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Electronic Music 2 (ONE EMBED PER POST!)

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Years ago I had started a thread called Electronic Music. First post said this:


This topic is about electronic music. Do you like hip-hop, dnb, acid jazz, big beat, something else? All are welcome here. Discuss your favorite songs, groups or genres.


The thread had really gone overboard with videos so I think it would be best that there's only one video embed per post. If you want other videos in a post then make it a hyperlink only.

To start off, I'm a little disappointed in the direction neurofunk has taken in the past ~10 years or so. Before, you got atmospheric-sounding stuff that had a cold and mechanical feel to it like this:


Contrast to today where stuff like this is considered neurofunk even though it sounds more like darkstep-DnB. MRW.

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