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They continued on their way, facing off against more and more Heartless. Soon enough, the Heartless stopped spawning. Shortly afterwards, they were approached by Ventress. She chuckled in a sinister manner as she smiled in the same way. Suki: “Ventress!?! Don’t tell me you can control these Heartless, too!” Obi-wan: “She is a real close subordinate of Count Dooku; it wouldn’t surprise me if she could.” Ventress: “Oh, you know me all too well, Obi-wan.”

She raised her hand and from there, several powerful Heartless. Sokka: “Whoa! Those are…!” Zuko: “Invisibles!” Aang: “Those are some very powerful Heartless.” Ventress: “Let’s see if your Bender friends can handle my powerhouse army.”

She signaled the Heartless to attack. As the Heartless came after them, the group prepared themselves for another difficult fight. Sokka, however, withdrew his weapon and ran off screaming, which greatly annoyed the group. Obi-wan: “Oh, not again.” Toph: “Yeah, these Heartless are one of many that terrifies him the most.” Ahsoka: “Well…at least we’ve developed a much greater advantage to deal with these creatures.” Anakin: “Let’s hope it will be enough to make up for Sokka running off and abandoning us in this fight.”

Soon enough, the fight began. The Jedi and the Benders plus Suki fought against all of the Invisibles. As they fought against them, they were able to find out just how powerful these particular Heartless really are. Ahsoka: “These things really are strong! I can’t believe how much it would take to bring them down.” Obi-wan: “I can understand why Sokka is afraid of these things, but that does not excuse his cowardly retreat from this battle!!”

Anakin looked over and spotted Sokka, quivering in fear as a few of the Invisibles surrounded him. He was visibly annoyed. Suki: “Sokka! Come on! Pull out your weapon and start fighting these things with us.”

Sokka shook his head as he trembled. Anakin, greatly annoyed, rushed over to slash away at the Invisibles that were surrounding Sokka. Anakin: “Seriously, Sokka! You really need to get over this ridiculous fear that you have towards these Purebloods! Your friends are giving their all out there and you need to do the same!!” Sokka: “But…” Anakin: “Now, Sokka!”

Anakin rushed back into the fight. Sokka stood by, still hesitating.

The fight continued on. They were still struggling against the Invisibles but giving everything they got without giving up. Ventress: “Hm…it seems that you guys are able to handle these creatures a lot better than I would have thought. Still…you’re greatly outnumbered and these creatures seem to have a major advantage against you, especially with your frightened friend over there cowering on the sidelines. Guess I should stop toying around with you and just finish you off.” Toph: “Oh, man, this is not good.”

Soon enough, Ventress gave the signal, in which the Invisibles were about to ambush them. Sokka screamed out loud. The Jedi held out their hands and utilized their Force powers to stop the Invisibles. The Benders as well as Sokka and Suki stood by, astounded. The Jedi were struggling, but holding. Katara: “Now’s our chance, guys, while we still have the time!”

The Benders and Suki rushed in and went after the Invisibles. Sokka was still standing by. Ahsoka: “Come on, Sokka! You need to get over here and fight!”

He still stood by, but then, a serious and tense look grew on his face. He pulled out his weapon and rushed towards the Heartless at great speed. He was soon slashing away at the Invisibles along with his friends. The Jedi were still holding the Heartless back. Anakin: “About time you joined the fight, you idiot!!”

The Benders, plus Suki and especially Sokka, were going all out on the Heartless. The Jedi were struggling more and more to the point where they lost their grip. The Invisibles broke free and came at them. Sokka withdrew his weapon and ran away screaming again. The Jedi were unsurprisingly annoyed by this. Anakin: “Sokka…!!!”

With the Invisibles greatly reduced by this effective tactic, the Jedi and the Benders, plus Suki, were able to finish off the last of the Invisibles. It still took them some time, but they managed to defeat all of them. Ventress seemed a little annoyed by this. Ventress: “Hmph, you’re a lot tougher and more capable than I would have ever imagined. But, that was just a warm up. I have gathered all that I could from this fight, especially with that young man’s fear of certain Heartless. Don’t think that this is over. There is still more to come.”

Ventress ran off. Obi-wan: “Yes, of course, I suspected that this was just the first round with you, Ventress.”

Anakin stomped over towards Sokka and grabbed him by the back of his shirt. Anakin: “I’ve had just about enough of your constant fear of Pureblood Heartless!! You’re making yourself out to be completely useless right now!” Obi-wan: “I have to agree with Anakin on this one. Your friends are doing all they can to fight against these creatures. You need to step up and play your role in this fight accordingly.” Ahsoka: “That's right, why couldn’t you have fought along side us throughout the entire fight the same way you did when we were holding back those things?” Sokka: “I…uh…well…uh…” Anakin: “(grunt) Never mind, let’s just keep going! And don’t think that you’ll be worming your way out of this one, Sokka!”

Anakin ran off while still holding on to Sokka. The rest ran with them.

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They ran through the corridor, making their way through. Obi-wan went on his COM link. Obi-wan: “Rex, Cody, are you there?” Cody: “We’re here, sir, what’s going on?” Obi-wan: “We’ve just arrived on the Separatist command frigate not too long along. The Benders, Sokka and Suki along with myself, Anakin and Ahsoka are engaging the enemy. How are the rest of you fairing?” Cody: “We’re doing all we can to bring down this fleet. We seemed to have crippled some of their ships, but it will be a while before we bring down all of them.” Obi-wan: “Keep at it. We’re going to need all the man power we have to at the very least hold up in this fight. We’re dealing with a very serious problem.” Cody: “Why? What’s going on?” Obi-wan: “We’ll brief you as soon as we’re out of this horrible mess.” Cody: “Right, we’ll do what we can.”

They kept running, soon enough, they arrived within another hanger bay. There, Count Dooku was waiting for them. Dooku: “So, you have arrived, at last.” Anakin: “Dooku!” Dooku: “So, what do you think of my hoard of Heartless subordinates?” Obi-wan: “Dooku, you must cease this terrible endeavor at once. You are playing with forces that you do not understand.” Katara: “He’s right! These creatures are nothing more than pure Darkness, they will only destroy this world and to form any kind of alliance with them is just begging for trouble.” Aang: “Count Dooku, please understand, these creatures will only cause destruction not only to the Republic, but the Separatists, as well. They’re already destroying our world.” Zuko: “The Heartless aren’t doing you any favors, Dooku. All you’re doing is aiding in the destruction of this galaxy and everyone in it, including yourself. I know what comes from a strong lust for power, I have seen first hand all the ruin and suffering it has done. I never want to see anything like that happen to any other world again, much less something far worse.” Obi-wan: “Listen to these children, Dooku. They are telling the truth. Should you allow these horrid creatures to continue running rampant within any part of this galaxy, it will suffer the same fate as all others that were badly affected by them. It’s not too late to turn back now and spare our realm of that kind of obliteration.” Anakin: “Are you really so adamant about conquering the galaxy that you’re willing to sell your soul to use these creatures at the risk destroying everything? No one should ever succumb to that kind of evil, especially not you!” Dooku: “Hmph! Your pleading words are useless. When I first witnessed the incredible power that these creatures were capable of, I could not resist them. I had to have it; they will serve greatly in this war and aiding the Separatist in overpowering the Republic.” Ahsoka: “No…you can’t…” Dooku: “There will be no stopping me now, not even these children that are from a world outside our own will be able to save you. Now then, witness my demonstration of the influence that I have towards these powerful creatures.”

He raised his hand as he summoned more and more Heartless. Everyone readied themselves for battle. Katara: “Guess there’s no use talking any sense into him.” Obi-wan: “Hm, just when I thought the good count couldn’t possibly be any more unreasonable, then this had to happen.” Anakin: “Guess we’ll have to fight our way out of this one. Let’s go!”

From there, they began another tough fight against the Heartless. The Dark creatures spawned everywhere as the battle continued on. The group was really holding their own, fighting off many of the Heartless as they came at them. Count Dooku watched as this battle was taking place. He found the group’s struggling against the Heartless to be amusing as shown by the content look on his face.

Soon enough, the Heartless onslaught stopped and the group had a chance to catch their breaths. Dooku: “Hm, not bad, I didn’t think you had it in you to handle so many of those Heartless at one time.” Katara: “Enough is enough, Dooku, this needs to stop.” Obi-wan: “She’s right, you must cease this at once.” Dooku: “Oh, but I have yet to show you the full extent of my supreme influence over these dark creatures.” Sokka: “I don’t like where this is going.” Anakin: “Neither do I, Sokka.”

Soon enough, he raised his hand and before they knew it, a massive Heartless appeared before them. It was very much like one that they have seen before; Dark Side, only it was a different color. Anakin: “What the…?” Ahsoka: “Is that…that’s the other Heartless that we fought on Coruscant?” Zuko: “No, this is another that looks just like that; Dark Follower.”

The massive Heartless then summoned many different kinds of Pure Blood Heartless. Everyone stood around, shocked by what they were seeing. Sokka, on the other hand, was about to run off screaming again, but Anakin grabbed on to him. Anakin: “Oh, no you don’t! You’re staying here to fight those things with us!” Sokka: “But…I don’t wanna…!!” Anakin: “SOKKA!!” Katara: “This is really bad! There aren’t a lot of people that can control a massive Heartless like this.” Toph: “Hm, I’m guessing Sith lords are incredibly powerful, which should be understandable as to how he can summon and control a Heartless of this magnitude and power capability.” Suki: “Oh, no, we didn’t prepare for this.” Anakin: “We have no other choice. We’ll need to fight this thing with everything we’ve got; that includes you, Sokka.”

Sokka groaned out loud. Katara: “Let’s do this!”

And so, they began the epic battle against the massive Heartless. As they fought it, it continued to summon Pureblood Heartless after Pureblood Heartless. Sokka tried to run from the fight, but Anakin made certain to stay close to him and keep him from running. The group was really pulling together to fight against all of them. The count continued to watch as the fight continued. It was a very, very long fight. The massive Heartless was difficult enough to bring down but the other Heartless that were spawning continuously prolonged the fight. There didn’t seem like there would be any end to this battle.

Eventually, they were able to defeat the massive Heartless and it decapitated completely. Ahsoka: “We did it, everyone!” Suki: “Oh, thank goodness that’s finally over.” Obi-wan: “Yes, that powerhouse Heartless was indeed a massive challenge, but, it’s over.” Katara: “Great job, everyone, we really pulled together to put an end to that.” Anakin: “Yeah, we did, didn’t we? And all it took for Sokka to stay in the fight was to force him to not run away.” Sokka: “Oh…man…! That was terrifying!!”

Soon enough, the sound of Dooku’s grunt caught their attention. Dooku: “Don’t think that this will be the last that you will have to deal with this. There will be plenty more to come. There will be others within this galaxy that can command and control these Heartless. You have but witnessed a taste of the horrors that will be brought about many like this.”

Just then, there was a huge rumbling. Everyone was nearly knocked off their feet. Sokka: “Whoa! What is that!?!” Anakin: “That would be our fleet outside attacking this ship.” Obi-wan: “Guess we had better take our leave. This ship will not last out here for long.” Dooku: “Heed my warnings, everyone. We shall meet again.”

Count Dooku walked off. Everyone stood by for a brief moment. Zuko: “I hate to admit it, but he’s right. There will be others that can and will command Heartless.” Katara: “I was hoping that it wouldn’t come to this, but…it was stupid to think that way, especially with the kind of scumbags that we’re dealing with.” Aang: “This is terrible…I can’t believe this is happening here, too.” Anakin: “Wait, you knew about something like this?” Toph: “We don’t want to say it, but, yeah, we did and we wish we didn’t need to. So much for that…” Obi-wan: “Perhaps you kids should tell us all you know about this special ability that we have just witnessed.” Katara: “Yeah…we’ll tell you everything we know.” Suki: “But first, let’s get out of here.” Anakin: “Yeah, let’s do that.”

And with that, they made their way of the frigate as fast as they could.

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Soon enough, they arrived back within one of the Republic cruisers. There, the Benders plus Sokka and Suki chatted with their Jedi friends. Katara: “During our fights against these creatures, we have encountered several people that are able to control them. These kinds of people are whom we have addressed as Heartless Commandos. The first time witnessed something like this, well…let’s just say that…it’s was…horrendous.” Anakin: “So, other then someone who is actually controlling these creatures, is there anything else that makes this horrible situation worse?” Katara: “Well, yes. Heartless, being creatures of Darkness, can feed off of the Darkness within the hearts are ordinary people. It is like their source of sustenance. When they are under the control of a particular person, especially one with so much Darkness in their hearts…” Toph: “Which pretty much defines Count Dooku.” Katara: “Then it could increase their power immensely.” Zuko: “The more Darkness there is within someone’s heart, the more powerful the Heartless could become.” Ahsoka: “That’s terrible.” Aang: “To be under the command of someone as evil as Dooku could make the Heartless even more powerful, perhaps far too much for us to handle.” Obi-wan: “Yes, I can understand that considerably. And from how you have perceived it, you kids never said anything about this because you are terrified.” Katara: “As long as we weren’t dealing with anything like this, we didn’t need a reason to, but…” Anakin: “Knowing the kind of enemies we have in our world, to think that way would have been nothing more than wishful thinking.” Katara: “Exactly. Even our captains have struggled against them.” Toph: “Heartless like to jump in and out of populated areas within worlds just because of the Darkness within the hearts of people.” Ahsoka: “Darkness? Within the hearts of people? Not just the bad people?” Toph: “There’s Darkness with the hearts of all people, including good one, like Obi-wan.”

Everyone sat by and said nothing for a brief moment. Obi-wan: “Well…I can’t deny that there is some Darkness in my heart, but…to be able to maintain that…it’s understandably an important feat that we all must take on.” Katara: “I know I’m not any better.” Toph: “Yeah, I can agree with that, but if there was ever someone whom I would address as a master of conquering Darkness in their hearts, it would be you, Obi-wan, more than anyone.”

Obi-wan smiled at Toph. Anakin: “Heh, I’m guessing that since the Heartless are attracted to Darkness within people’s hearts, it no surprise that these creatures have plagued our world over and over again. With all the people within not only the Separatists but the Republic that fits that description, this place is like an endless smorgasbord for those creatures.” Toph: “Yeah, we kind of figured as much, too.” Katara: “Our world is no better.” Anakin: “Yeah, we know that.” Obi-wan: “So, back to the matter of…what was it you addressed people like Count Dooku, a Heartless Commando?” Katara: “Yes. Well, what he said about there being more of these Heartless Commandos, well…he’s right. There is no doubt that there are more awful people that will have their desires give them the urge to want to command a legion of Heartless.” Obi-wan: “Sounds as though we will be in for a really tough fight in the future.” Toph: “Yeah, count on it.” Aang: “I just still can’t believe how bad things have gotten. This has become more than just a fight against the Heartless, now with Count Dooku commanding them and many more that follow after, most likely in the Separatists, this battle really has intensified, not just our fight but yours against the Separatists. I’m really sorry it had to come to this.” Katara: “We all are. We never wanted it to come to this. We never wanted anything like this in your world, but…” Obi-wan: “It appears both of our conflicts are intertwined. This makes things much more complicated.” Katara: “Yes…”

The Benders and Sokka and Suki sat by quietly, sulking. The Jedi also sat by silently for a bit as they felt sorry for them. Ahsoka: “Cheer up, you guys. We know you never intended for this to happen.” Obi-wan: “Yes, that is true. From what we could tell, this was bound to happen sooner or later, whether you got yourselves involved or not.” Anakin: “Yeah, that’s a given.” Obi-wan: “It is apparent that you stand a chance against this threat, but we know that we can’t solely rely on you. We need to play a role in this fight.” Ahsoka: “Oh, yes, absolutely, we will continue to fight along side you no matter what. We did make that promise, after all.” Anakin: “Yeah, we did. No matter what happens, no matter what threat that the Separatists or the Heartless may bring, we will fight this with you, together.” Obi-wan: “Yes, we will. If and whenever you need us, we will be here for you because this is not your fight alone.” Anakin: “Yes, this is our fight, too.” Obi-wan: “And you’ll need us just as much as we need you.”

The Benders seemed touched by the Jedi’s kind words. They seemed very emotional as well. Katara: “Thank you, guys. We’re so glad to have you with us in this fight.” Anakin: “Sure, this world is our home and you came to protect it from this terrible threat.” Obi-wan: “To combat this threat with you would be the least that we could do.” Ahsoka: “We couldn’t be more appreciative to have you guys here and this would our way of thanking you for coming here to save us from these creatures.”

Everyone sat by for a bit, smiling. Obi-wan: “We’ll need to report these new findings to the Jedi Council. It is imperative that they know about this.” Suki: “I’ll also need to report this to the captains of this, as well.” Anakin: “So, you won’t be joining us back at the temple?” Suki: “No, I need to get back to my lab. Other then reporting to the captains, there are a few other things that I need to do.” Katara: “OK, whenever you’re done, meet us back at the Senate. There is something else that we should do; something that needs to be done.”

All 3 of the Jedi had concerned looks on their faces, almost as though they knew what she was talking about, which they did.

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Later on, they arrived back at the Jedi Temple. There, they briefed the Council about what they had witnessed earlier. Mace: “No…you cannot be serious.” Kit: “So, let me see if we got this straight: Count Dooku has somehow gained the ability to control these Heartless?” Katara: “Yes, that is true.” Toph: “He’s basically become what we call a Heartless Commando.” Mace: “Hm…this is not good, at all.” Yoda: “Yes, much dire this conflict has become, for both us and the Benders.” Sokka: “As you can already tell, things have gotten a whole lot worse for both of us.” Anakin: “Master Yoda just said that, Sokka!” Sokka: “Really? I could barely understand a word he says. We need like some sort of translator for him.”

Anakin slapped himself on the forehead. Obi-wan: “From what our young friends have told us, the Heartless will grow in strength from this allegiance.” Mace: “Is this true?” Zuko: “Unfortunately, yes…since the Heartless are beings of Darkness, they can feed off of the Darkness within the hearts of people and Count Dooku has an immense amount of Darkness within his; any Heartless under his control will receive a tremendous amount of Dark energy.” Plo Koon: “Sounds as though the Heartless have much to gain from this as well as the count.” Mace: “Hm, indeed.” Obi-wan: “Count Dooku becoming a Heartless Commando has barely scratched the surface of how bad this terrible situation will become, there are others within this galaxy that will succumb to the same temptation of commanding these creatures.” Mace: “Yes…that much is…true.” Katara: “We’re really sorry we didn’t mention anything about this. We were hoping that we didn’t need to but…” Mace: “No, do not apologize, Katara. We…should have seen this coming.” Yoda: “Yes, much power these creatures have. To command and control such power, much is the way of the Dark Side. Obvious this was.” Sokka: “Uh, did anyone understand what he just…” Anakin: “Shut it, Sokka!” Aang: “Thank you for understanding, Masters.”

Everyone remained silent for a bit. Ki-Adi-Mundi: “So…what do you kids think this means for you?” Katara: “Well…one thing we are going to do: we’re going to head back to the senate. We’re going to tell them…that we will accept our role in your stupid war.” Kit: “What?” Mace: “What do you mean by that?” Obi-wan: “Well, just before we faced off against Count Dooku and discovered his…new power, the senate had offered them the rank of Commander in our war.” Mace: “What?” Kit: “No!” Plo Koon: “You cannot be serious.” Obi-wan: “I wish I wasn’t but the proposition came straight from the Chancellor, himself.” Mace: “And this was before you engaged Dooku and his Heartless army.” Obi-wan: “That’s right.”

The Council were beside themselves. Aang: “We were planning on declining the offer, but…given the current circumstances…we really feel as though we have no other choice. The Heartless will be fighting along side the Separatists, which means that the Heartless have become part of this war as well.”

The Council continued to remain silent. Mace: “For what it’s worth, we never wanted you kids to be part of our war.” Katara: “We figured as much and…we appreciate that.” Aang: “If you excuse us, we must take our leave.” Zuko: “Thank you for giving us this time to speak with you.” Kit: “Thank you for informing us of this most dire occurrence.”

The Benders bowed before the Council and walked out with Anakin, Obi-wan and Ahsoka. Sokka: “Seriously, we really need a translator for that green, shrivelly guy. How can anyone even understand what he's saying?”

Anakin slapped Sokka on the back of the head.

As the group made their way out of the council’s chamber, the Council deliberated with each other. Mace: “Hm…something about this just isn’t right.” Kit: “Yes, I know. It seemed to have taken an awful long while for Count Dooku to suddenly decide on controlling these dark creatures.” Mace: “Yes, it is indeed quite strange. He would have either found out about this sooner but how things were going, he would have actually found out much later.” Plo Koon: “Yes, the timing of this most peculiar coincidence seems a bit to fishy to be just that.” Ki-Adi-Mundi: “And the senate offered the Benders to receive roles in our war just before they found out about this new influence that the count has on these creatures.” Mace: “Yes, it seems to have fallen into place all too well for this to be a coincidence.” Yoda: “Planned out this could have been. To involve the Benders in our war, what means this could have been?” Mace: “We know the Benders would never involve themselves in our conflict unless they had to and in this case, they feel as though they do.” Kit: “Hm, yes, that much is true.” Mace: “I do not like where this is going, not one bit. Making the count a Heartless Commando; a much more powerful higher up has to be involved.” Kit: “But who? Could it be this Ansem guy that those Bender kids told us about?” Mace: “Maybe…it could be…but…what does he want from our world…?”

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Later that day, they arrived at the Senate. There, they met up with Padme and Suki. Suki: “Hey, guys. You just finished up with speaking to the Jedi Council?” Anakin: “Yeah, we did. We informed them on what we discovered.” Padme: “Suki just told me about it. I can’t believe Count Dooku would so far as to control the Heartless. Does he not know what these creatures are doing to our world?” Anakin: “I’m sure he couldn’t care less.”

Padme seemed despondent. Katara: “We’re going to inform the senate the same thing…as well as…tell them that we’re going to accept our ranks in your war.” Padme: “Katara…no…you shouldn’t…” Katara: “If the Heartless are going to be under the command of members of the Separatists, then they will use them against the Republic in your war. This also means that the Separatists are our enemies, too. The Republic won’t stand a chance against them in this war unless we step up and take part in this, whether we like it or not.”

Padme seemed very despondent by Katara’s words. Padme: “Guys…I wish it didn’t come to this…” Aang: “So do we, Padme, but…” Zuko: “That’s no longer an option…your Republic really need us.” Toph: “Well, let’s get this over with.”

They made their way into the Convocational Center. Padme let them walk past her. Padme: “I can’t believe this happening. It’s bad enough that this war is still continuing, but…must it really come to this?” Anakin: “Things really have gotten worse, Padme. We wouldn‘t last out their without them and they know it.” Obi-wan: “It seems as though these kids will do whatever it takes to protect our world, even if it means getting involved with its problems.” Padme: “But they shouldn’t get involved, it’s not their place to…” Anakin: “We know, Padme! But…that doesn’t matter anymore…” Obi-wan: “Hm…I don’t know why…but something about this feels…ominous.” Ahsoka: “We’re so sorry, guys…”

Soon enough. everyone gathered at the Grand Convocational Center. The group were in the same pod just like last time. All of them seemed distraught. They appeared before Chancellor Palpatine. Palpatine: “Ah, welcome back, my young friends. So, how did you fair against that Separatist fleet?” Anakin: “We were able to fight all of them off and rescue the Diplomat shuttle.” Palpatine: “Oh, excellent! Well done, everyone!” Obi-wan: “Yes, but…it wasn’t all good news, I'm afraid. We engaged Dooku again and…discovered that he had gained a terrible power: he can control Heartless.”

Everyone in the chamber became greatly startled. They sounded frightened as they were muttering out loud. Palpatine: “But…this can not be…tell me this isn’t true.” Katara: “If only we could, but, it is true. Count Dooku is a…Heartless commando.” Palpatine: “A Heartless commando?” Zuko: “It’s a name that we’ve given to those who have sold away their souls to command Heartless.” Palpatine: “But…those creatures are destroying our world, aren’t they?” Toph: “Yeah, but that maniac Sith Lord has become even more crazy.” Aang: “Apparently, his lust for power has led him to obtain this terrible power.” Padme: “But there is a hefty risk to gaining such power, is there?” Zuko: “Well…yeah…for more reasons than one.” Obi-wan: “I’m afraid the worst of it won’t end there. Our young friends have informed us that we will come across others that can command Heartless much like Count Dooku.” Anakin: “So, we’ll be in for a few difficult challenges.” Palpatine: “Ah, I see.” Katara: “And…about that offer that you presented to us? We still want to decline, but given the circumstances that came before us, it seems that the Heartless will very likely fight for the Separatists. So, we have no other choice but to accept our ranks of Commanders in your war.” Palpatine: “Ah, excellent, Katara. I can not tell you have pleased I am that you have decided to be part of our war.” Katara: “Oh, I’m sure that we’re all well aware of how pleased you are by this.” Ahsoka: “If it’s alright with you, Chancellor, we would like to continue fighting alongside the Benders. They have done so much for us already and we want to continue helping them.” Palpatine: “But, of course, young Padawan Tano. We would not have it any other way and I am certain that our new friends will continue to need the extra help.” Anakin: “We appreciate it, your Excellency. The Benders are in good hands.”

After the meeting, everyone stepped out and walked with each other through the hallways. Anakin: “I can’t believe it actually came to this!” Obi-wan: “I know, Anakin, with the Heartless following the commands of Count Dooku, I could not imagine that things couldn’t possibly get any worse that this, although…I know that they will.”

Zuko muttered under his breath. Zuko: “You still have no idea how right you are, Master Kenobi.” Obi-wan: “Excuse me, Zuko, did I just hear what I thought I did?”

Zuko remained silent for a bit, not wanting to say anything. Anakin: “You might as well tell us now, Zuko, because whatever it is, I know we’ll have to face it sooner or later.”

Zuko remained silent a bit more. Soon enough, his silence broke. Zuko: “Another dangerous factor about a Heartless commando that they would never consider is that they could enable that power to consume them to a point where they, themselves, become Heartless.”

The 3 Jedi and Padme became greatly startled. Ahsoka: “A Heartless commando…could become a Heartless themselves!?!” Toph: “I wish I could say otherwise, but…it’s true. Heartless love to feed off of the Darkness within people’s hearts and with all of the Darkness that they consume within the hearts of the commandos that they are so devoted to following, they will eventually become Heartless, themselves.” Anakin: “Oh, OK, so, when the good count becomes one of those abominations, he will become a lot more easy to defeat. That wouldn’t be so bad.” Katara: “I’m afraid it’s not that simple.” Anakin: “What!?!” Padme: “What do you guys mean?” Zuko: “Do you know of a lot of those giant Heartless that we would often struggle to defeat? Well, they are the end product of all those who are much like Count Dooku.” Anakin: “You’ve got to be kidding me!!! You mean if we allow those creatures to continue feeding off of the count, he’ll become another on of those abominable behemoths!?!” Toph: “Yep, pretty much.” Katara: “Our captains have been the only ones powerful enough to fight off against those monsters, but even they struggle a lot.” Ahsoka: “Huh, is that so? They did struggle against those massive monsters back when we first met in Christophsis.”

Everyone remained silent for a bit. Anakin: “So, now what?” Suki: “Well, I did report to our superiors about this most recent discovery; they’ll be formulating a plan on how to deal with this.” Ahsoka: “I sure hope so; we’ll be in for one very difficult challenge if Count Dooku were to become a Heartless.” Obi-wan: “Hm, yes, sounds like it. But…for the moment, since you kids are now the new Commanders of our…clone wars, perhaps it is time for you to be introduced to…the assembly line…on Kamino.” Sokka: “Kamino? You mean that planet where they’re manufacturing those clones for war?” Obi-wan: “Yes…the very same, Sokka.” Katara: “Hmph! I am not looking forward to this.” Toph: “Yeah, fun times are ahead.” Sokka: “You know something? I still wonder why Naminé believes that we’re the ones who should be saving this world from the Heartless. Don’t our captains qualify for this? They’re jumping in and out of that other world that was discovered.” Katara: “I’m not sure that they would be able to handle jumping in and out of another world, especially since they have their hands full.” Suki: “That may be, but…I still wonder why we were chosen and not the other members of our group.” Zuko: “Did you remember to ask the captains that?” Suki: “Yes and…they’re already looking into how they could find the answer to that.” Aang: “I sure hope that they do find answers.”

The group walked off. Anakin was about to leave with him, but then, the girl in the pink robe reappeared. Girl: “It seems that there is a shift in the Darkness.”

Anakin stopped and noticed her immediately. Anakin: “Huh? You again?” Girl: “He intends to manipulate everything in his favor, just like he did many eons ago.” Anakin: “Who are you talking about?” Girl: “They indeed truly have the power to save this realm, much more than it may seem, much more than even they realize.” Anakin: “What? What do you mean by that?”

Almost instantaneously, the girl disappeared into the shadows just as mysteriously as she appeared. Girl: “Stay with them. They're the only one who can save you.”

Anakin stood by, he was left confused. He then shook his head, shrugged off what the girl said and then continued on after the others.

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Later on that day, they arrived at the planet Kamino. They entered the planet’s atmosphere through a fierce storm. The young fighters looked out at of the window and noticed something. Aang: “Hey, what’s that?”

Obi-wan looked out with them. Obi-wan: “That would be where cloning facility is located.” Zuko: “Great, I’m already not looking forward to this.” Katara: “Neither am I.”

Obi-wan had shown to have some concerns for the Benders.

They landed on the landing strip and got out of the ship. They were soon caught in the storm. Sokka: “This is one fierce storm! How often does it rain like this!?!” Obi-wan: “The storm is ongoing; it never stops raining here!”

Katara utilized her Waterbending like a barrier to block out the heavy rain. Toph: “Geez! This is one freaky place!” Suki: “Unfortunately, this perpetual storm is not the most unsettling thing about this planet!” Zuko: “Yeah, I think so, too!”
They made their way into the facility. There, they were greeted by a tall, strange looking person with white skin, a long neck and a small head. Person: “Ah, welcome back, Jedi and hello again to you, Senator Amidala.” Padme: “Hello.” Obi-wan: “It is good to see you again, Lama Su. I would like to introduce you to a few new friends of ours. These are the Benders, unique individuals from another world with special abilities and these other 2 are young warriors from the same world.” Lama Se: “Oh, well, it is good to meet you.” Sokka: “You’re like…some sort of weird…pale-skinned…long-necked…person. Why are your heads so small and…is that a nose ring you’re wearing?” Lama Se: “Hm…what a curious young man.” Anakin: “Yeah, he can be…very difficult to understand sometimes.” Suki: “So, what kind of species is this person?” Anakin: “Lama Se is a species that is native to this planet known as a Kaminoan.” Aang: “Another species that’s named after the planet they’re from.” Obi-wan: “The Kaminoans are known for their tall appearance, outstanding ultraviolet vision, as what the functions of their unique looking eyes were designed for and of course, their ingenuity.” Lama Se: “We identify our cloning procedures to be our finest work.” Katara: “I wouldn’t exactly consider that, but…who am I to question your culture and way of life?” Sokka: “Another thing, if you guys are incredibly smart, then why are your heads so small? Isn’t having a small head an indication that someone is…um…anything but…smart?”

Anakin slapped Sokka on the back of the head. Lama Se: “So, what brings you kids here to our planet?” Katara: “Well, we aren’t here for a relaxing vacation and we’re obviously not here for the sights.” Obi-wan: “Each of these children have just recently earned the title of Commander and we were brought here to see if you have a batch of clones ready for them.”

Katara folded her arms and looked away as a tense look grew on her face. Lama Se: “Ah, certainly. We have just finished up with training a new batch that are raring to go. But before we do that, perhaps we should offer our new members of the clone army a brief tour of the facility.” Katara: “I don’t think that will be necessary.” Lama Se: “Oh, but I insist. I feel that it is imperative for you children to know about our cloning procedures.” Katara: “Don’t take this the wrong way, Lama, but we have no interest of seeing or knowing anything about your cloning procedures. We never even wanted to get involved in this stupid war. We just want to see whatever clones you have in store for us and then we just want to get out of here as soon as we possibly can. We don’t plan on staying here any longer than we need to.” Lama Se: “Oh, but it is very fascinating. The science involved in cloning, the machinery we have set up and the programs we have set up for allowing our clones to grow and mature so they can become as efficient as we need them to be.” Aang: “We don’t want to! We don’t care about your machinery, we don’t care about your science, we don’t care about your programs! We don’t care about any of that!” Zuko: “That’s right! We have already been through a lot of our fair share of atrocities! The last thing we need is to expose ourselves to any more of them, especially from some other world!” Katara: “We hate everything about your cloning procedures and your need to breed human beings for war! It’s disgusting and abominable and we never want anything like this in our world!! But we are willing to take whatever will help us with our fight and the very reason why we were brought into your world! Let’s just skip all of that and head over to the final stage of your horrible procedure, then let’s never discuss any more of this ever again!” Lama Se: “Hm, I can see that you kids know what you want from us and will not delay even a second to reach that. Very well then, I shall take you to meet our most recent batch of clones ready to be sent out to the front lines.” Katara: “Sure thing, let’s go.”

They made their way through the halls. Lama Se: “These children can be quite…assertive.” Obi-wan: “You must understand something, in their world, they have endured a century old war that caused a great deal of devastation to them and many people.” Anakin: “They also come from a world where such science and technology is beyond their time, so they’re not use to this.” Padme: “But they seemed pleased to not have anything like this. Quite frankly, I agree with a lot of what they have said, I’m sorry that they had to get involved with our conflict.” Ahsoka: “Well, they did make a few valid points. I mean, a lot of what they say is harsh but I can understand why they feel that way. Plus, they are right about breeding clones for war. I only wish that…we didn’t need a reason for this. I feel so bad for so many of these clones that were brought up just to fight. I’m so glad the Benders don’t live in a world where anything like this is possible, despite what they have been through.”

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They continued on through the corridor. As they made their way through, Aang spotted something that startled him so much that he let out a loud gasp. The others looked towards it, they also became shocked and appalled at what they saw: there was massive machine with thousands and thousands of incubators; each of which were carrying cloned infants. Suki: “What…is…all of this?” Lama Se: “Why, these are our incubators. They produce our clones by the thousands.”

Suddenly, Sokka was just about to heave on the spot, then he ran off. He was heard throwing up nearby. Lama Se: “Huh, I wonder what that was all about?” Anakin: “It seems as though Sokka was so shocked and appalled by what he had just seen that he’s literally losing his lunch.” Aang: “I don’t blame him. I feel like I’m going to throw up.” Katara: “Oh…how awful…” Lama Se: “Hm, well then. Shall we continue?” 

They continued on their way. Obi-wan: “So, Toph, I’m guessing that you think of yourself as lucky that you’re blind, that way, you can not see anything that’s here.” Toph: “Of course not. I don’t need normal eyesight to “see” how revolting this place is; the vibrations are telling me everything that’s here in this mad lab of horrors.”

Obi-wan became concerned as he continued looking at her.

They continued on through the corridor. A few of the kids looked down and saw young boys that looked identical to each other. Aang: “Hey, what is that?” Lama Se: “Ah, I see that you have noticed our younger batch, young Aang. As you can see, our clones, when they reach a certain age, undergo a military training program that teaches them the necessary skills that they need to know once they are of age.” Toph: “Hm, how about that? A special training program that reminds these clones that they are nothing more than slaves of the Republic.” Zuko: “Heh! Couldn’t have said it better, myself, Toph.” 

Suki was heard laughing. Lama Se: “Now then, children, we are almost at the point where you will be able to receive your own set of clones to command.” Katara: “This is perhaps the worst thing that we have ever been involved with.” Zuko: “You know, this is actually no different then how my country had raised our people. For over 100 years, the people of the Fire Nation were bred for war. To see all of this, to see so many of these genetic copies being created to fight in this war that’s taking place in this dimension, it brings back a lot of bad memories of how I was raised, what I was supposed to believe in. This, to me, is just another reminder of how horrible we have been. My family had treated our people as well as the rest of the world so horribly, almost as though we owned our entire world and that we had the right to do whatever we wanted.” Anakin: “Yeah, that pretty much describes your entire nation, but…I’m just glad that you were able to put an end to all of that.”

Zuko looked up at Anakin and smiled. Katara: “Perhaps…we can do the same with this world, as well.” Aang: “Yeah, I would like that very much. What I give to put an end to all of this suffering and destruction to this world as well as so many others.” Obi-wan: “Well said, Aang.” Ahsoka: “Yeah, we're just sorry that you have to go through this.” Aang: “Don't worry about it, Ahsoka. We're just glad that you, Anakin, Obi-wan and Padme are here with us so that we don't have to go through this by ourselves.”

Ahsoka smiled at him. Ahsoka: “It's my pleasure, Aang.” They continued on their way.

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They eventually arrived within a large chamber of the facility. There, they were introduced to many clone troopers, raring to fight on the battlefield. Lama Se: “Here, we have some of the finest clone troopers that we have ever brought out from this batch. I feel honored to present them to some fine young warriors.” Katara: “There are a lot of things that I feel at the moment and one of them is most certainly NOT "honored".” Lama Se: “Yes, I know, you and your friends have…reminded me of that several times since your arrival here.” 

Katara gave out one nasty glare then walked over to the clones with her friends. 

They stood before them, Katara had a very uneasy glare on her face. Katara: “So, you are the clone troopers that have been selected to serve under us in this inconceivable and horrible war?” Trooper: “Um…that’s right, ma’am and we would be happy to serve under you. We have heard so much about you and wish to aid in your fight as well as this war.” Katara: “Well…I’m…glad to hear that. So…did these clones come with names or just serial numbers?” Obi-wan: “I…regret to inform you that the clones do, in fact, come with serial numbers, but they do have nicknames as a means of being addressed as individuals, rather than just being tools of war, much like much you do not wish to see them as.” Katara: “You know what? I’m fine with that. All living beings, be it clones or other wise, should be seen as their own person. I don’t care what they were made for.” Zuko: “So, do these clones already have nicknames or should we pick them out for them?” Anakin: “Hm…well, why don’t you ask them, yourselves? Alright, men, if any of you have picked out a nickname for yourselves, speak up now so that we know what to address you as, otherwise these kids will select nicknames for you.” Katara: “No! I don’t want to think of them as “nicknames”; they’re real names must never been some number. I want the names that we pick out for them to be their real names and nothing else.” Anakin: “Alright, you’re more than welcome to do that.” Katara: “Thank you, Anakin. Attention, clone troopers, from this day forth, you shall address us as your Commanders. But, there is something that we would want from you more than anything. Don’t think of yourselves as our subordinates, think of yourselves as comrades. Fight with us and we promise we will find a way to free you guys.”

One clone trooper stepped forward. Trooper: “It will be our pleasure to serve under you, Commander. And…my name is Valiance.” Katara: “Valiance, huh? How would you like to be on my squad?” Valiance: “It would be an honor, ma’am.” 

Valiance walked up towards Katara, they looked at each other for a bit. Katara: “Hm…I would like to make you one of my higher ranks but I would like to access the others before doing that.” Valiance: “Certainly, ma’am.”

Just then, another clone trooper stepped up. Trooper: “Oh, you would not find a more finer select for a high rank than Valiance; he’s a fine leader.” Katara: “You there, do you have a name, as well?” Trooper: “Um…well…I think I may have something picked out…but…what name do you think I should have?” Katara: “Let’s see…since you were able to backup Valiance, I think I’ll call you…Benet.” Benet: “That is…a fine name, ma’am. I will gladly serve under you if you will allow it.” Katara: “Certainly.”

Benet walked up to Katara and stood with her along with Valiance. Sokka stood by and thought for a moment. Sokka: “Hm…I think I’ll pick…”

He pointed to 3 random troopers. Sokka: “You, you and you.” Trooper: “Uh…us, sir?” Other trooper: “Are you sure you want to pick us? Just like that? But…you haven’t even gotten to know us, yet!” Sokka: “I have a good feeling about you 3! Besides, Sokka gets what Sokka wants and you 3 seem to stick out of my mind for some reason. So, come forth, men!”

The 3 troopers exchanged looks then shrugged their shoulders and walked up to Sokka. Sokka: “So, do any of you have any names picked out?” Trooper: “Um…not really…” Other Trooper: “We’ve spent a lot of time thinking of names for ourselves but we…still have yet to find them.” Sokka: “Hm…OK, perfect, because I have already thought up a name.”

He pointed to the first trooper on his left. Sokka: “You, I’m thinking of calling you Sparky.” Trooper: “Uh…Sparky? How…come…?” Sokka: “I don’t know, it’s just something that I feel like naming you.” Sparky: “Well…that’s just great.” Zuko: “Um…shouldn’t you consider a much more serious name for him?” Suki: “Yeah, Sparky sounds more like a pet name than a decent name for a person. They’re not pets.” Sokka: “Yeah, I know that, but I don’t like the whole idea of having clones serving under us as the rest of you, so I should at least make the most of it.” Toph: “He does have a point and that name does take away some of the uneasiness of this whole procedure.” Sokka: “Then it’s decided! You are now Sparky!” Sparky: “Well, this already isn't off to a good start.”

Another trooper near him started chuckling. Trooper: “You think that’s funny? This one over here has a serial number of 8888.” Other trooper: “Hey!” Sokka: “That’s perfect! I shall call you Crazy Eights!” Trooper: “What!?!”

The other troopers burst out in laughter. Other trooper: “Oh, I like him! He has probably the best kind of sense of humor that I have ever seen!” Crazy Eights: “Well, I don’t know about crazy, although, you would have to crazy to want to be commanded by this joker.” Sokka: “And as for you, since you seem to like how I go about things, I’ll call you…Fides!” Trooper: “What? Fides? Why that name?” Sokka: “Because you seem like a loyal companion to me, plus, I don’t think Fido would sound a good name at all.” Toph: “That’s because that’s a real pet name. If you called him that, then we would actually believe that you would think of these clones as pets.” Fides: “Well, at least I wasn’t called something that would make me think that I needed to wear a leash.” Sokka: “That’s the spirit, soldier!” Sparky: “Well…this is going to be one very interesting command.” Crazy Eights: “Yeah, serving under some kid that likes to give out ridiculous names.” Fides: “And yet, we have nothing in common with each other.” Toph: “Wait, you mean that you don’t have anything that would make you coordinate with each other very well?” Fides: “Well, we couldn’t be any more different from each other than the rest of our brothers.” Sparky: “Plus, we would often disagree on the type of grub that we would like to eat.” Crazy Eights: “Our choice in weapons makes us seem…out of place from each other.” Sparky: “We hardly ever interact with each other very much.” Fides: “We just really don’t know how to work together very well.”

Sokka seemed shocked and dismayed by what he had heard. Sokka: “Well…um…this is…unexpected. And here I thought that it didn’t matter what troopers I would pick since they are pretty much all the same to me.” Obi-wan: “No 2 clones are ever similar to one another. They may have been created from the same machines and the same DNA, but each one is truly unique, much like any organic life form.” Sokka: “Well, that’s just great! It would have been nice if someone had just told me that!” Anakin: “Well, aren’t you just random as always? Even your choice in clones is just as sporadic as you!”

Sokka made another irritated face at Anakin. Zuko: “Perhaps I should go for a much more…reasonable approach to selecting my batch. Attention men, for those of you who think of yourselves as fierce fighters and are proud of it, please step forth.”

From there, 4 troopers stepped up and approached. One of them moved up closer to him. Trooper: “I think that I’m one of the best fighters around. Pyro’s the name.” Zuko: “Great, welcome aboard. And what about the rest of you? Do you have names, too?” Trooper: “Me? I’m…Steadfast.” Zuko: “OK, nice to meet you. How about you 2? Do you have names?”

Both troopers looked at each other and then back at Zuko. Trooper: “No, sir. We haven’t.” Other trooper: “We have yet to decide on any names for ourselves.” Zuko: “OK, I was planning on naming at least one of you out of a weapon that I hold near and dear to my heart. Other then being a skilled Firebender, I also happen to be very handy with a duel swords.” Trooper: “You are, sir?” Zuko: “Yes, very much. Since you both are such fierce fighters, I would like to name one of you is Broadsword. Does this sound like a good name to you?” Trooper: “Uh…yes, it…it sounds…honorable.” Zuko: “Good, that’s exactly what I would like.”

Zuko turned to face the other trooper. Zuko: “And you, I think Blade should be a decent name for you.” Trooper: “Sure, I would like that very much.”

Zuko smiled then faced all 4 of his new troopers simultaneously. Zuko: “Listen up, I asked for some of the fiercest fighters in the group, so I will expect such. However, I also intend to not anticipate anything too aggressive. I would like all of you to fight with honor. For years, I have struggled with the concept of honor; what it means and what should be done to achieve it. My near lifelong struggle has taught me that honor isn’t about being the fiercest warrior, but one who fights for a true cause. I will put myself out there to uphold that, so I want the same from all of you. Is that clear?” Troopers: “Yes, sir!” Zuko: “Good, because nothing would make me happier in this war.”

Obi-wan approached Zuko and placed his hand on Zuko’s shoulder. Obi-wan: “Well said, Zuko. I can tell that your past experiences have taught you much.” Anakin: “That was an impressive speech. I couldn’t have said any of it better, myself.” Zuko: “Thank you, Anakin. Obi-wan. That…means a lot…to me.”

They both smiled at him. Toph: “OK, yeah, yeah, that’s great and all. Now to pick out my troopers."

Toph then stepped up. Toph: “Listen up, I’m looking for troopers that are tough as nails, so if any of you fit the bill, step up now.”

Soon enough, 5 troopers step up without hesitation. Trooper: “About time someone like you showed up. The name’s Rocky! Nice to meet you, little girl.” Toph: “Same here. You think you can handle rolling with such a tough Commander who craves action?” Rocky: “I say bring it on! You’re awfully tough for a little girl and I like that!” Toph: “Glad to hear it, soldier! And what about the rest of you? Do you boys have any cool names?” Trooper: “Sure do! I’m Mallet because I like to bring down the hammer!” Toph: “Awesome! And what about you?” Trooper: “I am Brute! It is a pleasure to meet you!” Toph: “Same here! And how about you?” Trooper: “I’m Mangle!” Toph: “Cool! Glad to have you around! And what about you? Do you have a name?” Trooper: “Hm…well, what do you think I should be called?” Toph: “Hm…since I like your attitude, I think I’ll call you Gusto.” Gusto: “Certainly, I will accept it, ma’am.” Toph: “Alright, very good!” 

Just then, they heard another clone trooper clear his throat. They looked directly towards him as he stood before them. Trooper: “If it is alright, I would…also like to join you kids.” Katara: “Um…certainly. Do you…have a name or have you not chosen one, yet?” Trooper: “Actually, I have…it’s Jet.” 

Katara became startled. Aang, Sokka, Zuko and Toph were also startled. Obi-wan, Anakin, Ahsoka and Padme took notice of this and became concerned. Suki also seemed concerned. Jet: “Are you alright, ma’am? Do you…have any personal problems with me?” Katara: “Um…no, no, not at all, not with you. It’s just…we’ll…we’ll talk later. Welcome aboard.” Jet: “Yes, it is a pleasure, ma’am.”

Katara looked to her side as she sulked. Aang, Sokka, Zuko and Toph also seemed despondent. Obi-wan, Anakin, Ahsoka and Padme were concerned as was Suki.

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Much time after picking out clone troopers, the group walked through the corridors together. Obi-wan: “You seemed to have been shaken towards that clone trooper who announced his nickname to be Jet. Does that name trouble you for some reason?”

Katara paused as she dropped her head and sulked. Katara: “We knew someone…named Jet.” Obi-wan: “Oh, you don’t say and I take it this individual had a…most unsettling impression on you.” Katara: “Yes…more than you know.” Aang: “When we first met Jet, he was the leader of a large group of young kids who banded together against the Fire Nation. They were known as the Freedom Fighters. They made their home high atop the trees within a massive forest. They had a pretty amazing treetop civilization, consisting of tree houses and wooden walkways.” Ahsoka: “That sounds pretty amazing!” Katara: “The Freedom Fighters consisted of kids around the same age as us, each badly affected by the Fire Nation in different ways. Jet’s parents were killed by them.” Padme: “That’s terrible.” Ahsoka: “I would imagine stuff like this happened a lot.” Katara: “Yeah, the group was wonderful and everything about them was just fantastic…until…” Anakin: “Until something came around that made that oh-so wonderful group of kids seem not so wonderful.”

Everyone hesitated for a bit. Sokka: “Yeah…that much is true. I did a scouting mission in the massive woods one day with Jet and a small band of his closest subordinates. We saw a frail old man walking through. I didn’t think much of it, but then Jet lashed out and attacked him.” Ahsoka: “Oh, no!” Padme: “That’s horrible!” Katara: “I was shocked the first time that I heard about it. When we confronted Jet about it, he claimed that the old man was Fire Nation.” Obi-wan: “Even if the man was Fire Nation, that does not justify Jet’s action against him.” Anakin: “Yeah, he was defenseless.” Katara: “He then claimed that the old man was sent by the Fire Nation to assassin Jet with a knife encoded with poison. It was a lie, but…I believed him.” Sokka: “I was so convinced that Jet was crooked and I tried to convince Katara and Aang about it, but they were sure that he was in the right.” Anakin: “I would believe that things got worse from there, right?” Sokka: “Like you wouldn’t believe. When we first met Jet and his band of Freedom Fighters, they found and collected barrels of explosives. Early one morning at around sunrise, I found them loading those barrels on to a dam. They were planning on blowing up the dam and flood the valley because the village within the valley was occupied by the Fire Nation.” Padme: “What?” Ahsoka: “But…there were innocent people living in that village, right?” Sokka: “There were and…he was willing to sacrifice those innocent lives just to rid the valley of the Fire Nation.” Padme: “Oh, no…” Katara: “Aang and I were tricked into helping Jet with this horrible task by filling the reservoir with more water. I was shocked to find out about what he was planning on doing.” Anakin: “Yeah, we would imagine.” Obi-wan: “Were you kids able to save the village from Jet’s horrible plan?” Katara: “Well…Aang tried, but…the dam was blown up and the village was flooded.” Ahsoka: “No…” Sokka: “But the villagers were saved from being killed by the rushing waters, just in time.” Katara: “Yeah, Sokka saved all of those people by warning them of what Jet was going to do and had them evacuate the village. I was so relieved, but…”

Katara paused for a bit. Anakin seemed very concerned for her. Anakin: “It must have been devastating to find out what Jet had become.” Katara: “Yes…it’s amazing just how such a terrible war could bring out the worst in people.”

The entire group remained silent for a bit. Anakin, Obi-wan, Ahsoka and Padme felt sad and very concerned for the Benders. Padme: “Yes…and we’re no different.”

Anakin felt sad for Katara, he walked up to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. Anakin: “Katara, I’m sorry that you and the rest of these kids had to get involved in our war. This is our battle to fight, not yours.” Katara: “It’s OK, we want to help you through this…this war as well as the Heartless threat.” Anakin: “Then don’t forget that we’ll always be here for you whenever you need us. You know I won’t ever leave your side.”

Katara looked at him, he seemed touched. Ahsoka joined in. Ahsoka: “Yeah, I’m here for you, too.” Padme: “So am I.” Obi-wan: “As am I. We’re here for all of you from start to finish. That’s how it always will be.”

Katara was very touched as were the rest of the Benders and so were Sokka and Suki. The entire group seemed very happy as they walked out of the facility. They boarded the ship, took off and left the planet.

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That should be enough of the main story for now. During the time that I have spent writing this, I have also been working on rewriting the original transcript of Clone Wars series to include the characters from Avatar the Last Airbender. I will be posting those written transcripts on here whenever I can. They will consist of what season and episode they are from. I have finished up several of those transcripts, so far. You will be able to see those eventually.

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Season 1-Episode 11

(Many Republic ships surround a Separatist frigate. Anakin and Obi-wan cut and slashes their way through the frigate. They arrives in a chamber, Count Dooku sat in the middle of the room, in a seemingly meditative state)
Anakin: “Well, surprise, surprise. Look what we have here.”
Obi-wan: “If it isn’t Count Dooku?”

(Both Anakin and Obi-wan hold out their weapons)
Dooku: “Obi-wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. I thought I sensed an unpleasant disturbance in the force. Where are your Bender friends? I thought they would be with you; they usually are.”
Anakin: “They’re not here.”
Obi-wan: “Yes, we felt that it was much too dangerous for them to be here with us.”
Dooku: “Too bad, I was looking forward to seeing them again.”
Anakin: “Yeah? Well, they’re less than thrilled to see you.”

(The frigate is under attack)
Droid: “Sir, the Jedi Cruiser’s attacking.”

(Dooku opens his eyes)

(On board the Cruiser, Ahsoka steps in along with Katara, Toph, Zuko and Aang, they stand alongside Rex)
Ahsoka: “Let’s try not to blow up the ship before they get off this time.”
Toph: “Heh! That would be a nice change of pace, considering we’re not there to help them again.”

(Back on the Separatist frigate)
Anakin: “You’re ship is surrounded, Count. Republic troops are boarding as we speak.”
Dooku: “Jedi fools.”

(He drops down through a shoot he was sitting on)
Obi-wan: “I should have seen that coming. (Anakin runs after him, he stops and looks down the shoot) What are you doing?”
Anakin: “Following him.”
Obi-wan: “Not that way, we need to cut him off.”
Anakin: “You cut him off, (jumps into the shoot) I’ll follow him and meet you at the hanger.”
Obi-wan: “Why do I even try?”

(He turns around and runs off. Anakin chases after Dooku down the shoot. Dooku unleashes Force Lightning on Anakin, he blocks it with his weapon, using the Force to slow himself down. Lands on the fork in the shoots, tries to figure out where count Dooku went.)
Anakin: “Oh, great, where did he go, now?”

(Count Dooku lands in the hanger)
Droid: “AAAAHHHH, uh, you’re ship is ready, sir.”
Dooku: “Good.”

(He walks over to his ship. Obi-wan arrives in the hanger. Spots Dooku taking off in his ship. Fights his way through many droids to reach another ship. Gets in. Anakin arrives. They both take a seat.)
Obi-wan: “I thought you were following Dooku.”
Anakin: “I was; I followed him here. (They take off) Hang on.”

(They fly after Dooku)
Obi-wan: “Ahsoka, Dooku managed to escape. We’re in pursuit but we could use reinforcements. Follow us in what ships you could round up.”
Ahsoka: “We’ll get there as soon as we can. Katara, Toph, Zuko, Aang. Let’s go.” 
(Ahsoka and Rex walks off, the Benders followed)

(Anakin and Obi-wan continues chasing after Dooku’s ship, Obi-wan attempts to shoot him down, he succeeds in shooting down Dooku’s ship.)
Anakin: “That was easy!”

(Dooku’s ship goes down towards a nearby planet)
Obi-wan: “Lucky for you, I’m an excellent shot.”

(A Fighter approaches them)
Anakin: “Well, now those Fighters are attacking.”
Obi-wan: “I’m on it.” 
Anakin: “Uh, he’s getting too close! (Both they and the Fighter are shooting at each other, they shoot it down but it flew too close to them, crashing onto the side of their ship, their ship goes down as well) Lucky for YOU, I’m an excellent PILOT!”

(They crashes down on the nearby planet)
Obi-wan: “For all your expertise, this in not a very smooth landing!”
Anakin: “If you’d hit that second Fighter, we wouldn’t be in this mess.”

(Upon finally stopping, they steps out and dust themselves off)
Obi-wan: “I’ve had better landings.”
Anakin: “(pointing) Dooku.”

(Obi-wan looks over and spots Dooku’s ship, they walk over, they discover a small device on the ship)
Obi-wan: “What’s this, a homing beacon?”
Anakin: “Which means that the distinguished count is waiting for help, so he can’t be far off.”
Obi-wan: “(crouches to check the ship) His engine is damaged, he’s not going anywhere.”

(He stands up and walks off pondering)
Anakin: “Not without a homing beacon.”

(Pulls out his Lightsaber and slashes the homing beacon, walks after Obi-wan, they look around the barren land)
Obi-wan: “(pointing) There, caves are a good start.” 
(They walks towards the cave)

(Inside, they stop and took a look)
Anakin: “Strange…”
Obi-wan: “You sense it, too. Many life forms in there.”
Anakin: “And Dooku’s one of them.”

(Pulls out his Lightsaber and holds it out)
Obi-wan: “Let’s get him before something else does. What’s that?”
Anakin: “I don’t know and I don’t like it!”
Obi-wan: “Me, neither. (They hear the sound of rocks crumbling, they look up, large rocks fall from above them) RUN!” 
(Jumps out of the way, Anakin gets buried)

(Count Dooku shows up smiling, wearing a hood, he approaches the rubble, using his force powers, he levitates Anakin’s Lightsaber towards himself)
Dooku: “You…won’t be needing this anymore, Skywalker.” 
(Attaches the Lightsaber onto his belt, walks out, uses his force powers to cause a cave in towards the exit and blocks it, walks away, removes his hood, finds and large saucer-shaped ship and some shriveled up men in strange, pirate-like clothes ransacking his ship, approaches them)

(Back inside the cave, Anakin moves some of the rubble off of him with the use of his Force power, runs towards another pile of rubble)
Anakin: “Master! Obi-wan! Can you hear me!?! Master! (Removes some of the rubble with his hands, more of the rubble fell from above, he dodges it) Where’s an Earthbender when you need one?”

(Feels around his belt for his Lightsaber, notices it missing, looks around)
Obi-wan: “Anakin, when I tell you to run, run.”

(He dusts himself off)
Anakin: “Master! You’re alive!”
Obi-wan: “And where’s you’re Lightsaber?”
Anakin: “It…got knocked out of my hand.”
Obi-wan: “By a rock?”
Anakin: “Yeah, by a rock (Looks around) It’s got be here, somewhere.”
Obi-wan: “That is a feeble excuse.”
Anakin: “You know what would be helpful? A little light.”
Obi-wan: “Certainly. (Pulls out his Lightsaber, it malfunctions and turns off) Silly thing, it was working just a minute ago.”
Anakin: “You don’t suppose it was…(Throws a rock at Obi-wan’s Lightsaber) hit by a rock, do you?”

(Obi-wan puts it away, they heard a loud noise, they looks up and spots a large creature, it drops from the ceiling)
Obi-wan: “Oh, this should be interesting!”

(Back outside, the shriveled men continues ransacking Dooku’s ship, Dooku confronts them, he exchanges a brief conversation with the leader of the men, he offers to take Dooku to another planet, Florrum, Dooku reluctantly accepts and left with the men)

(Inside the cave, Anakin is being chased by the large creature)
Anakin: “Jump in any time!”
Obi-wan: “Oh, you’re doing just fine; she seems to like you.”
Anakin: “Yeah, lucky me! This isn’t as much fun as it looks! I thought Gundoks are only found on Vanqar!”
Obi-wan: “Then this system must be Vanqar!”

(Anakin falls over, he's grabbed by the Gundok)
Anakin: “Then this must be…”
Obi-wan: “The mother of all Gundoks? Precisely.”

(The Gundok holds Anakin by his leg)
Anakin: “Are you going to help me!?!  (Obi-wan lifts up a large rock with his Force powers and tosses it at the Gundok, it drops Anakin, he runs towards Obi-wan) Well, you took your time. (They throw large rocks at it with their Force powers, it eventually dies down, they approach it) Huh, pity, I was starting to sense a connection.”
Obi-wan: “Should I leave you 2 alone or would you prefer to find a way out of this hole before she wakes up?”
Anakin: “Huh, what do you think?” 
(They walk away from the Gundok)

(The saucer arrives on Florrum, they land near a large structure, the men step out along with Count Dooku, Dooku found out he’s been tricked by pirates, their leader plans on offering the count for ransom, Count Dooku decides to make a deal)

(Obi-wan and Anakin lift the unconscious Gundok with the use of their Force powers, they hear another noise)
Anakin: “What was that?”
Obi-wan: “Probably another Gundok.”
Anakin: “It’s…too far away for us to worry about.”
Obi-wan: “It won’t be that way for long.”

(They both drop the Gundok, poison gas begins to leak out from the ground)
Anakin: “Uh, oh! New problem!”

(They start coughing)
Obi-wan: “This isn’t good!”
Anakin: “It’s just gas.”
Obi-wan: “Yes, toxic gas!”
Anakin: “That’s good, maybe it’ll kill your Gundok.”
Obi-wan: “Maybe it will kill US.”
Anakin: “Let’s get out of here.c(They head towards the blocked exit) This isn’t working I…can’t breathe.”
Obi-wan: “As usual, I’m open to…sugges-“

(They both collapse as they cough)
Anakin: “We could… really use that…Earthbender… right about…now.”

(The rocks soon moves out of the way on their own, Aang jumps in and blows all of the debris and poisonous gas away from them, Katara rushes in and grabs on to them)
Katara: “Come on, let’s get out of here!”

(She pulls them out of the cave, Ahsoka, Toph, Zuko and a flew clone troopers stand in front of the cave exit)
Ahsoka: “Masters! (They stop in front of them, she stands with a smug look on her face) Looks like we got here just in time.”
Anakin: “What? What do you mean by that?”
Ahsoka: “You were in a great deal of trouble.”
Obi-wan: “Trouble? We were searching for Count Dooku.”
Anakin: “Yeah, we had the situation well under control, my little Padawan.”
Ahsoka: “Oh, I see, so which part of the situation did you have under control, the blocked entrance? The poison gas? And let me guess, you were asking for an Earthbender, weren't you?”
Anakin: “Uh…”

(They hear a loud noise, Zuko spots a Gundok)
Zuko: “Look out!”

(Runs passed Anakin and Obi-wan, unleashes a full blast of his Firebending to hold back the Gundok, Toph uses her Earthbending to raise the ground and block the entrance)
Obi-wan: “That must have been the one that was too far away for us to worry about. Thank you, Zuko, Toph.”

(Both Zuko and Toph smile)
Anakin: “There’s still Dooku to worry about.”
Katara: “Where is he?”
Anakin: “Um, he, uh…we…don’t know…”
Ahsoka: “You let him get away?”
Anakin: “Well…no, not…get away, exactly…just, um… (Ahsoka looks at him in a dissatisfied manner) Master, chime in, any time, heh.”
Obi-wan: “Oh, no, I’m enjoying this far too much.”

(Ahsoka continues staring at him)
Toph: “That’s it! You’re never leaving us behind again!” 
(She storms off, everyone else follows, Ahsoka along with some of the Benders stare at Anakin in a displeased manner, Anakin glanced at them in an awkward manner)

(Arriving back on the Republic cruiser)
Anakin: "Where's Sokka?"
Rex: "He's…taking a nap, sir."
Anakin: "Tch! Figures!"
Rex: “Sir, we just received a message from the senate.”
Anakin: “Put it through. (The transmission switches on via hologram, everyone listens in on the transmission) What? A bunch of pirates from Florrum captured Dooku!?!”
Katara: “What? That’s impossible!”
Palpatine: “It’s true, at least that’s what they claim, we have there leader, Hondo, on the other line.”

(They turn on another holo-emitter, the pirate leader is displayed)
Hondo: “If you want the Sith lord, it will cost you a million credits.”
Zuko: “Hold on, how can we be sure that you have him?”
Hondo: “Let me present your fearless Sith lord. (Pulls out someone who appears to be Count Dooku) I’m afraid he’s too embarrassed to say anything at the moment.”
Toph: “I can’t say I’m too surprised.”
Palpatine: “A hologram can be faked.”
Hondo: “You want proof? (Pulls out Dooku’s Lightsaber and holds it out) This is his Lightsaber.”
Yoda: “Hm, yes, belongs to Dooku that Lightsaber does.”
Aang: “That’s his weapon, alright.”
Palpatine: “This scum having possession of Dooku’s Lightsaber proves nothing.”
Toph: “Oh, come on, gramps! Accept his ransom and be done with it!”
Obi-wan: “Toph!”
Hondo: “If you refuse, I’m…sure the Separatist council will be more than willing to meet my price.”
Padme: “We may never have a better chance to capture Count Dooku. We would like…to send 2 Jedi to confirm you have Count Dooku.”
Hondo: “Fine, but the Jedi must come unarmed.”
Obi-wan: “Hm… what do think, Anakin?”

(Anakin ponders for a while)
Anakin: “We’re much closer to Florrum and we have made several attempts to capture the count. Obi-wan and I will leave for that system.”
Katara: “Would it be alright if they brought along an extra?”

(They look at Katara)
Anakin: “An extra? Who?”
Katara: “Me, I’m coming, too.”
Anakin: “What?”
Aang: “Katara, no, you remember the last time we came across pirates.”
Katara: “I’m well aware that, Aang, but this is different.”
Obi-wan: “Are you sure about this? It could be dangerous.”
Anakin: “Yeah, the last thing we need is to put you in any peril.”
Katara: “Yes, I’m sure about this. I want to confront the man who’s been hurting my friends.”

(They hesitate for a bit)
Anakin: “Alright, but we’re going to need to have some friends close by to bail us out if it gets too dangerous.”
Hondo: “Oh, don’t worry, you will be kept safe; we have no interest in getting involved in your war.”

(The transmission shuts off)
Anakin: “Ahsoka, you will fly a small shuttle. Not too close though; I don’t want those pirates to believe we don’t trust them. Toph, I need you to accompany Ahsoka, in case we’re in need of a lie detector.”
Toph: “Sure thing.”
Anakin: “Let’s go.” 

(Arriving on Florrum, Anakin, Obi-wan and Katara steps out and walk along a line of pirates, they hold out their guns, Katara walks in front of both Anakin and Obi-wan, Katara stops and looks up at the sky, spots a full moon, she glances at it)
Obi-wan: “Katara.”

(She stops, then runs into the structure after Anakin and Obi-wan, they walk along a large bar-like chamber, there's music blasting everywhere)
Katara: “Ugh, would it kill them to turn down the music?”

(They approach Hondo, sipping on a drink)
Hondo: “Gentlemen, and… (He takes a good look at Katara) Ah…the legendary Waterbender. You are as lovely as they say.”
Katara: “Cut the sweet talk, you shriveled up, space scum, we’re here for Dooku.”
Hondo: “Oh, right, the Sith lord. But first, can I offer you something to drink?”

(Pushes one of the cups towards them, some of the liquid spills on Katara)
Obi-wan: “No, thank you.”

(Katara Waterbends the liquid off of her)
Katara: “I didn’t like having it on me.”
Hondo: “Oh, sorry about that.”
Obi-wan: “Congratulations on your capture of Count Dooku. Very impressive.”
Hondo: “Yes, it was, even a Sith lord is no match for my warriors.”

(They look around and see a lot of Hondo’s men drunk, drinking or passed out)
Katara: “Oh, yeah, they seem like the type of guys who could bring down a Sith lord very easily.”
Hondo: “He put up quite a fight, he did; blasters, cannons, that glowie thing.”

(Moving his hand around, mimicking Lightsaber sounds)
Obi-wan: “You mean a Lightsaber.”
Hondo: “That’s it, and I don’t need to tell you, those things can do some damage, carved up some of my best men pretty good.”

(Anakin notices Hondo’s pet holding the Lightsaber he lost)
Katara: “So, how did you finally defeat him, did you pull some kind of trick?”
Anakin: “I think they did something like this.”

(Uses his Force powers to take back his Lightsaber, all the pirates hold their guns at him, Katara pulls out water from her sacks with the use of her bending)
Katara: “Back off!”
Hondo: “Hey! I said for you to come unarmed!”
Anakin: “Correction, you said the Jedi should come unarmed, not her.”
Hondo: “(sigh) I really need to pay close attention to the details.”

(Signals his men to put down their weapons, which they did, Hondo’s pet climbs up near Anakin and snatches away his weapon then returns to Hondo, Katara returns all of the water into her sacks)
Katara: “Look, I’m sure you’re all reasonable men, we have no interest in your conflict, we just want to confirm that you are holding Dooku and we’ll be on our way.”
Hondo: “(sigh) Very well, then, I will arrange a meeting.”

(One of pirates escorts them to the dungeon, they enter one of the cells, inside, Dooku is suspended in midair by electric shackles, each of them walk around Dooku, looking pleased)
Obi-wan: “Look at how the mighty Sith lord has fallen.”
Anakin: “Oh, how the mighty have fallen, indeed. I have to admit, this place really suits you, count.”
Katara: “Oh, I couldn’t agree more; it suits him very well.”
Dooku: “I would assume that you would relish in my latest downfall.”
Katara: “Are you kidding me? We’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, Count Dooku.”
Anakin: “I’m with Katara on this one. I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted you to end up like this. I’m just sorry it didn’t come sooner.”
Dooku: “I am confident the situation will rectify itself.”
Katara: “So are we, but not in the way you’re thinking. You caused a great deal of agony towards a lot of good people, including my friends. You will pay for what you’ve done.”
Obi-wan: “You’ll be brought to trial by the senate and most likely spend a very long time in a cell, much like this one.”
Anakin: “And that’s if you’re lucky.”
Katara: “You better hope, for your sake, that you are that lucky.”
Dooku: “Oh, my naïve, young friends, you must be overly optimistic if you think these Weequains plan to let you leave.”
Anakin: “(laugh) They’re planet hopping thieves looking for a quick score. They have no interest in picking a fight with Jedi.”
Katara: “But just encase they do plan something, let’s just say we have a rescue net in space.”
Dooku: “Try all you want, it does not matter. They are devious and deceitful and most importantly, stupid.”
Obi-wan: “It’s a wonder you don’t get along with them, Dooku; you have so much in common.”

(Katara chuckles in a sneering manner, all 3 of them walk out)
Dooku: “(Smiles) All of you underestimate them at your own peril.”

(Up in space, Ahsoka flies in another shuttle towards Florrum along with Toph, who was sipping on another milkshake)
Toph: “Ah, this is the best milkshake I’ve ever had.”
Ahsoka: “That’s exactly what you said about the last 20 batches.”
Toph: “I’m telling you, Ahsoka, these milkshakes are simply amazing! You’ve got to try one.”
Ahsoka: “Thanks for the offer, but I think I’ll pass.”
Toph: “Suit yourself. More for me, then.”

(Toph sips on her milkshake some more)
Ahsoka: “Seriously, Toph, are milkshakes all you ever think about?”
Toph: “Mmm…not really. I don’t always think about them when I’m in battle.”
Ahsoka: “Yeah, right, I heard you say several times how your battles with the Heartless and the droids are “cutting in to your milkshake time”.”
Toph: “Watch it, Ahsoka! You’re seriously cutting into my milkshake time!”
Ahsoka: “See? There you go again! Ever since you’ve arrived here in our dimension, all you ever think about is milkshakes. You really are obsessed with them!”
Toph: “That is so not true! I don’t think about milkshakes all the time.”
Ahsoka:” OK, then, name 1 time when you don’t think about them at all.”
Toph: “OK, easy! Earlier today when I…oh, wait, I was thinking about milkshakes, then. But then there was last week when I was battling these…oh, right, they were cutting into my milkshake time. But how about when…oh, yeah, I was thinking about milkshakes then, too. You’re right, I do think about milkshakes all the time.”
Ahsoka: “Yeah, exactly.”
Toph: “Oh, well, guess that’s that.” 
(Sips on her milkshake again, Ahsoka drops her head and shakes it, a few Fighter fly in, shooting down their engines, disabling them, the Fighters fly away)

(Back on Florrum, Anakin, Katara and Obi-wan walk along the shoppe of the pirate den)
Katara: “Well, I have to say, this turned out to be very productive. This is the most satisfied I have been in a long time since I’ve been around that Sith monster.”
Anakin: “Oh, I know what you mean, Katara. That was gratifying, seeing him like that.”
Obi-wan: “Now, you must be careful, you 2, this could still be a trap.”
Katara: “Oh, don’t tell me you’re worried about Dooku.”
Obi-wan: “I’m not worried about Dooku; I’m worried about these pirates.”
Katara: “I kind of understand what you mean, Master Kenobi. My last experience with pirates wasn’t exactly a good one.”
Obi-wan: “What exactly happened during your previous encounter with the pirates, Katara?”
Katara: “Well, after Avatar Roku told Aang about Sozin’s Comet, I offered to teach Aang Waterbending. He was surprisingly better than me so we took a break to look around for supplies. Along the way, we came across this pirate ship, they were selling a bunch of things, we took a look at what they had and one of the things we found was a Waterbending scroll.”
Anakin: “No doubt stolen it from some Water Tribe person.”
Katara: “I thought so, too, they like to think of themselves as high-risk traders.”
Obi-wan: “Hm…high-risk traders, it’s a fitting name for them.”
Anakin: “Yeah, I agree, in fact, nothing could have been closer to the truth.”
Katara: “They were planning on selling it to someone else for 500 gold pieces. I was desperate to learn more Waterbending, so…I decided to steal it from them.”
Obi-wan: “You stole a Waterbending scroll from pirates!?! I have to admit, Katara, for a mature, young lady; that was very irresponsible of you.”
Anakin: “Not to mention dangerous! I'm pretty sure that you put yourself and your friends in a lot of trouble.”
Katara: “Yeah, I kind of figured, they didn’t take it very well, so they attacked us. Not exactly my proudest moment.”
Anakin: “No kidding.”
Obi-wan: “If you had such a bad experience with pirates, then why did you agree to come?”
Katara: “Because I was more than willing to take any risk just to see Count Dooku in his current state, and after seeing him like that, it was worth the risk.”
Anakin: “Heh, well I can’t argue with that.”
Obi-wan: “Yes, certainly.”

(Another pirate approaches them)
Pirate: “There you are! Now that your business is completed, we invite you to join us in the grand hall for a banquet.”
Katara: “Um, I don’t know.”
Pirate: “Oh, come on, it’s a true Weequay banquet that is not to be missed.” 

(They each exchange looks, they look back at towards the pirate) 
Anakin: “We’ll…think about it.”

(They arrive back on the shuttle)
Obi-wan: “It’s confirmed, they have Count Dooku.”
Palpatine: “Is he being securely held?”
Anakin: “Yeah, and very cranky about it.”
Katara: “Although, there’s something about the tone of his voice that…kind of bothers me, I don’t know why, but it’s sort of giving me the creeps.”
Anakin: “Don’t worry, Katara, we’ll have that creep put away for good.”
Palpatine: “Where should we send the ransom?”
Anakin: “Have it transported towards Ahsoka’s current location, she should be heading here right now.”
Palpatine: “Very well, then.”

(Back at the Grand Hall, all of the pirates sit down different tables enjoying drinks. Obi-wan and Katara both sit next to Anakin, Katara on his left and Obi-wan on his right, Hondo arrives, gathers himself around Anakin and Obi-wan)
Hondo: “Can I get you 3 anything? It’s a tradition, in the name of friendship!”
Obi-wan: “Oh, alright, but nothing too strong; he’s flying and she’s underage.”
Hondo: “Bring our guests some…refreshments.”

(A guy arrives with their drinks, he places something in each of the drinks and places them in front of each of them, Obi-wan’s was orange, Anakin’s was green and Katara’s was purple, they look into their drinks in a concerned manner, Hondo raises a cup)
Hondo: “To a successful transaction! (All the pirates cheer, Anakin and Obi-wan threw around their cups with the use of their Force powers, Katara Waterbends each of their drinks out of their cups and started bending them in a graceful manner, everyone looks up and watches in awe, Anakin and Obi-wan smile as they watch, the music perfectly synchronizes with Katara’s bending) The girl’s influence over liquids is…unquestionable.”

(She continues this for a while then bends the drinks back in their rightful cup, all the pirates cheer and applaud, Anakin and Obi-wan applaud, they each begin drinking)
Anakin: “I still don’t get it.”
Obi-wan: “Get what?”
Anakin: “How a bunch of drunken pirates manage to catch Dooku when we couldn’t?”
Katara: “Huh, if I had to guess, I’d say they got lucky.”
Obi-wan: “Now, now, you 2, there’s a lesson to be learned.”
Katara: “What lesson?”
Obi-wan: “It’s to remind us to be humble and never too proud to accept a gift when it comes our way.”
Anakin: “(sigh) Well, I guess if you say so, (raises his glass) to unexpected gifts then.”

(Obi-wan bangs his cup with Anakin’s)
Obi-wan: “Here, here.”

(Katara smiles, she takes another sip of her drink)
Katara: “Something’s wrong.”
Anakin: “What is it?”
Katara: “Ahsoka and Toph should have been here by now.”
Obi-wan: “Hm, now that you mention it, it is unlike them to be this tardy.”
Anakin: “I wouldn’t worry too much; knowing Toph, she probably held up Ahsoka over a few milkshakes again.”
Obi-wan: “I don’t think so, our shuttles are built with dispensers; they could supply her with as many milkshakes as she wants.”
Anakin: “Highly doubtful, but, you do have a point, then what is taking them so long?”
Katara: “I don’t know, but I’m going to check up on them.”

(She attempts to walk out, she's stopped by mysterious stomach pains, she drops to the floor immediately)
Anakin: “Katara!”

(He runs up to her with Obi-wan, they both suffer the same pain and fall to the ground, Anakin a little quicker than Obi-wan, they both fall on Katara, all 3 of them lose consciousness, the pirates surrounds them)
Hondo: “I told you it would work. Take them, lock them up.”                  

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Season 1-Episode 12

(Left off from the previous event, Katara, Anakin and Obi-wan wake up in a cell in cuffs, Obi-wan and Anakin are both shackled to Katara, Obi-wan on her left and Anakin on her right)
Anakin: “Ugh…what happened?”
Obi-wan: “Well, I guess that pirate brew was stronger than we thought.”
Anakin: “But, I only took a sip.”
Katara: “They must have poisoned us with something.”
Obi-wan: “I concur; it could have put some sort of sleeping incentive in our drinks. Katara felt the affects a lot sooner because she’s so young.”
Katara: “What? Why would they do this? Are they trying to lose the ransom?”
Obi-wan: “It appears that the deal has changed. They must be trying to increase their payday.”
Dooku: “A shrewd observation, Master Kenobi.”

(They look up and spot Count Dooku outside their cell)
Anakin: “What? What are you doing out there!?!”
Dooku: “I did warn you these pirates were devious, but I was hoping you would not heed my warnings.”
Katara: “What deal did you make with those pirates!?!”
Dooku: “Oh, just a something that the Republic could hardly ever supply. They didn’t trust me at first, but when I told them that there is a possibility that a Bender would fall right into their lap, well, they could not resist the temptation.”
Obi-wan: “They feared that you would send your droid army to destroy them, weren’t they?”
Anakin: “Yep, that sounds like something the Separatists would do.”
Dooku: “Yes, but I would never jeopardize the chance to get my hands on an actual Bender.”
Anakin: “What about you? Weren’t you a captive here?”
Dooku: “Oh, don’t you worry, I already paid off my portion of the ransom, however, your portion will be paid off, in due time.”
Katara: “When I get my hands on you, I’m going to boil you alive!”
Dooku: “Now, now, don’t get any funny ideas about Waterbending, my dear. They’ve pumped in dry air and have taken your water sacks; you are completely cut off of all water.”
Katara: “You’ll never get away with this! My friends will arrive here when they find out what you guys did!”
Dooku: “Oh, I’m counting on that. And who knows? I might be able to get my hands on the Avatar. (Katara gasps) I know that he is very fond of you and will do anything to try and rescue you. He will be mine soon enough.”
Katara: “Leave Aang alone!”
Dooku: “Now then, I must be going, I need to make my final arrangements before the departure.”

(Walks off) 
Anakin: “Those double-crossing…!”

(He punches a nearby wall)
Katara: “That’s the last time I’ll ever trust a pirate!”
Obi-wan: “I had a feeling they would attempt something like this.”

(In an unknown location in space, Ahsoka and Toph are recovering from a previous attack)
Ahsoka: “Ugh…Toph! Toph? Toph, where are you?”
Toph: “I’m right here.”
Ahsoka: “Where? It’s dark in here. I can’t see a thing.”
Toph: “Don’t worry, I can handle being in these circumstances. There should be a light switch near you.”
Ahsoka: “Um, OK, where should I go?” 
Toph: “Take 6 steps directly in front of you and then turn to your left.”
Ahsoka: “OK…(Both were speechless) Is this it?”
Toph: “Perfect, Ahsoka, now turn on the switch.”
Ahsoka: “Like this? (All lights went on) Hey, it worked!”
Toph: “Terrific, what happened to us?”
Ahsoka: “We were attacked.”
Toph: “What? By who?”
Ahsoka: “I don’t know but we should contact the others and let them know what happened.”
Toph: “Good idea.”

(Back at Florrum, Anakin and Katara sits down next to each other, Obi-wan is pacing back and forth)
Katara: “I’m so sorry, you guys. This is my fault. I should have never come.”
Anakin: “Don’t blame yourself, Katara; this was bound to happen whether you came or not.”
Obi-wan: “I agree with Anakin on this much. None of this is your fault, but we’ll worry about that later. (Sits next to Katara) We need to find a way to get out of here before the Separatists get their hands on your friends.”
Anakin: “It’s too bad they took your sacks; you can’t use your Waterbending to get us out.”

(Katara touches her necklace)
Katara: “At least they didn’t take everything from me.”

(She sulks, Anakin places his hand on her shoulder)
Anakin: “I will protect you, Katara.”

(She looks up at him and smiles)
Obi-wan: “So, how are we going to get out of here?”
Katara: “Hm…”

(Summons her Keyblade, she then feels excruciating pain, she puts it away) 
Anakin: “Katara! Are you OK?” 
Obi-wan: “What’s wrong?”
Katara: “Something’s cutting off my connection to Kingdom Hearts!”
Anakin: “Great, anyone got a Plan B? (Obi-wan ponders, Anakin looks towards the door) Wait a minute…”

(Gets up and walks towards the door, Katara and Obi-wan looks at each other, they get up and stand behind Anakin)
Katara: “What is it, Anakin?”
Anakin: “Look!”

(They look over and spot a plate of fruit, Anakin pulls the plate in with his Force powers)
Obi-wan: “Uh…Anakin, what are you doing?”

(Pulls one of the fruit to him as he levitates the plate much further away)
Anakin: “I can use the plate to bounce the fruit off of and hit that switch.”
Katara: “That’s brilliant!”
Anakin: “Yes, but I need to aim this just right.”

(Focuses on the aim, tosses the fruit, it bounce off the plate and hits the switch, the door opens, they walk out)
Katara: “Well done, Anakin.”
Anakin: “Thanks. Come on, let’s go find you some water.”

(Back on the Republic cruiser, Sokka steps out, yawning)
Rex: “Bout time you got up, Sokka!”
Sokka: “What happened since I last heard from any of you?”
Aang: “We’re still trying to catch Dooku.”
Sokka: “Oh, really? Well, I hope it turns out well. Wait, why are there only a few of you?”
Zuko: “There has been an incident occurring, Count Dooku was captured by pirates. Katara left with Anakin and Obi-wan to apprehend him.”
Sokka: “Really? That’s great! Wait, you guys let Katara leave with those guys? What were you thinking!?!”
Zuko: “We couldn’t stop her; you know how persistent your sister is.”
Sokka: “Any ideas on what’s happening?”
Aang: “Mm…no…we haven’t heard from them since they contacted the Senate on Coruscant. They’ve been gone for hours. I’m really worried about them.”
Zuko: “We sent out Ahsoka and Toph to back them up encase anything were to happen.”
Ahsoka: “Guys…are you there?”
Aang: “It’s Ahsoka!”

(They run over towards the transmission)
Rex: “Commander Tano, Commander Toph, what happened?”
Ahsoka: “We were attacked; we’ve been suspended in mid space with no lights. If it wasn’t for the fact that Toph is blind, I would have never gotten the lights back on.”
Zuko: “Where are you now, Ahsoka?”
Ahsoka: “I don’t know, somewhere near Florrum, I think, I’ll activate my homing beacon.”

(A signal goes on)
Rex: “We’re picking up your signal. We’ll be there right away.”

(Back on Florrum, Anakin, Katara and Obi-wan attempt to escape)
Katara: “Do we have any ideas where we’re going?”
Obi-wan: “I sure hope so.”
Anakin: “Katara, do you think you can Waterbend with your wrists tied like that?”
Katara: “Don’t worry, I know plenty of Waterbending moves with my hands in this position.”

(They stop and hide around a corner, a pirate approaches them)
Anakin: “Allow me.”

(Anakin attempts to remove a key card with his Force powers, the pirates notices, he looks towards them)
Pirate: “Hey!”
Katara: “Uh, oh! Our cover’s been blown!”
Anakin: “Yeah, no kidding.”

(Drops the key card, they run off, they continue running, they stop in front of many pirates holding out their guns, they turn around and found more pirates holding out guns, they're completely surrounded, they stand and stare out at them)
Katara: “This isn’t good.”

(The pirates throw them back to their cells, they close and lock the doors)
Obi-wan: “We have to get Katara out of here before the Separatists gets their hands on her.”
Anakin: “But what will we do now?”
Obi-wan: “Hm…I may have an idea. (Walks up to the pirate on guard, uses his Jedi mind trick on him) You do not want to stand guard.” Pirate: “I do not want to stand guard.”
Obi-wan: “You want to deactivate the cell bars and go have yourself a drink.”
Pirate: “I want to deactivate the cell bars and go have myself a drink.”

(They pirate deactivates the cell bars and walks off, Katara, Anakin and Obi-wan walk out)
Anakin: “Not bad.”
Katara: “Very impressive, Obi-wan.”
Anakin: “OK, let’s try not to get caught this time.”
Obi-wan: “Good idea.”

(Back in space, the Republic cruiser arrives in Ahsoka and Toph’s location, they get picked up, clone troopers escort both girls out of the shuttle, others investigate the shuttle itself)
Sokka: “Toph! Ahsoka! Are you girls OK?”
Ahsoka: “I’m little banged up but we’re fine. Did you enjoy your nap?”
Sokka: “Not really, I woke up after my instincts told me that something happened to Katara. I sure hope they’re wrong.”
Ahsoka: “No, Sokka, I don’t think your instincts are wrong. There is a possibility that…something DID happened to Katara.”
Rex: “Commander Tano, you might want to take a look at this.”

(Ahsoka, Aang, Zuko and Sokka move closer to the shuttle, they observe it)
Ahsoka: “Looks as though whoever attacked us only attempted to disable us.”
Aang: “What? Someone tried to prevent you from reaching Florrum? But who?”
Ahsoka: “I don’t know but I smell a conspiracy at work.”
Toph: “But why didn’t whoever attacked us try to kill us?”
Aang: “It must have been because you were on board, Toph.”
Toph: “But who?”
Zuko: “Probably someone who is interested in people like us.”
Ahsoka: “Hm…I wonder…”
Rex: “Commander, we just found something.”

(Ahsoka walks over)
Rex: “We’ve just received data on your attacker, check this out.”

(Hands a scanner to Ahsoka, she examines it)
Ahsoka: “It looks as though this caliber is consistent to that of…a Fighter!?!”
Sokka: “Separatists!!! I knew something didn’t feel right!”
Ahsoka: “If that’s the case, then…”
Aang: “Katara’s in greater danger than we thought.”

(Back on Florrum, Anakin, Katara and Obi-wan sneak around, doing their best to avoid the pirates, they hide behind corners and crates, they come across a small room, they find one of Katara’s sacks)
Katara: “Hey! That’s one of my sacks!”
Anakin: “Hang on, I’ll retrieve it for you.”

(Pulls the sack in with the use of his Force powers, grabs on to it and opens it, Katara bends the water out of it, spins it into a circle, slices through the door, no pirates on the other side)
Katara: “Good, no pirates around here, let’s make sure it stays that way.”

(They continue on, one of the pirates approaches the door, notices it’s been sliced open, sounds the alarm)
Pirate: “The Waterbender and the Jedi have escaped!”
Anakin: “Oh, no, not good!”

(They run off, many pirates spot and run after them, they keep running until they were cornered)
Obi-wan: “Not again.”

(They're brought back to their cell, Hondo stands outside their cell, they sit and glare at him)
Hondo: “(sigh) What to do? What to do? What to do? I don’t want…to kill you, per se, in fact, you seem like descent fellows, especially the girl. This is just business and once I get my money, we can go back to being friends. I know things seem hopeless for you, but trust me; things will work out in the end. Simple as that, now, try not to complicate things by breaking out again.”

(Hondo walks off)
Katara: “Not going to happen! We will get out of here, even if it kills us.”
Anakin: “Great, what are we going to do now?”
Obi-wan: “I’m not sure, we’ve pretty much exhausted all ideas, there’s nothing more we can do.”

(Katara looks out the inside, spots a full moon)
Katara: “Hey, I just realized something: there’s a full moon out.”
Obi-wan: “A full moon? That’s not going to help our situation.”
Anakin: “He’s right, you heard Count Dooku; you’ve been completely cut off from all water.”
Katara: “Not really; there is still 1 source of water available.”
Anakin: “What? Where?”
Katara: “(gets up and points) There.”

(They look over, they spot one of the pirates)
Anakin: “That pirate? What do you mean?”
Katara: “Oh, you’ll see…”

(Walks towards the door, she starts bending, the pirate standing guard began to inexplicably move, Katara moves her arms further from the door, pulling the pirate towards the switch and activates it, they walk out)
Obi-wan: “That was the forbidden Waterbending technique taught to you by Hama.”
Katara: “Yes, now it’s personal.”

(The pirate tries to get up, Katara slams him back on the ground with the use of her Bloodbending, they walk off)

(They sneak around the place until they reach the Grand Hall, many pirates, including Hondo were enjoying a few drinks, Katara becomes enraged)
Katara: “It’s payback time!”

(She lifts her hands up and bends all of the liquids in the hall)
Anakin: “Katara, no!”

(She bends all of the liquids towards Hondo, knocking him to the ground)
Hondo: “What the…? What is this? (Gets up, spots Katara, Anakin and Obi-wan) What? They escaped again!?! Cease them!!”

(All the pirates chase after them, they run out, they keep running until they reach a door, Anakin kicks it open, they fall over, got up and ran, the pirates chased after them, Katara bends more water towards the pirates, they keep running, Katara fall over, knocking her friends over, Anakin moves over to her)
Anakin: “Katara!”
Katara: “Ow… I’m alright…”

(Anakin gets up, lifts Katara up and places her on his back, Obi-wan gets up)
Obi-wan: “We have to get beyond that wall!”

(They keep running, Anakin grabs on to the pole, they continue charging, Anakin pole-vaults with Obi-wan, they nearly make it over the wall, Anakin struggles to pull himself, Katara and Obi-wan up, both he and Katara look up and spots Hondo)
Hondo: “(Sigh) I guess this means…we won’t be friends.”
Katara: “That ended the minute you decided to double-cross us!”

(All of the pirates gather at the Grand Hall, enjoying drinks, all 3 of their prisoners, Anakin, Katara and Obi-wan, lined up sideways, suspended in mid-air by electric bonds, all 3 of them glare out at the pirates, Hondo shakes his head and paces)
Hondo: “I can’t tell whether to be impressed by how clever your escape attempts were or disappointed by the fact that you 3 tried to escape, 3 TIMES!!!”
Katara: “Well I’m greatly infuriated over the fact that you double-crossed us to the Separatists!”
Hondo: “Oh, is that what you really think?”
Anakin: “Uh, Count Dooku told us himself that you turned on us and are planning to turn us over to the Separatists, so yeah, we really do think that.”

(Hondo shakes his head)
Hondo: “Gentlemen, young Waterbender girl, you’ve got us all wrong, we weren’t planning on double-crossing you, we were planning on double-crossing the Separatists.”
Obi-wan: “You know, as much as I enjoy the look on Dooku’s face when he’s been conned, I have to admit, that is very irresponsible.”
Anakin: “More irresponsible than stealing a Waterbending scroll from pirates?”
Obi-wan: “Yes.”
Hondo: “Oh, you don’t need to worry about us, we know exactly what we’re doing, trust me!”
Katara: “Trust you? Trust you!?! I am way passed trusting you! I want no part in your scams!”
Anakin: “Let Katara go, it’s me and Obi-wan you want.”
Hondo: “Quite the contrary, do you know how much a Bender is worth? Jedi can be found anywhere in the Galaxy, (gets close to Katara) but a Bender, they are extremely rare, so, they come with an extremely hefty price, but this young lady over here, she is considered to be priceless in more ways than 1. (Katara kicks him in the nose, he rubs himself) Oh, she’s a feisty one, (gets close to her again) I like em feisty.”
Anakin: “Don’t you dare!”

(She kicks him with 2 feet, he pulls out a small remote)
Hondo: “Oh, you shouldn’t have done that, now you’ve made me mad. (Presses a switch on the remote, painful electricity shot through their bodies, all 3 of them scream, just then, all the electricity in the room mysterious goes off, all 3 of them fell to the ground) What happened to the power? I was having fun! (Katara glares, she looks up and spots the moon, she looks back at Hondo, her glare intensifies, she moves her arms around, he begins to move inexplicably moved around) Hey! What…what’s going on!?!”

(Anakin and Obi-wan watches in terror as she moves Hondo around with the use of her Bloodbending abilities, she drops him to the ground and held him there, she then Bloodbend his crew and forces them to point their guns at him)
Katara: “Release us! Release us now or you will die where you are! Don’t think that I’ll hold back because of my kind nature, I will have you killed!”

(She holds on to them)
Anakin: “Katara, no! (Grabs on to her and throws his arms around her) Don’t do this! I can’t stand seeing you like this!”

(Katara calms down as he holds on to her, she releases Hondo and his men, all of them, including Hondo, runs away from her in fear, Anakin lets go of Katara, they smile at each other, an unknown forces suddenly lifts Katara up and chokes her, Anakin and Obi-wan look in front of them, they spot Dooku carrying out his Force Choke on Katara)
Dooku: “Foolish girl.” 
Anakin: “Dooku!”
Obi-wan: “What do you think you’re doing?”

(He holds her their for a while, then tosses her to a wall, pulling Anakin and Obi-wan with her, he approaches them, kneels down in front of Katara)
Dooku: “I’m impressed, young Waterbender, I didn’t think you had it in you, too bad you let go when you had those pirates at you’re mercy.”

(Katara looks up at Dooku and glares)
Katara: “That’s because unlike you, I have a heart and good friends to snap me out of my intense anger and deep, emotional distress.”
Dooku: “Such power is wasted on a mere child, but no matter, I will learn the secrets of this power.”

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Those were the first 2 episodes of the series that I've watched, ever since then, I became "hooked" to this show. There is more to the previous episode, but I haven't finished that. There will be more to come. I will have even more episodes out whenever I can. So far, I'm not ready to show them because there are some parts to it that I need to reveal before I show those episodes. I will get to that. Also, I have an "interesting" way of revealing these episodes. Remember how the series' episodes weren't in chronological order? Well, I plan to reveal these episodes the same way. 

Stay tuned. There will be more to come.

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I have been posting more of these episodes on DeviantArt, so, if you would like to check them out, then go right ahead. Here is my page on the site:

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Season 2-Episode 12

(Obi-wan Kenobi arrives on Mandalore along with Zuko and Aang, they land in one of the planet’s dome cities, they stop in front of the guards)
Aang: “Um…hello.”
Guard: “Duchess Satine eagerly awaits your arrival, General Kenobi.”

(They step on to a platform)
Obi-wan: “Far be it from me to keep the duchess waiting.”

(They fly off, they arrive at a large palace)
Aang: “Is this where Duchess Satine lives?”
Obi-wan: “Yes, Aang.”
Zuko: “This place is so huge!”
Obi-wan: “I know, Zuko.”

(The prime minister Almic arrives)
Almic: “General Kenobi!”

(Walks up to Obi-wan, Zuko and Aang)
Obi-wan: “Thank you for meeting with us, Prime Minister Almic.”

 (They shake hands)
Almic: “I welcome you to the servant of the people. (They stop, Prime Minister looks at Aang and Zuko) Ah, and these young boys must be Firelord Zuko and Avatar Aang. I have heard so much about the 2 of you from the Duchess.”
Aang: “Really?”
Almic: “Yes, although, I am very disturbed by the false rumors that have brought the 3 of you here. Mandalore would never turn against the Republic. Duchess Satine values peace more than she values her own life.”
Obi-wan: “Oh, we are well aware of the Duchess’ point of views.”
Zuko: “I sure hope your violent past is far behind you guys, as is my people’s, at least, that’s how I would like it to be.”
Aang: “Same here.”
Almic: “Yes, yes, I have heard stories about the wretched war of your world, the one that the young Firelord’s people started.”

(Zuko drops his head down)
Aang: “That war was not Zuko’s fault.”
Almic: “Yes, yes, I am well aware of that, too, young Avatar, it was his great grandfather that started that feud, am I wrong?”

(Zuko pauses, he looks up at the Prime Minister)
Zuko: “No, you are not.”
Almic: “Anyway, all of our warriors were exiled to our moon, Concordia. They died out years ago.”
Zuko: “Hm…”
Obi-wan: “Are you quite certain of that? I did encounter a man wearing Mandalorian armor; Jango Fett.”

(Both Aang and Zuko look up)
Almic: “Jango Fett was a common bounty hunter. How he acquired that armor is beyond me.” Aang: “Hm…I wonder…”

(Duchess Satine and her senator, Marrick walks into the room)
Satine: “Well, Master Kenobi. My shining Jedi Knight to the rescue, once again.”

(Walks to her throne and sits down at it)
Obi-wan: “Even after all of these years, you’re even more beautiful than ever.”
Satine: “Kind words from a man who would accuse me of treachery.”

(Everyone in the room becomes shocked)
Obi-wan: “I would never accuse you of personal wrong doing, Duchess. You obviously remember Firelord Zuko and Avatar Aang.”
Aang: “Hey, Duchess.”
Zuko: “Nice to see you again, my lady.”
Satine: “How could I ever forget these 2 young gentlemen; they are more elegant than the likes of you.”
Obi-wan: “Yes, yes, but more to the point, a Separatist attacked one of our Republic cruisers. A Mandalorian saboteur.”

(Pulls out a hologram of the Mandalorian saboteur and shows it to everyone)
Almic: “You must be mistaken. No Mandalorian would engage in such violence.”
Zuko: “Apparently, this one did.” Aang: “But we did manage to apprehend him before he did any more damage.”
Almic: “I see, where is this prisoner now?” Obi-wan: “He took his own life, rather than submit to questioning.”
Aang: “This is very disturbing.”
Zuko: “Indeed.”
Obi-wan: “I know these commandos fought in many wars, often against the Jedi.”
Zuko: “Reminds me a lot of my corrupted people.”
Satine: “Every one of my people is as trustworthy as I am.”
Marrick: “I know we sound defensive, but…”
Satine: “Clearly, this investigation is ordered because the senate is eager to intervene in our affairs.”
Zuko: “No, you’re wrong, Duchess, this was ordered by the Jedi Council, itself.”
Aang: “I hope we’re not offending you in any way.”

(The Duchess pauses)
Satine: “No…it’s alright, Aang, you have every right to find out the truth. General Kenobi, perhaps you and the boys would like to join me on a walk through the city.”

(She holds out her hand, they pause, a different serious look appears on her face)
Aang: “I think she’s insisting…”
Obi-wan: “I know, Aang, I’ve known her for years, I understand what goes on in her head.”
(Walks up to the Duchess, grabs her by the hands, walks out with her, Zuko and Aang)

(They walk along the city, Aang and Zuko walks along side Obi-wan and Satine)
Satine: “It’s…so good…to see you and the boys again, Obi-wan, despite the circumstances.”
Obi-wan: “You’re peaceful ways have paid off. Mandalore has prospered since that last time I was here.”
Aang: “I’ll say.”
Satine: “Not everyone believes that my commitment towards peace is a sign of progress.”
Aang: “I don’t believe any one of those people! From everything that I have heard, this is a huge sign of progress!”
Satine: “I know you believe that, Aang, I did hear about your people and their peaceful ways of life, but that’s beside the point. There is a group that calls itself Death Watch.”
Zuko: “Death Watch? Who are they?”
Satine: “They are a group of people that idolize the warrior ways of the past.”
Aang: “No…!” Satine: “I imagine these are the renegades you’re looking for.”
Zuko: “I take it you’re doing something about it!”
Satine: “Yes, Zuko, there are those of us, certain officials that are working to root out these criminals. It has been an ongoing investigation.”
Zuko: “I imagine it would be.”
Obi-wan: “How wide is this Death Watch movement?”
Satine: “It’s hardly a movement, rather a group of hooligans who chooses to vandalize public places, nothing more.”
Aang: “I beg to differ.”
Satine: “We will soon have them in custody.”
Aang: “I sure hope so.”
Satine: “We have tracked them to our moon, Concordia.”
Zuko: “Isn’t that the same place where your warriors were banished?”
Satine: “Yes, it is.”
Zuko: “I refuse to believe that to be a coincidence, my lady.”
Satine: “No, Zuko, I don’t think so, either.”

(They spend a great deal of time walking all over the city, talking)
Obi-wan: “A peace keeper belongs on the front-lines of conflict, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to do his job.”
Satine: “The work of a peacekeeper is to ensure that conflict does not arise.”
Aang: “You’re both right. I mean, what would happen if the conflict becomes too immense for one to maintain peace?”
Satine: “How do you know so much from someone so young?”
Aang: “I’m that Avatar; restoring peace and maintaining balance are part of my responsibilities. When the problem becomes too big to contain, I must use my influence over the elements to correct the problem and restore balance by any mean necessary.”
Obi-wan: “I’m afraid I’ll have to agree with young Aang on this one. The problem in his world became too much for him to handle that is, until he took down the Firelord, Zuko’s father, in a long and epic battle to ensure peace between the 4 nations.”
Zuko: “It’s all true. My father wanted nothing more than to take control of the whole world and he planned to do so by force. My father needed to be stopped by any means necessary.”
Satine: “I understand that much, but, still I can’t help but wonder, is reality what makes a Jedi abandon his ideals, or is it simply a response to political convenience?”
Aang: “That’s not true, Duchess!”

(An explosion takes place, Aang uses his Airbending to block the debris)
Obi-wan: “Are you alright, Duchess?”
Satine: “I’m fine.”

 (They run towards the wreck, they see many people lying on the floor in agony, Aang becomes devastated, Satine tends to some of the people)
Zuko: “Who could have done all of this?”
Obi-wan: “Hooligans couldn’t have arranged an attack of this scale.”
Satine: “Then this must be the work of an off worlder.”

(Aang looks over)
Aang: “Are you guys sure of that?”

(They look over, they see a holographic image of a terrifying looking emblem)
Zuko: “What is that?”
Satine: “The sign of the Death Watch…”
Obi-wan: “This goes far beyond vandalism; this is a political statement against your government and against you.”

(Aang’s face grows serious)
Aang: “I don’t know what sort of things this Death Watch has done before, but they have gone too far this time!”
Obi-wan: “I agree with Aang on this. You’re not safe here; I’m taking you back to the palace.”

(Offers the Duchess a hand, helps her up, walks off with her, Aang and Zuko)
Zuko: “We need to find out who did this.”
Obi-wan: “Agreed. (Walks up to a guard) I want to interview everyone here. No one leaves this seen.”

(A man then runs off, they look over and spot him)
Zuko: “I take it that’s our purp!”
Obi-wan: “You there! (They run off after him, Aang jumps up, pulls out both Keyblades and flies off, they chase after the man, they chase him to a balcony, he stops, they surround him) We only want to talk! (The man pulls out a blaster, shoots at Obi-wan, he deflects them with his Lightsaber, Aang and Zuko fights back with the use of their bending, the man tackles Obi-wan, he was thrown down) I don’t want to hurt you! (The duchess runs in) Stay back!”

(The man looks at the Duchess, he ran towards a edge, climbs up on the safety bars, stands on them, speaks in a foreign language)
Aang: “No! Don’t”

(The man falls back, lands on the ground below, screams are heard, they look down from above, devastated by what they saw, they run down, Aang jumps off and descends down with the use of his Airbending, they arrive near the man, he’s barely alive, he speaks again in a different language)
Aang: “Um…what did he just say?”
Obi-wan: “Beat me.”

(He speaks again, the duchess bends down, speaks in a different language, the man dies)
Zuko: “Duchess, can you fill us in on what he was saying.”

(She pauses)
Satine: “He was speaking in the dialect they used on Concordia.”
Zuko: “Again with Concordia. This moon seems to have a deep connection to the Death Watch.”
Satine: “I’m afraid you’re right, Zuko.”
Obi-wan: “I would like to visit this moon of yours.”
Aang: “Same here, so we could get to the bottom of this.”
Obi-wan: “Perhaps we could accompany the body.”
Satine: “The Concordian moon is a Provence with its own governor; you’ll need me to escort you boys.”
Obi-wan: “Thanks for the offer, Duchess, but that won’t be necessary.”
Satine: “Actually, it will, you won’t make much progress without me there, especially since you’ve just been involved with the death of a Concordian.”
Obi-wan: “I didn’t kill him.”
Zuko: “He did not kill that man!”
Satine: “I know, that’s why I’m still talking to you gentlemen.”
(Walks off, Obi-wan, Zuko and Aang stand around for a bit)

(They take a shuttle to the moon Concordia)
Zuko: “So, we’re actually going to a moon?”
Obi-wan: “Yes, we are.”
Aang: “It’s weird, getting use to stuff like this, going to moons that are inhabited; we never experience anything like this back at home.”
Zuko: “Is this how it’s like all the time here?”
Obi-wan: “Yes, it is. Many of our moons are…unique in their own way. The moon Concordia, for example, is an agricultural settlement, at least that’s how it use to have been before the Mandalorian Wars.”
Satine: “Yes, before the end of our wars, they turned it into a mining base.”
Aang: “A forest AND a mining base on a moon? Boy, there’s a lot to get use to.”
Zuko: “Tell me about it.”
Satine: “The sheer number of mining facilities nearly destroyed our forests. They’re finally growing back.”
Zuko: “That much we can understand.”
Obi-wan: “Feel free to take deep breaths when we arrive on the moon, boys. There’s plenty of oxygen to go around.”
(Aang and Zuko exchange looks)

(They arrive on the moon, they fly towards a large structure and land, they step out in front of a man and a few of his guards)
Man: “Duchess Satine, you are most welcome.”
Satine: “Thank you, Governor Vizsla. May I present Master Obi-wan Kenobi, representing the Jedi Council. And these 2 young gentlemen are Firelord Zuko and Avatar Aang. Boys, this is Governor Vizsla; one of the officials I spoke of. He has been working to find the members of the Death Watch.”
Vizsla: “I take it you men heard the rumors about Satine, how she’s supposedly leading Mandalore into an alliance with the Separatists.”
Obi-wan: “Our only instructions are to seek the truth.”
Aang: “Yeah, and to clear the good Duchess’ name if at all possible. I believe in her innocence.”
Zuko: “So do I!”

(Satine smiles, so does Obi-wan, the guards walk in with a casket contain the body of the guy they saw earlier)
Vizsla: “So this was the man that bombed the memorial shrine?”
Satine: “Yes, it was.”
Zuko: “Apparently, he was in with Death Watch.”
Vizsla: “A worrisome prospect. If you pardon me, we must attend to the body.”
(Walks off, they walk off with him)

(They sit down together at a table, they chat, the governor walks off)
Obi-wan: “Duchess, I need a favor from you: please keep Governor Vizsla occupied.”
Satine: “Where are you going?”
Obi-wan: “I’ll just have a look around. I’d like to see these mining facilities for myself. Aang, stay with the Duchess; make sure nothing happens to her. Zuko, you’re with me.”
Satine: “You want to determine if they’re operational?”
Obi-wan: “I’ve hoped to determine they’re not. Aang, give Satine the ear piece as we have discussed.”
Aang: “Yes, Master Kenobi.”

(Aang hands her an ear piece)
Satine: “What is this for?”
Obi-wan: “It’s in case you run into trouble.”
Zuko: “Or the other way around.”

(Walks off with Zuko, they step outside, Obi-wan grabs a speeder, Zuko grabs on to Obi-wan, the duchess steps out with Aang)
Satine: “Remember that you are here under my protection. Please try not to cause problems where none exists.”
Obi-wan: “Think of me as looking for solutions.”
Satine: “I have to warn you, I’m opposed to all of this.”
Obi-wan: “I’d be disappointed if you weren’t.”

(They drive off, leaving the seen, they drive along the terrains)
Zuko: “You and the Duchess have known each other for a long time, haven’t you?”
Obi-wan: “Oh, Zuko, there is a lot about our history that is…complex. Perhaps I can tell you another time.”
Zuko: “Sure, I’d like that.”
(They keep going on)

(The governor returns to the table)
Vizsla: “I apologize for the rudeness, my friends. I was just writing a condolence letter to the dead man’s family and made arrangements for them to retrieve his body.”
Satine: “Oh, no, it’s alright.”
Vizsla: “Say, where are your other friends?”
Satine: “Oh! Um…General Kenobi is… meditating and…Zuko left to join him. They should return to us shortly.”
Aang: “Don’t worry, Duchess, I’m sure they won’t be long.”

(Obi-wan and Zuko arrive at one of the mining facilities, they step off the speeder and walk in, they look around)
Zuko: “So, this is one of the mining facilities?”
Obi-wan: “Hm…it doesn’t look abandoned to me.”
Zuko: “No kidding, this place looks as though it was used recently. (They look over, they see many jetpacks, they walk over to them, they observe them) What are those things?”
Obi-wan: “Jetpacks, no doubt they belong to our violent friends. (They look over to another direction, they spot several helmets, they walk up to them, Obi-wan picks one up, he observes it) And this is a Mandalorian helmet. (Zuko picks 1 up, several Heartless show up out of nowhere) Heartless!”

(Zuko pulls out his Keyblade)
Zuko: “I’ve got this.”

(Fights off the Heartless, some of them flee the scene, Zuko runs after them)
Obi-wan: “Zuko, wait! (An armored man pounces at him, he pulls out his Lightsaber, there was no one around, he looked around) Zuko? Are you there? Zuko! (No one answers) Whoever you are, I am here on a diplomatic mission, under the protection of Duchess Satine!”
Man: “We do not recognize her rule.”
(The man comes at him again, another man comes at him, they beat up Obi-wan together and knocks him out)

(Back at Governor Vizsla’s place)
Satine: “Someone’s been feeding misinformation to the Republic Senate about me.”
Aang: “Who stands to gain from such horrible lies?”
Vizsla: “Death Watch, of course.”
Aang: “No way, they couldn’t have engineered all of this!”
Satine: “Clearly this problem has grown much larger than we thought. We suspect some external force helped it along.”
Vizsla: “Hard to believe. It has to be someone at the highest level among the Separatists.”
Aang: “Yes! That’s exactly what I was thinking!”
Satine: “But why target me?”
Vizsla: “You lead the council of neutral systems, thus you threaten the Separatist’s goals. Take it as a compliment; someone very powerful is working towards your downfall.”
Aang: “That doesn’t make either of us feel better.”
Satine: “I’m afraid I’ll have to agree with Aang on this.”

(Obi-wan wakes up in suspended animation, he tries to free himself but no avail, he presses something on his COM link)

(Back at the governor’s place)
Vizsla: “General Kenobi’s meditation is taking a rather long time.”
Satine: “You know the Jedi, they never do anything by halves.”
Obi-wan: “Duchess, please acknowledge.”
Vizsla: “May I offer you another drink?”
Satine: “Yes…certainly.”
Obi-wan: “I’m in a bit of an awkward spot. I’m being held by the Death Watch, I can’t seem to find Zuko anywhere.”
Vizsla: “Sorry, Duchess, we’re out of ice.”
Satine: “Sorry to hear that.”
Vizsla: “Perhaps we should begin dinner without General Kenobi.”
Aang: “No! Never!”
Obi-wan: “There’s a tracking function on your COM link, follow it due east to my location.”
Satine: “I don’t know if I can do that at the moment.”
Aang: “Huh?”
Obi-wan: “It’s extremely urgent.”
Vizsla: “Are you not feeling well, Duchess?”
Satine: “(Stands up) Perhaps some fresh air will do me good. I think Aang should come with me. (Pulls Aang up and closer to her, whispering to him) Obi-wan is in great danger, he needs us now.”
Aang: “Oh…oh, uh, yeah, sure, I’ll go with you, Duchess.”

(They make their way out)
Vizsla: “Shall I escort you outside?”
Obi-wan: “Take a speeder, it’s rough terrain.”
Satine: “Oh, I’ll find my way. Never fear.”
(Walks out with Aang)

(Satine grabs a speeder and rides off, Aang jumps up, pulls out 2 Keyblades, flies off after Duchess, they both arrive at the mining facility)

(Obi-wan is about to be pulled in by the machine to oblivion, Satine runs into the facility)
Satine: “Where exactly are you?”
Obi-wan: “Listen to the loud, metallic, clanging sound. That would be the machine about to smash me to bits.”

(They run in, the Duchess sets off the alarms, the 2 armored men run out, the Duchess and Aang runs hide away)
Satine: “I’ve got this, go find Zuko.”
Aang: “OK.”

(Flies off, Satine runs towards Obi-wan)
Obi-wan: “Well it certainly took you long enough!”
Satine: “You know, I haven’t saved you, yet.”
Obi-wan: “Yes, no need to remind me of that.”
Satine: “Be patient!”
Obi-wan: “I happen to be a bit short on patience, right now! (Satine runs towards the machine, activating any switch she finds) Satine! Turn the machine off!”
Satine: “I’m trying!” 
Obi-wan: “Satine! (She touches a switch, 1 part of the machine shuts off, she runs towards him, the 2 armored men run back in and towards her) Look out!”

(They grab her, she attempts to fight back, Obi-wan comes near the large crushers, he nearly falls right in, he’s pushed away by a large gust of wind, he looks up, spots Aang gliding along with Zuko standing on top, Zuko Firebends at the 2 armored men, the 2 boys reunites with Obi-wan, they help him up)
Aang: “Are you OK?”
Obi-wan: “I’m fine. Zuko, where were you?”
Zuko: “Sorry, I was being held up by a few Nova Shadows.”
Obi-wan: “Nova Shadows? Yes, those things can be quite annoying.”
Zuko: “Tell me about it.”

(The 2 armored men come at them, they fight back, they ran towards an elevator)
Satine: “For a man sworn to peace, you sure take the unseemly pleasure in the injuries of others.”
Obi-wan: “For a woman sworn to nonviolence, you don’t seem troubled that I could have been killed back there.”
Satine: “But you weren’t and yet I haven’t heard any thanks.”
Obi-wan: “Well, you certainly haven’t changed much.”

(Aang and Zuko look at each other)
Aang: “Huh. Wonder what went on between them?”
Zuko: “Well, they do have a long history behind them.”
Aang: “I’d love to hear all about it, sometime.”
Zuko: “So do I.”

(They exit the elevator, another armored man, Obi-wan punches him out)
Obi-wan: “This is not the way we came in. (A few more armored men arrive on the scene, Obi-wan attempts to get himself and his friends out) Blast! The elevator’s not working.”

(Aang pulls out his large glider, opens it up)
Aang: “Climb on, I’ll get everyone out.”

(The armored men shoot at them)
Satine: “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Aang.”

(They hide behind a rock)
Obi-wan: “We’ll have to stand and fight or in your case, just stand.”

(Reaches for his Lightsaber, it’s missing, he attempts to fight back another way, he pulls in a spare blaster with the use of his Force powers, shoots at the men, grabs a jetpack, throws it into the air, shoots at it, it explodes, more of them come, he fights back, several Heartless show up, Aang and Zuko pull out their Keyblades and fought all of them, 3 more armored men and 1 wearing a flowing cape walks in)
Man: “Failure.”

(Shoots and kills one of his own man)
Aang: “Did he kill one of his own?”
Obi-wan: “Apparently so.”
Zuko: “Reminds me so much of my own corrupted nation.”

(The man removes his helmet, revealing himself to be Governor Vizsla)
Satine: “Governor?”
Zuko: “You’re the leader of the Death Watch?”
Aang: “I don’t understand, why are you doing this?”
Vizsla: “Why am I doing this? Why am I doing this? I’ll tell you why. For generations, my ancestors have fought proudly as warriors against the Jedi, but that woman tarnishes the name Mandalorian.”
Aang: “You give governors a bad name, Vizsla!”
Vizsla: “Quiet! All of you! She brought about an era of weakness and dishonor. Defend her if you will! (Throws Obi-wan’s Lightsaber back to him, pulls out another type of Lightsaber, the Darksaber) This Lightsaber was stolen from your Jedi Temple by my ancestors during the fall of the Old Republic, since then, many Jedi have died upon its blade. Prepare yourself to join them.”

(Charges at Obi-wan)
Obi-wan: “Boys, whatever happens to me, don’t interfere; this is between me and him.”

(They get involved in a fierce duel, they fight on against one another, Aang, Zuko and Satine watch helplessly on the side lines, it eventually ends)
Vizsla: “Warriors, finish him!”

(The 3 armored men shoot out rockets from their jetpacks, Obi-wan dodges them, Zuko attempts to shoot at them with his Firebending, the man are too fast, they come back at them)
Obi-wan: “Satine!”

(Runs back into the elevator shafts, Satine jumps up, he carries her, Zuko and Aang run with them, the rockets impact the elevator shaft, Zuko and Aang shields them with the use of their bending, all becomes silent)

(They step out of the other entrance)
Satine: “I suppose we’re even now.”
Obi-wan: “How so?”
Satine: “I saved your life, you saved mine.”
Obi-wan: “Yes, well, mine was the more daring of the 2 rescues.”

(They smile at each other)
Zuko: “Great, now, can we get out of here? I’m tired.”
Aang: “Me too, I’ve had just about enough action for 1 night.”
Satine: “Yes, let’s leave this place.”
Obi-wan: “Agreed.”
(They leave)

(The next day, the arrive back on Mandalore, they walk along the landing bay)
Marrick: “But if Pre Vizsla fled, we have no way of learning how wide spread Death Watch really is.”
Zuko: “Well, 1 thing is certain: it’s obvious the Separatists are supporting Death Watch.”
Aang: “So, the rumors were true, except for the part about the Duchess, of course.”
Obi-wan: “Yes, it appears we have no other choice but to fight back.”
Satine: “I disagree. I told you I wanted to stay out of this conflict.”
Obi-wan: “Given the current situation, I’m afraid that may no longer be possible.”
Satine: “I thought you of all people would understand the position that I’m in! I will never be a part of this war!”

(Walks off with several of her people, Obi-wan, Zuko and Aang stand around)
Zuko: “She’s a strong lady; I’ll give her that much.”
Obi-wan: “You have no idea, Zuko.”

(Anakin walks in with Katara, Toph and several clone troopers)
Anakin: “Reporting for escort duty, general.”
Obi-wan: “Oh, Anakin, am I glad to see you?”

(Aang and Zuko look at each other in a puzzling matter)
Anakin: “Hm, you sound tired, are you…feeling OK?”
Obi-wan: “Yes…the peaceful ways of the locals has wore us out a bit. Come along, boys.”

(Walks off with Aang and Zuko)
Toph: “OK…that was weird, even for him.”
Katara: “That must have been some mission he was in.”
Anakin: “Ah, I’m sure he had a great time.”
(Walks off after Obi-wan, Zuko and Aang with Katara, Toph and several clone troopers, they board a large vessel, it takes off and leaves the planet)

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Season 2-Episode 13

(On board the Coronet, Anakin, Obi-wan, Toph and Katara stand with Rex, Cody, the clone troopers and R2-D2) 
Obi-wan: “You know your marching orders. The safety of the Duchess Satine is of the utmost important.” 
Toph: “No kidding, since those Death Watch jerks plan on assassinating her before she pleads her case that she’s innocent.” 
Katara: “It’s a possibility that the Death Watch could be backed by the Separatists. We want every single one of you to stay sharp and be careful.” 
Anakin: “What Katara says. R2, use your scanners to probe for any suspicious droid activity.” 
Obi-wan: “Toph, if you feel any unusual vibrations, please let us know immediately.” 
Toph: “Oh, don’t you worry, Obi-wan, I will.” 
Anakin: “That’ll be all for now. Get to your positions.”

(All the clone troopers but Rex and Cody walk out) 
Katara: “By the way, where are Aang and Zuko?” 
Anakin: “Probably with the good Duchess.” 
Obi-wan: “Yes, she has grown quite fond of those 2.” 
Man: “The Duchess and her retinue request your presence.” 
Obi-wan: “Very well, we’ll be right there.”

(They walk into the lift, they stand in it as it rises) 
Katara: “You seem nervous, Master Kenobi.” 
Obi-wan: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” 
Toph: “I can feel you shaking.” 
Obi-wan: “I would really appreciate it if you would stop doing that, Toph!” 
Toph: “You told me to let you know if I felt any unusual vibration. That’s exactly what I’m doing now.” 
Obi-wan: “I didn’t mean…oh, nevermind!”

(Toph sips on her milkshake) 
Anakin: “You know, the girls have a point. I sense some anxiety from you.” 
Obi-wan: “Anakin, not you, too.” 
Katara: “Um…maybe we should stop. (Looks up at Obi-wan) She couldn’t be in safer hands, Master Kenobi.” 
Obi-wan: “Thank you, Katara.”

(They arrive at their destination floor, Sokka and Suki have been waiting for them) 
Suki: “It’s about time you got here, Generals Skywalker and Kenobi.” 
Obi-wan: “Commander.” 
Anakin: “I can see Aang and Zuko aren’t with you guys, either.” 
Sokka: “Nope, they’re with the Duchess; she has them sitting pretty close to her.” 
Toph: “Gee, she must be quite attached to them.” 
Sokka: “Yeah, that’s something you couldn’t have, huh, Ani?” 
(Anakin growls, shoves Sokka with his foot, they continue on)

(Inside a large chamber, 4 senators along with a few other people stand about, Duchess Satine sits down on a large cushion, Aang and Zuko sit near her) 
Satine: “War is intolerable. We have been deceived into believing that we should be a part of it. I’d say the moment we committed to fighting, we already lost.” 
Aang: “Those are some powerful words, Duchess.” 
Satine: “Thank you, Aang.” 
Zuko: “I wish my great grandfather, Firelord Sozin, would hear this.” 
Satine: “Yes, if he were to hear any of this, perhaps the war in your world would have never happened.” 
Aang: “That would have been, at least, I wish it was.” 
Marrick: “Excuse me, your grace, are you going to oppose both wars on humanitarian grounds?” 
Satine: “I’m going to oppose them as an affront to life, itself, clearly something that Firelord Sozin wouldn’t understand. As the designated region of 600 systems, I speak for thousands of worlds that ask me to allow them to stay away from this war.” 
Obi-wan: “And yet some might argue that the best defense is a swift and decisive offense.”

(Obi-wan and Satine look at each other) 
Satine: “You are quite the general now, aren’t you, Master Kenobi?” 
Aang: “Obi-wan, don’t do this.” 
Satine: “It’s alright, Aang; this is 1 battle that needs to be fought.” 
Obi-wan: “Forgive me, your highness. I meant no disrespect.” 
Satine: “Really? Senators, I presume you’re acquainted with the collection of half-truths and hyperbole known as Obi-wan Kenobi.” 
Katara: “What?” 
Obi-wan: “Your highness is too kind.” 
Satine: “Yes, I suppose I am.” 
Toph: “That didn’t sound very good.” 
Obi-wan: “I presume you remember my fellow Jedi, Anakin Skywalker.” 
Anakin: “(bows) Your servant, my lady.” 
Obi-wan: “And you obvious remember Katara, Toph, Sokka and Suki. They are from the same universe as Zuko and Aang.” 
Satine: “Yes…I know that. That was quite a dish you made for me the last time we met, Katara. I never knew members of your Water Tribe to eat so many…exotic foods. It was a lovely meal.” 
Katara: “Thank you, Duchess.” 
Satine: “Children, I remember a time when Jedi were not generals, but peacekeepers.” 
Anakin: “We are protectors, yours at the moment. We fight for peace.” 
Satine: “What an amusing contradiction.” 
Aang: “That’s not completely true. Our job of maintaining peace is to prevent those from threatening it. If the threat is to become too much to handle with debates, than we have no other choice but to fight.” 
Obi-wan: “I agree with Aang on this. We are acting at the behest of your highness. To protect you from the Death Watch and the Separatists who don’t share your neutral point of view, much like how Zuko's Forefathers dating back to Firelord Sozin threatened the peace and the balance of the Benders’ world, giving the Avatar no other options but to fight.” 
Satine: “Hm, how interesting. But I asked for no such thing.” 
Obi-wan: “Maybe but a majority of your court did.” 
Satine: “I do not remember you as one to hide behind excuses.” 
Obi-wan: “I do not remember you as one to shrink from responsibility.” 
Aang: “Guys, please!” 
Katara: “I think you guys have had enough.”

(Orn Free Taa steps up) 
Orn Free Taa: “Yes, we should listen to the young Benders.” 
Satine: “Hm…the senator may have a point. I think we should receive a second opinion on this matter. Aang, Zuko, perhaps you should tell us a little more about this war that you fought in your world.” 
Zuko: “More than a century ago, Firelord Sozin commenced our war as a means of sharing his greatness to everyone, but he became power-hungry and thought of the other nations as a threat towards his quest for power, so he unleashed a devastating assault on all of them. He went against his own friend and my other great grandfather, Avatar Roku.” 
Satine: “Avatar Roku was your other great grandfather?” 
Zuko: “Yes, Avatar Roku fought against Sozin as a means to protect the equal rights of the other nations, but even he couldn’t save them, afterward, all nations were forced to fight.” 
Aang: “That included my nation. I was raised amongst the nation of nomads and pacifists. We rarely get involved with any conflicts but my people were forced to fight when the Fire Nation invaded our temples.” 
Satine: “I’m so sorry to hear that, Aang.” 
Aang: “Since the day I was born, it has been my destiny as the Avatar to fight against the Firelord in hopes of ending the war that went on for 100 years. I tried to convince the Firelord not to fight, but he refused to take me up on my offer.” 
Satine: “I see, so you had no other choice but to fight him.” 
Aang: “Yes, we got involved in a huge conflict, I was about to deliver the final blow.” 
Satine: “You were going to kill the Firelord?” 
Aang: “Yes…but…I didn’t. Instead, I spared his life.” 
Satine: “I see, but you did defeat him, did you not? How was it you were able to do that?” 
Aang: “(Pauses) I took away his Bending, so that he would never be able to use it to hurt or threaten others with it ever again.” 
Zuko: “Afterward, I stepped up as the new Firelord and declared the war over.” 
Satine: “What touching stories. Really they are; you 2 have inspired me greatly and have proven that not all conflicts can be settled by fighting.” 
Obi-wan: “Yes, but Aang had to fight against the Firelord in order to overpower him and prevent him from causing any more damage to their world. Ending this war is not going to be as simple as taking away ones Bending. This war needs to be fought head on if we wish to ensure peace in the galaxy. Republic military presence is the only sure defense against the Separatists.” 
Satine: “(Stands up) Even extremists can be reasoned with.” 
Obi-wan: “Oh, sure, just as Aang managed to convinced Firelord Ozai not to fight him when they could have just simply ended it then and there.” 
Satine: “(Walks up to Obi-wan) The sarcasm of a soldier.” 
Obi-wan: “The delusion of a dreamer.” 
Aang: “Guys! Please!” 
Marrick: “Duchess, Master Jedi, it’s been a long trip.” 
Katara: “Yes, I think we should put politics aside until both you of you actually agree on something.” 
Toph: “(Sips her milkshake) That would be nice.” 
Obi-wan: “Fine!” 
Satine: “Whatever!” 
(Walks out with her hand behind her back, they watch her walk off)

(Anakin, Obi-wan, the Benders, Sokka and Suki walks along to hallways) 
Katara: “You and the Duchess have a seriously, long history behind you.” 
Toph: “Yeah, don’t hold out on us, what was it that went on between you guys?” 
Obi-wan: “I was on an extended mission when I was younger. Qui-Gon and I spent a year on Mandalore, protecting the Duchess from insurgents threatening her world. (They walk into an elevator lift) They sent bounty hunters after us; we were always on the run, living hand to mouth, never knowing what the next day would bring.” 
Anakin: “Sounds romantic.”

(Obi-wan looks at Anakin in a peculiar way, Toph snickers) 
Suki: “I wouldn’t exactly call that romantic in any way.” 
Sokka: “I’m with Suki on this one and I love disagreeing with Anakin on any matter. (Anakin glares at Sokka) You guys sounded like you didn’t have a lot of fun.” 
Katara: “I’ll say.” 
Toph: “I just can’t believe that you and the Duchess have been seeing each other for an entire year. That’s a long time.” 
Aang: “You must know a lot about her.” 
Obi-wan: “Indeed. A civil war killed most of Satine’s people, hence her version of violence. When she returned, she took on the difficult task of rebuilding her world alone.” 
Zuko: “I know what that’s like.” 
Aang: “Wait! Alone? You didn’t stay to help her?”

(They walk into a room, Obi-wan sits down on the bed in the room) 
Obi-wan: “No, I was needed else where.” 
Anakin: “What? But, clearly you had feeling for her. That must have affected your decision!” 
Obi-wan: “Oh, it did. I live by the Jedi Code.” 
Sokka: “As Master Yoda always says, a Jedi must not form attachments.” 
Obi-wan: “Yes, but he did forget to mention the undercurrent of remorse.” 
Suki: “That must have been really hard on you, Master Kenobi.” 
Obi-wan: “Yes, it was. Aang, Zuko, come here for a moment. (Aang and Zuko walk up to Obi-wan, both of them sit next to him) You both have strong, capable women in your lives, right?”

(Aang and Zuko look at each other and back at Obi-wan) 
Aang: “Yes.” 
Zuko: “Of course.” 
Obi-wan: “I want you to do something for me. I want you to listen to everything that they have to say, their opinions should matter to you more than anything and never, ever take them for granted.” 
Aang: “Of course! I would never take Katara for granted. She’s way too important to me.”

(Katara smiles) 
Sokka: “I have to admit, that quote I made from Master Yoda was pretty impressive, don’t you think?” 
Anakin: “I’m just impressed that you were able to understand him.”

(Sokka makes another irritated face, Obi-wan’s COM link goes off) 
Obi-wan: “Yes, captain.” 
Rex: “Sir, there’s something wrong with Skywalker’s astromech. Scan him real good, sir.” 
Sokka: “Pfft! Droids. What good are they for anyone?”

(Anakin growls and is about to punch Sokka in the head) 
Rex: “Also, I lost contact with 2 of my men.” 
Obi-wan: “I’m on my way down to assist you.” 
Anakin: “I’ll go, master, if there’s something dangerous down there, clones and I can handle it.” 
Obi-wan: “You might want to bring Toph with you. If there’s anyone who can see better down there, it’s her.” 
Anakin: “Yeah, yeah, I know. Let’s go, Toph.” 
Toph: “Do I have to?” 
Anakin: “Yes! Now, come on!”

(Toph sips the last of her milkshakes, she walks off) 
Katara: “I’m going with you, Anakin.”

(Walks off with Anakin and Toph) 
Suki: “Wait for me, you guys.” 
(Follows after them, the rest leaves the room)

(Obi-wan walks into a dining room with Aang, Zuko and Sokka, Satine is seated at a table along with the 4 senators, Zuko and Aang bows their traditional bows) 
Aang: “Duchess.” 
Zuko: “My lady.” 
Satine: “Hello, boys.” 
Obi-wan: “I beg your pardon, Senators. Our men are investigating a situation below decks. I respectfully ask you to wait here until it is settled.” Sokka: “I’m sure it wouldn’t take very long, your highness.” 
Satine: “See to it that it doesn’t.” 
Zuko: “Yes, Duchess.”

(Anakin walks in the lower deck with Toph, Katara and Suki) 
Anakin: “Alright, what’s the problem? We’re missing dinner.” 
Toph: “And make it snappy! We’re starving!” 
Cody: “We’re not sure, yet, General and Commanders. 2 of our men are unaccounted for.” 
Suki: “Well, let’s hope we settle this before this escalates into a full blown problem.” 
Rex: “Agreed, Miss Suki.” 
Anakin: “OK, Toph, feel out for anything suspicious.”

(Toph places her hand on the floor) 
Toph: “Hm…I feel…something that’s…out of place.” 
Anakin: “What do you mean?” 
Toph: “Follow me.”

(They follow Toph towards an empty container) 
Rex: “Well, what do have here?” 
Katara: “It looks as though whatever was in this container is missing.” 
Anakin: “Or got up and walked away.” 
Toph: “Ridiculous, what type of cargo would just walk off?” 
Suki: “Hm…a droid?” 
Anakin: “I won’t rule out anything. Toph, can you feel anything else?”

(Toph feels the floor again) 
Toph: “I feel some sort of…unusual movement around here. I don’t like this, Anakin.” 
Anakin: “Neither do I. Let’s go.” 
(They walk off)

(Back in the dining room, Obi-wan sits down at a table on the other side of the Duchess, his COM link went off) 
Obi-wan: “Please excuse me. (Gets up) Anakin, what have you found?” 
Anakin: “There is a large, open container and the contents are missing. We still have 2 men unaccounted for. Also, Toph feels some unusual movements around here.” 
Obi-wan: “That’s not good. Keep things quiet, I’ll stay with the Senators.” 
Anakin: “Got it.” 

(Back in the cargo bay, Anakin walks around with Katara, Toph and Suki) 
Suki: “Let’s hurry and get out of here. This place gives me the creeps.” 
Toph: “Not me.” 
Anakin: “Good thing Sokka didn’t join us.” 
Katara: “You know, I kind of agree with you, Anakin. Whatever horrors lurk around here would scare him half to death. He still hasn’t adjusted to life in this universe.” 
Anakin: “That doesn’t surprise me, at all.” 
Suki: “Will you be quiet about him, Master Skywalker?”

(Toph halts) 
Anakin: “What is it, Toph? Did you find something? (They look onward, they find what appears to be one of the missing clone troopers walking towards them) Ah, there you are. Redeye, where have you been? You had us…all…worried…(He walks onward) Redeye?”

(No response, Anakin walks forward, Toph stops him) 
Toph: “That’s not Redeye! Redeye’s dead! That’s…”

(2 talons lodged into Redeye’s shoulder, Anakin pulls out his Lightsaber) 
Anakin: “An assassin droid! I kind of figured!”

(It tosses Redeye at them, he lands on one of the crates, they charge at it, they fight against the droid, they keep fighting until it’s been disabled) 
Toph: “There’s another one!”

(They look behind them; they see another droid near the lift) 
Anakin: “The lift! (They rush towards it as fast as they could, they couldn’t stop it in time, it climbs up the lift) Obi-wan! There’s an assassin probe down here! One of them made it up the lift and is heading your way. Tell the Duchess, the Senators, oh and Sokka to get to safety before it gets there. We’ll do everything we can to prevent others from leaving this cargo bay.”

(The assassin droid arrives, Sokka screams) 
Obi-wan: “Too late! (The droid comes at them, Obi-wan pulls out his Lightsaber) Sokka, protect the Duchess and the Senators with your life.”

(Rush out with Aang and Zuko) 
Sokka: “Wait! Don’t I get a say in all of this?” 
Obi-wan, Zuko, Aang: “NO!”

(Sokka frowns, he pulls out his Keyblade, then stands behind the Duchess and the Senators, they fight until they have disabled the droid)

(Back in the cargo bay) 
Anakin: “There may be 1 left, let’s search for it before…” 
Suki: “Master Skywalker!”

(They look over, many little droids come out of the disabled droid, they fight off all the droids) 
Katara: “It’s no use! There’s too many of them!” 
Toph: “I hope Obi-wan is having better luck than we do.” 

(Back in the dining room, many little droids come out of the droid Obi-wan destroyed; they have done everything to fight back, Satine steps in, pulls out a small blaster, shoots at the out small droid) 
Obi-wan: “Do you always carry a deactivator?” 
Satine: “Just because I’m a pacifist, that doesn’t mean I won’t defend myself.” 
Obi-wan: “Now, you sound like a Jedi.” 
Satine: “Please, I prefer to be compared to an Air Nomad; they’re actual pacifists.” 
Obi-wan: “Right. (They fight on) This reminds me of that swarm of venom-mites on Draboon, remember?” 
Satine: “How could I forget? I still have the scar!” 
Sokka: “Can I see it?” 
Obi-wan, Satine: “No!” 

(Sokka runs off) 
Obi-wan: “I’m beginning to understand why my former Padawan has a hard time tolerating him!” 
(They fight until it was over)

(Back in the cargo bay) 
Anakin: “Good work, everyone. You 2, buddy.” 
Suki: “That was the same kind of assassin droid that attacked Katara awhile back. What is that thing doing on board this ship?” 
Toph: “I think someone smuggled it on.” 
Anakin: “The question is who?”

(Later on, Anakin, Katara, Toph and Suki walk up to a protocol droid) 
Anakin: “I’m looking for the droid that services the cargo bay.” 
Droid: “Uh, yes, sir, are all those creatures dead?” 
Anakin: “That’s what we’re trying to find out!”

(The droid walks back with a chart) 
Katara: “Anakin, go easy on him.” 
Suki: “Yeah, he may be just a droid, but at least don’t treat him like an inanimate object.” 
Anakin: “Girls, I know what I’m doing. You’re in charge of the cargo manifest, right?” 
Droid: “Uh, yes, I have it right here.” 
Anakin: “Well, where did they come from!?!” 
Droid: “(Hands a notepad to Anakin) It is right here. On the manifest.”

(He snatches the notepad from the droid, he reads it) 
Anakin: “There’s no name here! There’s no indication of who shipped it!?!” 
Droid: “No, sir, just the senate stamp; always accepted for transport here on board the Coronet.” 
Toph: “That’s not good.” 
Anakin: “I agree with you, Toph.” 

(Anakin walks back up with Katara, Toph and Suki, he hands the pad to Obi-wan) 
Anakin: “One of our 4 distinguished Senators appears to be a traitor.” 
Obi-wan: “I sense it, too.” 
Aang: “What do you think we should do?”

(Obi-wan looks over, notices a small droid still walking about) 
Obi-wan: “I have an idea on how we’ll expose the turncoat. Return to the haul of the ship, destroy the last assassin droids.” 
Anakin: “Right away.” 
Obi-wan: “Sokka, I want you to leave with Anakin and the girls.” 
Sokka: “Do I have to?” 
Anakin: “Does he have to?” 
Obi-wan: “Yes! Now go! On the double! (Anakin grabs Sokka by the shirt, drags him away, Katara, Toph and Suki walk off, Obi-wan walks in with Aang and Zuko) Aang, Zuko, help the Senators and the Duchess back on their seats while I extract our little visitor.” 
Aang, Zuko: “Yes, sir.”

(They walk off, they help the Duchess and Senators back on their seats, Obi-wan walks up to them with something covered) 
Orn Free Taa: “Ah, dessert has arrived.” 
Obi-wan: “This little morsel may be too much, even for the legendary appetite of Orn Free Taa. (He uncover it, revealing to be a small droid incarcerated inside a glass container) Enjoy.” 
Orn Free Taa: “AH! On second thought, I’m not hungry.” 
Aang: “Obi-wan, what are you doing?” 
Obi-wan: “Don’t worry, Aang, I have an idea. Attention everyone, we have a traitor on board the Coronet and I have reason to believe that it’s one of you. My theory is that our little friend will attack the Duchess and anyone who defends her, that is, except the traitor who programmed it.”

(He starts walking around the table) 
Satine: “Obi-wan! This line of questioning borders on torture.” 
Zuko: “I don’t think that’s Obi-wan’s plan.” 
Obi-wan: “Oh, I can ensure everyone that I have the situation well under control. My only purpose at the moment is to expose the person responsible for this attack. Interesting. (He holds the contained droid near the Rodian and a female Senator) The droid shows a great deal of hostility towards the honorable Kin Ron. (Holds the droid near Marrick, it stops and stares at it) But it seems to like you, Senator Marrick.”

(Marrick sits and looks awkwardly; everyone in the room becomes surprised) 
Aang: “I don’t believe it…” 
Marrick: “Really, Kenobi? You’re quite clever! (Flings the container out, the small droid begins attacking people near by) Perhaps I can interest our little Bender friends with a few playmates. Heartless! Come to my aide! (Several Neo Shadows appear, Aang and Zuko pull out their Keyblades, fight off all of the Heartless, Marrick grabs onto Satine, her headdress falls off) You’re coming with me.”

(Obi-wan looks over, watches Marrick pull Satine out of the room) 
Obi-wan: “Aang! Zuko! Marrick has the Duchess! Come with me!” 
(Aang and Zuko ran with Obi-wan after Marrick)

(They run through the hallways) 
Obi-wan: “Anakin, Tal Marrick is the traitor and he’s taking Satine hostage.”

(In the cargo bay) 
Anakin: “Copy that, but we have other problems down here.”

(Sokka runs past Anakin) 
Anakin: “Sokka! Wait! What? Darkball? Where? (Turns around spots several Neo Shadows and Darkballs) Grrr! Katara! Toph! Suki! We have a problem! Our traitor is a Heartless Commando!” 
Toph: “No kidding, many Heartless popped out of nowhere and I can’t seem to feel any Keyholes around here!” 
Katara: “We’ll have to fight them off!” 
Suki: “Got it!”

(Anakin chases after Sokka, grabs on to him) 
Anakin: “You’re really beginning to agitate me, Sokka! Of course, it’s wouldn’t be the first time that you did!” 
Sokka: “I can’t help it! The Darkballs look really scary in the dark!” 
Anakin: “Pull yourself together, Sokka! They don’t look that bad! (Several Darkballs show up, Sokka shrieks) OK, you’re right, they do look…kind of creepy in this darkness.” 
(Katara, Toph and Suki rushes in, they fight off all of the Heartless)

(Obi-wan, Aang and Zuko run through the hallways, they fight off any and all Heartless that stood in their way, they run into Anakin, Katara, Toph, Suki and Sokka) 
Obi-wan: “There you are, did you find them?” 
Anakin: “No, but I stationed troopers in every escape pod.” 
Zuko: “I don’t think that will do any good.” 
Obi-wan: “Zuko may be right, Anakin, he’ll try to find another way off this ship.” 
Katara: “No doubt he’ll ask his Death Watch friends for help.” 
Sokka: “Is there any way of stopping this guy?” 
Obi-wan: “Don’t worry, I’ll find a way.” 
Toph: “Let’s hurry, then.” 
Aang: “Agreed.”

(They step on to the lift) 
Anakin: “This may not be the time to ask, but were you and Duchess Satine ever…” 
Obi-wan: “I don’t see how this has any bearing of the situation at hand!”

(Anakin smiles, he looks at the Benders, they look at him in a disappointed manner) 
Anakin: “Thought I might ask.”

(They arrive at another floor, they could feel a ruckus) 
Katara: “What was that?” 
Toph: “I sense 3 foreign ships attaching themselves to this ship.” 
Suki: “Oh, no! That must be Marrick’s second attempt at escaping.” 
Toph: “It’s worst than that, there are droids on board them, Separatist droids and heavy metal ones at that.” 
Sokka: “What’ll we do?” 
Suki: “Some of us will have to fight them off!” 
Anakin: “We’ll handle this, Obi-wan, you, go find your girlfriend.”

(Anakin, Katara, Toph, Suki and Sokka run off in different directions) 
Obi-wan: “Right, uh…Anakin, she’s not my…let’s go, boys.”

(Runs off with Aang and Zuko, they arrive on the bridge on the ship, all of the engineers and the pilot were killed, Marrick stands in the room, still holding the Duchess) 
Marrick: “Kenobi, come in, we’ve been expecting you. I see you’ve brought the Avatar and the Firelord.” 
Obi-wan: “Tal Marrick! You are under arrest! Release the Duchess now.” 
Marrick: “Hm, I think not. I took the precaution of rewiring this ship’s engines to explode.” 
Aang: “No…” 
Marrick: “I press this remote and we all die.” 
Satine: “Obi, if you have any respect for me, you will not take such risk with so many people’s lives at stake.” 
Obi-wan: “Satine… (Marrick walks towards the exit) Don’t!” 
(He walks out, Obi-wan, Zuko and Aang trail after him)

(All over the Coronet, Anakin, Katara, Toph, Suki and Sokka are busy with fighting any and all droids and Heartless)

(Obi-wan, Zuko and Aang follow Marrick towards one of the ships that attached itself to the Coronet) 
Marrick: “This is Marrick. Stand by to disengage. Say goodbye to your friends, Duchess.” 
Satine: “Obi-wan, it looks like I may never see you again, I don’t quite know how to say this but, I loved you, from the moment you came to my aide, all those years ago.” 
Marrick: “I don’t believe this.” 
Obi-wan: “Satine, this is hardly the time or place for… (Satine makes a sad face) Alright, had you said the word, I would have left the Jedi Order.” 
Zuko: “No way…” 
Aang: “Really? That’s…kind of sweet.” 
Zuko: “Too bad it’s forbidden.” 
Marrick: “This is touching, truly it is, but it’s making me sick and we really must be going.” 
Aang: “You monster!” 
Zuko: “Soulless beast!” 
Satine: “You have the romantic soul of a slug, Marrick!”

(Steps on his foot) 
Marrick: “Yowch!”

(She frees herself from him, grabs his blaster, points it at him) 
Satine: “And slugs are so often trot upon.” 
Marrick: “Interesting turnabout, but even if I do not deliver the Duchess alive to the Separatists, I still win. The second I’m away, I’ll hit the remote and blow the Coronet to bits.” 
Satine: “I will not allow that!” 
Aang: “Neither will I!” 
Zuko: “Same here!” 
Marrick: “And what are you going to do? Shoot me? If you do so, you’ll prove yourself a hypocrite to every pacifist ideal you hold dear. And you, Kenobi, you’re no stranger to violence, in fact, you’ll be hailed a hero by everyone on board the ship, almost everyone. And what of the Firelord who wishes to
 not live up to his family’s dark past and violent ways or the Avatar who wishes not to defile is fallen people? I know neither of you have the stomach to finish me off, but we shall see soon enough if you are. So, how about it? Who will strike first and be branded a cold-blooded killer?”

(Marrick is stabbed in the back, he drops the device, he falls to the floor, dead, Anakin grabs the device, Aang and Zuko become startled, Satine tosses the blaster aside) 
Obi-wan: “Anakin…” 
Anakin: “What? He was going to blow up the ship. (Looks at Aang, Aang stares hard at him) Oh.” 
Aang: “We do what we must, huh?” 
Anakin: “(sigh) I’ll have the body secured so he won’t become a Heartless.” 
Zuko: “I wonder, have you ever killed a Heartless commando before?” 
Anakin: “Um…I’m not sure I have. (Marrick’s body disappears) Uh…what just happened?” 
Aang: “Marrick became another Heartless. Next time, think before you senselessly slaughter someone.”

(Aang walks off) 
Satine: “I must get back to the business of diplomacy.”

(Walks off) 
Obi-wan: “As you say, Duchess. Another time.” 
(Walks off with Zuko, Anakin trails after them)

(The ship arrives on Coruscant, everyone on board the ship walks off, Anakin and Obi-wan, the Benders, Sokka and Suki meet up with the Chancellor) 
Palpatine: “A job well done, Master Jedi.” 
Obi-wan: “Thank you, Chancellor.” 
Anakin: “Your Excellency.”

(They walk off, several other people meet up with him, they walk off with him, Satine walks towards Obi-wan and Anakin, Anakin walks off with Katara, Toph, Sokka and Suki) 
Satine: “How ironic to meet again, only to find we’re on opposing sides.” 
Obi-wan: “The needs of your people are all that matter. They couldn’t be in better hands with you to guide their future.” 
Satine: “Kind words, indeed, from a mindful and committed Jedi. Thank you, Master Jedi.” 
Obi-wan: “You are most welcome, Duchess.” 
Satine: “Yes. (Walks up to Aang and Zuko) Aang. Zuko. (Grabs on to them and embraces them) I love you both very much. (Steps back from them, looks at them) Don’t ever give up on your quest to restore peace in your world. It may be hard but in the long run, it’ll all be worth it.” 
Zuko: “We will.” 
Aang: “That is a promise.” 
(Satine smiles, walks off, Anakin, Katara, Toph, Sokka and Suki walks back, Katara closely embraces Aang, they all watch as Satine boards a hover bus, it flies off)

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Season 2-Episode 14

(Arriving at the Senate, they arrive at the Grand Convocational Hall, Duchess Satine floats on board a pod, along with Aang and Zuko, Padme floats on another pod, along with Katara and Toph) 
Palpatine: “It pains me to say this, but Death Watch is now a significantly, deadly threat.” 
Satine: “Mandalore is taking great strides to locate the leaders of this terrorist movement. They are not powerful enough to destabilize our government.” 
Aang: “This matter will be resolved without conflict.” 
Satine: “If the Republic gets involved in our affairs, it will only lead to further violence.” 
Zuko: “We need to try to keep the violence to a minimal, so that we will have none of any kind on Mandalore.” 
Satine: “Which is why I must insert our position of neutrality.” 
Mas: “Talk of an idealist.” 
Satine: “No, those are words of a pacifist and a people who have chosen nonviolent action.” 
Aang: “Please listen to the Duchess, she wants nothing more than what’s best for her people.” 
Palpatine: “That may be, young Avatar, but so do I. However, this message was delivered to my staff just this morning. (Mas places a disk into the machine, it displays a holographic image of a Mandalorian man) I think you all shall find it most illuminating.” 
Man: “The actions by our government have taken us into a period of civil war. To acknowledge it would to invite panic into the streets.” 
Padme: “Duchess, do you know this man?” 
Satine: “Yes, he’s deputy minister Jarric. He’s a dear friend.” 
Jarric: “It is more than mere possibility, more than eventually, it is here…” 
Satine: “Stop! (They pause the recording) Deputy Minster Jarric is an honorable man. He would never commit such lies to the record. Mandalorian government holds no secrets from its people.” 
Palpatine: “If only that were true.” 
Aang: “It is true! I know it is! Duchess Satine would never do anything like this!” 
Palpatine: “We’ll see about that, young Avatar. You still have so much to learn about this universe.”

(He continues the recording) 
Jarric: “Death Watch is far stronger than we once thought. If we are to combat them effectively, we must have Republic assistance. Instead, this government acts out in pride; reject the help of the Jedi.” 
Aang: “No! None of this is true! I refuse to believe in such nonsense!” 
Katara: “Chancellor, you’re torturing them. Please, stop this at once.” 
Palpatine: “I’m afraid I can not. The truth must be told.” 
Jarric: “Duchess Satine will ultimately cause our defeat. Make no mistake, Republic intervention is absolutely necessary.”

(The chancellor smiles as the recording continues on) 
Toph: “(sips on her milkshake) The Chancellor is enjoying this.” 
Katara: “I wouldn’t be too surprised.” 
Satine: “This isn’t right, something here isn’t right.” 
Zuko: “I agree with the Duchess on this. This recording is making it sound as though peace is illusive in not just this world, but all worlds, including ours.” 
Aang: “Chancellor, please reconsider…” 
Palpatine: “I’m afraid it’s already too late, my friends.” 
Satine: “I wish to speak with Jarric immediately.” 
Palpatine: “Sadly, Deputy Minister Jarric perished this morning in a Death Watch bombing on Calibara.”

(Aang gasps) 
Satine: “What?” 
Katara: “No…” 
Palpatine: “Let us ensure that his death was not in vain.” 
Zuko: “Funny, I should say the same to you.” 
Palpatine: “Hush, Zuko. Let us commit our military might to defending the Mandalorian people.” 
Zuko: “More like defeat everything they represent.” 
Satine: “I’m with Zuko on this one. You mean to occupy our home, you would trample on our right to self determination.” 
Palpatine: “We mean to save your people.” 
Zuko: “But at what cost? How many people do you plan on eliminating before you can even save them from Death Watch?” 
Palpatine: “I’m afraid the causalities can’t be avoided.” 
Aang: “I refuse to believe that!” 
Zuko: “So do I.” 
Katara: “Me too!” 
Toph: “Same here!” 
Satine: “You will turn our planet into a military target which will bring the war to us!” 
Katara: “Mandalore must remain neutral! You’ll make everything that Duchess Satine has worked hard for all for nothing.” 
Palpatine: “The vote shall commence in the next session.”

(Later on, Satine walks off with her men, Obi-wan, Zuko and Aang come running in) 
Obi-wan: “Duchess. Satine, wait. Zuko and Aang told me about what happened at the senate.” 
Satine: “You’re sweet to be concerned, all of you, but I promise I’ll be alright.” 
Obi-wan: “We are concerned. We’re friends, are we not?” 
Satine: “Yes, friends, and…nothing more.” 
Zuko: “We’re sorry to hear that.” 
Aang: “We wish it could be more than just that.” 
Satine: “Don’t worry about me, boys, I’ll be…alright.” 
Obi-wan: “Satine, as your friend, I don’t think you should make any decisions in this state of mind.” 
Aang: “What?” 
Zuko: “What?” 
Satine: “State of mind? And what state of mind would that be, precisely?” 
Aang: “Obi-wan, no.” 
Obi-wan: “What I’m saying is…any person would be hysterical by now…” 
Satine: “Hysterical!?! The Republic is attempting to force its will upon innocent people!” 
Obi-wan: “I only meant…” 
Satine: “Frankly, I’m surprised you’re not hysterical!” 
Aang: “So am I.” 
Zuko: “Perhaps if more citizens got more hysterical, they’d be more incline to speak up when members of the Republic, like Palpatine, tramples on their rights.” 
Satine: “Thank you, Zuko! At least someone is on the same page!” 
Obi-wan: “I am on the same page, it’s just rushing in like this, it’s… foolhardy.” 
Aang: “Obi-wan!” 
Satine: “Foolhardy!?! Ironic words from a man who spends his days running hither on, wielding his Lightsaber with deadly forces if he’s on a crusade. Why should I listen to someone who so frequently relies on violence!?! In my opinion, you’re the one who’s foolhardy! At least Aang and Zuko understand the position that I am a lot better than you!”

(Gets on board a hover car with her guards, Aang looks at the Duchess, looks back at Obi-wan, stares at him hard) 
Obi-wan: “(sigh) Go with the duchess, Aang. Keep her safe.” 
Aang: “Oh, don’t you worry, I’ll make sure nothing happens to her.” 
(Jumps on board the car, Obi-wan and Zuko watches as they ride off)

(Satine and her men fly on board the hover car) 
Satine: “(sigh) I just don’t understand that man, sometimes, Aang. One moment, he’s agreeing with me about nonviolent actions, the next he’s talking about using violence as a means to keep peace.” 
Aang: “It can be so hard to see peaceful ways as a solution when there are so many people out there who want nothing more than to spread violence and war. I’ve been there and I wanted nothing more than the violence to stop so that everyone would live together in perfect harmony. I never understood it, myself until I have seen the faces of so many horrible people. They’re the ones to blame for all of this violence and they’re the reasons why maintaining peace can be so hard, or even impossible to some people.”

(Satine moves closer to Aang, she places herself on him and embraces them closely) 
Satine: “I’m so sorry you had to be exposed to such horrible people and I’m so sorry for the loss of your entire race by the Fire Nation. If I could, I would give anything to have your people back.” 
Aang: “Yeah…I’ve been getting that a lot. (They feel a ruckus) What was that!?!” 
Driver: “It’s the navigation system, it’s been destroyed. (The car tilts) You, arrow headed kid, get her out of here!”

(Aang nods, he opens his glider) 
Aang: “Duchess! Everyone! Hop on!”

(The guards grab on to the glider, they grab on to the Duchess, she pull her up) 
Satine: “Wait! What about…” 
Driver: “There’s no time! Go! Now!” 
(Aang jumps up, he glides off, the car crashes into a nearby building, they fly back to the Senate building)

(Back at the senate building, Katara, Toph and Sokka sit in a room, they spot something outside, they run out, they arrive outside, they see Aang fly back on the large glider with the Duchess and her guards latching on) 
Katara: “Aang! (They run towards them, Aang lands the glider, Duchess and her guards jump down from it) Are you guys OK?” 
Sokka: “What happened to you guys?” 
Aang: “There’s been an accident, or so it may have seemed at the time. I believe there was an assassination attempt on the Duchess.” 
Katara: “Come on, let’s get you inside.”

(They walk into the chamber) 
Toph: “Betcha the Chancellor will love to hear this.”

(Inside the Chancellor’s office, the Duchess sits down with Aang, Katara, Toph and Sokka on in the room with them) 
Katara: “What do you mean no charges are to be filed!?! Someone tried to kill the Duchess!” 
Satine: “Katara is right, the controls on my speeder were compromised.” 
Palpatine: “Sadly, my dear, there is no prove of this. I’m afraid it might have been just an accident.” 
Toph: “And it just so happens to occur on the day the Duchess is defending her home world? Sorry, Chancellor, I don’t buy it! Something reeks of funny business!”

(She sips on her milkshake) 
Sokka: “My instincts are telling me the same thing, no doubt the work of one of those Death Watch guys we keep hearing about.” 
Aang: “I also refuse to believe this is an accident. Someone made an attempt on the Duchess’ life.” 
Mas: “I agree with the Bender kids and Satine.” 
Satine: “Well, finally.” 
Mas: “It proves what we’ve been saying all along. Death Watch is out of control. The Republic must step in and help.” 
Katara: “What?” 
Aang: “What?” 
Sokka: “What?” 
Toph: “What?” 
Satine: “No, wait, I didn’t…” 
Mas: “You can’t keep them rained in, obviously, so we will.” 
Aang: “No, we will never let you do that! I’ll see to it that the Republic will never get involved with Mandalore, even if I have to go into the Avatar State to do it!” 
Satine: “Aang, no, it’s no use.” 
Katara: “This is an offense to the Duchess! You can’t do this!” 
Palpatine: “Unfortunately, it’s up to the senate now. I’m sure they’ll make a reasoned and thoughtful decision.” 
Toph: “As reasoned and thoughtful as you? Let’s hope not.” 
Katara: “Stubborn, old coot! You’re no better than the last Chancellor who was elected before you!” 
(They walk out of the room)

(The Duchess walks out with Aang, Katara, Toph and Sokka, Obi-wan and Zuko run toward them) 
Obi-wan: “Satine, we just heard about your accident.” 
Zuko: “Are you OK?” 
Satine: “Physically, yes. Everything else? Grrr! Those 2 are…this government will…GRUAH!” 
Obi-wan: “Uh, what just happened?” 
Katara: “They’re letting the senate decide whether or not they should send Republic troops to Mandalore. We tried to talk them out of it, but they wouldn’t listen.” 
Toph: “That guy is extremely hard headed. It’s a miracle that he was even elected Chancellor with the way that he operates things.”

(She sips on her milkshake) 
Sokka: “My instincts tell me he cheated to get to where he is now, but how did he do it?” 
Aang: “I wouldn’t be surprised if he did cheat. I can’t stand him! If you ask me, he’s not fit to be a peacekeeper, assuming that’s what he’s trying to be.” 
Padme: “Excuse me.”

(They look over and notice Padme nearby) 
Obi-wan: “Senator?” 
Zuko: “Padme!” 
Aang: “What is it?” 
Padme: “The senate completed its vote, they decided in favor of occupation.” 
Zuko: “What?” 
Aang: “What?” 
Katara: “When did this happen? I thought the vote was supposed to be tomorrow!” 
Padme: “It was during your meeting with the Chancellor. Your accident accelerated the senate’s decision. Republic forces are set to leave for Mandalore tomorrow morning.” 
Aang: “This can’t be happening…” 
Katara: “This is terrible…” 
Toph: “No! It’s not fair!” 
Sokka: “It isn’t fair! Something’s not right here…!” 
Satine: “I should have known better. (Walks off, stops, turns back around, faces the others) Relying on the Republic is a mistake.”

(Turns around, walks off) 
Aang: “Duchess, wait up!” 

(He follows after her, Katara, Sokka, Zuko, Padme and Obi-wan watches as Satine and Aang walked off) 
Katara: “You know, she does have a point. Not that I’m disregarding everyone in the Republic, but…I’ve been getting the sense that…this entire system is becoming much less than trustworthy. I feel as though…they are far too at ends with the Separatists to even realize the kinds of damage that they have been doing to this galaxy and to all other star systems.” 
Zuko: “I feel the same way. When we came into this dimension, we only joined the Republic because the Separatists have aligned themselves with our enemies. I’m beginning to feel as though there is very little that separates the Republic from the Separatists.” 
Obi-wan: “I can understand you feel that way, children. You may be right about that. We are no different from our enemies.” 
Katara: “Still, I have to wonder.” 
Obi-wan: “Yes, Katara?” 
Katara: “Could the 2 factors be manipulated by some unseen Dark force?"
(Obi-wan ponders) 

(In the outskirts of town, Satine and Aang dress in cloaks, they meet up with a Mandalorian male) 
Man: “I don’t have much time, they’re following me.” 
Aang: “Then let’s make this quick.”

(They walk deeper into the alley) 
Satine: “You’ve put yourself in great danger. We will never forget it.” 
Man: “It was worth it, getting this.” 

(He holds out a small disk) 
Aang: “What is that?” 
Satine: “That’s a…recording of the deputy’s speech, isn’t it? (Snatches it) Where did you get this?” 
Man: “It was buried deep in the evidence facility at the ministry. It was not easy to find. You were right, the evidence is faked. The recording you saw was not the full recording. This is.” 
Aang: “Thank you. We praise your brave efforts.” 
Man: “You must show the senate this…”

(The man is inexplicably shot in the chest from nowhere, he falls to the ground, dead, the Duchess crouches down towards him) 
Satine: “Dabu!” 
Aang: “This is bad! Really, really bad!”

(Security droids arrive) 
Droid: “We have shooting in Sector G-L5. Suspect identified as Duchess Satine Krez.” 
Satine: “I didn’t…kill him!” 
Aang: “She didn’t kill him! (Blows the droids away with the use of his Airbending, they both run off, they run from all types of authorities, a Death Watch commando shoot at Satine) There! (Blows at the guy with the use of his Airbending, pulls out his large glider) Hop on!” 

(Satine grabs on, they fly off) 
Clone: “She’s flying away on a large glider with the Avatar; they’re heading for Section IG-44.”

(They fly off after them, Satine and Aang hide away in a corner) 
Aang: “Good thing Suki built me that extra glider. That should keep them busy for a while.” 
Satine: “I sure hope so, Aang.” 

(Later on, Obi-wan is in a room in a skyscraper) 
Satine: “Obi-wan, come in.” 
Obi-wan: “Satine?” 
Satine: “Obi-wan, I need your help.” 

(Later on in another part of town, Zuko and Obi-wan wear cloaks, they meet up with Satine and Aang, they sit down in the same bench, they turn away from each other) 
Obi-wan: “Nice disguise.” 
Satine: “Thanks.” 
Obi-wan: “Seeing you alright is…well, it’s a relief.” 
Zuko: “You’re in great danger, Duchess. It’s not safe.” 
Satine: “I know.”

(Places the disk on the bench, Obi-wan takes it) 
Obi-wan: “You should turn yourself in. We both have sworn a loyalty to the Republic.” 
Satine: “Believe me, neither one of us is breaking our oaths and this disk should prove it. I need you to get it into the proper hands.” 
Zuko: “Will do.” 
Obi-wan: “But the Republic guards are hunting you, which means…” 
Satine: “Whoever docked the recording is likely in the government, itself.” 
Aang: “I have a pretty good idea who it is. My friends will believe me but no one else will. I don’t have any prove; just a gut feeling.” 
Obi-wan: “You hold on to that gut feeling of yours for when the time is right. Satine, if you set foot inside the senate, they’ll take you.” 
Satine: “And the disk will be destroyed before anyone can see it; which is why you must take the disk to Padme.” 
Zuko: “Consider it done, Duchess.”

(They get up and walk off) 
Obi-wan: “Where will you be once I’m in the Senate?” 
Satine: “I’m going to turn myself in.” 
Aang: “What?” 
Zuko: “What?” 
Obi-wan: “What?” 
Satine: “You’ll need a diversion to enter the senate freely.” 
Aang: “Satine, no!” 
Zuko: “This is nuts! You’ll get yourself in even greater trouble!” 
Satine: “Boys, I can’t risk them searching him just because we’re…associates.” 
Obi-wan: “I’m a Jedi; they wouldn’t dare.” 
Satine: “Things are changing, my dear.”

(Walks off, a bomb is thrown towards them, Obi-wan pushes Satine away, the bomb goes off, Aang and Zuko shield themselves, Obi-wan and Satine with the use of their bending, a Death Watch soldier arrives) 
Aang: “No!”

(Obi-wan pulls off his cloak, pulls out his Lightsaber, he fights the Death Watch trooper along with Aang and Zuko, the trooper calls upon several Heartless, Aang and Zuko fight against the Heartless, Obi-wan fight the trooper in hand-to-hand combat, Obi-wan gets the upper-hand soon enough, tosses the guy around with the use of his Force powers, the trooper flies away, they walk off)

(They arrive at the senate building, Satine turns herself in, Obi-wan, Zuko and Aang slips in, they approach Padme, Katara and Toph)

(In the Grand Convocation Hall) 
Palpatine: “The occupation of Mandalore will usher a new era in Republic and its fight against corruption. If there are no objections…” 
Padme: “Supreme Chancellor! (Padme comes floating down on a pod along with Obi-wan, C-3PO and all 4 of the Benders, Padme holds up the disk) There has been a new development in the case for Mandalore’s neutrality.” 
Palpatine: “The chair recognizes the Senator from Naboo.” 
Aang: “You better believe it!” 
Padme: “I think this should cast a new light on the so called evidence we saw earlier.”

(Inserts the disk, it displays the image of Deputy Minister Jarric) 
Jarric: “The actions by our government have taken us into a period of civil war. To acknowledge it would be able to invite panic into the streets. Death Watch is far stronger than we once thought, but we have been training for this; we can stop them. But if we are going to combat them effectively, we must have the temerity to stand strong in the name of peace. And if we are to do so, we must reject any Republic assistance. Instead, this government must act; it acts not out of pride, but for safety. Intervention by the Republic will inflame the opposition. And this is why our government rejects the help of the Jedi. We must listen to the Duchess Satine. If we do not, then we will ultimately cause our defeat.” 
(All of the Benders cheer and applaud; Aang cries tears of joy as did Katara)

 (The next day, everyone meets at the Chancellor’s office) 
Palpatine: “Thankfully, with the revelation of this new information, the occupation of Mandalore is no longer necessary.” 
Katara: “Thank goodness.” 
Zuko: “Glad to hear it.” 
Toph: “Same here.” 
Aang: “I’ll say. The person to truly thank for this is Duchess Satine; she found the proof.” 
Satine: “I require no thanks.” 
Katara: “We were able to hold an emergency session. Thankfully, Republic forces have been ordered to stand down.” 
Aang: “Well, that’s a relief.” 
Palpatine: “Allow me to offer a most sincere apology on behalf of the entire Republic.” 
Katara: “You owe a lot more than just an apology, Chancellor. It was your actions that put Duchess Satine and so many others' lives at risks.” 
Aang: “Yeah, at least 2 innocent Mandalorian men are dead because of you!” 
Obi-wan: “Now, now, come down, everyone.” 
Palpatine: “You’re right; perhaps I am no better than the man who came before me. From now on, I will dedicate myself to working harder for the innocence of many people.” 
Toph: “Let’s hope you’re true to your word.” 
Anakin: “Don’t worry, Toph, I’m sure the Chancellor will keep his promise.” 
Palpatine: “Yes, yes, and as for you, Duchess Satine, you are a loyal servant and we are all grateful.” 
Aang: “Truly we are.” 
Mas: “Yes, grateful.” 
Padme: “Chancellor, if you and Mas Amedda would join me for a moment. We have some logistics to discuss in order to ratify the senate’s decision.”

(Padme walks out along with the Chancellor, Mas Amedda and Anakin walk out of the room) 
Toph: “I still don’t trust him.” 
Katara: “Neither do I.” 
Zuko: “I agree. There’s something not right about the Chancellor, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.” 
Satine: “Hm…but if not for you, Obi-wan, none of this would have happened.” 
Obi-wan: “No, it was your unshakable faith in your people and your determination that brought about this result.” 
Aang: “Yeah, you should give yourself credit.” 
Zuko: “You never gave up, even when times were tough.” 
Satine: “I…appreciate that, all of you. But still, who is behind all of this?” 
Katara: “Hm, good point. Who tampered with that recording? Who tried to convict you of murder and throw you in jail?” 
Toph: “That’s something I’d like to know.” 
Aang: “I have a hunch, but I have nothing to back it up.” 
Obi-wan: “Hm…well, whoever it is, there is one thing we can be certain of: you were right; things are changing here and sometimes the line between friend and foe is blurred.” 
Aang: “More than you can possibly imagine.” 
Katara: “I agree.” 
Zuko: “So do I.” 
Toph: “Same here.” 
Sokka: “As do I.” 
Satine: “At least I can count on you kids. It does not matter to me if all of you are from another world; you have been more faithful and trustworthy than so many from this one. I owe all of you a great debit.” 
Aang: “That’s not necessary, Duchess. We were more than happy to help.” 
Katara: “Yeah, we wanted nothing more than to continue fighting for your people and your beliefs, even if we can’t live by your lifestyles.” 
Satine: “That does not matter to me; do what you must. You have helped us out, so far, and if there is anything that you need from me, I will be happy to provide it.” 
Zuko: “We would appreciate that very much.” 
Toph: “Hm…now that you mention it…perhaps your people can provide me with another batch of free milkshakes?” 
Katara, Aang, Zuko: “TOPH!” 
Toph: “What!?!” 
Obi-wan: “You never pass up an opportunity to splurge away at free milkshakes, do you, Toph?” 
Toph: “Hey! I feel like I’m entitled! Besides, these Separatist jerks owe too many of us for their uncontrollable urge to cause problems around here and receiving these free milkshakes is the closest I could ever get to them repaying that debt. You guys can leave them the tab on my behalf.” 
Zuko: “Um…that sounds…fair…” 
Katara: “You never change, Toph.” 
Satine: “(chortles a little) I’ll do what I can to have that arranged for you, Toph.”

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One day, Anakin stood around within the Benders’ home skyscraper. At that moment, Fox and his friends arrived. Anakin: “Hey! It’s you guys! What are you doing here?” Fox: “We just wanted to check on how the Benders are adjusting to your world.” Anakin: “What? But I thought you guys are too busy.” Fox: “We’re always busy, however, we make our own missions, and we’re not too busy at the moment, so we decided to check on the Benders.” Anakin: “Well, you would be pleased to know that they’ve been doing just fine since the last time you guys were here. Each of them seems to be adjusting very well to the customs of our world, everyone but Sokka, that is.” Falco: “Heh, I’m not surprised.” Anakin: “Although Suki built a lab here.” Misty: “Really!?! Suki built a lab!?! I have to see this!”

Misty lifted herself off the ground and flew off. Anakin: “Hey! Wait a minute!”

Anakin ran after her. Fox, Krystal and Falco followed after them.

Misty arrived at the lab. Anakin ran in after her. Anakin: “There’s something you need to know about Suki’s lab, she…” 

The security system scanned Anakin. Computer voice: “Analysis confirmed. Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. Access granted.”

Fox, Krystal and Falco ran in. Misty: “I see Suki built a security system.” Anakin: “Yes, that’s what I was going to warn you about.” Misty: “Hm…I see she built it to exclude those infused with pure Light magic.” Anakin: “What?” Suki: “Be right down, Master Skywalker!”

Suki jumped down from one of the higher floors. Suki: “What is it you want now, Master Skywalker…? Oh!”

She ran over to Misty and embraced her closely. Suki: “It’s so good to see you again, Captain Aquatia!” Misty: “It’s good to see you, too, Suki!”

They let go of each other, Misty looked around the lab. Misty: “I see you’ve been busy.” Suki: “Yes I have been working on several different types of things. The Jedi were nice enough to lend me this empty space for me to set up a lab.” Fox: “I have to admit, Suki, you really have come a long way, your lab is absolutely phenomenal…I’m impressed” Krystal: “Yes, it seemed like yesterday that you and your friends had no idea what a computer was.” Falco: “Heh, for all we know, it could have been yesterday.”

Fox and his friends all laughed. Anakin stood around looking confused. Misty: “It’s obvious Ritchie and I have taught you well.” Suki: “Well, the 2 of you did inspire me so much. Want for me to show you around?” Misty: “Sure, that would be great.” Suki: “Well, as you can see, this is but one of the many chambers of my lab.” Misty: “Really? There are more chambers to your lab?” Suki: “But of course, what we’re in now is what I call the White Chamber; it’s where I do all of my research. I have found out many things about this world as well as the Heartless and how the Jedi can defeat them.” Misty: “Mm, hm! Can I see what you’re working on?” Suki: “Sure.”

Misty walked up to the computers and typed on it. She then viewed the monitor. Misty: “Hm…it seems as though you are currently working on the affects that the weapons of this world have on the Heartless. Very good, Suki.” Suki: “Thank you, now then, if you will follow me, I will show you what else our chambers have in store for us.”

Suki then performed several acrobatic feats as she made it up to the next floor, Misty flew up after her, Falco levitated himself up. Fox:“Krystal, you mind giving us a lift?” Krystal: “Don’t mind if I do, brother.” Anakin: “I’ll…find my own way up.”

Krystal used her wind powers to lift Fox upward, Anakin lifted himself up with the use of the elevator.

They arrived in what appeared to be a greenish room. Suki: “This is the Green Chamber. This is where I build and invent many unique gadgets.”

Misty looked around at a lot of the devices. Misty: “You’ve built a lot of interesting gadgets, Suki.” Suki: “I’m trying to build things that would help me and my friends.” Fox: “With fighting or with adjusting to this world?” Suki: “Both, actually, I’m trying to help my friends adjust their abilities to work in this world. For example, Toph’s seismic senses can only work on enemies that are on the ground, but Master Kenobi asked me to build an earpiece that would help her overcome her weakness of being unable to pickup airborne enemies, much like how her Keyblade can help her pickup on the Heartless.” Misty: “Yes, that’s very clever of him.” 

She then walked up to one of Suki’s devices. She held it up and looked at it. Misty: “Hm… this appears to be a computerized version of the scrolls you guys have at your home.” Suki: “Yes, some of the gadgets I build are for me and my friends to feel more at home here.” Misty: “It’s obvious you guys are homesick.” Suki: “Yes…” Misty: “I know how you feel. I miss a lot of my friends. I never got the chance to see them when I was pulled away from my world.” Anakin: “I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you guys get to see your homes again.” Krystal: “We hope so, too.” Suki: “Um, how about we see the rest of my lab.” Misty: “Um, sure, I would like that.” 

Everyone moved up another floor.

They arrived in a yellowish room. Suki: “This is the Yellow Chamber. This is where I’m working on a special project.” Fox: “What kind of special project? Do you know?” Anakin: “No! She doesn’t tell us anything about this chamber. She said to come back when she’s ready to reveal to us what it is.” Misty: “Mind if I have a look?” Suki: “Not at all, I’m close to bringing this thing into action.”

Misty walked up to one of the monitors and observed it. Misty: “Hey! This involves the Gummi Ship parts, doesn’t it?” Suki: “Yes, that’s exactly right!” Anakin: “Gummi Ships?” Fox: “They’re ships built from these blocks known as Gummi blocks. The blocks, themselves possess magical properties.” Falco: “They really come in handy.” Krystal: “I’ll say.” Misty: “It says here that you plan to infuse the Gummi blocks with the Republic Battle Cruisers, giving them their magical properties.” Suki: “Yes, that’s right.” Misty: “Well, I have to say this, you really impress me!” Suki: “Thank you, all that this project would need is 1 Republic Cruiser, the power of Kingdom Hearts, the Benders’ abilities and many, many Gummi Blocks.” Misty: “Great! I can’t wait to hear how it turns out.” Suki: “Now, shall we see the last floor?” Misty: “Sure.”

They ascended up to the next floor.

They arrived in a darkened room, the only light being several red lamps. Suki: “And last but not least, this is the Crimson Chamber.” Anakin: “It seems kind of dark in here, what is it you do in this room?” Suki: “I use this room to keep in touch with the lab that’s in Twilight Town, along with the other labs in Traverse Town and Radiant Garden.” Misty: “This is where you keep in touch with the other worlds?” Suki: “Mm, hm! I still need to have connections to those other worlds so that we can still gain access to Kingdom Hearts.” Misty: “Yes, that’s true.” Suki: “As long as we have strong connections to all of those worlds, we’ll have an unlimited access to Kingdom Hearts.” Misty: “Well, that’s true, speaking of which, I wish to check up on the research you’re doing back in the White Chamber.” Suki: “Oh, sure, go ahead. Your help is most welcome anytime.”

Misty nodded and descended back down to the White Chamber. Misty moved up to the console and typed on it. Misty: “OK, let’s see what we have.”

She stopped and looked up at the monitor. Misty: “Hm…interesting.” Anakin: “What is it?” Misty: “It appears that this data is telling us a lot about the connections between the lights emulating off of your weapons and the light of the Keyblades. From what I can tell here, all of the light properties are pulling the light energy of Kingdom Hearts.” Anakin: “Kingdom Hearts? You mean our weapons are feeding off of this power source?” Misty: “Yes, it appears so.” Anakin: “I don’t get it! Why didn’t they do this before? You know, we could have really used the extra boost.” Misty: “Hang on, I’m still checking.”

She typed a few more then looked at the monitor again. Misty: “Hm…interesting, it says here that the connections run very deep. Upon the Benders’ arrival, we’ve managed to create a rift that ties back into our world.” Anakin: “A…rift…that’s doesn’t sound very good.” Misty: “No! It’s OK, this rift is supposed to happen; it’s the only way for them to gain access to Kingdom Hearts.” Anakin: "Um…OK?"

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Soon enough, Anakin was chatting with Fox and the others as they were exiting Suki’s lab. Fox: “So, how has everything else been going?” Anakin: “Oh, everything’s been going fine. I really connected with Katara. Toph, Zuko and Aang bonded with Obi-wan; things are going great for the Benders. There have been a few rough spots here and there, but we’re getting through them.” Krystal: “That’s great.” Fox: “I’ve been worried that they wouldn’t handle being in another world that’s so different from theirs.” Anakin: “Well, it has been difficult. We have really been doing all we can to help them out. It’s been a struggle.” Misty: “Well, it’s a good thing that you guys are here for them.” Anakin: “Of course, we will always be here for them. I feel like…we have to be. They can’t fight these creatures by themselves.” Fox: “Of course…we know that.”

Soon enough, Obi-wan approached them. Anakin: “Oh, Master Kenobi.” Obi-wan: “Hello again, Anakin. Ah, Captains, it’s good to see you again.” Misty: “It’s good to see you again, too. Anakin had told us that you and the Benders have been having your rough spots here and there.” Obi-wan: “Yes, we’re doing all we can for those kids. Actually…I was hoping to see the 4 of you return to our worlds. There are some things that we need to talk about.” Fox: “Yes, of course.”

Soon enough, Anakin and Obi-wan had told them about everything that had happened since their departure. They were informed of all the issues that they have faced so far. All 4 of them seemed very concerned. Fox: “Oh, I see. So…this Count Dooku person has become a Heartless Commando. That’s not good…” Obi-wan: “Yes, we have already been informed by those kids of the catastrophes that come with these Commandos. This is indeed very worrisome.” Krystal: “Yes…and to have your Chancellor wanting to make those kids from the Benders’ world into Commanders of your Clone Wars, Sokka and Suki included, this has been even more concerning than we had anticipated.” Falco: “We knew that those kids would reject his offer right away; they’re too indifferent with this kind of situation.” Misty: “Not to mention that they have gone through their own fair share of conflicts from their world. Does the Chancellor even understand that they been through too much?” Anakin: “They don’t believe that he even cares. He had said some personal things to Zuko about what the Fire Nation did to his world and he didn’t seem even the least bit compassionate.” Falco: “Who does this guy think he is? Does he not realize that Zuko put all conflicts involving his own nation behind him? It’s all in the past; people need to let go of this, already! He is nothing like those heartless scumbags!” Fox: “Yeah, people need to take this with a grain of salt and not compare Zuko to his great grandfather.” Anakin: “I don’t know, from the way he had phrased what he said, it sounded almost as though the Chancellor was trying to provoke Zuko by mentioning the horrible things that his nation did. I didn’t like it, at all.”

The captains sat around for a bit. Fox: “I have to wonder something…could the Chancellor be provoking these kids into turning away from this world…or…does he not really understand what these kids have been through?” Obi-wan: “Well, actually, they seem to have been receiving a sense of estrangement and apathy from the good Chancellor and I’m beginning to realize that, too. Toph seems to have her own suspicions about him. She made me promise not to mention it to anyone, so you’ll need to hear that from her.” Fox: “Sure, will do.” Obi-wan: “You know something? I seem to be quite worried about how those kids are handling the different issues of our world. They do not seem at all compatible with so many within it. I wonder if they truly are the right pick to handle the Heartless threat that resides in it.” Anakin: “I feel the same way. They may not be the right fit, but this Naminé seems to be adamant about having them in our world.” Fox: “Yes, we know, we were informed by Suki of this and we have asked Naminé about this. I’m not sure she really understands it, herself. She didn’t seem like she had a real answer as to why they should be here but has insisted very strongly that they should be. She’s helped us out through this, so far and she has yet to provide us with anything that would falter or hinder our efforts. All can do is trust her decision. If she is adamant about something, then it is what we have to do.” Obi-wan: “Hm, you seem to have a lot of faith in Naminé and given your current circumstances, you would have no other choice but fall in line with whatever she feels is right.” Fox: “Yes, even if it seems otherwise. There is a reason for the Benders to be here and we will do what we can to find that out.” Anakin: “And we’ll do the same on our end.” Obi-wan: “Well, I can not say that things have been completely unfavorable for both us and them. Their skills have come in very handle. They have helped us fight off so many of those horrid creatures and they seem to be getting along with a lot of the natives of these many planets in our fair galaxy.” Anakin: “Yeah and we have developed strong bonds with them. Ahsoka seems to like them very much and feels like she’s become real close to them.” Misty: “That’s good to hear.” Obi-wan: “Despite the rough patches we have dealt with so far, it has been difficult for us to imagine not having them around. We really have become quite fond of them.” Krystal: “Yes, well done, please keep at it. I am certain that they need you as much as you need them.” Obi-wan: “I couldn’t agree more, Captain.” Fox: “There will be plenty more challenges to come, so all of you need to be ready for what will happen.” Anakin: “Yeah, we will.”

Obi-wan stood up. Obi-wan: “Now then, I must be off. I have some things that need to be taken care of but I’m glad that I had the chance to chat with the 4 of you when I did.” Krystal: “Thank you for informing us of what has occurred so far. It has been very informative.” Misty: “And thank you so much for looking after the Benders for us.” Obi-wan: “The pleasure is all mine.”

He walked off. Fox: “Yes, well, I think it should be time for to get going, too.” Anakin: “Yes, Captains, I understand.”  Misty: “But before we do that, there’s something that I want to check up on with Suki. I would like to return to her lab." Fox: “Yeah, sure, we can do that, let’s go." 

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Soon enough, they returned to Suki’s lab. The security system scanned Anakin. Misty: “Suki!” Suki: “I’m coming.”

Suki came back down. Suki: “What is it, Captain Aquatia?” Misty: “There’s something that wanted to go over with you.” Suki: “OK, what is it?”

Within a little while, Suki and Misty examined what was on the screen. Misty: “So, it is true; Darkness has been increasing in this realm.” Suki: “But what can we do about it?” Misty: “Hm…at this rate, the Deterioration process will be accelerated the second that it commences. We’ll need to act fast.” Fox: “Yeah, I agree, we have to move forward with plan sooner than we had anticipated. I’ll have to mention this to Ritchie once we get back to Twilight Town. I only hope that we will be able to carry it out when we need to.” Krystal: “I just hope that the Benders are at least able to delay this advancement long enough for us to carry it out.” Fox: “So do I. We know that they, by themselves, won’t be able to prevent the Heartless from swallowing up this dimension in Darkness. Anakin, we’re counting on you and the rest of the Jedi Order to help them out.” Anakin: “Yes, we’ll do what you can. You can always count on us.” Fox: “OK, then, that should be all that we needed to do here. Let’s get back to our other missions.” Misty: “It was great seeing you guys again.” Anakin: “Same here.” Falco: “We’ll be back whenever we can. Best of luck to you guys.”

The captains then disappeared. Anakin: “Now then, can you tell me more about this…special project of yours?” Suki: “You mean the Gummi Ship project? Well, I have spent a lot of time and thought on this process. At first, I wanted to build a Gummi ship from scratch, but then I realized that it would take way too much time to build a ship in a world outside of worlds such as Twilight Town, but then I thought what if I can infuse the Gummi blocks with a Republic Cruiser and what it would and could possibly do to it. So, I did some research and found that if I were to infuse the cruiser with certain blocks, I could give the cruiser the same magical properties as an actual Gummi ship, only not as much but I can make it work, I could even add a few other touches of my own to the blueprints.” Anakin: “Um, OK, so…how do you plan on infusing these…Gummi blocks with a Republic Cruiser?” Suki: “Well, first of all, I’m going to need a Republic Cruiser to experiment on. Do you know where I can find any?” Anakin: “Are you kidding me? Everyone Jedi knows the location of all the hangers where we keep the Republic Cruisers. I’ll take you to the closest one here.” Suki: “Great, let’s go!”

Soon enough, they arrived at a hanger. Suki looked around at all of the Republic Cruisers. She spent an awful long while looking around the garage. She seemed very displeased by a lot of the cruisers that she was seeing. Anakin was getting really annoyed by her. Just then, she stopped and spotted something that made her smile. She looked up to Anakin and pointed at what she just spotted. Suki: “This one.”

Anakin looked up at it. He seemed very displeased by Suki’s decision. Before them was a badly damaged Republic cruiser. Anakin: “What? This one? Are you sure about this, Suki?” Suki: “Yep, I’m positive. This is exactly the type of ship that I was hoping to find.” Anakin: “You’ve got to be kidding me! This ship is badly wrecked and we’re just about ready to be disposed of.” Suki: “Exactly! A damaged ship like this one will provide me the perfect opportunity to make some very…interesting modifications of my own.” Anakin: “But are you really sure you want this one? Like really?” Suki: “Yes, General Skywalker! I’m positive. Besides, I wouldn’t want to ruin any of your perfectly good ships with the experiments that I have in mind.” Anakin: “Huh, good point. Well, if that’s what you want, then alright. You can have it.” Suki: “Terrific! I’ll get started right away.”

Suki walked off. Anakin: “I just hope that you’re able to fix up this ship as well as you think you can.” Suki: “Don’t worry, General Skywalker. I know exactly what I’m doing.”

Anakin watched as Suki continued walking off. She then began to order around a lot of the clone troopers within the the hanger. From there, they got started on working on the damaged Cruiser.

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Later that same day, Obi-wan arrived at the Benders’ training facility. He observed as the Benders were training within the massive chamber. Soon enough, the Benders returned. They noticed him almost immediately. Katara: “Oh! Master Kenobi! What are you doing here?” Obi-wan: “Hello again, Katara. I was thinking that there are a few things that I would like for us to go over with the Jedi Council. If you do not mind returning with me to the Jedi Temple, I would appreciate it very much.” Katara: “Sure, we can return to the Temple with you.” Obi-wan: “Very well, then. Also, there are a few things that I would like to discuss with you kids on the way there.” Zuko: “Certainly.” 

They made their way out of the training facility.

Shortly afterwards, they arrived at the Jedi Temple. They were making their way to the Council Chamber. Toph: “What!?! Why didn’t you tell us that Captain Terris and the other Captains arrived here!?! I wanted to meet with them again!!” Obi-wan: “My apologies, Toph, but they left in a hurry before we had the chance to even think about that.” 

Toph folded her arms and pouted. Toph: “Hmph! Those guys are always too busy to socialize with us!” Zuko: “Well, they have been tasked with handling a lot of the issues occurring with the Heartless, so it can’t be helped.” Katara: “We’ll get the chance to see them again, Toph. Don’t worry.” 

Toph turned her head and let out a faint groan. Obi-wan: “Now then, about the matter of why I brought you kids back here, there is going to be a few things that you need to discuss with us. Toph, I’m going to need you to tell the Council about what you have felt back at the Chancellor’s chamber, just like we discussed.” Toph: “Yeah, yeah, I know.” Obi-wan: “And Katara. I have already mentioned to the Council about what you have told us regarding Jet. They would like to speak with you about some issues that are related to it.” Katara: “What kind of issues?” Obi-wan: “You’ll know once we get there.” 

Katara seemed concerned about something. 

A little while afterwards, they arrived just outside the Council’s chamber. Obi-wan: “Now then, I need you kids to wait here. Toph, we’ll start with you. It is imperative that we discuss what you have experienced with the Chancellor.” Toph: “Sure, let’s get this over with.”

Toph walked into the room with Obi-wan. Obi-wan sat in his seat. Mace: “Thank you for bringing the Benders here, Master Kenobi. Now then, you mentioned to us that there is something important we needed to speak about with Toph.” Obi-wan: “That is correct, Master Windu. I made a promise to Toph that I would not mention to anyone what she had experienced but I recommended her to mention it to all of you. Now then, tell the council what you had felt regarding the Chancellor.” Toph: “Well, I don’t really know how to explain it, but…when I was standing here the Chancellor, I felt something very strange. It felt like the Chancellor, himself, was fading in and out of my seismic senses; it was almost like he was there and not there at the same time. I can understand if it sounds crazy, but…that’s exactly what I felt and it made me feel queasy. I didn’t want Obi-wan to mention anything about it because I was worried that it might upset people in this dimension since they would have high regards to him.”

The Council members exchanged concerned looks with one another, and then back at Toph. Mace: “Yes, well, you do not need to worry about that with us. We appreciate you informing us of that and there is something that we would like to discuss regarding the Chancellor, but we prefer to do it with all 4 of you. You may return with the others.” Toph: “Well, that made me feel better.” Obi-wan: “Another thing, as soon as you reunite with the others, can you ask Katara to arrive here so that we may speak with her?” Toph: “Certainly. I know you guys wanted to talk to her. I’ll go get her for you.”

Toph turned the other way and walked out of the room. She then reunited with the others. Toph: “Hey, Katara, those Jedi Council guys would like a word with you now.” Katara: “OK.”

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She proceeded towards the chamber and stood in front of the council. Mace: “Hello, Katara. It is good to see you again.” Katara: “Yes, same here, masters.” Ki-Adi-Mundi: “Dearest Katara, we have heard from Master Kenobi about this Jet character from your world. We were told that you were very close with him and sympathized with his plight that was until he had attempted to do something that was absolutely terrible.” Katara: “Yes, that is true. Jet and I, we shared the same pain of having our parents, my mother, killed by the Fire Nation. We were both greatly distraught by our losses and shared a very deep disdain towards the Fire Nation for them. However, his hatred towards them was far greater than mine.” Mace: “Yes and from what we have heard from Master Kenobi, his willingness to eradicate the Fire Nation was so great that he was willing to put innocent lives at risk, such as that small village that was occupied by members of said nation. He would even go as far as sacrifice innocent lives just to do away with all those that he hated.” Katara: “Yes…Aang and I took part in that horrible plan without even knowing it. It was devastating.” Kit: “Yes, we understand, Katara. What Jet tried to do was terrible and we are sorry for what you have gone through with him.” 

Katara looked to her side as she sulked. Plo Koon: “However, this story had brought forth an incredibly terrifying revelation and one that makes us realize that we are no different from you and those from your world.” Obi-wan: “He is right. The immense hatred that Jet had towards the Fire Nation had twisted and distorted his perspective to a point where he had little regards towards the consequences to his actions.” Mace: “That is to say that the people within this dimension are willing to commit the same kinds of atrocities.” Yoda: “Yes, similar we are towards callous decisions made by unyielding hatred. For one world we have not known about to have experienced these bitter conflicts, realized this we have.” Mace: “It is important to always remember that regardless of how atrocious others’ actions have been, we must not let them affect our decisions and cloud our judgment, otherwise we, too, would comment atrocities that would make us no better than our enemies.” Obi-wan: “Yes, no one in the Republic is immune to such corruption, especially a Jedi. That is why we have the rules and guidelines that we enforce; it is to make sure to never allow anything that were to happen affect us. We must always remain vigilant towards our tasks at hand as a means maintaining peace within the galaxy.” Mace: “If it means to step in and intervene with a dispute involving ones from our side and our enemies, then it is what we must do in spite of how others would think of us.” Obi-wan: “And it is always important to consider receiving help from those willing to lend it regardless of the dark history between you and that individual. It is alright to remain suspicious of them, but you must not allow that suspicion to influence your actions and decisions.” 

Katara seemed to have reacted a little to what Obi-wan had just told her. She stood by without saying anything. Obi-wan let out a small but conspicuous smile. Mace: “Now then, we would like all 4 of you here. There are some things that we would like to discuss regarding the Chancellor.” 

Soon enough, all 4 of the Benders stood before the Council. Mace: “We are pleased to have all 4 of you here before us. There is something that we need to speak with you regarding the Chancellor.” Toph: “Hm, something tells me that we’ll be having a lot of these chats.” Mace: “That is a possibility. Now then, we were told by Toph that when you guys first met with the Chancellor, she had some unusual feelings of the Chancellor fading in and out of her seismic senses.” Aang: “Is that what happened with you, Toph?” Toph: “Yeah, that’s exactly right. Surprisingly enough, that’s not the only thing about that guy that made me feel queasy.” Zuko: “Hm, from how he was towards me when he spoke about my country and what we did to our world, I don’t find that hard to understand.” Mace: “We have held on to some suspicions about the Chancellor for a long time now. Throughout all of that, we have instances and unusual notions that he is not what he claims to be.” Zuko: “How long have you had these suspicions, Masters?” Mace: “Around the time that he was elected as Chancellor more than 10 years ago.” Zuko: “So, you’ve been uneasy about this guy since he became Chancellor of the Republic?” Mace: “Yes, for these long years, we would have many instances in which we have been shrouded with uncertainty more than usual. Our connection with the Force is not as strong as it used to have been.” Yoda: “Such notions we have experienced in the past many times. Unable to foresee the troubles ahead we are.” Aang: “What could be causing this, Masters?” Ki-Adi-Mundi: “It is often caused by our enemies, the Sith. We’ve had many long fights against this Dark enemy for many eons.” Kit: “Sometimes, they can mess around with our senses, thereby making us insusceptible to remaining aware to some occurrences within the galaxy.” Plo Koon: “We cannot feel out all of our enemies, where they are or who they could be. The Sith have been taking extra measures to ensure that they will triumph in this war.” Kit: “And this is why we are glad that you kids have arrived in our galaxy.”

The Benders were indeed surprised to hear this. Aang: “You…you are?” Mace: “Yes, our suspicions towards the Chancellor have been nothing more than strange feelings and uncertainty over what’s to come. However, when you kids arrived and mentioned to us the few things that he had said and proposed to you, such as offering each of you the position of Commanders in our Clone Wars, our suspicions felt a little more as though they are being verified, that and Toph’s unusual sensations of him fading in and out of her seismic senses.” Ki-Adi-Mundi: “We also feel that Count Dooku revealing himself to be this Heartless commando that you speak of around the time that the Chancellor made the offer to you kids seemed a little too coincidental. It seemed to have fallen into place all too well.” Katara: “We…didn’t think of that.” Yoda: “Even more suspicious we are towards the Chancellor because of this.” Kit: “You kids have really been helping to shed some light on what we can not see.” Aang: “Um…glad we can help.” Yoda: “But keep this to ourselves, we must. Tell no one within the Republic that we do not trust but entrust this with those we can we shall.” Katara: “Yes, we understand, Masters. We won’t tell anyone about this without your permission. But we would appreciate it if you would inform our captains about what we have just discussed. They would need to hear this.” Mace: “Yes, of course, Katara. We will when we get the chance.” 

Katara bowed before the council. Katara: “Thank you, Masters, we wouldn’t have this any other way.” Mace: “Now then, I think that will be enough about this for now. We will have you summoned back whenever we need to discuss any more of these issues.” Katara: “Certainly. We would be happy to talk more with you guys. Thank you for having us.”

They bowed then walked out of the chamber.

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Meanwhile, Suki continued working on the Republic Cruiser. She had several Clone troopers working on it with her. They had spent an enormous amount of time on it. So far, a lot of work had already been done, but there was still plenty more to go. Suki gave herself the chance to step out and marvel at the work that had been done so far. She seemed quite pleased with what was done so far. Clone trooper: “Commander, we were able to install a lot of the components into the Republic Cruiser as you have requested.” Suki: “Excellent work, Overlook. A lot of you are doing a great job so far. I’m really happy with what I’m seeing.” Overlook: “Glad you like what you see.” Suki: “And I’m also really impressed with how fast you’ve learned about these Gummy parts. They are most certainly very different from what can be found in this world. I was worried that they would be too difficult to try and figure out.” Overlook: “It was…no problem, ma’am. It did take us some time, but…we were able to comprehend some things about these Gummy blocks from what you have instructed us. I am just thankful that we didn’t need to try too hard to figure them out.” Suki: “And that’s what I’m here for. I understand these blocks inside and out. The rest of our group had to learn what these blocks could do and we were thankful that we had all the time we need to figure out what they can be used for and how we are able to use them. We always did what they had to do in this horrible fight. In some ways…we’re no different from you Clone troopers…”

Suki sulked a bit. Overlook seemed concerned for her. Overlook: “If it’s any consolation, we appreciate your sympathy towards us. It does make us feel like actually people rather than what we were created for.” Suki: “I’m glad to hear that. You know, the second that we heard about this stupid war, we were sick to our stomach and couldn’t understand how so many people would even consider something like this, but…we were willing to do what we can to save your world regardless and…we were glad that not many people in this world are supportive of the idea of manufacturing clones for war. We will do what we can to put an end to this terrible war as well as eradicate the other heartless threat that we were brought into this world for.” Overlook: “Your sympathy is greatly appreciative and we will fight with you and the Bender to the bitter end. I have faith that you kids will free us, all of us.”

Suki looked up towards Overlook with a determined look on her face. Suki: “Yes, we will, or we’ll at least try. Now then, there are other things that I need to do. Let me know if there is anything you need from me.” Overlook: “Uh, yes, ma’am. We can take care of everything from here.” Suki: “Thank you.”

Suki walked off, Overlook continued watching her walk off, he then went back to working on the Republic Cruiser along with the other clones.

Later that day, Suki was working on something in the Green Chamber. At that moment, she tried out the device that she was working on and became very excited. Suki: “I’ve done it!”

She ran out.

At that time, Anakin, Obi-wan and Toph were walking down a hallway. Suki then ran into them. Suki: “I was hoping to find you guys.” Anakin: “What is it, Suki?” Suki: “I’ve done it! I was able to complete it.”

Suki held up what appeared to be an ear piece. Anakin: “What is it, some sort of ear piece?” Suki: “This ear piece enables sonic vibrations, allowing one to feel vibrations all over the place.” Anakin: “Sonic vibrations? You mean like something that enables a blind person to feel out their surrounding through sonic technology?” Suki: “Mm, hm, Master Kenobi asked me to build something that will improve Toph’s Earthbending senses, allowing her to feel out things that are not connected to the ground.” Obi-wan: “That’s wonderful, Suki.” Suki: “Let’s try it out, shall we.”

Suki handed the ear piece to Toph; she placed it on her ear. Toph: “So, how does this work, exactly?” Suki: “You’ll soon find out. Master Kenobi, care to do the honors?” Obi-wan: “Certainly.”

With the use of his Force powers, he lifted up Toph and held her in mid air. Suki: “OK, now, try the ear piece.”

Toph switched on the ear piece, she was instantly amazed. Anakin: “So, what is it, like?” Toph: “It’s amazing! I can feel everything! I can feel where everyone is, even though I’m not connected to the ground.” Anakin: “Of, course, it’s the same technology as SONAR, which allows one to use echoes to pick up on ones surrounding.” Toph: “So, now, I can feel out airborne enemies!?! This is so cool!” Suki: “Alright, now try Bending.” Toph: “Hm…let’s see…what should I bend…Ooh!”

She then moved her leg across, bending a metallic wall and slammed it towards Anakin, knocking him towards another wall. Toph: “Hey! It worked!”

Anakin pushed the wall out of his way. Anakin: “Yeah, great…ow…” Obi-wan: “I have to admit, Suki, you really outdone yourself.” Suki: “Thank you, Master Kenobi.”

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Later on that evening, Anakin and Padme were alone on a balcony. They were having another of their special moments. They were staring out at the gorgeous sunset while holding each other real close. Padme: “Oh, that sunset sure is gorgeous, isn't it?” Anakin: “Yeah, it sure is. I have to admit that I really owe a lot to those Bender kids; I feel that each time I go out there in battle, I worry about whether or not I would live to see another of these sunsets with you again.” Padme: “Hm, yes, I worry about that, too, Ani.” Anakin: “When I was out there on Christophsis with Obi-wan and Ahsoka, fighting for our lives against those horrible abominations, I didn’t think we would survive that battle. But then those guys from other dimensions came in and saved us. I couldn’t begin to tell you just how grateful I am that they came to our rescue.” Padme: “You don’t need to. I know just how grateful you are to them and you know what? I’m also grateful. They saved your lives and now they’re here to save all of us from those horrible creatures, the Heartless, as they call them.” Anakin: “Yeah…I couldn’t be more thankful.” Padme: “I know…” 

Soon enough, Katara came walking in. Katara: “Hey, guys, glad that I was able to catch you here.” Anakin: “Oh, hi, Katara.” Padme: “Hello.” Katara: “Mind if I join you?” Padme: “Not at all.”

Katara then stood beside them and stared out at the sunset with them. Katara: “It really is a nice sunset.” Padme: “Yeah, it is.” Anakin: “Hm…I have to wonder something…Katara, do you miss watching the sunset in your world?” Katara: “Well…it’s no different than what one in my world looks like.” Anakin: “Oh. Is that so?” Katara: “Also…in Twilight Town, the sky, itself, consists of a perpetual setting sun. It never sets, really; it just hangs in the sky, just low enough to display those beautiful colors. It’s quite amazing.” Padme: “A perpetually setting sun that never really drops? That’s…quite unusual.” Katara: “Well, the world, itself is very strange, to put it lightly. In fact, it’s not even a real world, but rather, one that was fabricated by some horrible wizard that’s been trying to destroy all of our worlds.”

Katara dropped her head and began to sulk. Katara: “Because of him, I can’t go back home and there’s a good chance that I…never will…”

She continued to sulk. Anakin and Padme exchanged concerned looks with each other; they both seemed very sad for her. They then looked back at Katara. Padme: “I really am sorry to hear that, Katara.” Anakin: “So am I.” Katara: “I appreciate your consideration…and…we hope to ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen to this world, as well.” Anakin: “And we couldn’t be more thankful for that.” Padme: “Yes…” Anakin: “But aside from saving our world, we really hope that there is still a way for you to save yours.” Katara: “I hope so, too. All of our friends back within our squadron are doing all they can to ensure that…I really do hope that they…all of us are able to succeed.”

Anakin walked over to Katara, he then placed his hands on both of her shoulders as looked stood in front of her and looked at her. Anakin: “Katara, we will do everything we can to help you guys out. We’re not going to let you face this alone. We’re here for you, no matter what. We will fight this threat together and we will see to it that your world, as well as ours, is spared from this terrible Darkness.” Katara: “Anakin….” Padme: “Yes, I will also do what I can. You will never have to face this alone; all of you.” Katara: “Guys…thank you.” Anakin: “We’re the ones who should be thanking you. We owe you a lot for everything that you have done for us.”

Padme nodded. Katara: “It’s…not much…but…yeah, we have made that vow together. We shall and will defeat this threat together.” Anakin: “Yes and we will continue to be there for each other even when things get too unbearable; it’s the least we can do.”

Katara seemed touched. Padme: “And…we especially owe you, Katara, for promising to keep our forbidden relationship a secret. We couldn’t be happier from that.” Katara: “Well…that’s no trouble for me. I’m happy to keep your marriage a secret, not just for you guys, but…because making a marriage with a Jedi and a Senator forbidden or even having a Jedi not allowed to be married to anyone is just ridiculous. I don’t care about what your Jedi Code says, it’s just all around stupid.” Anakin: “Yeah, it’s no surprise that you would feel that way. Regardless, we appreciate this.”

Katara looked up at Anakin and smiled. He smiled with him as well as Padme. Toph: “Oooh, well, this is very interesting.” Anakin: “Huh?”

All 3 of them looked over and noticed Toph. Padme: “Toph!” Katara: “What the…?” Anakin: “How long have you been over there?” Toph: “Oh, long enough to hear that juicy tid bit of information.”

She walked up to them. Toph: “So…Ani and Padme are involved in a forbidden relationship? This is priceless.” Padme: “Toph…I can’t believe this!” Anakin: “Listen to me, Toph! You better not tell anyone else about this, or…I’ll…” Toph: “You’ll what? It’s not like you could do anything to me.”

Anakin stood and stared without saying anything. Katara: “Toph, please, you can’t tell anyone about Anakin and Padme’s marriage. If this gets out, it could ruin everything for them.” Toph: “Oh, relax, will ya? What goes on this world isn’t really any of my business. I won’t tell anyone.” Padme: “Oh, thank goodness, Toph.” Toph: “But…I guess I could keep your secret…in exchange for something.” Anakin: “What is it you want, Toph?” Toph: “Oh…nothing too big, I could absolutely promise you that I will keep my big mouth shut if you both are willing to provide me with all the milkshakes that can drink.” Anakin: “Milkshakes? Is that all you want?” Toph: “Yeah, absolutely. Your milkshakes are the bomb and I just can’t get enough of them. However…coming across them isn’t exactly easy for someone like me for…a number of reasons. I mean, I could get them, myself just fine regardless, but…I think I can get them much more easily from you guys.” Padme: “Sure, I can do that.” Anakin: “What? Padme! Don’t give in to her so easily. She’ll take advantage of us.” Padme: “I’d rather not take the risk. I don’t want her to suddenly give in to the urge to mention this to anyone out of spiting us.”

Anakin let out a soft groan. Anakin: “Fine, you have a deal.” Toph: “Sweet! I get to have as many milkshake times as I want! You won’t regret this!!” Anakin: “We’d better not.” Toph: “And…to be fair, I would never spill the beans about your forbidden romance even if I held a grudge against either of you.” Padme: “You…wouldn’t?” Toph: “Of course not. I like you guys. And, like I said before, whatever happens here isn’t any of my business. Also…I, too, think the whole “forbidden romance” thing is just ridiculous. So what if your both a Jedi and a Senator? And that whole “Jedi not being allowed to fall in love and be in a relationship with others” thing is also stupid.” Anakin: “Well, you never seem like one to always follow the rules. You’re definitely a rebellious child.” Katara: “Yes, she is.” Toph: “And…I kind of relate to you guys in that aspect. As a little girl, I have always disliked those stupid rules that my parents placed on me. They thought of me as nothing more than some disabled child just because I’m blind. They never understood me for who I am and ever after I was able to show them how amazing I am, they still attempted to hold me back. I couldn’t take it, so I just decided to run away from all of it.” Anakin: “Yeah, we understand why. Even Obi-wan wouldn’t be held back by that and he’s by the book.” Toph: “Yeah, I know.”

Toph turned around and folded her arms as she still stood by. Padme, Katara and Anakin still stared at her. Toph: “I take it…even Obi-wan doesn’t know about this.” Anakin: “No…and he must never find out. You can’t tell him, Toph” Toph: “Yeah, yeah, I know. He can be so uptight, but…”

She turned her head back around and looked back at them will a content smile on her face. Toph: “I like him.” Anakin: “I’m surprised you have such a good relationship with him. The 2 of you are so different from each other.” Toph: “Yeah, I know, but…”

She then turned back around and stood in front of them. Toph: “I guess you could say…that’s why I like him so much. He’s definitely very interesting. He’s by the book and can be a bit of an annoying father figure, and yet…for some reason, I find that to be something that I like about him. He does seem to care about us…a lot. He keeps arm’s length when it comes to allowing us to be ourselves, especially someone like me. I know he has his reasons for being distance and closing his heart to others, but he seems to really open up to us without so much as getting too close. He can be a bit of a nag, but he’s never overbearing; not like my parents. I feel like I can be myself around him without worrying too much of what he would say to me. He really is a nice guy.” Padme: “Yes, he is and we all respect him very much.” Katara: “Yeah, I do, too.” Anakin: “Well…a lot of what you said about him is true. He can be nagging a bit overbearing, but not by any extremes. He does tend to keep his emotions in check. He’s cool, calm, collected and he always thinks clearly even during stressful situations…” Katara: “Yeah, I’ve noticed that, too. He obviously has flaws and he doesn’t seem ashamed to admit it.” Toph: “And that’s another thing I like about him; he’s never too full of himself.” Anakin: “Yeah, unlike you.” Toph: “Hey! Watch it, Ani!” Anakin: “Sorry, couldn’t resist. There’s something else I need to warn you about regarding Master Kenobi: he does have a tendency to lose it whenever pushed too far. Very rarely does he get really angry, but when he does, you guys really need to watch out.” Toph: “OK, I’ll keep that in mind. Although, knowing you, you’ve probably pushed him too far a bit more than he’s ever had been. Even his patience has their limits. I don’t think I need to worry about that too much, but…I know that you are all too familiar with how angry he gets. Having you as a Padawan was obviously not a walk in the park with how impulsive you are.” Anakin: “Hey! Watch it, Toph!” Toph: “Well, I think that’s enough for now. I’m glad I had this conversion. I think I’ll be off. Oh, and don’t worry, you guys; your secret is safe with me.”

Toph walked off. They watched as she did. Padme: “This worries me.” Anakin: “I know, she is very hard to keep under control and she has shown to be very unpredictable.” Katara: “Don’t worry, guys, I’ll make sure that she does keep your secret.” Padme: “Thank you, Katara. Don’t do anything too horrible to her.” Katara: “Oh, I wouldn’t consider it.” Anakin: “Hm, you know? Maybe giving in to her Milkshake bargain wouldn’t be so bad. Who knows? She’ll probably be too busy gulping them down to even be able to blurt out our secret.” Katara: “Hm, now that you think about it, her mouth would be too full of those milkshakes for her to even talk, much less say anything about this.” Anakin: “Well, this seems as though it will work out very well for us.”  

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Season 1-Episode 15

(They arrive on the frozen planet of Onto Plutonia, everyone is wearing snow suits to shelter themselves from the cold, Toph wears specialized thermo-socks for her bare feet, specialized thermo-gloves underneath her mittens and a dark visor to protect her eyes, she wears it at all times, Suki wears a special mask over her eyes to shield them from the cold, her headband covers her ears entirely, all the clone troopers, including Rex wears specialized thermo-sealed tight suits to shield themselves from the bitter cold, they land their shuttles and step onto the snow, everyone else wears special helmets that cover their entire head and their ears and they each have special snow goggles to protect their eyes from the cold air) 
Obi-wan: “And this is the planet’s tropical zone.” 
Anakin: “Well, it’s not Tattooine, that’s for sure.”
Sokka: “This is nothing. My sister and I grew up in an ice block.” 
Toph: “(Feels the snow on her feet) So this is what snow feels like. I never felt anything so soft.” 
Katara: “Is the entire planet really like this?” 
Obi-wan: “Yes.” 
Zuko: “Tundra wastelands and I are a terrible mix. There’s nothing here to fuel my bending. (Pulls out his Keyblade) Good thing I have my Keyblade with me to provide me with all the heat I need.”

(He puts it away) 
Suki: “So, where are we?” 
Anakin: “We should be right near the clone base. Captain Rex, have your men survey the area. Place as many sensor beacons as you can before dark!” 
Rex: “Right away, sir.”

(The Clones set up the beacons as Anakin requested, C-3PO and R2-D2 walks in, Chairman Cho and Senator Chuchi from Pantora arrives on the scene) 
Chairman: “General Kenobi!” 
Obi-wan: “Chairman Cho, Senator Chuchi! I suggest you wait here until you can secure the area.” 
Chairman: “I respect your judgment, Kenobi, but I will go where I choose.” 
Aang: “(stepping in) I don’t think that’s a good idea, Chairman, this place could be very dangerous.” 
Chairman: “Foolish child, do you not know that this is Sovran Pantora territory?” 
Katara: “With all due respect, Chairman, this planet is uninhabited and is therefore not aligned. Besides, why would you want this place at all for your system?” 
Chairman: “It’s because our moon of Pantora is the only civilization in this system.” 
Zuko: “So, that automatically makes this planet part of your property? That’s very unwise not to mention impulsive.” 
Chairman: “Oh, what do you know? You’re still too young to understand these things!” 
Zuko: “I am old enough to understand many and claiming property isn’t exactly a wise decision.” 
Chairman: “Keep quiet! I’m the one who asked the senate to protect this planet! This wasteland belongs to us!” 
Obi-wan: “With all due respect, senator, this is for the senate to decide, not us.” 
Toph: “Yeah, so back off if you wish not to make this wasteland your untimely demise.” 
Chairman: “I said quiet! It was, in fact, the Jedi that reports to the senate, which is senator Chuchi of Pantora.” 
Chuchi: “Technically speaking, Master Jedi and Benders, the chairman is correct; since the planet is uninhabited, the moon of Pantora continues reserves the right to continue its protectorate.” 
Toph: “So we have to tolerate whatever useless grobble spills out of this guy’s mouth?” 
Chuchi: “Unfortunately…yes.” 
Toph: “Terrific, this is going to be fun.” 
Chairman: “Why did you bring these kids along?” 
Obi-wan: “I told you already, Chairman, we need these kids around in case any Heartless show up.” 
Chairman: “In this forsaken wasteland? Are you kidding me?” 
Anakin: “The Heartless can show up anywhere: it does not matter.” 
Suki: “I still don’t get why all of us had to show up; I could have been back in my lab working on another project.” 
Anakin: “Because there have been a number Heartless showing up around the Chairman’s location for obvious reasons.” 
Katara: “No kidding.” 
Obi-wan: “Anakin, stay here with the Chairman and the droids while we secure the base. Toph, Zuko, come with me. (Walks off with Toph and Zuko, walks up to the door, Toph removes her mitten and places her hand on the door) Toph, do you feel anything in there?” 
Toph: “Nope, there’s no movement, nothing, we’re all clear. (Removes her hand) But I do feel something strange.” 
Obi-wan: “Well, we’ll see for ourselves what we have.”  

(They enter the front door, they step inside, Clone helmets had been placed on top of large spears, Obi-wan walks up to one of them, observes it, removes the helmet Rex walks up) 
Rex: “I don’t get it.” 
Toph: “Neither do I, Rex.” 
Zuko: “Who or what could have done this?” 
Obi-wan: “I don’t know, Zuko.”

(Chairman walks in) 
Chairman: “It must be separatists!” 
Toph: “I don’t think Separatists are responsible for this, Chairman.” 
Obi-wan: “I’ll have to agree with Toph on this. They are not capable of anything like this.”

C-3PO: “Might we go inside, Master Anakin? R2 would like to get out of the cold.”

(R2 beeps faintly) 
Anakin: “We’ll go inside as soon as Obi-wan signals that it’s safe!” 
Aang: “Forget the cold, I would like to get off of this planet; I hate it here and this is a waste of time.” 
Suki: “I concur, whose idea is it to build a base on an arctic planet?” 
Sokka: “Um, what are we doing here again?”

(Everyone stares hard at Sokka) 
Katara: “Let’s wait until we come across something useful.” 

(Back inside, the others explore the upper levels of the base) 
Chairman: “Do you think the Separatists are building a forward base to attack Pantora?” 
Zuko: “I thought we went over this! This is not the Separatist’s doing!” 
Obi-wan: “Quite right, Zuko. These computers haven’t been touched.” 
Toph: “I don’t feel any droids that have been shot down or cut up here; I don’t even think the Separatists know we’re here.” 
Rex: “Sir, our scouts have spotted a droid base on the other side of the ice ridge.” 
Toph: “Sounds like something worth investigating.” 
Zuko: “Let’s go.” 
(They walk out)

(Obi-wan, Anakin and several clone troopers take their snow bikes out, the Benders, Sokka and Suki ride along, they stop in front of the base, they get off and look around, spots many of the droid heads on large spears) 
Zuko: “Déjà vu?” 
Katara: “It’s obvious whoever attack the clone base took out the droids as well.” 
Suki: “Then what could have done this?”

(Sokka ponders) 
Sokka: “You know what I think?” 
Anakin: “No, I wouldn’t! But thank you for asking.”

(Sokka glares at Anakin, they walk up to the base, Toph places her bare hand on the base) 
Obi-wan: “What do you feel in there, Toph?”

(She says nothing for a while) 
Toph: “Decapitated droids!” 
Anakin: “What?” 
Obi-wan: “Decapitated droids?”

(They step inside, they walk in, there are a few droids without heads frozen in offensive positions) 
Anakin: “Huh, well what do you know? Decapitated droids; just like Toph said.”

(They walk further in, they notice the droid heads on large spears, Anakin stay below along with Katara, Aang, Sokka and Suki, Obi-wan walks above with Toph and Zuko, Anakin crouches down on the ground, sees a large footprint on the floor, he stands back up) 
Anakin: “I found some large footprints!” 
Suki: “Allow me, Master Skywalker!”

(She pulls out her scanner, scans the footprints, checks the results) 
Suki: “Strange, I’ve never seen anything like it.” 
Aang: “But what or who could be capable of this? Could this planet be…inhabited?” 
Katara: “It appears that way, Aang, but I’m not entirely sure.”

(Sokka ponders) 
Sokka: “You know, my instincts tell me we’re dealing with something much closer to this planet.” 
Anakin: “I think your instincts may be on to something.” 
Sokka: “They are? They are! Wait! They are? You’ve never said anything like that about my instincts!” 
Anakin: “Well, we have no idea what we’re dealing with and your instincts are the only thing that has anything related to this particular incident.” 
Sokka: “Hm, good point.”

(They arrive in a small room, Obi-wan, along with Toph, Zuko and a few clone troopers surround a table-like projector, Anakin, Katara, Aang, Sokka and Suki enter the room) 
Obi-wan: “Oh, good, you’re here, I think I found something. (Tries to get it to work) Blast it!”

(Anakin pounds on it, the projector displays a projection of a droid trying to defend itself) 
Droid: “Did they find the command? There’s too many of them! They’ve overrun the place! We need reinforcements!”

(The droid was tackled by a large beast, the droid screamed, the projection turns off)
Anakin: “What was that?” 
Obi-wan: “Whatever it was, it’s a good warrior.” 
Sokka: “Hm…it appeared…furry…very furry. It had lots of fur on it, lots and lots of fur!” 
Anakin: “What’s your point, Sokka!?!” 
Sokka: “Extremely furry things inhabit tundra areas, like this one. I should know since I grew up in the South Pole…of my world.” 
Obi-wan: “You know, Sokka is on to something.” 
Anakin: “I have to admit, he does have a point, he hasn’t been wrong…(Sokka smiles)…yet.”

(Sokka’s smile drops down to a frown) 
Suki: “Hm…the droids’ log indicates that they were investigating the southern canyon.” 
Zuko: “Then that's where we need to go.” 
Katara: “Who knows? Maybe whatever’s causing this could be over there.” 
Anakin: “I agree, let’s go.” 
Aang: “Let’s…try to be careful.” 
Sokka: “Yeah, careful not to do anything rash, Anakin!” 
(Anakin makes an irritated look on his face)

(They drive along on the snow bikes, they stop, step off the bikes, they look around) 
Suki: “Look!”

(They see numerous reflectors on the top of high cliffs) 
Obi-wan: “Hm, there’s some kind of reflection up there.” 
Suki: “Maybe whoever or whatever it is, they’re trying to signal us or something.” 
Aang: “Or maybe they’re trying to communicate with each other.” 
Obi-wan: “That may be, Aang. They know we’re coming. Let’s get going.” 
(They get back on the snow bikes and ride off, from above, strange, large creatures are lurking)

(They arrive near a hut, they find large creatures everywhere, all the Benders, Sokka and Suki are startled) 
Katara: “What are they!?!” 
Sokka: “If I had to guess, I’d say that these creatures live here.” 
Zuko: “It appears that way. Aang was right; this planet is inhabited.”

(They stand still as the creatures approach them) 
Toph: “You want I take them on? We do have the advantage here!” 
Obi-wan: “Maybe, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to provoke them.” 
Suki: “Yeah, they look curious.”

(The creatures approach the group even more, they stop in front of them) 
Zuko: “So, it was these things that took out the clone base and those droids?” 
Obi-wan: “Apparently, the droids and our troops must have provoked them.”

(They approach the creatures, they stop in front of each other, they stand and do nothing, Sokka trembles in fear) 
Anakin: “Sokka, quit trembling! They’re not that scary!” 
Sokka: “What? I’m not scared of these creatures, it’s just cold here.” 
Anakin: “That’s funny; didn’t you brag about growing up in an ice block?” 
Sokka: “Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I like it.” 
Anakin: “I know but you should be use to the cold.” 
Obi-wan: “Will the both of you stop fighting!”

(The chief of the creatures steps forward, he speaks in what sounds like grumbling) 
Suki: “Too bad we didn’t bring 3PO; I would love to know what these creatures are saying.” 
Anakin: “Suki has a point, how are you planning on communicating with these things?” 
Obi-wan: “Patience, Anakin, maybe they’re smarter than we are.” 
Anakin: “Well they can’t be any dumber than Sokka. (Sokka looks up at Anakin, irritated, the chief raises his spear and stabs it to the ground) Well, say something.” 
Obi-wan: “Just shut up!” 
(They bow, the creatures bow)

(They sit together in the hut, the chief speaks but still in another language, one of them holds up a drawing of what appears to be one of the battle droids) 
Katara: “Hey, that thing looks like a battle droid.” 
Suki: “It is, I think the chief of these creatures, whatever they are, is speaking of their encounter of the droids.” 
Katara: “Hm… interesting deduction, Suki.” 
Obi-wan: “We come to you in peace. We will not bring you harm.”

(Anakin picks up a sheet and draws on it as they continue on) 
Aang: “(Whispers to Obi-wan) Do you think they understand you?” 
Obi-wan: “(whispers to Aang) I’m not sure, Aang, I had to say something.”

(Anakin turns the sheet around and shows the creatures the picture he drew) 
Anakin: “Peace.”

(The picture is a crude drawing of a tall creature shaking hands with a shorter one) 
Sokka: “(Laugh) That is the worst drawing I’ve ever seen.” 
Anakin: “Oh, right, and your marvelous, childish sketches were any better. At least my picture gets my point across.”

(Everyone looks at Anakin’s picture) 
Katara: “He’s right, it does get his point across.” 
Toph: “I can’t see and I can already tell that it’s a better picture than your stupid sketches, Sokka.” 
Zuko: “Well, I have to admit, it is understandable.” 
Anakin: “See? All of your friends agree with me, even your own sister.” 
(Sokka looks at Anakin in an irritated manner)

(Everyone steps outside, Obi-wan offers to shake hands with the chief, the chief grabs on to him and squeezes him in an affectionate way, Anakin laughs, it drops Obi-wan, the group are on their way, they get back on their speed bikes and drive off) 
Suki: “I’ve managed to scan those creatures before we left.” 
Obi-wan: “Did you get any results on what they are?” 
Suki: “Sure, they’re species is known as the Talz, it says here that they’re peaceful hunters that live on these icy terrains, they’ve lived here for many generations.” 
Anakin: “And you got all that just from 1 scan?” 
Suki: “Sure, this thing can read minds; they had their entire history recorded in their cerebral cortex. Oh, and they liked your picture, Master Skywalker. They said it…speaks to them.” 
Anakin: “Well that’s good to hear.”
(Sokka looks away from everyone, he groaned and pouts)

(They arrive back at the base, the Chairman and senator are waiting for them, along with several clone troopers) 
Rex: “Glad you made it back, sir. It’s getting nasty out there.” 
Anakin: “You don’t know the half of it.” 
Chairman: “What did you find?” 
Obi-wan: “It seems as though we have stumbled on an inhabited planet.” 
Chairman: “Impossible! Our explorers have spent much time here over the history of Pantora, no one lives here, they’re trespassers!” 
Zuko: “Quite the contrary, actually, we’re the trespassers, much like how my people were to the Earth Kingdom.” 
Aang: “He’s right, these creatures, the Talz, are not capable of space travel. They’ve lived here longer than you may want to believe.” 
Chairman: “Whoever they are, they belong to us. This whole system belongs to us.” 
Katara: “Nothing here belongs to you, Chairman, they belong to the Talz and only the Talz. Your claim over this planet is futile and unnecessary.” 
Chairman: “Futile? Unnecessary? Listen here, girlie, those things are savages! Look at what they’ve done! They’ve slaughtered your troops!” 
Sokka: “That’s because they were provoked into slaughtering them, they attacked the droids and the clones got in the middle. It’s not their fault!” 
Aang: “Chairman, please reconsider…they only wish to be left alone.” 
Chuchi: “They’re right, if there are life forms, then the senate must decide what is right.” 
Chairman: “Shut up! All of you! Those creatures must be subdued, even if I have to handle this myself! They’re dangerous!” 
Katara: “I beg to differ, Chairman, they’re not any more a threat to you than you are to them.” 
Chairman: “I said silence! Captain Rex, prepare for battle!” 
Katara: “No! We won’t let you fight the Talz!” 
Chairman: “What are you going to do? Freeze me to death? You know that you can’t do anything with those fancy powers of yours; I am untouchable by your kind of influence!” 
Suki: “We promised them there would be no retaliation.” 
Obi-wan: “We’ve arranged a meeting between their high councilor and you and the senator. They want peace.” 
Katara: “And we’re not sending the troopers; they would think we lied to them.” 
Chairman: “You can’t lie to an animal! They can’t be trusted!” 
Katara: “I believe they can.” 
Chuchi: “Your majesty…” 
Chairman: “No, it’s obvious these creatures are not covered by the convention of civilized systems! The Jedi Council and the Benders have no say in this matter!” 
Suki: “Excuse me, but if we can communicate with them, our status is in doubt.” 
Chuchi: “I agree with Suki on this.” 
Chairman: “Do you stand against your chairman, senator?” 
Chuchi: “Of course not, your majesty.” 
Obi-wan: “If we are going to meet with Ty Sen and his council at the arranged time, we will have to leave now.” 
Katara: “And we will meet with him by OUR terms, not yours.” 

(They make preparations for leaving) 
Rex: “Sir, that gunships can’t take off in this storm. We don’t have enough bikes for the entire platoon.” 
Katara: “Leave them, we won’t need them.” 
Anakin: “I agree with Katara on this, have the rest of the men stand by here, no matter what the Chairman thinks, we’re not going to war.” 
Aang: “We had better not, for his sake.” 
Katara: “I agree, I wouldn’t want anything to happen to him because of his rash decisions.”

(They leave the base, they drive for many miles, they reach the meeting grounds where they would reunite with the Talz, they get up and step out) 
Chairman: “We will attack as soon as the savages arrive.” 
Aang: “No, chairman, we won’t.” 
Chairman: “Shut up and do as I say.” 
Aang: “No!” 
Chairman: “Why you…” 
Zuko: “I don’t think that’ll be necessary.” 
Chairman: “What do you mean, you scar-faced whelp?” 
Obi-wan: “What Zuko is trying to say is that the Talz are already here.” 
Chairman: “What?” 
Suki: “It’s true, they’ve been trailing us for many miles now.”

(The Talz arrive on their Wild Cats) 
Sokka: “In your face, Chairman!” 
Katara: “Such a shame, you’ve probably been looking forward to this attack for a while now. It seems as though the Talz don’t trust you any more than you trust them.” 
Toph: “They, on the other hand, trust us. Besides, you don’t have enough men to go to war. Oh, and watch out for the ones hiding in the snow.”

(Everyone walks off, the Chairman follows, more of the Talz emerge from the snow, Sokka looks back and watches them) 
Sokka: “Whoa! Did you guys see that? They emerged from the snow! That is so cool!” 
Anakin: “Yes, Sokka, it is kind of cool.”

(They continue walking on, they meet up with the chief inside the droid base) 
Obi-wan: “Your highness.” 
Anakin: “We have returned.” 
Katara: “As we have promised.” 
Aang: “Thank goodness.”

(Senator Chuchi walks in with C-3PO, he speaks to Ty Sen in the Talz’s native language, Ty Sen speaks back) 
Chairman: “These savages have no right here!” 
Katara: “They have just as much right here as you want to believe, Chairman.” 
Chairman: “Keep quiet, girlie!” 
Anakin: “Don’t talk to her like that.” 
Chairman: “I can talk to her however I like, I am the Chairman of the moon of Pantora, after all.” 
Anakin: “Don’t remind us.” 
C-3PO: “Chief Ty Sen welcomes you to his home and hopes that you come in peace. We wishes to be good neighbors but he does not wish for you to remain on his planet.” 
Aang: “Yes, we do come in peace and we will leave here soon.” 
Chairman: “No, we won’t! Protocol Droid, translate everything I say and exactly how I say it.” 
Chuchi: “Would you like me to represent Pantora in this matter?” 
Katara: “I think that would be a good idea.” 
Aang: “I agree.” 
Chairman: “Not on your life, you miserable brats! There will be no diplomacy, not now, not ever! Listen here, you savage! This world belongs to moon of Pantora and as the supreme Chairman and exotic ruler of Pantora, you will not command me to leave this planet or do anything else!” 
Chuchi: “Your majesty, we can’t.” 
Sokka: “I think you should listen to her.” 
Chairman: “I said SHUT UP!!! Droid tell him!” 
C-3PO: “Oh, dear…”

(C-3PO goes over and translates the chairman’s every word) 
Zuko: “I don’t like how this is going.” 
Anakin: “Me neither.” 
Obi-wan: “I recommend a less confrontational discussion. The Talz are easily provoked.”

(Ty Sen speaks in a fit of rage) 
Sokka: “That didn’t sound well.” 
Anakin: “Yeah, Sokka, it didn’t.” 
Obi-wan: “Chairman, I promised the Talz that we would leave them in peace.” 
Zuko: “We all did.” 
Chairman: “This is now an internal affair of Pantora. I don’t want any involvement of you Jedi and a bunch of meddlesome kids.” 
Toph: “Oooh, that line’s never been used before.” 
Katara: “Highly original, chairman.” 
C-3PO: “The great Ty Sen, son of sons asked again that you will leave or it will mean…war.” 
Chairman: “Then war it is.”

(Katara gasps, C-3PO tells Ty Sen, the Talz storms out of the base) 
Katara: “Chairman, you can’t be serious! You can’t just declare war on the Talz on their own home turf! This is wrong! They’ve occupied this planet long before your people did.” 
Chairman: “This is my world and if I have to kill every single one of these savages to have it back, then so be it!” 
Katara: “If you wish to fight in this stupid war and get yourself killed, fine! I want nothing to do with this!”

(She storms off further into the base) 
Aang: “You know, you don’t have to do this. Violence isn’t the answer. There are better ways of settling disputes.” 
Chairman: “Says the boy who was frozen in an iceberg around the same time his own people were slaughtered? As least my people are alive and well. It was your people and their peaceful ways that got themselves killed, and you did nothing to prevent it. Some hero you turned out to be, as far as I’m concerned, you’re than just a frightened little kid.”

(In rage, Aang pulls out his Keyblade, swings it once and blows the chairman to the walls with the use of his Airbending, he rushes towards him) 
Aang: “How dare you speak of my people that way! The Air Nomads were great! They were one of the best people who ever lived! They were nothing to frown upon! As for me, there was nothing I could have done to save them! I was barely in any condition to help them!”

(He storms off after Katara, Anakin walks up to the chairman) 
Anakin: “That was uncalled for!” 
Obi-wan: “I’ll have to agree, what you said to him was most appalling.”

(The Chairman gets himself up and dusts himself off) 
Chairman: “Yes, well, I have more important matters to attend to. (Walks out) Why don’t you do me a favor, Jedi and find you and those weak kids a couple of bandages for those bleeding hearts of yours?” 
(The Chairman continues walking out, Anakin shakes his head in disappointment)

Chairman: “Troopers, mount up and follow me.”

(He walks off, Anakin and Obi-wan walks in) 
Rex: “Uh, what just happened, sir?” 
Anakin: “You’re going to have to stay with the Chairman until we can works things out. Protect him at all costs.”

(Rex leaves with the Chairman, along with several trooper, Obi-wan walks out with Senator Chuchi) 
Obi-wan: “So, what will you do?” 
Anakin: “I’ll go see if I can talk to Katara and Aang.”

(He walks off, Toph, Zuko, Sokka and Suki walks out) 
Suki: “We have to stop him.” 
Sokka: “Senator, isn’t their something you can do?” 
Zuko: “You know that preemptive strike is illegal.” 
Chuchi: “I’m afraid there isn’t anything I can do; he has declared this an internal affair.” 
Toph: “It’s too bad we can’t just force him to stop with the use of our Bending; we could but it wouldn’t be effective. We’re not powerful enough.” 
Obi-wan: “You could petition the Jedi Council for an intervention.” 
Chuchi: “You mean without his authorization?” 
Zuko: “Hm, good point.” 
Suki: “There has to be someone on your moon who can put an end to this.” 
Chuchi: “The speaker of the assembly. He has the power.” 
Obi-wan: “Let’s get back inside, the storm is letting up.”

(Inside the base, Katara sits with Aang and holds him close, Anakin steps in) 
Anakin: “Hey, how he’s doing?” 
Katara: “Not so good. Aang told me about everything that the Chairman said to him.” 
Anakin: “Ah, I see… (sits down next to Katara) That guy was way out of line, everything he said about you and your people was wrong. Aang, I know for a fact that your race wasn’t slaughtered because they were weak; it was because the Fire Nation was ruthless and they showed no mercy, as for you, I know that you had a very hard time embracing the fact that you're the Avatar and the world’s last hope. You’re right, there was nothing you could have done to stop it.” 
Aang: “Yeah…yeah, I already knew that.” 
Anakin: “Well, I hope you know for a fact that I understand that, too.”

(Aang looks up at Anakin in a content matter, Senator Chuchi walks in) 
Chuchi: “Hello, how is everyone?” 
Anakin: “Aang’s still broken up over what the chairman said.” 
Chuchi: “I figured as much. I spoke with the speaker of the assembly, they’re already deciding on what needs to be done.” 
Aang: “Good! I want to see to it that they strip him of his title and have him arrested and thrown in jail for his actions!” 
Chuchi: “I can tell you’re angry; the Chairman has that impression on a lot of people.” 
Katara: “Hmph! I’m not surprised.” 
Chuchi: “If you need me, I’ll be outside, waiting upon the assembly’s decisions.”

(She walks out, Anakin gets up) 
Anakin: “I’ll be outside, too. You kids will be OK?” 
Katara: “Don’t worry about us, Anakin, we’ll be just fine.” 
Anakin: “OK.” 
(He gets up and walks out, Katara and Aang sit alone together)

(Outside, the Chairman and the clone troopers fight in a fierce battle, both sides are getting hit badly, at that time, Katara and Aang still sit together for much time, Katara then opens her eyes, both she and Aang steps out) 
Anakin: “Katara! Aang!” 
Katara: “Aang and I will be leaving!” 
Sokka: “To go where?” 
Katara: “We’re putting a stop to this war, I’m going to need some help! Zuko! Toph! Sokka! Suki! Come with us!” 
Sokka: “What!?!” 
Suki: “Really?” 
Toph: “Do we have to?” 
Zuko: “What for?” 
Katara: “You’ll see. Let’s get moving!”

(Katara Aang moves out, Zuko, Toph, Sokka and Suki leave with them, Anakin and Obi-wan exchange looks, they rush out, Katara and her friends grab a couple of spare snow bikes) 
Anakin: “Katara, you can’t be serious! You can’t end this war by yourselves; you’re not powerful enough.” 
Katara: “Don’t worry about that! I have a plan! Toph, where is the war taking place?”

(Toph places her bare hand on the ground, there's a brief pause) 
Toph: “I feel a great deal of violent movement in that direction.” 
Katara: “Let’s go!”

(They drive away on the snow bikes) 
Anakin: “Katara, what you doing? Katara! Katara! Now what is she up to?” 
Obi-wan: “I don’t know but we had better follow them before they do something reckless.”

(They grabbed to more snow bikes) 
Anakin: “Let’s hope we don’t get there too late.” 
(They drive off)

(The war is still taking place, there are many brutal assaults towards both sides, it goes on for a while, Anakin and Obi-wan show up, they get off their speed bikes and look around) 
Anakin: “We made it, but I don’t see any signs of Katara and the others.” 
Obi-wan: “Hm…I wonder where they could be.”

(They look down, they watch their men fight below them) 
Anakin: “Well, at least they’re not down there. (They continue watching this go on, soon a mysterious, small avalanche interrupts the war, Anakin and Obi-wan become startled) What was that? Some sort of avalanche?” 
Obi-wan: “It may appear so…wait, what’s that over there, is that…Katara?”

(They look towards the other side, they see Katara and 2 other men, to her right is Master Pakku, to her left is Avatar Kuruk) 
Anakin: “Master Pakku…and Avatar Kuruk? It’s obvious Katara’s not messing around.” 
Obi-wan: “No, apparently, she means business.”

(They slide down the side of the cliff with the use of their Waterbending, they reach the war and Waterbend the 2 sides away from each other) 
Chairman: “Foolish girl! What do you think you are doing?” 
Katara: “Putting an end to this, we may not have the power to stop you but we will prevent any more lives from being destroyed by your bad choice.”

(She bends at the chairman, he continues on with the attack, 2 sides are about to attack Katara, another mysterious Waterbending event takes place, they look over and spot Aang with Avatar Yangchen) 
Anakin: “Avatar Yangchen!” 
Obi-wan: “Hm…”

(They Waterbend along with Katara, Master Pakku and Avatar Kuruk, 2 more mysterious Waterbending incidents takes place, they spot both Avatar Roku and Avatar Kyoshi) 
Anakin: “Roku? Kyoshi? (The Waterbending continues) But…they’re not even from the Water Tribe!” 
Obi-wan: “True, but they are Avatars, so technically, that makes them Waterbenders.”

(They battle rages on, all the Waterbenders continue bending, Roku stops in front of the chairman) 
Roku: “Chairman Cho! This war that you are currently fighting, it is pointless, I suggest you end it now or we will continue to take matters into our own hands.” 
Chairman: “I will do no such thing, especially for a bunch of off-worlders!” 
Roku: “Very well. All actions have consequences; now get ready to face yours.”

(Goes back to Waterbending with the others, several shuttles arrive, Chuchi steps in along with several other clone troopers) 
Chuchi: “What is going on?” 
Anakin: “Katara and Aang decided to take matters into their own hands; they summoned several Waterbenders to help them end the war.” 
Chuchi: “Where are Zuko, Toph, Sokka and Suki?” 
Obi-wan: “We don’t know; we haven’t seen them around.”

(A holographic image of a Pantorian man shows up in front of them in the shuttle)
Chuchi: "Oh! It's you!"
Man: “Hello, Senator. It is decided that the actions of Chairman Cho are out of order. Senator Chuchi, you are authorized to work on a peaceful settlement between the Sovran moon of Pantora and the Talz.” 
Sokka: “That’s great news!”

(They look over, they notice Sokka, Suki, Toph and Zuko stand in front of them) 
Anakin: “Where have you guys been?” 
Toph: “We were helping out Katara and Twinkle toes with putting an end to this stupid conflict.” 
Obi-wan: “Let me guess, most of you are responsible for those summonings.” 
Suki: “That’s right.” 
Anakin: “I have to admit, what you did was very foolish.” 
Sokka: “Hey, it’s not like it was any different from you would do.” 
(Anakin stares angrily at Sokka, they board a shuttle and fly off)

(The shuttles move closer to where the war was taking place, they get out and look out at the Waterbender as they push each other away, at an instant, a full moon appears in the sky from out of nowhere, Yue appears and floats down towards the scene) 
Anakin: “Yue!” 
Yue: “Everyone, stop, you must cease this senseless battle; you will gain nothing from being so reckless. I can’t stand to see so many people get hurt.”

(Everyone stands by and does nothing) 
Chairman: “Sorry to interrupt your colorful misinformation but this war is about claiming property over this planet. I will have my way; I will never stop fighting until this planet is mine!” 
Katara: “But at what cost? Don’t you see what’s going on? You’re hurting a lot of innocent creatures.” 
Yue: “Please listen to her! Are you willing to risk drenching your hands in the blood of these creatures at the cost of claiming a planet that’s not even supposed to be yours?” 
Chairman: “This planet IS mine! And there’s no way some moon child is going to tell me that I should not claim what’s mine. Everyone, continue the attack! Don’t stop until the Talz are dead. (Everyone stands around and does nothing) What are waiting for! Fight!” 
Anakin: “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Chairman.” 
Chairman: “What? What do you mean?” 
Obi-wan: “Don’t you see what has happened? Princess Yue has brought the moon of the Benders’ world here; the Waterbenders are at their most powerful, to invoke their wrath would be considered very unwise, I suggest you end this here and now if you wish not to see what they are capable of. Even the clone troopers know that, which is why they will not fight back and provoke them.” 
Anakin: “I should warn you, Katara is a pretty powerful Waterbender, the moon will increase her power ten fold, trust me, you do not want to see her at her worst.” 
Chuchi: “Chairman, please do as they say, these Waterbenders will not hold back.” 
Chairman: “Over my dead body! I won’t surrender, I will never surrender!” 
Chuchi: “Chairman, please…”

(The Chairman looks around, he spots one of the clones stepping back, all of them do the same) 
Chairman: “Useless ingrates! If you want something done, do it yourself.”

(he run towards the trooper, snatches his gun and attempts to shoot Ty Sen) 
Katara: “NO!”

(She Waterbends the snow near the Chairman, knocks the gun out of his hand, all of the Talz throws many spears at the Chairman, it hits directly everywhere, he falls to the ground, all the Waterbenders bend the Talz out of the scene, Katara rushes over, everyone else joins in, Katara attempts to heal the chairman) 
Anakin: “Can you fix him?” 
Katara: “(shook her head) His wounds are far too deep for me to heal him fast enough.” 
Chairman: “Incompetent…girl…can’t you…do…anything right…?”
Anakin: “Hey, she’s doing all she can!” 
Chairman: “Why do you…attempt…to…heal me…when…you’re so…useless…?” 
Katara: “You’re thoughtless, you’re cruel, you’re self-righteous, you said some very hurtful things to Aang, but even you don’t deserve to die. (Stops healing him) But there is nothing I can do.”

(Senator Chuchi moves down towards the Chairman) 
Chuchi: “Chairman, can you hear me?” 
Chairman: “Senator, good, you must…avenge me…as my final command, as chairman of Pantora, I order you to destroy the Talz.” 
Katara: “What?” 
Chuchi: “I’m afraid I cannot do that, Chairman, the Pantorian assembly has called you out of order. I am to negotiate peace.” 
Aang: “What? Really?” 
Chuchi: “Yes, Aang, Katara, you both don’t have to fight anymore.”

(All the Avatars and Pakku smile) 
Pakku: “Well, that’s a relief.” 
Chairman: “No…impossible…peace…never…I died…for our people!”

(He collapses, dies, everyone remain silent for a bit) 
Katara: “You died for nothing!” 
Sokka: “Um, not to sound cold-hearted or anything, but he had it coming.” 
Anakin: “I don’t blame you for thinking that way, Sokka.”

(The Avatars and Pakku regroup with Obi-wan and Anakin, they look over and see the Talz return) 
Roku: “The time has come, senator.”

(She looks up at Roku with a serious look on her face) 
Chuchi: “Yes, Master Avatar. (Removes the chairman’s helmet, picks up a spear) Protocol Droid, come with me.” 
Anakin: “3PO, get going.” 
C-3PO: “Yes, sir, Master Ani.”

(3PO walks off with senator Chuchi towards the Talz) 
Kyoshi: “Good luck, Senator Chuchi.”

(They stop in front of the Talz, Ty Sen walks up to them, they stand and wait) 
Sokka: “I can’t look!” 
Anakin: “Sh!” 
Chuchi: “Droid, translate for me.” 
C-3PO: “Yes, mistress.”

(The senator raises the spear then stabs the ground) 
Chuchi: “To die for ones people is a great sacrifice. (Places the helmet on the spear) To live for ones people; an even greater sacrifice. (C-3PO translates) I choose to live for my people, what do you choose?”

(C-3PO translates, Ty Sen speaks, he lifts up his spear and stabs the ground) 
C-3PO: “He chooses to live as well.” 
Chuchi: “We will leave Onto Plutonia under the watchful eye of the Talz, from this day forth and recognize your Sovereignty as a free and equal people.”

(C-3PO translates, both Ty Sen and Senator Chuchi bow, everyone behinds her applause, she looks back at them and smiles, all the Talz leave, she walks back to everyone else) 
Obi-wan: “Well done, senator.” 
Anakin: “Yes, most impressive.” 
Chuchi: “Thank you, Master Jedi and you, Masters Avatars, for being here.” 
Yangchen: “It was an honor to be part of a historical event in your people’s lives.” 
Kuruk: “You have helped to restore the honor of your civilization and gave back what belonged to so many of these people.” 
Kyoshi: “It was incredibly brave what you did, facing the Talz like that, you are incredibly strong and devoted to your people.” 
Roku: “I am just sorry so many lives were lost in the process. I wish we had acted sooner.” 
Chuchi: “Don’t be sorry, what you did saved many lives. Thank you, Masters Avatars and you, Princess Yue.” 
Yue: “It was truly an honor to be here and help you out when you needed it. (Looks towards Sokka) It is good to see you again, Sokka. I’ve always missed you.” 
Sokka: “You, too, Yue.” 
Yue: “My work here is done, but please summon me again whenever you need me.” 
Sokka: “I will.”

(She floats back up towards the moon, they both disappear) 
Katara: “Thank you for coming, Master Pakku, I was so glad to have you here.” 
Pakku: “And I am so glad to lend my new granddaughter a hand whenever she needs it. (Katara throws herself on Master Pakku and embraces him closely) My time here is up but I will see you again the next time you summon me here.” 
Katara: “Farewell, Master Pakku.”

(He smiles as he fades away along with all 4 Avatars) 
Chuchi: “So, now what?” 
Obi-wan: “Now that you’ve created peace between your people and the Talz, there is one thing I need you to do?” 
Chuchi: “Yes, Master Kenobi?” 
Obi-wan: “Make it last, senator, make it last, and be an example to others so not only this war but every war waged will come to an end, as well.” 
Chuchi: “I will, I promise you.” 

(She steps into the shuttle, Anakin stood out with the Benders) 
Anakin: “I have to admit, Katara, as reckless as it was, summoning all of those Waterbenders were pretty clever. Especially summoning Yue to strengthen your Bending.” 
Katara: “Thanks, Anakin, but, none of us summoned Yue here.” 
Anakin: “What? What do you mean?” 
Katara: “Well, I summoned Master Pakku, Sokka summoned Avatar Kuruk and Aang summoned Avatar Yangchen. And we all know that Zuko, Toph and Suki didn’t summon her, either.” 
Toph: “I didn’t even summon anyone, at all; I just led everyone to where the battle was taking place.” 
Anakin: “But if that’s the case, than who summoned Princess Yue?” 
(They ponder for a moment, one of them looks up, everyone else does the same, they spot Captain Aquatia standing on top of a cliff, they smile, then disappears into a portal, everyone leaves the planet)

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       He held the picture of Fox in front of Misty. Shabunga: “This is for her.”
      She grabbed the picture, he then held the other picture in front of Fox. Shabunga: “THIS is for you.”
      Fox took the locket that Shabunga wanted him to take. Fox: “Gee, thanks but, um…” Shabunga: “What’s wrong, don’t you like it?” Fox: “Yeah, I like it but you just gave me a picture of Misty.” Misty: “Yeah, you gave me a picture of Fox. Don’t you think you have us totally mixed-up?” Shabunga: “Of course, not. I gave you 2 a picture of each other for a good reason; these portraits contain a picture of your loved ones.”
      Misty became speechless but Fox was not satisfied. Fox: “Wait a minute, now you’re saying that we’re in love with each other?” Shabunga: “What? Don’t you get all nasty on me! I only gave you the lockets. I could always take yours back if you changed your mind about it.” Fox: “Who told you to give us these lockets? Princess Peach?” Shabunga: “Was that the name of that Blondie who asked me to make you these lockets?”
      Fox was angry. Peach’s mind: “Darn it, I thought by giving him those lockets would help Fox realize his true feelings about Misty. I guess I underestimated him.”
      Fox got up from his lounge chair and stood in front of Peach. Fox: “So, this is your next attempt; asking the storekeeper to create gifts that does all of your bragging for you, huh?” Peach: “Well, it was worth a try.” Fox: “Well, congratulations, you’ve failed.” Peach: “I …had a feeling you were going to say something like that.” Fox: “Yeah, I know. Come on, Peach, this isn’t funny.” Peach: “It’s wasn’t suppose to be funny, I’m just trying to tell you the truth. Please! You have to listen!” Fox: “I had it, Peach. You’ve changed too much since the day we couldn’t see each other anymore. First you’ve gone from caring to over protected and then from over protected to just plain ridiculous!!! Enough is enough!”
      Fox turned his back on Peach and walked away. He then dropped his locket on the floor as he continued walking to the far side of the beach. Peach: “But, Fox, you must understand…” Fox: “Save it!”
      Peach bowed her head in great sorrow. Shabunga: “That’s just great; I wasted my time and energy over making gifts for 2 couples who aren’t in love with each other.” Peach: “They ARE in love with each other; Fox is just too stubborn to see that.” Shabunga: “Oh, I see, well, maybe I should take back his locket since…” Peach: “No, leave it; I want him to pick it up after he gets back.”
      Shabunga nodded and disappeared. Tricky: “So, what is Fox doing over there, Bubbles?” Bubbles: “Oh, Fox just wants to be alone whenever he gets angry. But, don’t worry, he’ll pull through.” Tricky: “How long is he going to stand over there?” Bubbles:” Don’t know. It depends on how angry he is. If we’re lucky, he’ll be standing there for a few hours.”
                Later that night, Fox is still standing on the other side of the beach. Just after he looked back at his friends, who are sleeping, he turned around and walked back. He stopped in front of his locket that he tossed on the ground earlier to pick it up and returned to his lounge chair. He looked towards Misty and at the picture of Misty in his locket. Fox’s mind: “Can it be true?”
      Then he closed his eyes for the night.
    • fanfictiondreamer
      By fanfictiondreamer
      Many, many eons, ago, during the very early dawn of time, there lived a magical realm where many magical creatures lived. These magical creatures were born to protect and look after the many worlds as they formed. They were known as fairies and shaman. Out of all of them were a pair of magical beings that were well known out of many of them: a fairy named Ly and a shaman named Nikko. These 2 fell in love with each other; many say they invented love. They were to propose to each other and live together for all of eternity, however, there was another trait that Nikko was known for besides his love for Ly.
      Nikko once dedicated some of his existence to studying Darkness, a mysterious and untold magic that not many knew about. However, when he came close to figuring out Darkness, something went terribly wrong. The Darkness began to take control of him, taking possession of his body, his mind and his very well-being. He soon became evil and this evil renamed itself the Shaman Emperor.
      This terrible evil wanted to dominate over all of the dimensions that the magical creatures have planned to watched over. When they refused to let him take them over, he threatened to destroy them all with the use his dark magic. But before he came to that point, Ly stopped him. When he attempted to dispose of her, she held back his Dark magic as much as she could. She was then forced to send him to the Shadow Realm to prevent him from destroying everything.
      Worried that this might happen to many other mystic beings from being corrupted like Nikko, a powerful sorcerer sent out the Teenzies to guard over all the dimensions. He then sealed away the mystic beings into each of the dimensions that they have been assigned to protect and then  sealed off each of the dimensions from one another. As the dimensions begin to form, all seemed to have gone the way they were suppose to, or so they thought.
      Little did they suspect, the Shaman Emperor created portals from his imprisonment in the Shadow Realm to many of the dimensions. At that time, many of the worlds were corrupted and with that, he was able to gather enough Dark energy from the corruption to free himself. Ly managed to find out about this nefarious plan before any destruction took place, so she had made attempts to warn the people from these dimensions of his terrible destruction in order to prevent it. Unfortunately, the Teenzie guardians wouldn’t allow her to. Then, she tried to contact people of these upcoming dangers and succeeded in all of her attempts, except one.
      Ly foresaw a terrible war in one of the dimensions; a war in which she felt if not prevented, the Shaman Emperor will have more than enough dark energy to free himself. Ly attempted to contact 4 heroes from that dimension and bestowed upon each of them mystic items known as the Vaults of Light. When utilized, these mystic items can contain the souls of those with black hearts, thereby preventing the war. But the heroes did not use the mystic items and instead fought the war head on. At first, this was a terrible mistake that Ly thought could have been prevented even when she saw that terrible creatures made of pure Darkness infested that entire dimension. Realizing that it was too late to prevent the war, she gathered up as much light energy as she could muster.
      As the war ended, a black vortex formed. This vortex seen many times during the war but was obscured from many except mystic beings until it was large enough for the Shaman Emperor to emerge from it. He then released a vast amount of his Dark magic. It was powerful enough to break the barriers created by the Teenzie guardians and began to devour 1 dimension after another. Ly, who gathered more Light magic than she can contain, held back the dark magic before all the dimensions could be destroyed.
      As all this was occurring, a young girl watched in terror as many of the dimensions were being threatened. She then decided to take matter into her own hands and consulted the Teenzie guardians to fuse as many of the surviving dimensions as they could. By doing this, Ly would have less to protect and can force the Shaman Emperor back into the Shadow Realm. However, doing this could risk all life in all of the surviving dimensions, but they were convinced that they had no other choice. So, they fused as many dimensions as they could, allowing Ly to have less to protect and she was then able to push the Shaman Emperor back into the Shadow Realm. She then created 6 mystic gems known as the Lock Crystals to seal the portal to the Shadow Realm. She then separated the spirits of the 4 heroes from their physical bodies and sealed them away in the Realm of Nothingness as punishment for their part in releasing the Shaman Emperor. And finally, she meditated to restore her powers.
      She remains resting as of today. All life began to form in the newly fused dimensions. But how do I know all of this, you ask? Because I was the girl. I assisted Ly in preventing what we now call the Rifter: the end of all existence. I am Tikal and this is my story.
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      By fanfictiondreamer
      OK, um, since I have been taking too long to write out my Journey Through Kanto Story, I think I'm going to write about it. I have so much on this that I want to share. There are so many important events for my story that are mentioned in this. This has been something that I have left sitting for too long, since like my childhood, back when I was really into the anime. I will be writing summaries of the different episodes that I have in mind in this story. A lot of them will be important events that happen in the story. I can't wait to share them.
      I intend to tell you everything that I can about this journey and perhaps even beyond. Looking forward to it.
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      By fanfictiondreamer
      Alright, so here's what's going on. I have decided to post on of my greatest stories of my beloved Ultimate Story series: Ultimate Story 2. This story is my rewrite of my most favorite video game of all times: Starfox Adventures. Back when this game came out, I got it for Christmas and I almost instantly fell in love with it. It was amazing!!!
      I wrote this back when I was in middle school and what a year it was. The year that this game came out, I was having the worst school year of my life. I was heckled by my 8th grade homeroom teacher. He was horrible and the stress that I've been going through because of it fed on my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Getting into this game was a way of coping with the stress.
      This was the first story that I've ever finished writing. I completed it on May 22 2003. It was so amazing. It was also back when I put the first Ultimate Story on hold for several years just to stay with the times. Also, because this is a second installment to my Ultimate Story, it will contain some spoilers as to what happened during the first story. If you want to read into the events leading up to this story, be sure to check out my Ultimate Story scrapbook. It should tell you a lot of the important events that take place.
      Now then, I will begin posting one of my favorite stories in the series and perhaps one of the most important stories of all, to me, at least. So, enjoy.