Ultimate Story: The Very Beginning

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Many, many eons, ago, during the very early dawn of time, there lived a magical realm where many magical creatures lived. These magical creatures were born to protect and look after the many worlds as they formed. They were known as fairies and shaman. Out of all of them were a pair of magical beings that were well known out of many of them: a fairy named Ly and a shaman named Nikko. These 2 fell in love with each other; many say they invented love. They were to propose to each other and live together for all of eternity, however, there was another trait that Nikko was known for besides his love for Ly.

Nikko once dedicated some of his existence to studying Darkness, a mysterious and untold magic that not many knew about. However, when he came close to figuring out Darkness, something went terribly wrong. The Darkness began to take control of him, taking possession of his body, his mind and his very well-being. He soon became evil and this evil renamed itself the Shaman Emperor.

This terrible evil wanted to dominate over all of the dimensions that the magical creatures have planned to watched over. When they refused to let him take them over, he threatened to destroy them all with the use his dark magic. But before he came to that point, Ly stopped him. When he attempted to dispose of her, she held back his Dark magic as much as she could. She was then forced to send him to the Shadow Realm to prevent him from destroying everything.

Worried that this might happen to many other mystic beings from being corrupted like Nikko, a powerful sorcerer sent out the Teenzies to guard over all the dimensions. He then sealed away the mystic beings into each of the dimensions that they have been assigned to protect and then  sealed off each of the dimensions from one another. As the dimensions begin to form, all seemed to have gone the way they were suppose to, or so they thought.

Little did they suspect, the Shaman Emperor created portals from his imprisonment in the Shadow Realm to many of the dimensions. At that time, many of the worlds were corrupted and with that, he was able to gather enough Dark energy from the corruption to free himself. Ly managed to find out about this nefarious plan before any destruction took place, so she had made attempts to warn the people from these dimensions of his terrible destruction in order to prevent it. Unfortunately, the Teenzie guardians wouldn’t allow her to. Then, she tried to contact people of these upcoming dangers and succeeded in all of her attempts, except one.

Ly foresaw a terrible war in one of the dimensions; a war in which she felt if not prevented, the Shaman Emperor will have more than enough dark energy to free himself. Ly attempted to contact 4 heroes from that dimension and bestowed upon each of them mystic items known as the Vaults of Light. When utilized, these mystic items can contain the souls of those with black hearts, thereby preventing the war. But the heroes did not use the mystic items and instead fought the war head on. At first, this was a terrible mistake that Ly thought could have been prevented even when she saw that terrible creatures made of pure Darkness infested that entire dimension. Realizing that it was too late to prevent the war, she gathered up as much light energy as she could muster.

As the war ended, a black vortex formed. This vortex seen many times during the war but was obscured from many except mystic beings until it was large enough for the Shaman Emperor to emerge from it. He then released a vast amount of his Dark magic. It was powerful enough to break the barriers created by the Teenzie guardians and began to devour 1 dimension after another. Ly, who gathered more Light magic than she can contain, held back the dark magic before all the dimensions could be destroyed.

As all this was occurring, a young girl watched in terror as many of the dimensions were being threatened. She then decided to take matter into her own hands and consulted the Teenzie guardians to fuse as many of the surviving dimensions as they could. By doing this, Ly would have less to protect and can force the Shaman Emperor back into the Shadow Realm. However, doing this could risk all life in all of the surviving dimensions, but they were convinced that they had no other choice. So, they fused as many dimensions as they could, allowing Ly to have less to protect and she was then able to push the Shaman Emperor back into the Shadow Realm. She then created 6 mystic gems known as the Lock Crystals to seal the portal to the Shadow Realm. She then separated the spirits of the 4 heroes from their physical bodies and sealed them away in the Realm of Nothingness as punishment for their part in releasing the Shaman Emperor. And finally, she meditated to restore her powers.

She remains resting as of today. All life began to form in the newly fused dimensions. But how do I know all of this, you ask? Because I was the girl. I assisted Ly in preventing what we now call the Rifter: the end of all existence. I am Tikal and this is my story.

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It occurred one day when I was having a powerful intention to visit the spirits of the heroes that Ly had punished. My cousin, Atem, however, tried to stop me, worried that I may be punished for my actions, as well. Yours truly: “I am sorry, Atem, but it is something that I feel I must do.” Atem: “But Tikal, are you not aware of the consequences that may fall upon you?” Yours truly: “Yes, I am well aware of them, but I feel that this is the right thing to do.” Atem: “But, Tikal…” Yours truly: “Please, Atem! If these heroes are to be punished, it should be fair that at least know why. That is why I need to do this.”

It did not take him long to realize that he can not hold me back. Atem: “My cousin…you are always willing to put your own well-being on the line for what you believe is right. I may be your best friend and I may know you better than anyone else…but sometimes…I can’t tell if you are very brave or very, very foolish. However, if there is one thing I do know, you are honest and fair. Very well, then. I will let you go.” Yours truly: “Thank you, cousin. I really appreciate it.” Atem: “I will stand by and may sure no one sees what you are attempting to do, but please, be careful.” Yours truly: “Don’t worry, I will.”

And so, I left to see the punished heroes. Atem: “Good luck, Tikal, you will need it.”

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I arrived at the Realm of Nothingness, where the heroes were being imprisoned. You may remember their names as referred to Fox, Falco, Slippy, and Krystal. Yes, these names do sound familiar, but I assure you, they are not who you think they are. No, my friends, they are indeed very different. I found them with a sleeping barrier on them as an addition to their punishment. Yours truly: “I am sorry to do this, but I need to speak with you.”

With a wave of my hand, I removed the sleep barrier. Instantly, I watched as they began to move. Slippy: “AHHH! THE DARKNESS!! MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP!” Falco: “Slippy, will you stop!?! We’re just fine!!” Slippy: “We are?” Falco: “Yeah! At least…I think we are…” Fox: “Where are we?” Krystal: “What? What is this place?” Yours truly: “This is the Realm of Nothingness.”

They all looked towards me as a spoke. Yours truly: “This is the holding chamber for all those who have disobeyed Ly. Look around, notice that we are the only ones here.”

They did as I have told them to do, it did not take them very long to find that there was indeed nothing else. Fox: “Yes…I see that. But, weren’t you sent here, too?” Yours truly: “No, my friends, and I fear that I shouldn’t be here, at all. I am Tikal and I came here because I feel that it is unfair for you to be punished without knowing the truth.” Fox: “The truth? What do you mean by that?” Yours truly: “It all started many, many years ago…”

And so, I told them the same story that I have mentioned earlier.

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After I have finished, they began to fill with a great deal of sorrow and deep regret. Falco: “Whoa…I had no idea…” Krystal: “No wonder why we were sent here. Tikal, I feel terrible.” Fox: “We’re sorry we never did our part to prevent this Rifter. Thanks to us, everyone’s dead.” Yours truly: “Well, not exactly. Like my world, yours has survived the Rifter. All life is starting over again. And I was able to save this.”

I then shown them something that was very well known to all of them. Fox: “No way! Is…is that…?” Yours truly: “Your world? Yes, I believe it is. I was able to save a portion of the world you once knew. With it, I can revive everything you have ever known and everyone you have ever cared about. That is, if you want me to.” Fox: “Yes, Tikal, please. We must return home.” Yours truly: “Believe me, I wish I could, but I fear that it is not that easy. I don’t have enough power to revive your world. Even if I could, I would not be able to send you back. However, I am willing to offer you a deal.” Krystal: “We’ll do anything, Tikal.” Yours truly: “I feel as though something is not right. Something tells me that the Shaman Emperor could not have broken out of the Shadow Realm by himself. I feel that someone was helping him and caused the corruption in many worlds to have unleashed a large amount of dark energy to free him. If what I feel is correct, even the Lock Crystals will not be able to hold him back forever and he will try to escape again. Ly has lost so much of her powers from holding back his assault. If he does break free, it will be over for all of us.” Fox: “So, what do you want us to do?” Yours truly: “I need you to assist me in preventing his escape. I’m not sure what we should do and how we are going to do it, but I need you to heed any order that I give you. If we succeed, then I will send you home.” Fox: “I don’t care what you tell us to do. As long as you keep your end of the bargain and return us home. And if what you say is true, then this is not completely our fault.” Yours truly: “Thank you, kindly, my friends. Now then, I feel as though I need to tell you something else. You are more than capable of making the most of the many things you can do as spirits.” Falco: “Wait! Spirits? You mean we’re…!?!” Yours truly: “Dead? Somewhat. You were merely separated from your bodies. It was the only way Ly can save you all. But, not to worry, do as I say and you will be returned to your mortal husks.” Fox: “You can count on us and thank you for giving us a second chance.” Yours truly: “Think nothing of it, my friends. Now then, I must return to my cousin, Atem. I will see you again whenever I can.” Fox: “OK, see you, Tikal.”

And so, I left the Realm of Nothingness.

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I soon returned to my cousin who was waiting for me. Atem: “So, how did it go?” Yours truly: “It went better than intended. I made them a deal to return them to their homes in return for helping me out.” Atem: “Helping you out? With what?” Yours truly: “Atem, I feel that the Shaman Emperor did not work alone, so he indeed had help. I don’t know who but if what I feel is true and something happens to the Lock Crystal and do whatever it is they did before, then we must be ready for when it comes time that he does attempt to break out again.” Atem: “Tikal, are you certain of all that?” Yours truly: “Yes, I am. That is also why I needed to talk to the spirits. How Ly was unable to catch this, I do not know. Regardless, we must always prepare for the worst and do whatever it takes to stop this travesty from happening again, for everyone.”


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Many years have passed as everything seems to be going quite smoothly. The Lock Crystals seem to have been left untouched and are holding the portal to the Shadow Realm quite nicely. Regardless, I was still cautious of what I fear may happen. The 4 spirits are also aware of this, as well. Oh, I’m sorry, I have been meaning to tell you, there are actually 5 spirits now. We had only 4 spirits until what just happened recently.

It all began when many of us were sent out to collect life forms that were devolved from the dimensions fusing together. It took us many centuries to gather all we could find. Yes, I know, it does seem like a very long time, but you must not forget; we magic creatures are immortal, so we never age and we never deteriorate with time. Also, to us, the task at hand seemed like it took only a few days. I was able to collect a lot of the devolved life forms, including ones from both my world and that of the spirits. During these many years, I have felt very uneasy. My cousin noticed that and felt concerned. Atem: “Tikal, you looked troubled. It there anything wrong?” Yours truly: “Well, lately, I have been having this weird feeling that I am missing something, but for some reason, I can not seem to isolate the cause. I also haven’t visited the Realm of Nothingness in a long time. I wonder how the spirits are doing.” Atem: “Hm…you know, now that I think of it, maybe we should stop what we’re doing for now. There’s something that I need to show you, but first, we should return to the Mystic’s Realm.” Yours truly: “Agreed.”

We were eventually excused from our tasks by Ly and returned to our realm. There, Atem had shown me one of the devolved life forms he rescued. Atem: “Tikal, this is the life form of a young girl. Feel her life force; notice how weak it feels.” Yours truly: “Yes, I feel it. It is so feeble; this is not good.” Atem: “I fear for her. In this condition, we may not be able to bring her back to life. I hear the only way to save a weak life form is to get them active.” Yours truly: “Yes, that I know is true.” Atem: “I was hoping maybe you may get her active in order to save her. Maybe you may come up with a good idea to do so.”

I thought for a moment, then I came up with an idea that may solve both our problems. Yours truly: “You know, Atem, I believe I may have an excellent idea.”


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Is there any way I can get a multi-colored font on to here?

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      Then he was gone.
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       He held the picture of Fox in front of Misty. Shabunga: “This is for her.”
      She grabbed the picture, he then held the other picture in front of Fox. Shabunga: “THIS is for you.”
      Fox took the locket that Shabunga wanted him to take. Fox: “Gee, thanks but, um…” Shabunga: “What’s wrong, don’t you like it?” Fox: “Yeah, I like it but you just gave me a picture of Misty.” Misty: “Yeah, you gave me a picture of Fox. Don’t you think you have us totally mixed-up?” Shabunga: “Of course, not. I gave you 2 a picture of each other for a good reason; these portraits contain a picture of your loved ones.”
      Misty became speechless but Fox was not satisfied. Fox: “Wait a minute, now you’re saying that we’re in love with each other?” Shabunga: “What? Don’t you get all nasty on me! I only gave you the lockets. I could always take yours back if you changed your mind about it.” Fox: “Who told you to give us these lockets? Princess Peach?” Shabunga: “Was that the name of that Blondie who asked me to make you these lockets?”
      Fox was angry. Peach’s mind: “Darn it, I thought by giving him those lockets would help Fox realize his true feelings about Misty. I guess I underestimated him.”
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      Fox turned his back on Peach and walked away. He then dropped his locket on the floor as he continued walking to the far side of the beach. Peach: “But, Fox, you must understand…” Fox: “Save it!”
      Peach bowed her head in great sorrow. Shabunga: “That’s just great; I wasted my time and energy over making gifts for 2 couples who aren’t in love with each other.” Peach: “They ARE in love with each other; Fox is just too stubborn to see that.” Shabunga: “Oh, I see, well, maybe I should take back his locket since…” Peach: “No, leave it; I want him to pick it up after he gets back.”
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                Later that night, Fox is still standing on the other side of the beach. Just after he looked back at his friends, who are sleeping, he turned around and walked back. He stopped in front of his locket that he tossed on the ground earlier to pick it up and returned to his lounge chair. He looked towards Misty and at the picture of Misty in his locket. Fox’s mind: “Can it be true?”
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      The Heartless threat continued to escalate. Under the command of a mysterious man who calls himself Ansem, the Heartless penetrated many worlds, draining them of their essence. The threat soon spread to worlds that not even the Great Wizard, himself knew still existed. 1 such world was at war with a particularly different enemy. The Heartless soon open a rift and reign terror on many of the inhabitants. The heroes of that world were powerless to stop them and the deterioration process would soon commence. In the time of great need, Naminé called out to send the Benders in order to end the threat.
      “You must send the Benders; they are the only ones who can save that world.”
      However, they were busy on another mission. At that time, Fox and his friends were sent out to fight the Heartless for as long as they could. Upon the benders' arrival, they teamed up with the heroes of that world. Together, they aim to end the Heartless threat by permanently sealing all the Keyholes to ensure that the threat could no longer penetrate  that world and endanger its very existence, anymore.
      Naminé: “You must send the Benders; they are the only ones who can save that world! There’s not much time! You have to trust me; send the Benders!”
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      OK, um, since I have been taking too long to write out my Journey Through Kanto Story, I think I'm going to write about it. I have so much on this that I want to share. There are so many important events for my story that are mentioned in this. This has been something that I have left sitting for too long, since like my childhood, back when I was really into the anime. I will be writing summaries of the different episodes that I have in mind in this story. A lot of them will be important events that happen in the story. I can't wait to share them.
      I intend to tell you everything that I can about this journey and perhaps even beyond. Looking forward to it.
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      Alright, so here's what's going on. I have decided to post on of my greatest stories of my beloved Ultimate Story series: Ultimate Story 2. This story is my rewrite of my most favorite video game of all times: Starfox Adventures. Back when this game came out, I got it for Christmas and I almost instantly fell in love with it. It was amazing!!!
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      This was the first story that I've ever finished writing. I completed it on May 22 2003. It was so amazing. It was also back when I put the first Ultimate Story on hold for several years just to stay with the times. Also, because this is a second installment to my Ultimate Story, it will contain some spoilers as to what happened during the first story. If you want to read into the events leading up to this story, be sure to check out my Ultimate Story scrapbook. It should tell you a lot of the important events that take place.
      Now then, I will begin posting one of my favorite stories in the series and perhaps one of the most important stories of all, to me, at least. So, enjoy.