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    • StarFoxSquadie97
      By StarFoxSquadie97
      All my Ocs and their information will posted here Watch this space i got 7 OCS
      I'll first post my OGS then i'll post my newer characters

      Name: Lenora Rochelle Glacecia
      Age: 20 Physically mental age 17
      Race: Cornerian Snow Lepoard
      Origin: Corneria 
      Home: Corneria 
      Sex: Female
      Height:  5'8"
      Weight:  9 stone 4lbs
      Build: Tall and Lanky
      Eyes: Hazel
      Hair:  Redish Auburn
      Family: TBD
      Alignment: Lawful Good
      Personality:  Shy and reserved normally when talking about work talkative and loud
      Background:  Lenora is Miyu and Fay's friend from the acadamy and she's rather shy and reserved unless she's talking about her job then she can go on and on about it for hours but normally she finds non work related conversation very hard to talk about due to her lack of intersting hobbies and interests. She becomes a raging ragaholic when angry and will lose most of her self control if things get to much for her making her powerful but reckless
      Abilities: Blaster, Sword and Piloting

    • Arkenova
      By Arkenova
      Hello Starfox Online!
      My name is Arkenova (or you may call me Arke or Nova, take your pick.) and as you may know, I am new to this site. I am 27, soon to be 28, INFP female that has been a fan of multiple franchises (in the multimedia spectrum). The truth is I'm a little shy at first but over time I open up and really chat away; mostly due to social anxiety so don't be too harsh.
      Anyways, the first Starfox game I played was actually Starfox Assault but I did play the Starfox 64 demo in the Super Smash Bros. Brawl and I was intrigued. I began researching into the lore and grew more interested in due time and well, here I am. (Along to the fact that Rob and Tiger are fellow RPers that I know on Tumblr.)
      As you could tell, I'm a Dash fan. Why? Well, knowing that he is easily one of the more obscure characters to which had a lot of potential in Command but the execution was failed much unfortunately. I haven't played Command but seen Let's Play videos on it and well, the plot was a giant mess and I can understand why people despised it but that's not on the fault of the characters involved; it's the storyline. (It's strange because Sonic 06 was the same way with me, except I just don't like Elise.)
      Anyways, I am an artist as well and happen to enjoy doing pixel art in my time and while at it, multitask. Yeah, I'm a bit disorganized in general, however, I'm glad to see a community of fellow Starfox fans around to really make my day. In conclusion, I hope we could get along just fine and become friends.