my favorite stories in the series and perhaps one of the most important stories of all, to me, at least. So, enjoy.